Magento Rakuten App Plugin - Certified Solution

In the ever-evolving and dynamic ecommerce landscape, it is not enough to have a powerful website. If you are a fan of Magento and have your Magento powered ecommerce store, now it's time that you let your ecommerce business to push its boundaries, tap the potential of its target niche, attract more customers. When you have eyed the popular marketplace, Rakuten, the giant electronic ecommerce platform, then showcasing your products in this popular marketplace to derive the required business juice is quintessential. Are you yenning for maximum level of exposure of your products and want impeccable integration services of your Magento store into Rakuten, you can surely rely on us!

We are ChannelSale, your ecommerce solution provider and can give real shape to your multi-channel marketing campaign. Let your products find its extended customer base with ease as our team of marketing pros are always geared up with the software management tools taking charge of your inventory management, automated product listing and more.

Magento Rakuten App Plugin to Sync Product Listings, Inventory & Orders

Why are we the top choice in the industry?

  • We ensure that the visibility program of your endless array of products becomes a success when you rely on our Rakuten integration services as we act as your perfect Magento store manager.
  • All the tasks like automated product listing, Rakuten real-time inventory management where product data feed optimization and managements is taken special care of by our software tools integrated with Magento backend system.
  • With our high-end software solutions, we ensure perfect data transfer process with no scope for flaw, whatsoever.
  • We offer highly flexible and customizable services so that how varied your product sizes and detailing might be, the optimized listing process takes place easily.
  • We not only ensure product stock updates and perfect synchronization, but monitor product action, relisting, and more.
  • Our system can automatically create native Magento order for every Rakuten order, so linking your Amazon store with Rakuten becomes a seamless process.

So if you want to sit back and relax while we take care of your Magento Rakuten integration services, then just give us a call now!

Need more information or ready to get started with enhancing sales on Rakuten from your Magento store?, speak to one of our Client Service Executives, reach us on phone +1-866-709-9495 or email