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Marketing on Amazon – The Amazon 1P vs Amazon 3P Dilemma

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The Amazon 1P vs Amazon 3P Dilemma

When it comes to vending products on Amazon, people sell their own items through Amazon’s marketplace and get to fulfill all the orders through FBA [Fulfillment-by-Amazon]. In other words, it’s known as Amazon 3rd party or just simply Amazon 3P.

But ever thought about how exactly Amazon manages to carry all types of brands and products on its own? Well, the company purchases at a wholesale price from many brands, which includes all the small and big brands. They do so through the Amazon 1P or Amazon Vendor.

Both Amazon 3P and Amazon 1P have a massive difference between each other. As a merchant, you need to have a good understanding of them if you’re planning to sell products on Amazon.

Amazon 1P vs Amazon 3P: Understanding the Difference

In this section, you will get a good understanding of Amazon 3P and Amazon 1P and the difference between them. Let’s find out.

Amazon 3P [Amazon Third Party]

Experts have provided evidence that Amazon has listed around 2 million small and mid-size businesses as Amazon 3P [Amazon 3rd Party]. Besides that, based on a 2021 SMB report, around 7,400 items were each minute between September 2020 and August 2021.

This clearly shows that Amazon 3P is extremely profitable on this platform. Besides that, Amazon 3P is an ideal option for all types of mid-size and small businesses where they get to sell their products through “Seller Central.”

Under this Amazon model, all the 3rd-party sellers will list their items on Amazon. They also get the opportunity to fulfill all the orders through FBA or Fulfillment-by-Merchant. Amazon will provide customer support, payment processing, and a website.

But the 3rd-party sellers will be responsible for handling the inventory, optimizing the listings, setting up the prices for all the products, taking care of the advertisement, and many more.

Amazon 1P [Amazon 1st Party]

Also known as Amazon Retail, Amazon 1P is pointed to the direct sales made by Amazon to its customers. Under this model, Amazon buys all the products from the distributors or manufacturers from the “Vendor Central.”

After that, it sells them to all consumers directly through the Amazon platform. The platform is known to own the inventory and is also responsible for the returns, setting up the price, customer service, and inventory management fulfillment.

Experts have pointed out that Amazon recorded e-commerce sales of $671.2 billion back in 2022. Out of that, Amazon 1P sales accounted for $247.2 billion in 2022.

Benefits of Amazon 3P

You will come across some great benefits of the Amazon third-party model, and some of these are:

  • You will be liable for taking care of the pricing authority and also controlling the retail prices.
  • You will have a lot more control over your business because you will have plenty of options when it comes to brand presence, inventory, product details, etc.
  • You can easily generate all the retail instead of the wholesale ones.

Benefits of Amazon 1P

In this section, you will encounter some of the benefits of the Amazon 1P:

  • Get product orders in bulk from Amazon based on an established cadence.
  • You will receive a wide range of advertisement opportunities
  • You have to provide a flat fee instead of the separate marketplace selling fee

Final Words

Amazon 3P and 1P are two different models that are used by businesses and brands to sell their products on Amazon. But both of these models are different from one another, and both of them have their own set of advantages.

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How Online Retailers Can Eliminate Excess Inventory?

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How Online Retailers Can Eliminate Excess Inventory

For all the online retailers, excess inventory can be a massive issue. It’s mainly because when this inventory is left unsold, it will keep accruing the carrying cost.  This can be a costly proposition because experts say that the carrying cost is around 20% to 30% of the entire inventory cost of a business. Having excess inventory is also bad for the cash flow.

It’s mainly because excess inventory can lessen the profit margins, increase the inventory cost, can cause overstocking, and will lead to dead stock. But there are several methods through which you can easily terminate the excess inventory. Let’s find out what they are!

Terminating excess inventory: How to get it done?

There are some great ways through which you easily get rid of all the extra inventory. These are:

  • Build promotions on the extra products

If you want to sell all the extra products from your inventory, you should try promoting them when the competition is less. That way, you can also reach all those customers who are looking for deals on products.

