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5 Ways eBay Stores are a Boon To Sellers

Daniel Posted On - December 31, 2016

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Opening a store in eBay can be a blessing for sellers in infinite different way. Here are 5 of the most irresistible advantages of opening eBay stores that has been inspiring thousands of retailers to push their endeavors in this direction…

Free trial –

If you wish experience what it feels like to open a store in eBay and the advantages that pour out of it, you can always go for the 30 days free trial and make experience the benefits firsthand. If you are convinced with the advantages, you can go right ahead and kick start your efforts lest, think rest the idea till you are confident that you can manage an establishment of you own.

Assured increase in profits –

This is one of those glorious aspects of opening stores in eBay that you can never overlook. Sellers have experienced an average increase of 25% or more in their monthly sales along with regular inflow of repeat customers that ensure bringing in continuous purchase motivated traffic. If you offer excelling purchase experience in terms of value and services, sky could be the limit as far as inflow of revenues is concerned.

Brand promotion becomes blissfully easy –

eBay store has always been the best means to promote your establishment and / or your brand. With your own website and personalization features, you can always wield the power to create a unique identity of your own which in itself can offer ample boost against rigid competition in this marketplace.

Own search engines and promotional tools –

Did you know that stores in eBay have their own search engines that are considered to be one of the top features to die for? This feature is responsible for attracting high volumes of purchase motivated traffic that eventually leads to massive sale and profits. Top it with a host of quality promotional tools, you have a power packed package for long term profitable performance.

Choose your store type –

If you are a small seller with limited budget, you can always start with the basic store which will cost very little and offer optimum benefits to maximize traffic and conversions. This dispels all wrong notions about eBay stores being compatible with large sellers only.

However, whether you sell on eBay or whether you sell on Sears, Walmart, Amazon or anything for that matter, you will always have to focus upon proper integration to get maximum benefits from your efforts. Store integration solutions for eBay is available at affordable prices with top ecommerce solution developers and are very easy to approach as well.

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4 Steps To Decide If You Are Ready To Sell On Amazon

Steve Burns Posted On - December 30, 2016

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Progressing from selling on your own website to selling on Amazon can be a massive leap that many enthusiasts dread to take. More often than not, the common argument that is posed by this lot revolves around the ‘I am not ready for Amazon yet’ debate. In the process, the sellers tend to lose out on possible avenues of growth and profits that are best when availed at the earliest.

Basically, there is not much that you need to sell on Amazon. You don’t have to be a millionaire or generate sale by the thousands or millions every month. If you start small, it does not mean that you will be pushed back in terms of visibility. If you have little inventory, it does not mean that Amazon fulfillment solutions or warehouses will not support your cause.

There is a practical and cost effective solution for every issue that may appear burdensome to shaky enthusiasts, which need to be understood and approached at the right time. When it comes to determining the right time, here are 4 steps that can help make up your mind as to whether you are ready for this marketplace or not…

You have stock to sell on a monthly basis:

If you have already been selling in your website for a few months or years, it is indicative of the fact that you have stock to sell on a regular basis. Unlike eBay, Amazon prefers sellers that assure continuity in their efforts. Therefore, with stock to sell every month, you can be convinced that Amazon will have a decent place for you.

You are prepared to face competition:

If you have already bagged sale for your products in your own website, you can be confident that you are prepared to handle competition in Amazon as well. All it will take in your part is to ensure high quality performance based optimized listing in the marketplace and rest will be good to go. In Amazon, it does not matter how big or small you are in volume. If your listing is up to the mark, you can win the race to maximum visibility with only 10 products under your umbrella.

Integration is not ‘just a word’ for you:

If you understand the impact of integration and what it can do in favor of Amazon stores and individual ventures, approaching the platform at the earliest should be your next productive goal.

You are ready to invest before reaping revenues:

Lastly, if you are ready to invest in improved operational processes for smooth, healthy, streamlined and faultless performance especially by engaging professional assistance, you can be rest assured that you are ready to experience a productive future in Amazon.

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5 Rules That Make Amazon Inventory Management Easy

Thomas Posted On - December 28, 2016

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Amazon as the King of all ecommerce marketplaces is evolving by the passing minute. This is thus, the phase when sellers need to ensure maintaining their basic operational processes at its healthiest, which is a reason in itself to gain proven profitable results in the face of competition and that too, at the earliest. Here are 5 basic rules to manage Amazon inventory that can apply to all sellers at all times and for the best benefits…

Always stay in touch with your supply chain source –

Staying in touch with your warehouses is fine, but if you are not in touch with your supply chain source, it will not be long before your warehouses start to experience low stock, no stock followed by over selling and under selling and every other vice that comes with it. Being in touch with your supply chain source, you can always make better demand predictions that can further help with streamlined and more profitable inventory control approach.

