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How To Become A Walmart Marketplace Retailer In 4 Simple Steps

Thomas Posted On - May 29, 2017

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Walmart online marketplace is not one of those platforms where red carpets are thrown out for all sellers alike. This is in fact, a platform where only the established best of the 3P lot are welcomed as members while the rest of the applicants can expect to spend an indefinitely long period of time waiting for their applications to be accepted.

Therefore, if you are a seller thinking how to become a Walmart marketplace retailer while experiencing a fruitful, productive and profitable future, here are 4 first-steps that you need to focus on as early as possible…

Determine whether you qualify or not –While it can be difficult for sellers to admit that they are not good enough for a certain marketplace, there are times when it is best to make such assessments. has laid out a very strict set of policies that determines if a certain seller qualifies for the platform at all or not. Going through this list can save a whole lot of time and energy that could otherwise be lost on something non-functional.

After receiving go-ahead from the marketplace, opt for end to end setup and integration – This is important in every which way you see it. End to end integration is something that should not be left to sometime later. If you bear an ‘as and when’ approach to Walmart integration, it will only be a while before operational hassles and bottle necks get the better of your performance.

You need to check if you possess all necessary operational backing – operational systems as applied and used by the sellers at the time of entry into the marketplace is taken into very serious consideration by Walmart online marketplace judges the operational back up and supportive before giving a go-ahead to sellers and this applies especially to order / inventory management and control systems and more.

This is in sharp contrast with other marketplaces like, eBay, Amazon etc. In fact, this is one of those features that don’t apply when comparing selling on v/s Amazon.

Engage professionals for set up and integration tasks till go live and more if needed – has partnered with a handful of promising e commerce solution developers that are dedicated to assist 3P sellers with the best of support systems and integration services at very reasonable prices. Approaching these professionals right after induction into the platform and engaging their services till listing goes live can be the ultimate route to success as a retailer in

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Walmart Online Selling Best Practices 2017

Thomas Posted On - May 29, 2017

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Walmart online marketplace has offered ample opportunities for third party sellers to grow and prosper. In fact, many sellers are already experiencing the glory of being present in this platform in terms of growth, visibility and profits. However, prosperity in is never guaranteed and sellers are thus required to be amply aware about the best practices that apply while performing in this marketplace.

Things you must NEVER take for Granted in
Before asking how do I sell on Walmart marketplace for profits, it is imperative to ask ‘what I must never take for granted’ in this platform. Here is a short list of 3 critical factors that should never be mistaken as perpetually accessible…

Easy route to buy box – As compared with many other ecommerce marketplaces, the route to buy box is as easy as lowest prices + favorable shipping charges (if applicable). While this sounds easy enough, sellers must remember that potential buyers that click on their products in the buy box may not necessarily make the purchase if they find that the overall purchase value of the product is not worth the approach.

Low competition levels – It is true that competition levels in Walmart marketplace is far lower as compared with Amazon or eBay thus, making the route to visibility and sale very easy. However, it is also necessary to note that the number of 3P sellers in this marketplace is rising by the passing months and it could only be a while before competition gets the better of easy going selling entities.

Inflowing flood of unique visitors – Thirdly, the very name of Walmart marketplace invites visitors to this platform, but in no way does it mean that the inflowing visitors will land in your store. Therefore, sellers that do not put in any effort towards comprehensive marketing, it could only be a matter of weeks before the concerned entity loses its visibility.

Best practices to increase Walmart productivity 2017
To remain in the safer side of things, it is always advisable to follow certain established rules in terms of best practices to maintain productive presence in this marketplace. Some of the established best practices can be mentioned as follows…

Abide by the lowest price rule at all times

Never try to pile up prices on checkout

Integrate preferably with professional assistance, especially those that have mastered difficult feats like the API developers

Maintain high purchase value in favor of buyers

Generate reviews and ratings per sale from the first day on

Put in ample marketing efforts

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4 Reasons Sellers Find More Favorable Than Amazon

Thomas Posted On - May 17, 2017

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Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) is expected to rise as one of the biggest threats to Amazon in the near future, but certainly not at the moment. Whether it is with respect to product categories, seller advantages, buyer benefits, unique visitors, revenues, profits or any other metrics for that matter, Jet appears to be far-far away from its goals. Irrespective of its flipside though, the Amazon difference appears to be working very favorably in the part of sellers at large. In fact, here are 4 good reasons why sellers are finding more productive in terms of selling in comparison with Amazon…

Competition is lower –

To begin with, being barely two years old, has very few sellers compared with Amazon. While this may be reflective of the herculean miles that the marketplace has to cover in order to win completion with Amazon, it is also reflective of the fact that the present sellers can enjoy bare minimum competition in this platform. This is also reflective of the fact that sellers will have to do very little to win visibility and bag sales as compared to the maddening efforts that is required to gain the same level of advantage in Amazon.