  • Concentrate on the products

Effective segmentation can lead to the proper advertisement. You can segment all your promotions through the “Google Merchant Promotions” on various product sets so that you can move all those items.

  • Modify the feed

In the Bing and Google feeds, utilize the custom labels. That way, you can flag all those item sets that have a high inventory. After that, you can create more campaigns around those product sets.

  • Offer a gift

To get rid of the excess inventory, you can give all your low-cost items as a gift to your customers when they make a purchase.

  • Advertise the product bundles

Bundling all the items together is an excellent way for all online retailers to advertise their products, move inventory and also raise awareness for specific products. To promote all these product bundles, you can opt for advertisement campaigns, which will last till the holiday or seasonal period. There are some effective ways you can publicize the product bundles, which are:

  • Retarget all your former or existing customers 
  • Get more targeted customers through Amazon Advertising 
  • Use sponsored display advertisements to raise awareness for the products by directly targeting the competitor ASINS.
  • Choose sponsored videos to show all the customers the branded content, which is a new and unique way to eliminate excess inventory. 

Segment the email list.

Send emails to all the historical and recent consumers to give them a reminder about your product line and business. When segmenting the email list, you should make one for all those customers who look for offers and deals.

Selling strategies that can help you sell off excess products

When you’re planning to use the selling method to terminate the extra inventory, there are several strategies that can help:

  • Augment the product listings

It’s crucial to optimize product listings. Check to see if any improvements are needed, think about the customers, and take a look at how they shop, where to do they shop, and what they’re planning to get this year, season, and month.  You should revisit the search terms and tweak and update them by adding new details on the products, which will be valuable for the search outcomes.

  • Expand to new regions or marketplaces 

Expanding to new areas and also marketplaces is ideal for all online retailers as it will provide them with new customers. It will allow you to trade all the extra products present in your inventory.

  • Find new regions in your marketplace 

Choosing international markets to sell your products can help you increase your sales and consumer base. But you don’t need to learn about a marketplace where you’re using online platforms like Amazon to sell your products.

Its Global Selling program has a cross-border trade option, and your products will be available to all those customers who are already shopping at Amazon.

  • Test out all the new social channels

Apart from using Facebook or YouTube to promote your products, you can now utilize other social channels, such as Instagram and TikTok, to raise awareness for your products. That way, you can increase the product sale and also gain new customers.

  • Get rid of friction from the buying path

All your email advertising, social ads, and other digital touchpoints have a shoppable solution; you must eliminate all the issues from the purchase path. That way, you can turn all the interested individuals into consumers.

Recheck the completion process.

You need to make some primary changes in the fulfillment procedure, and it should apply to not just the excess inventory but to all the inventory. You also might want to see some changes in the fulfillment approach apart from adding new channels, deals, and discounts.

Last Note 

To get rid of the surplus products and work on your business objectives, you should experiment with various strategies. You can gain more information and speak with an e-commerce consultant from ChannelSale and learn how you can magnify your e-commerce business.

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Full-Funnel Commerce: How to Build an Online Strategy for the Entire Consumer Journey?

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How to Build an Online Strategy for the Entire Consumer Journey

Every consumer wishes to have an outstanding experience when they shop from an online store or business. It’s because around 86% of consumers leave a business or brand within 2 seconds because of poor experiences.

Experts have even provided evidence that back in 2022, around 49% of consumers left a brand because of poor customer experience. So, if you want all the consumers to have an excellent customer journey by shopping from your brand, you need a good strategy for it.

There are several ways through which you can easily create an excellent strategy that will help simplify the whole consumer journey. These are:

Personalize the entire experience 

In today’s modern world, personalized service is no longer an option, but it has become crucial. Many customers these days want brands to anticipate all their needs and around 63% of them want to have a personalized experience.

Besides that, 37% of the consumers have claimed that they will not purchase any product or do business with brands that do not provide a personalized experience. Due to such reasons, many businesses have opted for personalized strategies to increase their revenue.

