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How Amazon Fee Calculators Can Save Your Life

Steve Burns Posted On - July 31, 2016

Amazon Fulfillment services
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What’s so good about FBA anyway?

There is no doubt about the fact that FBA is one of the coolest order fulfillment methods that any e commerce sellers can access. Here, all that the sellers need to do is to send their inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers and track movements of the same with the assistance quality software solutions. The integral processes of packing, shipping, sending order and tracking updates to buyers is wholly and solely the responsibility of this top performing marketplace. Free shipping and 24 hours delivery is always a possibility with FBA which contributes to making the listing of the concerned sellers gain top position in search rankings. Improving visibility, buyer trust and eventual increase in sale comes naturally with FBA.

The Flipside Fee

Besides all things glorious, there is yet another side of FBA that every subscriber should be aware about from the very onset. This factor can be wrapped up in a single word that is, ‘fee’. Fulfillment by Amazon is not a free service. In fact, as has been expressed by many sellers who approached FBA unprepared, the cost for supporting this service can often destabilize any small and midsized ventures if they fall back on it blindly. Considering the fact that fees charged for every different item is different depending upon the product category, weight and warehouse space charges, it is very easy for sellers to end up victims of gross miscalculations and causing a steep rise in their overall Amazon selling fees.

FBA Calculators

While this may sound a little discouraging at first, the solution to this issue is rather simple. Using sophisticated tools like Amazon FBA calculators can offer an accurate insight into the profits sellers can expect to make per product after using FBA for order completion. Here, all that the sellers need to do is install the tool / software, feed in the necessary details as required in the mandatory fields and click on the calculation button. The tool will take into consideration every detail that Amazon takes into account while calculating its FBA fees and display the exact profit / loss figures to the sellers. Running these softwares before jumping into FBA for order completion can help sellers stay on the profitable side of things.

Sellers can also gain an insight into changing their prices per listing in order to sell through FBA yet make profits by a huge margin.

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Other Auction Sites That Are eBay Alternative

Robin Smith Posted On - July 31, 2016

eBay alternative
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eBay can often leave sellers weary of its excesses be it with respect to search engine modifications or the usual hustle of routine selling. Of late, many sellers have chosen to opt out of the platform or look for other auction based marketplaces that are similar to eBay to continue their selling practices. The good news is there are a number of eBay alternatives that this lot of relatively dissatisfied sellers can establish presence in and gain maximum growth and profits from the same.


Like eBay, Bonanza is known for being one of the best platforms for selling unique items and collectibles. Besides this, categories like home and gardening, beauty and health, and ladies fashion clothing / accessories are also very popular. Buyer to seller ratio is much higher in Bonanza, which can always ensure easy sell out at all times. While in Bonanza, you can thus benefit from…

  • Selling what you sell in eBay
  • Very low competition
  • High buyer to seller ratio (which can get you high profits)
  • High profit margins
  • eBid

    For those of you wondering ‘What!’ with reference to the name so similar to eBay, it will benefit to know that eBid is rising as one of the many auction sites like eBay and is known for its inbuilt suitability in favor of books and toys sellers. While in eBid you are assured to benefit from…

  • Very low risk and competition as compared with eBay
  • Free listing
  • Very low commission rates (as less as 3%)!
  • Trusted by a large number of unique visitors
  • Etsy

    The world of online shoppers are slowly and steadily falling in love with Etsy. This rather quirky platform specializes in just about anything that can be sold with special emphasis on vintage products, fashion clothing and accessfeories, gifts and home décor and many more. While in Etsy you are sure to benefit from…

  • Lower costs and lower risks compared to eBay
  • More purpose driven buyers (presently over 20 million active and counting)
  • Direct selling advantage
  • While looking for websites similar to eBay or even Amazon for that matter, it is always necessary to determine individual suitability before integrating with the same. An alternative for eBay does not necessarily have to be another auction based site. Your primary motive is to get into a platform that supports your niche while being compatible with respect to cost, competition and low risk factors.

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    What Sellers Say About eBay DropShipping

    Stephen Posted On - July 30, 2016

    eBay dropsipping
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    Why is drop shipping a good idea?

    Imagine running your own e commerce endeavor where all you need to do is list your products and make them appealing to the buyers while the process of packing shipping and order completion is handled completely and all-inclusively by the wholesaler from whom you avail your stock in the first place! This is drop-shipping in a nutshell. Remarkable as this sounds; this mode of order fulfillment has actually saves significant amount of time, money, efforts and most important risk factor in the part of e commerce ventures.

    The flipside of drop shopping

    While a significant number of reviews left by sellers at large have spoken very highly of drop shipping, not many can deny that there is a darker side to the deal as well. Losing control over inventory, not being able to track shipping and order completion details etc can be mentioned as a few. To many sellers, the process can often turn more expensive than expected especially when international shipping is included in the deal. When selling strategies are planned poorly, success can be a far cry in this means of completing orders.