Streamlining is the key –

These are the days when you cannot bulk up your inventory solely because you imagined that demand would go up. The key to include stock based on calculated demand prediction that goes a very long way in managing costs and preventing accumulation of shelved / immobile products. Making higher space allotment for stock of popular products will always work in your favor.

Add updated product identifiers –

If you have heard about the Kiva robots that have already been employed in the Amazon warehouses in California, Texas, New Jersey, Washington and Florida, you are likely to understand why at all you need to focus on adding proper product identifiers to your stock. Basically, the process of product location and fulfillment of orders will be a thousand times smoother if you have been attentive in this direction.

Use integration tools and software solutions –

If you wish to add faultless smoothness in your approach to handling inventory, manage the same with high quality integration tools and software solutions. You cannot survive in Amazon, if your inventory system is not integrated and this goes out especially to midsized and large sellers that have an overload volume to handle every passing month.

Fee calculation tools are imperative –

FBA and other warehouse facilities in Amazon do not come for free. There is an intricate fee structure that needs to be followed for the advantages, which it times can claim a chunk of seller profits. Using fee calculation tools however can help sellers understand how much profit they will make per product at their list price after paying warehouse and FBA fees, thereby allowing them to price their products accordingly to maintain profit levels.

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Master Google Product Feed In 6 Simple Steps

Daniel Posted On - December 27, 2016

google shopping
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Mastering product feed management in Google is seldom as difficult as sellers think it to be. Basically, it takes nothing more than remembering a few basic guidelines while approaching feed management in this marketplace for the sake of experiencing better control and enhanced outcomes. Some of these tips have benefited sellers of all volumes to maintain high levels of traffic inflow towards their ecommerce establishments without having to run any risk of going bankrupt at the end of the month. Here are 6 of them that can be followed for instant benefits in Google Shopping

List popular products that can win you maximum clicks –

The trick is to not bring the entirety of your product list to this platform all at once. Listing only the most popular products that people are actually looking for will ensure that you pay only for what fetches you profits.

Optimization of titles in not an option, it is mandatory –

Optimization is indispensable in this platform. Your product titles will have to contain applicable keywords and product identifiers that will help Google rank them better. If not, you may end up suffering invisibility like never before.

Your image quality has to match standards –

Your image quality matters in every possible way when it comes to managing Google product feed successfully. From the size of the images to the backgrounds to the pixel quality, everything is taken into account by this comparison shopping site when it comes to granting visibility. Reading through the rules before uploading product images can save tons of patch-up work later on.

Manage your CPC budget and try not to cheap out –

Google Shopping as the top comparison shopping platform is recognized for increasing your traffic inflow by more than 50% and upwards. So, if you choose to not cheap out on your CPC budget, sky could be your limit. There are many ways in which you can remain within your means while allotting and abiding by your budget limit which will eventually help you stay at a safe distance from overspending.

Pay your fee in time to avoid invisibility –

Sellers that delay in paying up their fees usually end up losing their ranking in this platform to the extent of invisibility. So, it is best when avoided.

Integrate perfectly and use tools to maximize listing impact –

Last but certainly not the least, sellers must ensure carrying out proper integration and use proper feed management tools to stay in tune with the frequently changing requirements of the platform that can lead to problems later on. Feed management tools can assist with the process of basic optimization as well which can be a blessing in many ways than one.

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How to Deal with Terrible Reviews and Ratings While Selling On Amazon eBay

Thomas Posted On - December 26, 2016

magento ebay integration
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Selling in top marketplaces like eBay and Amazon is not without its share of uncertainties. There have been numerous occasions when sellers in these marketplaces have experienced rude shocks in the form of horrible reviews left by buyers for often unreasonable reasons. While our wise ancestors have rightly said that certain things in life need to be taken with a pinch of salt, poor reviews and ratings certainly don’t come into this category.

This is mainly because Amazon and eBay are recognized for taking purchase experience in the part of buyers very seriously and any mishap in the process is dealt with iron fists. Consequences can range anywhere from losing search ranking to receiving warnings or even scrapping of listing that has earned the poor review. On many occasions, buyers leave horrible reviews for reasons that the sellers cannot be blamed for.