API integration has become simpler – integration has always been a matter of concern with sellers at large as compared with API Walmart or others of the like. However, over the past couple of months, e commerce solution developers have figured out functional means and methods to approach the process without much difficulty. In simple words, easy, effective and pre designed software solutions and tools can be accessed today with minimum investments, which has been a blessing for enthusiasts that wish to establish easy operations to the marketplace.

Fee structure is more comprehensive than Amazon –

There is no doubting the fact that the fee structure in is far more comprehensive and convenient in comparison with Amazon. Therefore, sellers can choose to get going without the assistance of fee / profit calculation softwares and yet, land with profit building prices.

Traffic generation through advertisements is shouldered by the marketplace –

Unlike many other marketplaces, has taken the matter of advertising and traffic generation upon its shoulders thereby assuring sellers with optimum levels of traffic all through the year. Piling it up with the individual marketing efforts of sellers in terms of social media, affiliate platforms etc, the route to sale and profits is always glorious.

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5 Attributes Of Jet Marketplace That Makes Selling Easy

Thomas Posted On - May 17, 2017

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With a little over 2 months left to complete 2 years in the world of productive e commerce, has established itself as one of the most promising e commerce marketplaces that any seller can look forward to joining this year. Launched as a strict competitor to Amazon, this marketplace is expected to close in performance gaps with the latter to a significant extent by the end of 2020. As of now, sellers have everything to gain from the Jet marketplace in terms of speedy growth and revenues. Here are 5 other attributes of this platform that has made it practically irresistible for e commerce selling enthusiasts at large…

Categories and wide –

While it is true that Amazon and eBay have much wider categories than, the latter still houses an expansive scope which makes the platform compatible with just about any selling entity whatsoever. From grocery and baby products to outdoor equipments and sports accessories, the marketplace is open to anything that regular online shoppers are interested in.

All sellers are welcome –

Unlike certain marketplaces like which has strict policies as far as 3P sellers are concerned, is open to all. The ability to perform in the marketplace is irrespective of the volume of the sellers or the levels of their experience. This has been a massive blessing for newer and smaller sellers.

Integration is easy –

There may have been a time when integration was considered a nightmare. However, it is not so any more. Whether complex integrations like Jet Magento Walmart integration or syncing with the API of the marketplace, e commerce software developers have readymade solutions for one and all. As icing on the ake, these solutions are affordable too.

Competition is low –

With only a couple of years to its existence, is one of those marketplaces where competition is blissfully low. While e commerce gurus have predicted that competition in this platform will rise in the forthcoming months, there is still a really long time for the levels to match that of Amazon or even eBay for that matter. Therefore, sellers in can access easy visibility, traffic and conversions for a longer period of time.

Inviting buyers is on the marketplace –

Lastly, Jet marketplace has planned an enormous amount of money for advertising purposes which is expected to invite millions of prospective buyers into the platform without the sellers having to try too hard.

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A Brief Insight Into Lowest Price Problems While Selling In

Thomas Posted On - May 17, 2017

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Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) has been very particular about its price policies and expects all 3P sellers to abide by the same to the last word. While this policy has been a major traffic driving force in favor of Walmart online marketplace, it has also simultaneously, given rise to a number of serious problems in the part of sellers that need to manage visibility and profit margins at acceptable levels.

The visibility v/s profit debate…

At present, there is a raging visibility v/s profit conundrum that most selling entities have not managed to crack successfully. In very simple, if you aim for maximum visibility, you will have to compromise on your profits and if you wish to maximize your profit margins, your visibility or even your presence in this marketplace is bound to suffer for very obvious reasons.
Thus, when you sell on, you will have to land with strategies that strike a harmonious balance between these two core factors, which in all honesty is not for all to attain. This is mostly applicable for sellers that are also performing in other top marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

The woes of Amazon sellers…

The sufferings of Amazon sellers in can be mentioned as an example in this respect. Walmart online marketplace has laid out a very strict set of rules for Amazon performers in particular and often, sellers as well, with respect to their performance here. Firstly, they are required to price their products lower in Walmart than in Amazon which can give rise to an immediate conflict in integrated selling between the two marketplaces.
Secondly, they are expected to increase the value of purchase in Walmart to match that of Amazon or make it better. This is topped with the requirement to allow maximum shipping advantages in favor buyers and in tune with the advantages offered in Amazon.