    If you want to succeed though here’s a mini eBay drop shipping guide that you can refer to…

    • Firstly, you need to decide if you need domestic or international drop shippers depending upon the nature and volume of business you are running and that too with special consideration of the platform in which you are selling.
    • Secondly, you need to determine their reputation levels and see what others are saying about the same. Going through reviews or consulting someone who may have directly used the services can be helpful.
    • Thirdly, you need to see if they sell all products that you have listed or only some of them. This will prevent you from accessing two or more drop shippers to cater to all the products you sell.
    • Fourthly, and very importantly, you need to establish comprehensive integration to keep track or orders and delivery. Your eBay SEO efforts will fail to bring results without proper inventory and order completion integration with drop shippers mainly because of eBay becoming very cautious about its delivery time reviews.
    • Fifth, you have to at all times, keep track of stock levels of the concerned products with the wholesale suppliers / drop shippers. Running out of stock and not being informed about it can lead to over and under selling which is considered offensive in eBay and other top platforms as such.
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    Easiest Ways To Drive Traffic To Your eBay Store

    Robin Smith Posted On - July 30, 2016

    Ebay store selling
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    You have opened your eBay store and are thrilled about it! You have listed the products you wish to sell and they are in the best of health. Your shop front looks enticing and ready to treat the flock with the best that they may have experienced in terms of quality and prices. However, something stands in your way as an invisible hurdle that appears to stop eBay traffic from flooding into your store! This has been the unfortunate case with hundreds of eBay sellers who have had to leave the platform in dearth of traffic.

    If you are one among those asking ‘how to increase traffic to my eBay store’, the answer may be easier than you thought! Here are 4 easy solutions which when conducted properly can increase your traffic by 100% if not more…

    Go social

    With billions of eyes stuck on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google +, Pinterest etc. social bookmarking can win you phenomenal traffic almost instantly. You need to share your link engagingly and organically to drive prospective buyers to your eBay store.

    Try Vlogging

    Volgs = Video + Blogs, are trending these days. Almost every YouTube subscriber runs through informative vlogs on products they wish to purchase. Say for example, if a certain buyer is planning on purchasing a certain brand of foundation, the individual is sure to look through vlogs that throw light upon the quality and intensity of the same. If you share vlogs on the products you sell and connect links to your e Bay store, you will actually drive purchase motivated traffic to your venture.

    Content and effective linking

    Content in the form of articles and blogs, is also considered one of the best ways to drive traffic to eBay store. Publishing your articles with organically embedded links can increase your store visibility like never before. If you think that you cannot write impactful articles yourself, you can always seek assistance from professional content creators who will deliver impactful results at affordable prices.

    Listing optimization

    Fourthly, there could be no better way to multiply visibility than optimize your listing in eBay. Optimized listing with the right set of keywords, proper descriptions, impactful images and user friendly titles can win the faith of eBay search engine easily and effectively. Landing page optimization should also be considered at the very onset of the business. For gaining functional optimization, it is advisable to use software solutions from reputed e commerce solution developers.

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    Easiest Steps To Select Most Profitable Products For Amazon / eBay Selling

    Robin Smith Posted On - July 29, 2016

    Most Profitable Products For Amazon - eBay Selling
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    The ground rule for making instant profit in Amazon and eBay is actually quite simple. Basically, the first thing you need to do before establishing presence in these platforms is choose only those products to feature in your listing that happen to be most popular and easily saleable. The question is, how at all would you do it?

    The process of choosing the most profitable products to sell on Amazon and eBay is not rocket science. You can achieve optimum results if you follow these 5 steps very closely…

    • Run a search on popular products in Amazon and eBay – This is actually very easy to do and just about anyone can do it. Popular products are listed in the home page of these platforms where you can also get an idea of the prices and offers that make these products even more attractive. See what buyers are drawn to the most while taking note of the products for which maximum numbers of reviews have been posted.
    • Don’t start by listing very high priced products – Whether in eBay or Amazon, buyers always come in looking for the best deal. If you list very high priced products at the very onset, buyers may not want to make purchases even the products look worthy enough for the simple reason that they don’t know you well enough and that the products are yet to fetch any review (whether good or bad) whatsoever. For reference, it works to choose products that are priced around 5$ to 11$.
    • Choose smaller and lighter items – Some of the most popular Amazon items and eBay items are small and light. Smaller and lighter items can also prove very functional as far as lesser warehouse costs, affordable shipping and order handling costs as well as minimal inventory management hassles are concerned. This is something that you can make the most of while commencing your business in these platforms.
    • See what’s running wild in social media – Maximum number of sellers in eBay and Amazon uphold social media bookmarking as one of the best ways to drive traffic to their stores. All you got to do is invest some time and see what is striking the most with potential buyers at large (if course, with reference to your niche).

    Say for example, if you are into selling make up products, social media and blogs are the best ways to determine the most popular options that are gaining maximum attention among potential buyers.