On these circumstances the seller Amazon / eBay must keep their calm and approach organic solutions to deal with these reviews. Here are a few measures that can be adopted for safe review handling…

  • Never bad mouth, threaten or challenge the buyers who have posted the reviews even if you know that they are wrong. Amazon and eBay are recognized for ‘buyers are always right’ approach and any attempt that could compromise their interests any further can be dealt with very seriously.
  • Contact the buyers in an extremely professional and polite manner to explain what exactly went wrong. If the buyers get back with their issues, you can be certain that the problem was genuine. If not, you can be assured that the review was posted by a scam buyer who can be a competitor trying to defame you.
  • If the case surrounds scam buyers, then both Amazon and eBay sellers can approach support services for the marketplace and request removal of the review. The process is usually very comprehensive and many sellers have already been benefited with the same. at all times, the measures must be taken at the earliest so that your listing is not scrapped or pushed to invisibility.
  • If the buyer concern is genuine, act immediately and address the issue by offering extended apologies followed with replacement of the product and if possible, a gift voucher or something worthwhile for free.
  • Ecommerce solution developers who offer quality integration services like Magento eBay / Amazon etc also possess tools and support services for review management which should be approached and integrated with at the very onset of your venture.

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    How to Perfect eBay Listing in 5 Simple Steps

    Thomas Posted On - December 24, 2016

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    Just about everything in eBay starting from visibility to regular inflow of revenues, depends upon how you are listing your products in this marketplace. Topping it with the fact that the ranking parameters in this platform evolves at very frequent intervals, sellers can take it for granted that any attempt that seems valid and profitable today can become completely non-functional in the next few years, months or even weeks for that matter.

    The aim of all sellers should therefore revolve around perfecting their eBay listing to suit the existing selling environment in eBay while leaving ample avenues open for accommodating surprise changes that may have to be included later on at the same time. For those who are still looking for the best measures to improve their listing approach, here are 5 very simple steps that are assured to help…

    Optimize titles, descriptions and images –

    The process of optimizing titles, descriptions and images is non-negotiable while listing in eBay. As far as title optimization is concerned, you will have to add the most suitable keywords and ensure not making an essay out of your headlines. Descriptions should contain all important details about the product with a warm personal pitch. Images should match the requirements as mentioned in eBay and should be free of all things black hat like water marking etc.

    Price is still the king –

    Unlike Amazon, eBay is one of those places where buyers look for the lowest prices. So, it is imperative for the sellers to ensure that their list prices are significantly lower than the MRP. Using tools and software solutions to monitor price changes among competitors can help by miles as far as maintaining visibility is concerned.

    Improve value of your listing –

    Value of listing refers to added advantage extended to buyers in terms of extended return and refund period, free shipping, post purchase services etc. Greater the extent of advantages offered to buyers, higher will be the listing visibility in eBay. This applies to Amazon sellers performing in eBay as well.

    Add product identifiers –

    Your listing cannot go far in eBay without the usage of proper product identifiers. Product identifiers like UPC, GTINs and MPNs help search engines locate products faster and more effectively when search for the same is conducted. With the right product identifiers, your listing is assured to maintain top position.

    Use high quality tools to update listing at frequent intervals –

    Listing should never remain stagnant. You should keep introducing changes time and again to improve optimization and value of the feed. Using high quality tools and softwares are recommended for the purpose.

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    Amazon Walmart Pricing Confusion – Hassles Simplified

    Daniel Posted On - December 24, 2016

    Walmart selling
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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has presented all Amazon sellers with a very long list of qualifying criteria most of which is based on performance and pricing. It is the latter though that has a quicker and more effective impact when it comes to making it or breaking it in this marketplace. For Amazon sellers who are presently in the process of setting up their presence in, here is a quick look at the possible pricing confusions that may crop up sooner or later…