One of the best ways companies can offer personalized experiences is by providing discounts and offers based on consumer behavior. Brands can also provide personalized suggestions to offer their consumers the best experience.

Enhance the UI [User Experience] Navigation 

When the website is not that easy to navigate, it will become difficult for all the customers to fulfill their end goals. Low-quality user experience can frustrate the customers, and they might end up abandoning the application or the website.

Based on 61% of web designers, poor navigation is one of the primary reasons why many customers and visitors leave a particular website. It’s extremely crucial for a business’s website to outline the journey the visitors must take to reach their end goals.

All websites should use logically arranged, easy-to-locate and clear buttons for the navigation menus.

Make the website optimized for the mobile 

Experts have pointed out that 59% of web traffic comes from mobile phones. Many website design companies have also said that the primary reason why people leave websites is that they do not function properly on mobile devices.

Brands optimize their website design for smartphone devices by reducing the size so that it loads faster on the small screen. Besides that, brands have to make sure that their website responds perfectly when consumers access it from their mobile devices.

This will not just provide the consumers with an excellent experience but will also enable them to purchase all the products or items from the website.

Last Note 

Every consumer wants to purchase from a brand that has an outstanding and highly responsive website. That way, they will not just have an excellent experience but will also allow them to navigate from one page to another on the site.

Besides that, businesses should also make their website mobile optimized so that people can access them from their respective mobile devices whenever they want.

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E-Commerce Series: Increase Product Visibility and Shoppability

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Increase Shoppability

Many people have dubbed 2022 to be the year of record inflation and have made all consumers conduct their shopping activities in a smart way. But consumers might become a bit choosy as 2023 is filled with economic uncertainty.

There is an increase in market saturation, and businesses are finding it a bit difficult to properly market their products and services.

But in this modern era, there are countless optimization methods, targeting possibilities and ad types which can help businesses to stand out among their competitors. This can provide a smooth shopping experience to all consumers as well.

How do customers discover products online?

Marketplaces are not the sources through which all customers discover various products and services. Apart from marketplaces, there are several other channels, especially social media, which give consumers a chance for engagement and product discovery.

Experts have provided evidence that social media platforms play a vital role in the area of product awareness, as they can influence 23% of shoppers to make a purchase. This clearly shows that consumers utilize multi-channels to find a product or service of their choice.

  • Increasing the shoppability and visibility of products 

There are several ways through which you can easily increase the discernibility and shoppability of your products or services:

Make the visuals a lot more appealing People say that around 83% of all the information processed by the brain comes from a person’s sense of sight. This means when all your products look eye-catching or appealing, they will certainly grab the attention of all the targeted customers.

You should try to make the display look multi-dimensional by combining visual interests. Add some height, depth and shades to your products and transform them into a focal point. Imagery and graphics will help add a bit of personality to your business’s identity.

  • Make the display reflects the brand 

The visuals of your products reflect their identity and also your brand. You can opt for the color-blocking tool as it will instantly catch people’s attention and also reflect the brand. According to a study, more than 75% of consumers worldwide have said that all brands must contribute towards all those problems which they care about the most. So, if a brand plays a part in a mission or a cause, you should enable it to shine through.

  • Take the help of retail technology 

The effects of specialist software and digital technology in the e-commerce sector are growing at a rapid pace. Around 63% of the consumers have stated that digital signage can certainly grab their attention.

When you’re planning to utilize retail technology, it will be highly beneficial for your brand. You will come across many solutions which can easily increase the visibility and the shoppability of your products greatly.

Summing Up

In today’s era, businesses do their best to make all their products or services stand out. But using multiple channels and improving the visual appeal of your products can pull in more customers towards your business. ChannelSale is one of the best platforms where you can easily increase the visibility of your products. It offers countless solutions which make the selling of your products easier and make your brand stand out among others.


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Quick-Start Guide to Creating Amazon A+ Content

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Amazon A+ Content

When you wish to gain success on platforms like Amazon, you need to stay one step ahead of your competitors. You should use all the features and tools which Amazon provides to all their sellers, and it will help you increase sales and enhance the product listing.

