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Productive eBay Inventory Management Tips For 2017

Daniel Posted On - January 11, 2017

eBay shopping
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The wild fire of competition is likely to touch eBay like never before in 2017. This is not just with respect to inter marketplace ventures, but with respect to sellers within the marketplace as well. In such a scenario where everything matters as far as performance enhancement is concerned, powering up the basic operational processes especially eBay inventory management cannot be ignored. While hobby sellers are very small sellers can put up their legs and relax in this matter for a while now, the rest will have to pull up their socks and push all pedals the hardest to keep their heads up in the race.

Here are 4 practices that can easy inventory worries this year to a significantly profitable extent…

Start small with warehouses

You don’t have to pile up stock units in warehouses. If you are in sync with your supply chain source and have done proper research as far as demand predictions is concerned, you can manage with a medium level stock that will neither lead to over selling, underselling or stock falling below average risk levels. With well predicted stock levels, you can always manage your warehouse fees to an agreeable level as well.

Add product identifiers

This year, everything in your eBay inventory management efforts will be about product identifiers. If you add the right product identifiers your stock can be located well while your listing is assured to gain better visibility than ever before. However, you will have to determine the applicability of the identifiers before adding them to your stock.

Always use advanced inventory integration tools

This applies to the last word when you are selling on or even Amazon and for that matter. Using outdated inventory management systems can lead to only half hearted benefits while a massive chunk of the task will cry out for manual involvement which again can be laden with faults and errors. This is also one of the most unquestionable ways to stay in tune with shelved products that may be eating up space and revenues secretly without your notice.

Updated real time inventory management systems is a must in eBay endeavors this year and is also likely to maintain its importance till a better and more inclusive solution for the purpose is invented.

Introduce little doses fresh stock

Making the process of introducing little doses of fresh stock into your inventory can up your ranking every month winning you more potential customers that can directly lead to enhanced sale thereby moving your inventory at a healthy pace.

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5 Things That Can Catch You on the Wrong Foot in

Steve Burns Posted On - January 8, 2017

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Walmart marketplace has laid out a set of very simple and comprehensive requirements for sellers that wish to perform under their umbrella. However, there are times when even the simplest of requirements can become unthinkably burdensome and often bring sellers face to face with warnings or suspensions. This applies mostly to sellers that are performing in other top marketplaces Walmart considers its direct competitors.

For sellers that wish to stay aware and awakened about everything that can catch them on the wrong foot while selling on, here is a small list of 5 things that should be considered immediately…

Order completion flaws

Walmart marketplace wants its buyers to have the best purchase experience. Mismanaged order completions can come in the way as far as achieving this goal is concerned. Sellers who keep experiencing order completion flaws are usually warned by the marketplace or their listings are pushed to invisibility. Establishing proper Walmart API integrations can help sellers avoid such problems.

Not offering the lowest prices has made it very clear that sellers will have to offer the lowest prices in their products. This means that your listing in should not go up even by a penny in comparison with any other marketplaces. If this happens, sellers can be rest assured that their listing will be pushed to invisibility. If this continues, sellers may face warnings and suspensions as well.

Value mismatch with other platforms

Besides prices, Walmart expects sellers to offer best value for their products. This has everything to do with free shipping, no handling charges, longer return and refund period, quick response to buyer issues etc. Sellers who cannot live up to buyer expectations in will not be allowed visibility in the short or long run.

Order defect rates

This is one of the primary qualifying factors that have been slapped on Amazon sellers particularly. Walmart despises order defections and expects sellers to maintain the same at 0%. As far as Amazon sellers are concerned ensuring perfect integration from shopping cart to multichannel is expected to keep such issues at bay. For example, a Shopify powered Amazon seller performing in will have to carry out Shopify Amazon Walmart integration for faultless performance.

Poor reviews

Not receiving poor reviews from angry buyers is something that you need to ascertain at all times because can take up pitchforks against you if you manage a couple or more.

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4 Things That Will Make You Really Happy About Walmart Integration

Thomas Posted On - January 6, 2017

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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has offered a wonderful opportunity for ecommerce sellers to expand their efforts before millions of unique buyers and enhance their levels of growth and profits to an extent unimaginable before. What may come in the way though is the initial process of integration that had taken a toll on the sleep of enthusiasts whose applications for winning a place in this marketplace got accepted. Some of the fear may have been generated by previous experiences of marketplace integrations especially, where the API integration process had been extremely confusing and practically unattainable even with the best of brains applied.

On the other hand and busting doubts about, the process of integration has innumerable things to be happy about. Here are 4 to mention…

The marketplace API has been scored wonderfully by third party sellers

In very simple words, and as has been expressed by sellers Amazon as well, Walmart API is far less convoluted and very easy to approach in comparison with many others. Besides simplicity, the effectiveness of the API has also been appreciated by the sellers at large. Sellers who have previous experience on integrations will not have issues conducting the process on their own

The process does not take very long when professionals are employed

For those who wish to stay away from the nitty gritty and wish to have the process completed quickly and effectively, approaching professionals is usually considered a good idea. Locating professionals for proper Walmart integration at this very moment is not very difficult. High quality solution providers have very applicable solutions as well.

