Magento Wayfair App Plugin - Certified Solution

Wayfair is one of the biggest online marketplaces, and the integration of this platform has proven to be extremely profitable for many ecommerce stores over the web. At ChannelSale, we offer the best Magento Wayfair integration services with the help of the most innovative software management tools.

Our use of Magento Wayfair extension ensures that you can get the maximum advantage out of the Wayfair platform and be seen by more number of potential customers online. We provide integration according to the terms and policies of Wayfair, and make sure that the synchronization is perfect at all stages.

We can help you to manage your Magento store, whether you have one store or multiple stores. We can provide you with shipping and order tracking management services, automated product listing and real-time inventory management, which can assist you with store management each and every day, 24/7.

Magento Wayfair App Plugin to Sync Product Listings, Inventory & Orders

How can our management software for Magento Wayfair be useful?

  • We can offer multiple store account manageability, data about user logging activities and a variety of other services which can boost the prospects for your store.
  • Our use of Magento Wayfair app takes care of all your data entry and data transfer requirements, and ensures flawless performance at every level.
  • We can offer you support, whether you have kits, bundles, group items, varied, multi-variational or simple products. We can handle simple or varied items of any colour, type, size or shape.
  • With the help of Magento Wayfair plugin, it supports inventory control for parent-child relationships between Wayfair and your Magento store products.
  • We can create native Magento orders for each order that is created on Wayfair.
  • We can create variable cost structure for Wayfair and various other marketplaces, as also mark up pricing for different shopping engines.
  • Access in depth product sales performance reports for Magento and Wayfair in order to take informative strategic decisions and actions.

Want to test how good our integration services are? Call any of our Client Service Executives at ChannelSale to discuss your requirements. You may also choose to drop a mail to us at info@channelsale.comand get started with our highly assistive services.