But the most effective feature of Amazon is the ability to make Amazon A+ content metaphors. Amazon A+ is made to grab the attention of consumers, which will, in return, increase overall sales, brand awareness and conversions.

Amazon+ Content: A brief definition

Amazon A+ Content is a tool which is found inside “Seller Central.” This tool will enable all business owners to develop beautiful and unique product descriptions on Amazon for all product listings.

Previously, it was called “Enhanced Brand Content” the tool is also available for all the brand-registered vendors and 3rd-party sellers. You can create this feature easily for free. If you don’t have this tool, you will be limited to only 2000 characters.

You will also not get the chance to add any graphics or pictures to your Content. Consumers will not read a massive block of text when there are no images or graphics about the product.

How to make Amazon A+ Content?

To create A+ Content on Amazon, there are certain steps which you have to follow:

  • Visit the “Seller Center,” go to “Advertisement,” and click on A+ Content Manager
  • Once you click on it, you should click on the button that says “Create A+ Content.”
  • Provide the language and name of your Content
  • After that, press the “add module” option
  • Once you add the module, apply it to the ASIN[s]
  • Review your Content and then submit it for approval.
  • Make sure to provide an easy-to-read and informative product description

The benefits of creating the A+ Content

When it comes to developing A+ Content, you will receive multiple benefits, which are:

  • Witness an increase of 3% to 5% in the conversion rate
  • It will lessen the negative reviews and returns
  • Get to show off the products in detail and with customized modules
  • It’s extremely easier on the eyes
  • Let you tell your brand story

Optimizing the A+ Content: How to do it?

When people think of optimizing content, the first thing they think of is “keywords.” But under A+ Content, the indexing or keyword works in a different manner. But how exactly is the A+ Content completely optimized? Let’s find out!

  • Use ALT-image keywords
  • Check your competitors and then decide how to make you’re A+ Content better
  • Answer all the questions found in reviews, listings or feedback
  • Develop content which is easy to understand
  • Provide relevant and unique product information

Wrapping Up 

Creating A+ Content for your Amazon products is not complex work. You just need to know the steps of getting the work done. You can also create product descriptions for all your product listings through ChannelSale. It’s a multichannel e-commerce service provider where you can sell your product across various channels, like Amazon, eBay, etc., from one interface effectively.

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A Look Back on 2022 + What’s to Arrive in 2023

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E-Commerce in 2023

In the past several years, the e-commerce industry has gained more popularity than ever. During the COVID-19 pandemic, online e-commerce stores became the only source through which people obtained all their products and items.

But due to the increase in consumer demands, shopper frustration, delays and shortages of goods started to take place. The journey has certainly been a wild one, to say the least. However, many consumers have said that they mainly rely on e-commerce stores to buy, shop and browse the products or items they like.

Back in 2022, it was predicted the global e-commerce market would reach $5.7 trillion, and these figures will surely grow in the next few years. In this post, you will comprehend the things that took place in the e-commerce sector in 2022 and what 2023 has in store.

E-commerce Rewind: Taking a look at 2022

2022 recorded inflation, which had never occurred in 40 years. The inflation has placed plenty of strain on all the brands. Consumers, on the other hand, also had to choose either the “good-to-have things” or “must-have things.” But not everything was bad.

Many of the markets and rates started to stabilize, and several categories under the e-commerce sector also had the best year. But there are several other things which the e-commerce market experience back in 2022. They are:

  • Consumer spending slowed down due to the economic setting
  • The job market stayed extremely strong even though there were some tech layoffs.
  • E-commerce dominated as a significant part of retail.
  • Various rates, including freight rates, started to normalize
  • Many new trends came to light, especially in categories like accessories, etc.