Walmart has already tied up with top ecommerce solution developers that can make things really easy

For those who have no clue about how to start their search for the right professionals, it will be good to know that Walmart marketplace has already tied up with some of the best e commerce solution developers who have unprecedented integration solutions in favor of sellers.

Whether shopping cart marketplace integration like Walmart Volusion etc, or API integration or multichannel integrations like Walmart Amazon / eBay; these professionals can handle all and more in the shortest possible time and that too flawlessly.

The process is affordable too

Affordability is a part and parcel of the integration process even with top professionals involved. However, no one should expect the services to be dirt cheap mostly because only the best of tools and expertise are put into the process. At all times, the services are worth the expenses.

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5 Amazon Tools You Cannot Do Without In 2017

Stephen Posted On - January 5, 2017

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>Boosting your performance in Amazon this year may require some added assistance from tools and software solutions. This applies to all types of sellers of all volumes and all brackets of revenues. It has been predicted that competition will bubble up to the surface this year with the marketplace taking keen notice of the minutest details that add to or take away from seller performance quality. Sellers on the other hand need to ensure that their basic operation management is faultless, quick and smooth so that they can offer the best purchase experience to buyers while maintaining their rapport with the search engines and algorithms of Amazon.

>For sellers who are yet to get introduced to the necessary Amazon selling tools, here is a small list that can be considered almost immediately…

Optimization tools

>If you have been optimizing your product listing manually, this may be the best time to use tools and software solutions for the purpose. Optimization tools and softwares are designed to automate processes that can otherwise claim hours of time every single day till optimum advantages are experienced.

Pricing ad repricing tools

>Price fluctuations in competitor products happen by the second in Amazon and you cannot keep track of the same and introduce changes in your own pricing effectively if you are approaching the process manually. Pricing and repricing tools can achieve the desired outcomes within minutes even when you are not sitting before your system in person.

Fee and profit calculating tools

>Calculating Amazon fees and determining profits per sale can be very difficult when approached manually. In fact, manual attempts in this respect can be fraught with miscalculations that can land you with unpleasant surprises when you are least expecting. Adding FBA to the basket will require your mathematical skills to supersede the ordinary. The best relief would be to have an Amazon fee / profit calculating tool installed and let the softwares handle all the brainwork.

Review generation tools

>Whether Amazon Walmart, Sears, or even, reviews will be critically important this year as far as product visibility within the marketplace is concerned. Using organic review generation tools is one of the many ways to gain better and more positive reviews without you having to depend upon the good will of the buyers.

Tools for fraud management

>Last but not the least, you can always consider installing fraud management tools that can alert you about fake transactions and prevent you from shipping products to inauthentic buyers.

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These 5 Advantages Would Make You Crave an eBay Store

Shrikar Khare Posted On - January 2, 2017

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Many sellers warn and many enthusiasts are seen taking the warning very seriously about opening a store in eBay for numerous reasons which could range from the prices associated with the same as well as the complexities that surround everyday operations. However, taking a closer look at the real scope and attributes of eBay stores as intended by the marketplace, these fears and assumptions appear as nothing more than bleak reasons for not taking your business efforts forward.

For those who have been caught in the confusion as to start or not to subscribe to stores in eBay, here are 5 advantages that will be convincing enough to make the leap…

There are 3 types of stores you can choose from

eBay has offered different store options to different sellers based on their volume of sale, investments and their individual necessities. The stores options range from Basic to Premium followed by Anchor which is the most expensive and the most all inclusive of the lot. The monthly fees for Basic store is around 15$, around 50$ for Premium and 300$ for Anchor. As is very obvious, the features are also in accordance with the price.

You will have access to your own website, search engine and promotional tools

This is perhaps one of the best deals about eBay stores. What’s better than having your own website, your own search engine and your own promotional tools which give you an instant boost as far as visibility, steady inflow of traffic and enhanced conversions is concerned!

Your sales can increase by 25% almost instantly

All thanks to the above mentioned features, sellers who have already commenced their ventures with eBay stores have experienced an average increase in sale percentage by 25% which is a figure to die for.

You can access month long trial

If you are not confident about how good the features are and the intricacies that may be involved in the short run, you can always go for free trial that lasts for good 30 days. There is plenty that you can learn in this time.

Personalization and gaining customer trust will be very fulfilling

If there was a go as you like with your eBay endeavors, stores would grant you the decorations for it. You can personalize as you want and create your brands as you please.

On top of that, if you are present in other ecommerce marketplaces, like Walmart or, initiating successful Walmart eBay / can be very easy and affordable at the same time.

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