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5 Attributes Of Jet Marketplace That Makes Selling Easy

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With a little over 2 months left to complete 2 years in the world of productive e commerce, has established itself as one of the most promising e commerce marketplaces that any seller can look forward to joining this year. Launched as a strict competitor to Amazon, this marketplace is expected to close in performance gaps with the latter to a significant extent by the end of 2020. As of now, sellers have everything to gain from the Jet marketplace in terms of speedy growth and revenues. Here are 5 other attributes of this platform that has made it practically irresistible for e commerce selling enthusiasts at large…

Categories and wide –

While it is true that Amazon and eBay have much wider categories than, the latter still houses an expansive scope which makes the platform compatible with just about any selling entity whatsoever. From grocery and baby products to outdoor equipments and sports accessories, the marketplace is open to anything that regular online shoppers are interested in.

All sellers are welcome –

Unlike certain marketplaces like which has strict policies as far as 3P sellers are concerned, is open to all. The ability to perform in the marketplace is irrespective of the volume of the sellers or the levels of their experience. This has been a massive blessing for newer and smaller sellers.

Integration is easy –

There may have been a time when integration was considered a nightmare. However, it is not so any more. Whether complex integrations like Jet Magento Walmart integration or syncing with the API of the marketplace, e commerce software developers have readymade solutions for one and all. As icing on the ake, these solutions are affordable too.

Competition is low –

With only a couple of years to its existence, is one of those marketplaces where competition is blissfully low. While e commerce gurus have predicted that competition in this platform will rise in the forthcoming months, there is still a really long time for the levels to match that of Amazon or even eBay for that matter. Therefore, sellers in can access easy visibility, traffic and conversions for a longer period of time.

Inviting buyers is on the marketplace –

Lastly, Jet marketplace has planned an enormous amount of money for advertising purposes which is expected to invite millions of prospective buyers into the platform without the sellers having to try too hard.

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4 Reasons Sellers Find More Favorable Than Amazon

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Rating: 2.0/5 (1 vote cast) is expected to rise as one of the biggest threats to Amazon in the near future, but certainly not at the moment. Whether it is with respect to product categories, seller advantages, buyer benefits, unique visitors, revenues, profits or any other metrics for that matter, Jet appears to be far-far away from its goals. Irrespective of its flipside though, the Amazon difference appears to be working very favorably in the part of sellers at large. In fact, here are 4 good reasons why sellers are finding more productive in terms of selling in comparison with Amazon…

Competition is lower –

To begin with, being barely two years old, has very few sellers compared with Amazon. While this may be reflective of the herculean miles that the marketplace has to cover in order to win completion with Amazon, it is also reflective of the fact that the present sellers can enjoy bare minimum competition in this platform. This is also reflective of the fact that sellers will have to do very little to win visibility and bag sales as compared to the maddening efforts that is required to gain the same level of advantage in Amazon.

API integration has become simpler – integration has always been a matter of concern with sellers at large as compared with API Walmart or others of the like. However, over the past couple of months, e commerce solution developers have figured out functional means and methods to approach the process without much difficulty. In simple words, easy, effective and pre designed software solutions and tools can be accessed today with minimum investments, which has been a blessing for enthusiasts that wish to establish easy operations to the marketplace.

Fee structure is more comprehensive than Amazon –

There is no doubting the fact that the fee structure in is far more comprehensive and convenient in comparison with Amazon. Therefore, sellers can choose to get going without the assistance of fee / profit calculation softwares and yet, land with profit building prices.

Traffic generation through advertisements is shouldered by the marketplace –

Unlike many other marketplaces, has taken the matter of advertising and traffic generation upon its shoulders thereby assuring sellers with optimum levels of traffic all through the year. Piling it up with the individual marketing efforts of sellers in terms of social media, affiliate platforms etc, the route to sale and profits is always glorious.

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What Makes Walmart Partner API Irresistible

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The partner API system of has been attracting the attention of sellers mostly those that have been taken for a ride by complex and rather incomprehensive systems offered by many otherwise promising marketplaces. Third party sellers in Walmart online marketplace have in fact, confessed that the entire process of establishing productive presence in the platform right from setup to going live with listing has been made possible wholly and solely by the API system of this unique selling platform.

Following are 4 good reasons why sellers find Walmart partner API integration irresistible

Operations have been reported to be error free till today – Partner API of is known for being in tune with REST standards which is reason enough to believe in the effectiveness of the same. The system is updated very regularly and the sellers are kept in tune with the changes. The partner API has been recognized for possessing proactive attributes that allows sellers to evolve with the evolving nature of the marketplace.

Issues if any are addressed quickly and effectively –

Partner API issues as reported by sellers have been very less in number, all of which have been addressed very promptly by the respective solution providers. This has played a very significant role in enhancing the dependability of the partner API system allowing more and more sellers to approach the same with confidence.

It is truly easy to integrate with –

Unlike API integration, partner API of Walmart online marketplace is very easy to integrate with either by experienced sellers making an unassisted attempt or by those that have employed the assistance of professional e commerce solution developers. The latter is considered a better idea mostly because professionals especially the official integration partners are in possession of readymade solutions that can be put to use almost immediately without the fear of errors.

Costs are bearable –

Lastly, Walmart partner API integration is bearable in terms of expenses especially when professionals are involved. This has been mentioned as one of the pivotal reasons why new selling entities in this marketplace find it very irresistible.

API solutions for Walmart online marketplace has a literally all inclusive scope that stretches all the way from listing to order fulfillment and more. The developers are presently working day in and day out to enhance the scope of this solution even further making it one of the most comprehensive yet approachable solutions that have ever existed in the world of ecommerce. This is also expected to play a part in helping gain an edge over Amazon.

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