Crucial e-commerce trends for 2023 worth checking out

Just like 2022 was a great year for the e-commerce sector, 2023, too, will be an excellent year. According to the market behaviours of the past year, here are some of the e-commerce trends of 2023:

Social commerce continues to evolve and grow 

Social commerce is witnessing continuous growth. Back in 2022, around 98% of consumers said that they would buy at least one product through social shopping. This particular trend will certainly not slow down. That’s why many businesses have started selling their products and services on social media and are already getting positive results.

  • Personalization has become the preferred shopping experience.

Many B2B and B2C consumers are looking for a “custom” e-commerce experience. They will also stay loyal to all those retail businesses that provide personalized experiences. Based on a 2022 report, around 49% of consumers have made claims that will transform into repeat customers if they receive a personalized shopping experience.

Here, personalization includes product discounts, offers and recommendations. It also includes cohesive retail understanding across many channels, such as social mobile and website. It also provides numerous payment options.

Wrapping Up 

2022 was a great year for the e-commerce sector, and experts have predicted that 2023 will also have some great things in store for it. Businesses that wish to gain success in 2023 can opt for e-commerce software solutions from companies like ChannelSale. It will offer them a smooth and effective online selling experience and enable them to combine various e-commerce platforms and marketplaces through a centralized interface.

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What Are The Shopify Google Shopping Actions

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Shopify Google Shopping

Shopify Google Shopping Actions is a feature that allows merchants to list their products on Google and offer them to customers across Google Shopping, Google Express, and Google Assistant. Shopify Google Shopping is an incredible tool for businesses to take advantage of. It allows companies to create product listings in Google Shopping, a powerful search engine for shoppers looking to purchase goods online.

With Shopify Google Shopping, businesses can easily create optimized product listings for Google Shopping, enabling them to reach a wider audience and increase their sales. The Shopify eBay is a great way to take advantage of the marketplace and expand your business.

Google Shopping Actions at a Glance

By using Shopify Google shopping actions, one can quickly reach the target audience they have always wanted to achieve. Shopify Google Shopping allows businesses to create product listings with detailed information, such as product images, pricing, and product descriptions. This ensures that shoppers can easily find the product they are looking for and make an informed decision when purchasing.

Additionally, businesses can use Shopify Google Shopping to track the performance of their product listings, enabling them to optimize their listings for better results.

  1. Shopify Google Shopping is an excellent tool for businesses to take advantage of. It allows companies to create optimized product listings for Google Shopping, helping them reach a wider audience and increase their sales.
  2. Businesses can use Shopify Google Shopping to track the performance of their product listings, allowing them to make informed decisions and optimize their listings for better results.
  3. With Shopify Google Shopping, businesses can easily create product listings that are optimized for Google Shopping and reach a wider audience.

With the Shopify eBay, you can quickly and easily reach a larger audience and grow your business.


The feature of Shopify Google Shopping Actions makes it easier for customers to find and purchase products from Shopify merchants. It also allows merchants to benefit from Google’s marketing and advertising capabilities and its payment and shipping services. With Google Shopping Actions, merchants can reach a wider audience, increase sales, and provide a better customer experience. With this Shopify eBay , you can easily list and manage your products on eBay along with the sync your inventory across Shopify and eBay.


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Amazon Seller Service: In and Outs

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Amazon Seller Service

Amazon seller services provide users with the listing and selling of the products and other needfuls. Overall the process is straightforward. After successful placement of delivery, merchants are notified to ship their products. Amazon will then transfer the funds collected after charging their commission. Shopify Buy on Google App is set up to provide users with product access.

What items are available on Amazon?

Electronics, Video Games, Books, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, and Handmade and Pet Supplies are the items listed on the website and app of Amazon. Merchants of Shopify can get the Shopify Buy on Google App on any of the stores needed.

What is the cost of Amazon Seller Services?

Vendors generally need to pay $0.99 each time they sell a product. If sellers have opted for professional plans, they must pay $39.99 monthly, irrespective of sales. Amazon has been charging referral fees for each sale. This amount depends on the total transaction divided by the niche of products.

How can I create a seller account on Amazon?

Users willing to sell the products and services via this global platform can follow these steps to create a seller account.