  • Lowest prices v/s best prices Do you get it yet? wants the lowest prices and Amazon wants best prices and deals which may not often be the lowest. But when the list price for the same product reduces even by a cent in either platform, the other will take offence without a second’s delay. Questions will be asked; warnings will be meted out and ranking will be scrapped in both platforms equally.
  • So you price the lowest while selling on and you gain visibility… what exactly happens to profits thereafter? In ideal circumstances, your product pricing should be such that it brings you an acceptable level of profit after offering a good deal to the buyers. However, if you feel the urgency to sell your products with price tags which will eventually bring nothing but losses to you, your visibility could be your ultimate downfall. This is applicable in both marketplaces equally.
    • So, what can you possibly do to make the most of each of these marketplaces without falling into the price pit? Let’s say, approaching the Buddha could help in many ways because the answer may lie in taking the Middle Path which include
  • Controlling over-ambition in the beginning,
  • aiming for gradual growth and profits in comparison with steep upward curves and
  • playing it safe by investing in high quality integration between the platforms…
  • By following the middle path in Walmart Amazon selling you may not become the best all at once or you may not also fetch phenomenal profits as you may have expected, but you can be rest assured that you will go a very long way to fortify your ecommerce future for the better.

    Lastly, the question you need to ask yourself is, are you OK with low profit levels even at a pennywise level? In all honesty, you should be in the beginning at least. As you gain better reputation, better repeat buyers, better reviews and rankings, the light of sustained growth will smile on you. It is seriously more fulfilling than a month long hot sale followed by a no-recovery crash.

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    Here’s What eBay Sellers In Are Happy About

    Daniel Posted On - December 21, 2016

    eBay Sellers In
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    The fact that has opened up ample avenues for third party sellers to perform under their umbrella, has been considered a mini blessing by e commerce sellers at large especially those that are already present in top marketplaces like eBay and wish to enhance their scope even further. However, the raging battle with established and often demanding marketplace requirements has left infinite sellers fumbling with locating routes to harmonious selling practices.

    On occasions when sellers, especially Amazon eBay sellers failed to find the best integrated selling strategies, the consequences were as drastic as warnings, loss or ranking and eventual suspensions in both platforms. While many such cases have been reported over the past few months, the brighter side of the picture has emerged with a number of sellers in Amazon and eBay stating their first hand experience on performing in both marketplaces successfully.

    Here are a few factors that have been pointed out by these sellers as being integral in contributing to their success…

    Integration professionals are only a step away –

    Integrating with is a perfect bliss for all sellers in the world of ecommerce. The platform has maintained effectiveness and simplicity in its API, which makes it easy for sellers at all levels to understand and act accordingly. Besides this, sellers can also gain easy access to the best ecommerce solution developers that are also the official integration partners for Things could not get any better than this.

    Pricing compatibility tools are available easily with quality e commerce solution developers –

    When you sell on and eBay at the same time, a lot of issues associated with pricing inconsistencies between the two marketplaces can arise to take a toll on overall performance, visibility and profits. However, with the availability of advanced tools and software solutions that are available with the official integration partners of, these inconsistencies can be easily bridged.

    The solutions usually come with a considerable price tag, but are always worth the approach and are perhaps the best shield against adverse consequences like loss of visibility, warnings and suspensions.

    FBA applies in, so maintaining quality in order fulfillment is never an issue –

    FBA is applicable to eBay and perfectly. Thus, sellers who are already using this order fulfillment system are not required to hunt around for suitable order completion solutions while performing in Approaching proper FBA integration with all marketplaces of presence should be good enough to maintain commendable performance.

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    A Blah Guide To Selling On That Really Works!

    Daniel Posted On - December 16, 2016

    walmart online store
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    Ecommerce sellers who are enthusiastic about selling in have already been fed with basics that need to be done and ascertained before and after setting up their presence in this marketplace. The question is, how many sellers are actually toeing the best practices that could actually lead to extended visibility and sustained profits? Most sellers are seen to be in a perpetual hurry to get over with the initial set up and integration process in the least possible time and the least possible cost. In the process, a lot of what truly matters get compromised the effects of which are felt almost immediately after selling commences.

    The effects usually range from a complete operational goof up to low visibility and nearly horizontal growth graph all of which can compromise the very reason for being present in in the first place. All this is applicable more to sellers Amazon that may have infinite operational intricacies to handle while operating in both platforms simultaneously. Therefore, sometimes even a Blah guide to selling in can unlock precious ideas to get things right from the first day on. Take a look…

    Always list products that are compatible with the platform –

    Walmart is known for housing affordable everyday necessities that can range from home and kitchen supplies to tools, electronics and affordable clothing. While the product categories in are astonishingly wide, there are certain product types that may not sell well or sell at all in this marketplace. High street luxury brands can be mentioned as an example.