The matter of fluctuating prices…

All this could have been easily attainable if the prices of products were fixed in both platforms. However, the truth is, prices in Amazon fluctuate by the passing minutes in order to maintain strict competitiveness among an unfathomable sea of competing sellers. Therefore, the shift of prices in Amazon directly affects pricing policies in Walmart. Sellers that do not address the problem at the earliest can risk losing visibility within no time at all.

Easy solution…

The easiest way to address the pricing issue in is to establish end to end integration of the marketplace between all other platforms of presence. The process may dig a little deep into the pockets of sellers, but it is always worth the expense.

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Why do so many online sellers fail? And why you might too

Stephen Posted On - May 9, 2017

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The idea of launching your own online store is quite fascinating. And the striking (and viral) articles on the web that highlight the heroic rags to riches stories of few Amazon, Walmart, and eBay sellers propagate this idea to distance– to an extent to make many believe that selling online is very easy and that success on the scene is often guaranteed.

However, the fact is that running online stores is no less than a complete back-breaker; at least for people who have no experience in this niche. While you may have heard of few success stories that might have inspired you to venture this path, you have clearly portioned out the stories of many others who present a totally different picture about this market; stories of business owners who failed in their endeavor.

The misconception “It’s easy”

The biggest reason why so many online sellers fail to generate decent revenue is their belief in the misconception that things are easier in the market. It’s the fatal pitfall- undermining the amount of success and smartness that’s need to succeed here.

So if you’re planning to succeed as an online seller, get this misconception off your mind.

E-Commerce solution

Today, every expert recommend for multi-channel e-commerce software solution. It is in fact essential. Sadly, not many vendors take this seriously, trying to manually handle all the backend activities of their store. Needless to say, this takes a lot of time and often is unproductive. Signup to a nice solution and integrate everything from Americommerce to Magentowalmart to enjoy the higher convenience. If not, expect a bumpy ride ahead with full of challenges.

No time for Marketing

So busy some people get in the products listing, inventory management and order fulfillment that they simply overlook marketing. They spend less time in promoting their products or stores. Some simply rely on the organic search result of search engines. Investing time and money in marketing is imperative. So be very careful to your products quality and other backend tasks of your online stores. But pay equal attention to marketing.

These are three simple why reasons why so many online vendors fail today. If you want to avoid the same fate, fix these and act smart. Good Luck!

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Walmart Marketplace Vs Amazon – 4 Things All Sellers Must Know Before Selling In Both

Stephen Posted On - May 9, 2017 API
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Walmart and Amazon are two competing marketplaces each of which holds a treasure trove of possibilities for sellers performing within their domain. In fact, the scope of these platforms is so high that sellers often feel tempted to perform in both in order to experience certain inherent life changing benefits that range from exposure before two unique channels of buyers to maximizing sale and profits many times over. However, ambitious sellers must always remember that and Amazon differ significantly in their nature which can cast a cloud over selling efforts.

Here are 4 Walmart marketplace Vs Amazon facts that sellers need to consider thoroughly before pushing their endeavors towards integrated selling in these marketplaces…

Amazon welcomes all but does not –

Becoming an Amazon seller is easier than becoming a Walmart marketplace seller. This is for the simple reason that has set an extremely high standard of qualification for 3P Sellers that wish to perform in this marketplace. This standard may be impossible to achieve by new sellers and small sellers irrespective of whether they already perform in Amazon or not.

FBA applies in Amazon; but what about WalMart?

Courtesy of FBA, order fulfillment is very easy for Amazon store owners. However, the trouble comes for those selling on WalMart. There’s no such fulfillment program for them. While FBA does cover eBay, there’s no such thing for WalMart stores. While you sure can handle the backend manually, it would cost you time and energy. Acting smart is what the successful vendors do. They root for third-party ecommerce solution. Sure it includes fee. But with higher efficiency and quickness in order fulfillment, they manage to sell more and cut larger profit margin, which eventually covers their investment in ecommerce solution.

Walmart attracts mostly pennywise buyers; Amazon opens arms to the affluent lot –

While this does open your endeavor before practically all types of buyers, you may face hurdles as far as the applicability of your products in the marketplaces are concerned. While Amazon attracts buyers of practically all types of products, pulls in traffic that are in the lookout of high quality items of everyday needs. Therefore, if you are into selling high end luxury products, Walmart may not fetch the level of visibility or sale you may be expecting.