  • Details regarding the business need to be given.
  • The contact details of the vendor need to be provided.
  • The basic information related to price, shipping, and return policies is required in order to be provided.
  • The PAN and the GST number is also needed to be given.

Is there any loyalty program for Amazon?

Suppliers can get the advantages of loyalty programs by successfully selling products and services. Registered sellers can receive rewards when they participate in some contests. Sellers must check out the terms and conditions before further proceedings of the business advancements. Customize the brand’s awareness by accessing Shopify Buy on Google App.


Nowadays, selling and buying via the internet has been easy, just like comparing it to bread and butter. Amazon, as well as other shopping giants, have assigned different strategies for further success. Merchants can use the medium of Amazon Seller Services for sales and promotion of the products in demand.

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Shopify Google Shopping: Step-by-step Process of Adding Products on Google Shopping

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Shopify Google Shopping

After the partnership with Shopify Google Shopping, merchants can add their products to google shopping. With this partnership, the integrated e-commerce site uses google reach in interest to its merchants.

So if you open an account on this site, you can add your products and directly sell them without facing logistics problems. If you want to know about selling your product, then you can follow the tips below.

  • Create a Marchant Account

The first thing that you need to do is open a merchant account by providing all the required details. You need to follow the necessary steps and complete the account creation.

  • Optimize Your Product

After creating your account, you need to add your product to the list. Also, you need to choose a category under which you will submit your products. To learn in which category your products come.

  • Provide Product Details

After that, you need to provide the product image and other details. You need to enlist every detail and other information regarding your products. You can collect it from the internet or put it fresh.

  • Link all the Backend Components

Next, you must link all your backend components with the integrated system. You need to ensure you link all the necessary logistics with the account. These components include inventory, finance, and other necessary elements.

  • Use Google Ads

Many merchants use google ads to gain more customers and visibility. You can use that if you want to. Google ads will help in improve your market reach and conversion rate. Google ads will help you immensely to reach more customers and play an important role in introducing new products to netizens.

Parting Thought

If you are a merchant and want to grow your business, then you must get Amazon Seller Software. This will help you know everything that happens with your products.  

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Simplifying Woocommerce eBay and the features of eBay Integration

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Woocommerce eBay

WooCommerce is a popular ecommerce platform that enables businesses to set up an online store and sell their products and services. eBay is also a well-known online marketplace where people can buy and sell items. You may be wondering if WooCommerce can integrate with eBay. WooCommerce eBay can integrate, and there are a few different ways to do it. One of them is to follow the Magento Amazon Extension way.

Simplify your eBay selling via WooCommerce

Manage your eBay selling with eBay integration for WooCommerce and scale up your online venture on one of the most popular marketplaces in the world. Through the integration solution, you can:

  1. Harness the bulk upload feature to reduce your overall product listing time on eBay.
  2. Manage your orders on an automated console and get rid of extra tedious efforts.
  3. Have free upgrades and 24/7 support from our eBay experts.

Key features of the eBay marketplace integration

·       Feed management

From uploading products in bulk to mapping categories, this integration encompasses every feature to ease out the feed management task.

·       Product data validation

Validate every detail of your product following the set standards of woocomerce eBay and reduce errors while uploading them on the marketplace.

·       Inventory & Order Management

Efficient management of inventory & order with schedulers to update the list within the regulated time frame- all automated by the tool.

·       Real-time synchronization

Stay updated with real-time synchronization of your pricing, inventory, orders and shipments between your WooCommerce store and eBay.

·       Order management

Every time an order is placed on the eBay marketplace, it will be automatically created on your WooCommerce store like Magento Amazon Extension  helping you acknowledge, manage, and fulfill it from your store itself.

·       Reports and analytics

Be it your inventory updates or payment reports, you can get all of them in just a few clicks to stay informed consistently.


This article talks about how to simplify your way of selling eBay through woocommerce. Woocommerce Ebay is an integration site where it also helps if you want to show your present clients that you are a reliable supplier with experience just like the Magento Amazon Extension.

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