    If you are not a brand owner, expect to remain in a profitable backseat – prefers brand owners over retailers and resellers. If you are among the latter, it is possible that you will not win as much visibility as the former. This though, does not mean that you will not have any access to any profits whatsoever. Considering the level of purchase motivated traffic that is assured to flow in after setup, retailers and resellers can experience nothing short of a profitable presence in this marketplace even while taking a backseat in comparison with brand owners.

    Professional integration experts are not pickpockets; call them for help –

    Establishing proper integrated setup is imperative if you wish to sell on Walmart profitably. In order to get things right in the very first attempt, approaching professionals is the easiest solution. has already tied up with some of the leading ecommerce solution developers to offer sellers easy access to quick and effective selling in this marketplace. For those that have been avoiding engaging professionals thinking it would be a waste of money, anytime is a good time to reconsider.

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    Walmart eBay Integrated Selling Simplified

    Daniel Posted On - December 15, 2016

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    Selling in and eBay together can be profitable in many ways for many reasons some of which are often irresistible. However, what may often come in the way though is managing the two platforms concurrently considering the alarming similarity in selling practices that are maintained rigidly in both marketplaces.

    The problems –

    The problems of Walmart eBay integrated selling are usually associated with pricing and best offers. Both of these marketplaces are aimed at offering the lowest prices and the best deals to their buyers which is a little unlike Amazon where the factor of ‘lowest prices’ is usually not the main concern.

    With eBay and Walmart wanting their seller to list their products at the lowest price while offering the best deals in terms of shipping advantages, return period etc, maintaining harmony between selling strategies in both platforms while maintaining personal profit levels can get really difficult.

    The consequences –

    There are times in the course of Walmart eBay selling when discrepancies with respect to pricing mismanagement etc can crop up without any prior warning. In these situations neither of the platforms can be expected to oversee the shortcomings or be in a mood to forgive and forget.

    If list price of one product gets lower in one platform in comparison with the other, sellers can expect consequences in terms of warnings and suspensions from both marketplaces. Sellers can also witness an immediate loss of ranking to practical invisibility in no time at all.

    The solution –

    The problems along with the associated consequences of the same are usually experienced by sellers that have not approached proper integration of the two marketplaces prior to selling in the same. On approaching proper integration that is fortified with evolved softwares and tools can help sellers bridge the otherwise impossible gaps through which operational harmony could leak out without warning.

    Usage of high quality integration solutions allow sellers to maintain infallible vigilance even in the minutest change that occurs in the marketplaces and that too by the second. This prevents mishaps associated with pricing inequalities that can lead to irrecoverable damages to visibility and profits in the very near future.

    Understanding the possible hassles that sellers can experience in multichannel performance, has taken measures to offer easy assistance to the former in their efforts. Partnering with some of the leading e commerce solution developers of this century for sellers to access easy, effortless, effective and thoroughly affordable integrations can be mentioned in this respect.

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    The Future Of Your Walmart Presence Depends Upon These 4 Factors

    Stephen Posted On - December 14, 2016

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    Opportunities in in favor of sellers are actually infinite whether in terms of brand building or growth and profits. However, to experience the wealth of advantages that this retail giant has in store for you, there is a list of factors that needs to be taken into account from the very first day itself. Here are some of the most crucial aspects upon which the future of your efforts in Walmart marketplace can depend…

    Retailer, reseller or a brand owner –

    If you are a promising brand owner selling products that Walmart customers usually look for; this platform can become a practical gold mine in your favor sooner than you may have expected. If you are a reseller or retailer, the progress graph may show a more gradual or nearly horizontal slope; and that too, if your requests get approved in the first place.

    Integration and setup quality –

    It is true that integrating with Walmart API is far easier that API integrations that are carried out in many other marketplaces like However, to make a quicker and error free start, it is expected that the sellers carry out professionally assisted integration and set up at the very onset of their ventures in Walmart marketplace. This effort can go a very long way in favor of sellers in terms of speedy growth in this platform.

    Your approach to profitable pricing v/s lowest prices –

    If you wish to gain visibility in, you will have to ensure offering the lowest prices in your listing. If you are an Amazon store owner / seller, this critical factor can raise its head as an obstacle in harmonious multichannel performance including both of these platforms. At the same time, the lowest price requirement may often pose a threat to your profit margins, which, on many occasions, have taken a turn for recurring losses for many sellers.

    Using sophisticated tools and software solutions for pricing management is thus advised at all times.

