Magento Google Shopping App Plugin - Certified Solution

Google Shopping is a platform that merchants of varied sizes are not only aware of, but they are constantly in a mode to find ways to get in sync with this platform. This is to ensure that a merchant's business is able to derive the same amount of business mileage from the flow of traffic and more that Google Shopping is powered with. Do you have a Magento powered website or multiple Magento stores and in need of smart and easy Magento Google Shopping integration services? We, at ChannelSale, are here to appease you with our premium quality services as we are backed with ace marketing pros and are proud of our high-end software solutions that can ensure easy and fast automated product listing process, real-time inventory management in tune with the norms and policies of Google Shopping!

ChannelSale is your ideal partner when you are looking for giving vent to your multi-channel marketing plans. Visibility across multiple channels is the key and when you have set your eyes on a giant Comparison Shopping Engine like Google Shopping, leave the integration process to us as we are at par with the requirements of Google Shopping when engaging in the listing process, real-time inventory management and the like.

Magento Google Shopping App Plugin to Sync Product Listings, Inventory & Orders

Why will you put your trust on us?

  • We are professional and can come up with easy, simple, fast and smart business solutions when you are looking for optimum level of exposure of your Magento store.
  • We ensure a flawless data transfer process from Magento to Google Shopping, automated product listing, real-time inventory management.
  • We help you to keep a tab of your product performance, stock levels, varied product actions, activity logging, multiple Magento store management and the likes.
  • We ensure highly scalable and customizable services so that every merchant with their varied listing needs can approach us and we with the help of our high-end software and marketing pros, we can satiate you to the core.

All you need to do is give us a call to get started and hire our Magento Google Shopping services!

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