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Why Sears Can Be A Good Multichannel Bet

Stephen Posted On - July 22, 2017

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The world of e commerce is buzzing with top names like Amazon, eBay,,, Rakuten and more. In this maddening din, the name of century old Sears appears to be disappearing somewhere in the background. It is a fact that Sears is lagging way behind in terms of annual revenues, unique visitors and growth prospects in the near future. However, in the words of certain inventive sellers, this can be one of the prime destinations that can make multichannel endeavors very successful.

Here are a few reasons that have been specifically cited by these sellers with respect to why selling on this marketplace can be worth the effort…

It is very easy to create and account and start selling on Sears. This is very unlike certain other marketplaces like Walmart where the process of gaining entry can be a month long process if not more. Uploading your products into a generous scope of categories is also easy and hassle free.

Fee structure and commission is comprehensive and bearable. This is in strict comparison with marketplaces like Amazon and eBay where fee structures happen to be a massive convoluted mess. In simple words, you will not have to rely heavily on tools and calculators to determine profitable prices for your listing.

Placing ads is usually free in Sears. You are only charged a nominal amount when someone clicks on your ads and gets diverted to your product page. Therefore, increasing productive and profitable traffic to your store always gets better.

Fulfilled by Sears is a functional and effective order completion solution that is available for all sellers to avail. Using FBS with FBA for integrated multichannel operations like Shopify Walmart Sears Amazon etc is usually not an issue in terms of comprehensive and error free management of the respective fulfillment systems.

Sears API is very competent. The Sears API programs are compatible with internal and external developers alike. These programs support a multitude of different tasks that help in extending automation while adding sophisticated performance based features that are designed to take error free operations to the next level.

Competition is low in Sears. Therefore, optimum performance levels can often fetch more profits than sellers can otherwise make on top performing marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. While it is true that the number of unique visitors in Sears in low, this number can be easily converted into assured sale.

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Here’s Why Should Be A Part Of Your Multichannel Ecommerce Efforts

Stephen Posted On - July 10, 2017

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Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) may not have made a lot of noise in terms of rating and ranking among other top marketplaces, but it has certainly proven its worth as far as being a healthy addition to multichannel endeavors is concerned. Entities that are still in two minds about, here are a few facts about the marketplace that can convince you to join instantly…

Firstly, the growth of has been phenomenal in the first year itself. Studies reveal that the growth is about 270 times more than Amazon’s growth in the first year. While these figures are influenced by the present ecommerce landscape, no one can deny the fact that the performance graph of this marketplace is practically unmatched by any others. sellers expect the growth rate to multiply by the end of 2020, making awe inspiring profits an easy possibility.

Secondly, according to recent statistics, the average cart value of is 1.5 compared to 1.1 in Amazon. This can be owed to the minimum purchase value condition that has been specified by the marketplace; but under all circumstances, it is spelling gains in favor of the sellers.

Thirdly, competition is very less in in comparison with other top marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and is likely to remain so for a while. This makes it very easy for sellers to gain and maintain visibility for a prolonged period of time.

Fourthly, over 400000 unique visitors approach every single month and the figures are rising by the passing weeks. This can be owed to the fact that there are products listed in this marketplace that can be availed at 5% to 15% lesser price than in Amazon which has worked wonders to attract the pennywise crowd. Serious marketing endeavors taken up by the marketplace since the day of its launch has also played a role in attracting a steady stream of customers, most of whom come back for more.

Lastly, integration with this marketplace is currently, very easy. Complex integration processes like Shopify Walmart etc can also be achieved with readymade and often custom designed ecommerce services. There is absolutely no dearth of tools and software solutions that aid integration processes with in favor of sellers of any volume or nature.

The nightmares that were associated with API syncing have also been practically solved overnight all thanks to the easy and affordable assistance offered by top ecommerce solution partners.

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