    Maintaining high service quality –

    You cannot go far in if your service quality is found lacking. From order processing and completion to addressing buyer grievances at the earliest, everything matters for a brighter future in this platform.

    Your dedication towards this marketplace and making it your priority over all other platforms of presence –

    Basically, in this respect, you don’t actually have an option. If you are in, it has to be your top priority. If you are an Amazon seller as well, may The Almighty be with you in your efforts to establish harmony between the two platforms.

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    5 Steps To Sell On Amazon And Walmart Harmoniously

    Stephen Posted On - December 11, 2016

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    Amazon and Walmart can form a very productive liaison in the world of multichannel e commerce only if the process is approached properly. Being two equal competitors, each of these marketplaces have established specific rules and regulations that are often conflicting and can make the process of harmonious operations tough and challenging for sellers performing in both. However, the past year has witnessed a phenomenal increase in the number of Amazon sellers in, some of whom have disclosed their secret to blissful integrated selling…

    List products that is suitable to the platforms –

    Both Amazon and have their individual sets of popular products that tend to sell out faster with loyal buyers. So, when it comes to listing in Walmart, it is not necessary to import each and every item that you sell on Amazon to this marketplace as well. All you need to do, is to start with the most popular products and enjoy quicker sales and greater profits at minimum investments.

    Never breach price policies – has very strict pricing policies that Amazon sellers need to abide by at all times. The former insists on the lowest prices in all listed products in comparison with all other marketplaces in which the concerned seller may be present. Keeping up with the pricing requirements between these two marketplaces may often call for the usage of advanced tools and software solutions that can keep sellers abreast with changes that can happen by the minute.

    Integrate the two marketplaces –

    You can never sell on Walmart marketplace and Amazon harmoniously if you don’t have the platforms integrated. Basically, Walmart Amazon integration can call for some professional involvement and expenses considering the intricacies involved in the process. however, has tied up with certain very well established e commerce solution developers that have made it phenomenally easy for sellers to approach integration in the first place.

    You can use FBA for order completion in both –

    FBA is a blessing as far as maintaining high quality order completion is concerned. If you use FBA in both platforms, it may reduce confusion associated with maintaining two different channels of order completion to a significant extent.

    Use tools and software solutions from reputed providers for advanced services –

    Amazon and Walmart are ever evolving platforms which experiences progressive changes in algorithms and associated matters very frequently. Using advanced tools and software solutions can help sellers stay in tune with these changes without having to succumb to sudden shocks and surprises, thereby aiding smoother and error performance over a prolonged period of time.

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    How Not To Sell On eBay

    Daniel Posted On - December 10, 2016

    Sell on eBay
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    eBay selling is not a piece of cake. Sellers usually have to muscle their way through an indefinite number of odds to get a glimpse of scratch level profits. With the constant infusion of rules and regulations to make things newer and better and in all honesty, confusing and cumbersome, there is nothing better that seller can do but start with the best selling approach in this marketplace. However, as many strugglers have expressed, understanding how not to sell on eBay is just as important as learning the best practices for selling, some of which can be pointed out as follows…

    Start with achievable goals –

    You may be motivated to the extreme at the time you start but, it is imperative to set goals that are actually achievable. Setting achievable goals will allow you to invest wisely in stock and infrastructure that are directly and immediately relevant, thereby preventing over expenditure, mismanagement and other vices as such.

    Never cheap out on Integration and optimization –

    This goes out to every eBay seller especially those who are also selling on Walmart marketplace, Amazon, or any other top ecommerce platforms of importance. Integrating with evolved approach is mandatory to establish optimum operational harmony.

    Not using tools and software solutions can cost you with visibility and everything that follows –

    Using advanced tools and software solutions helps sellers in keeping pace with the ever changing and rather fluctuating nature of eBay. Say for example, using listing tools, inventory management software solutions, order completion and tracking tools are integral for sellers who wish to experience sustained visibility and profits.

    Softwares also assist in getting over otherwise annoying nitty-gritty that can catch sellers by the collar when they are least attentive. Marketplace fees and price variations in comparison with other marketplaces can be mentioned as examples.

    The process of bidding is not just about numbers –

    Bidding in eBay is art and science combined. Not understanding what works and starting with random figures can often end in deplorable consequences. At the same time, the nature of titles and descriptions also play a massive role in the nature of prospective buyers that are intended to take notice of the bids.