End to end operational integration is applicable to both equally –

Walmart and Amazon integration is way easier than integrating API, but requires individual strategies and tools for the purpose. End to end integration is the only way the differences between Walmart and Amazon can be harmonized for smoother and error free performance. Left to manual efforts, the differences could tear the endeavor apart with warnings issues from both marketplaces.

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What Makes Walmart Partner API Irresistible

Stephen Posted On - May 9, 2017

Walmart partner API
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The partner API system of has been attracting the attention of sellers mostly those that have been taken for a ride by complex and rather incomprehensive systems offered by many otherwise promising marketplaces. Third party sellers in Walmart online marketplace have in fact, confessed that the entire process of establishing productive presence in the platform right from setup to going live with listing has been made possible wholly and solely by the API system of this unique selling platform.

Following are 4 good reasons why sellers find Walmart partner API integration irresistible

Operations have been reported to be error free till today – Partner API of is known for being in tune with REST standards which is reason enough to believe in the effectiveness of the same. The system is updated very regularly and the sellers are kept in tune with the changes. The partner API has been recognized for possessing proactive attributes that allows sellers to evolve with the evolving nature of the marketplace.

Issues if any are addressed quickly and effectively –

Partner API issues as reported by sellers have been very less in number, all of which have been addressed very promptly by the respective solution providers. This has played a very significant role in enhancing the dependability of the partner API system allowing more and more sellers to approach the same with confidence.

It is truly easy to integrate with –

Unlike API integration, partner API of Walmart online marketplace is very easy to integrate with either by experienced sellers making an unassisted attempt or by those that have employed the assistance of professional e commerce solution developers. The latter is considered a better idea mostly because professionals especially the official integration partners are in possession of readymade solutions that can be put to use almost immediately without the fear of errors.

Costs are bearable –

Lastly, Walmart partner API integration is bearable in terms of expenses especially when professionals are involved. This has been mentioned as one of the pivotal reasons why new selling entities in this marketplace find it very irresistible.

API solutions for Walmart online marketplace has a literally all inclusive scope that stretches all the way from listing to order fulfillment and more. The developers are presently working day in and day out to enhance the scope of this solution even further making it one of the most comprehensive yet approachable solutions that have ever existed in the world of ecommerce. This is also expected to play a part in helping gain an edge over Amazon.

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Operating Walmart, Amazon, eBay Stores Together? Here Are 4 Hurdles You Should Be Ready To Face

Stephen Posted On - May 9, 2017

amazon selling
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Being present in all top performing marketplaces can contribute to massive progress in terms of traffic, conversions, revenues and overall growth in the part of e commerce sellers. On the flipside though, operational hassles in such ambitious endeavors could mount to unmanageable extent. Here are 4 hurdles that any eBay Amazon store owners can face while adding Walmart to their multichannel endeavors as well…

Price management will drive you crazy –

Amazon, eBay and Walmart online marketplace each have their own individual pricing rules. Amazon focuses on justified pricing for extended purchase experience; eBay ensures offering the best deals to buyers and focuses particularly on the lowest prices. However, none of these platforms are ready to entertain sellers in their domain that offer lowest prices in the same products elsewhere. Managing costs in all three platforms while maintaining profit margins can thus, cause sellers to lose their sleep.

Integration efforts can get expensive –

Amazon Walmart eBay store integrations is imperative for attaining optimum levels of hassle free performance. However, the process of integration often involves the application of very high quality feature dense softwares which can get a little expensive for sellers at the onset. The results of the integration that follows though, justifies the expense.

You may have to deal with order fulfillment mess –

That is unless you have FBA handling it all. FBA applies equally on Amazon, eBay and However, FBA does not handle all types of products which may often force sellers to choose other means of order completion. Sellers that are engaged with 2 or more order fulfillment systems can often face tumultuous confusions that can damage the quality of performance in respective marketplaces.

Order fulfillment quality is one of the primary criteria for reputation and visibility in Amazon, eBay and Therefore, mismanagement of the same can be as bad as a death blow to overall selling endeavors.

Operation costs can rise if you are not careful –

Sellers that have not taken calculated approach towards operation management across each of these marketplaces can end spending by the thousands to patch hurdles, hassles and pitfalls that keep appearing on the way. rising operational may go unnoticed for the first few months, but definitely show up like a sore thumb while calculation gross and net revenues at the end of the year.

Sellers are thus advised to commence their endeavors with properly integrated cost management systems and strategies for staying at the safer end of odds.

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