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Extensions Between Two Marketplace Giants Increase Operational Efficiencies

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When planning to sell products on multiple marketplaces, the vendor needs to invest in a high-end extension or integration tools making it easier and hassle-free for him to ensure high operational efficiency. For instance, if a vendor is already using the WooCommerce platform to sell products and is now planning to use Amazon to reach out to a greater customer base, it is recommended to use the WooCommerce Amazon integration tool. This way any changes made in the WooCommerce platform like product quantity, inventory, pricing and more, it will automatically be reflected on Amazon. This way, it saves a lot of precious time and effort that vendors can put to more productive purposes.

Here are a few more benefits that can be enjoyed by using the BigCommerce eBay integration tool.

Inventory Sync

The tool helps in quick syncing of inventory with real-time updates making inventory management easier, faster, smoother, and convenient as ever.

Bulk Upload
The tool makes it easier for the vendor to upload products in bulk on a marketplace using bulk upload features with just one click of the mouse.

Easy to manage dashboard

The store can be easily and smoothly managed on a single dashboard. It makes it easier for the vendor to stay ahead of his competitors by staying on top of things.

There are many features of this integration tool which saves a lot of time and effort for the vendor. It is very easy and quick to install, 24*7 responsive support, and detailed documentation. This plugin is the best choice when planning to take your online business to greater heights and the next level of success. Some important ways that it helps vendors is by-

1. Quick profile-based product upload
2. Product Category Mapping
3. Rejected Products Notification
4. Configurable and simple products upload
5. Profile-based pricing and synchronized inventory.

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Magento eBay Extension for Hassle Free Synching of Product Information

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Many merchants have decided to sell on multiple platforms to enjoy an extended customer base. Thus, if you are a Magento merchant planning to sell your products on eBay, investing in quality Magento eBay extension is a great idea. Using this tool, selling products on both the platforms becomes simpler and convenient than ever. There is no need to waste time in creating product listings manually or keep a constant check on inventory levels. All this and more can be taken care of by using this tool which makes the task of a merchant less cumbersome and time efficient.

Magento eBay extension

Many times, it is seen that online merchants spend a lot of time and effort into manually creating product listings. This not only results in inaccuracy, but inefficiency. It inflates running cost of a business and thus needs to be replaced with an automated and a more streamlined system.

Sellers planning to sell across eBay and BigCommerce platforms can make optimal use of BigCommerce eBay extension that makes inventory management and product listings smoother and easier. Despite selling on multiple channels, using this extension makes inventory control and management very effective and efficient. Both online stores are optimally connected making updating product listings, prices, stock management, shipping orders, and more very convenient, systematic, and organized. This tool helps online merchants grow and expand their business beyond eBay and BigCommerce and sell on many other leading eCommerce platforms. Thus, it is imperative to choose the right tool and take your business in the right direction.

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