    Not playing by the rules can motivate eBay to show you the door –

    If you wish to remain in the good books of eBay without losing trust and respect of this marketplace, it is best to play by the rules than dodge the same for immediate but inauthentic gains.

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    Walmart’s List Of Expectation From Amazon Sellers

    Stephen Posted On - December 8, 2016

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    There is everything good about till the time you realize you are a seller in Amazon as well, and Walmart has taken note of this fact very comprehensively. In an offline scale, Amazon poses no threat to Walmart at all. However, in the world of e commerce, the latter considers Amazon its biggest competitor and has been very vocal about doing everything in its capacity to topple this online giant within the forthcoming years.

    This is the main reasons why Walmart has presented a very carefully charted and rather stringent list of expectations dedicated to all Amazon sellers who wish to sell in this platform as well. Here are some of these expectations that have to a large extent, de-motivated many sellers in Amazon from approaching Walmart in the first place…

    You have to be a crowd puller –

    Walmart looks forward to inviting nothing short of power performers in Amazon. You will thus, have to be a medium to large seller attracting traffic by the thousands and fetching high levels of revenues every single month. If not, it is very likely that Walmart will keep your request pending for an indefinite period of time.

    High reviews and ratings is mandatory –

    If you have a very long product history with 99% 4 to 5 star ratings along with a host of very positive reviews, featuring in at the earliest will not be an issue at all. Sellers in Amazon that are yet to generate such levels of ratings and reviews may not find a place in marketplace Walmart.

    Order completion system should be nothing less than perfection –

    Considering the fact that Amazon is the biggest competitor of, the latter intends to match its service quality to the likeness of the former or make it even better. Perfection in order completion forms the backbone of purchase experience in the part of buyers, thus making it critically important for sellers in Amazon to maintain the same quality in Walmart.

    Order defect rates should be less than 1% –

    Interested Amazon sellers need to show and maintain their order defect rates at less than 1%. Any increase in this figure and sellers can be assured to lose all hopes for growth, visibility or even their presence in

    Pricing should always favor Walmart over Amazon –

    This is perhaps the most trying aspect of Amazon Walmart integrated selling. While insists on the lowest prices Amazon cannot tolerate their sellers selling the same products in some other platform at prices that can be counterproductive to its interests. Neither of the two platforms would budge at their price policies making things tough and demanding for the sellers in general.

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    The ‘Two Faces’ Of eBay Stores All Sellers Must Know

    Stephen Posted On - December 6, 2016

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    Small sellers, large businesses, midsized retailers, hobby sellers, bidding giants and even arbitrage sellers… eBay is a place where all types of sellers can access ample opportunities to sell in a manner they please. This is one of the reasons why this marketplace offers a wide range of selling options that can range from scratch basics to the ever glorious eBay stores. The latter though has been a matter of massive debate and discussions in terms of its relevance to sellers at all levels. In simple words, stores in eBay have two faces… one that is favorable and growth based and the other that is the exact opposite.

    Over the past half decade, eBay stores have been a blessing for many establishments especially the larger voluminous ones for infinite reasons. Say for example, featured store owners in eBay are known to receive PPC keywords worth a certain amount of money every single month which works wonderfully as far as gaining instant visibility before purchase motivated buyers is concerned. Besides this, store owners are also in reception of advantages that ranges from access to more eBay pages, permission to reduce the size of eBay banners in auctions, extended seller protection in times of dispute resolutions and many more.

    In short, it can be said with confidence that owning eBay stores can offer an instant edge to sellers in competition while making a healthy march towards fortified growth and profits.

    The other face of stores in eBay however, is a little too bitter to digest. Simply put, it is not everybody’s cup of tea. This is mainly because of the massive costs at which sellers need to maintain these platforms of opportunities in the first place, making it a possibility only for very large sellers / power sellers. There are many types of stores in eBay that ranges from basic stores that can cost around 15$, to featured stores that can cost around 49$ to anchor stores that can cost a whopping 449$ every single month. This makes it mandatory for owners to keep their sale levels high because any drop in the level of sale can affect profits.

    At the same time, there is no assurance about the impact of sudden changes and improvements that keep happening on eBay on a very regular basis. Say for example, the rollout of Cassini had cast a death blow to some of the best performing store owners. Integration is considered one of best ways to tide over uncertainties successfully. Ecommerce solution developers like those offering Walmart API integration and more can be approached for the purpose.

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