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    Why eBay’s Feedback Policy Has Put Sellers On High Alert

    Thomas Posted On - July 29, 2016

    eBay Feedback
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    What is the new feedback policy in eBay anyway?

    eBay’s dedication to improving purchase experience of buyers has taken a step forward with the eBay feedback system that was rolled about a year ago. This simple improvement in the feedback policy added nothing more than a simple question that requests buyers to state whether the product reached them in time or not. Taking a macroscopic view of this small yet phenomenal eBay feedback rollout, this is in fact a very simple way to improve buyer experience in eBay, while allowing this top marketplace to maintain vigilance on which seller is performing in tune with the requirements and which seller has been taking it easy.

    eBay seller’s take on the rollout

    As far as eBay sellers are concerned, a general sense of disagreement about the policy has been prevailing over the months. The basic question that the sellers have been asking is what exactly eBay is planning to do with the information. Will this information be used to affect the ranking and rating of the sellers in this platform? Will the data cause some sellers to get higher preference over the other? Smaller sellers who don’t have their shipping and order completion system in place are facing the brunt of this new eBay system introduction.

    Sellers are also very worried about the fact that there are times when delays in deliveries are caused solely because of the delivery partners. However, if a buyer receives their ordered product at a later date, the seller will get a bad rating. eBay, with its new feedback system, will turn nothing more than a blind eye to the matter.

    Expected results of this policy

    While there a hullaballoo going on about this simple little introduction, eBay is very positive about the outcomes of it all. To begin with, sellers will now be on their toes to ensure in their part that the orders reach their destinations in time. Integration with delivery partners will have to be robust and fortified so that the game of passing blames cannot in any way interfere with the purchase experience of buyers.

    Say for example, there have been many occasions when buyers paced their complaints after not receiving their products even after a week of eBay estimated delivery time. On contacting the sellers, the blame was passed on to the delivery partners and the buyers were further requested to contact the latter for their parcel. This has been a hassle for the buyers who pledged not to return to the platform.

    This rollout in one way is expected to eradicate such issues and take eBay selling system to the next level.

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    How eBay Custom Label Helps Your Business

    Shrikar Khare Posted On - July 28, 2016

    eBay Custom label
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    The very existence of e commerce sellers depend upon their visibility in the respective marketplaces that they have established their presence in. And when the marketplace is counted among the two distinguished leaders, the fight for survival seems to get a little tougher. eBay is one of those platforms where scrambling for visibility has been the only constant. With Cassini rolling out to make things impossible, sellers have woken up to designing strategies that can make their listing shine like the pole star among their competitors.

    Gaining proper understanding of eBay custom label can go a very long way in helping towards the cause of gaining instant and effective visibility. This by far, one of the best product identifying solutions that eBay has rolled out over the past few years.

    The first advantage of using custom labels in eBay is gaining a chance at instant and enhanced visibility in Cassini. With most of your fields customized with product identifiers, it becomes amply easy for the new search engine to locate your products and bring it in front of prospective buyers who are running search for the same.

    Secondly, the fact that it applies to almost all product categories works profitably for sellers. Whether books or sports goods or health and beauty, eBay custom label fields can be used for one can all. While it is easier for larger retailers and business entities to use custom fields, smaller sellers selling unique products that don’t come with UPC, MPNs etc can also make use of the same with a little enlightenment and assistance from professionals.

    Thirdly, guidance in the direction of using and understanding custom fields is also very easily available in eBay. Basically, it does not take much time or effort in the part of the sellers to get ahead with the process. For those who may seem to struggle with the set up, using professional assistance is always advised. Topped with the fact that bulk listing and editing tools can be used for the purpose makes custom label approachable for the sellers in general.

    Till date, eBay custom label has helped hundreds of ventures of different natures and volumes to gain an upper hand in the search rankings of the platform. Many smaller sellers have banked their visibility wholly and solely on custom label. It has been predicted very rightly that by the end of the year, this will become mandatory than optional as it is now.

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    E-commerce API Integration Made Easy

    Stephen Posted On - July 28, 2016

    Ecommerce API Integrations
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    All e commerce market places are waking up to simplified API (application program interface) and the multifaceted uses of the same. Somehow, with the advent and popularity of API integrations, the process of accessing all aspects of e commerce platforms (including marketplaces, comparison shopping sites as well as shopping carts) has become extremely easy and often a one click affair. Newegg product API which can be mentioned in this respect.

    Newegg is one of the most promising and rising e commerce leaders that has given Amazon a tough competition as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. This platform has also been voted among the top 10 ‘most trust worthy retailers of this year’. Such dramatic improvements in performance of individual sellers can be owed to a great extent to improved Newegg API integrations that has been facilitated by the platform.

    Similarly, Sears marketplace API has also been in news for embracing futuristic aspects that makes it blissfully easy for sellers to integrate with the platform and enhance their performance at the same time. The Sears API program serves internal and external developers together which makes it a blessing in many ways. Enhancement of scalability and flexibility irrespective of user experience, location or channels makes it all the more effective.

    There was however, a time when API integration was indeed a hassle. Even in the very recent past, API integration gave nightmares to sellers who wanted to establish presence in this very promising platform. Things though have changed for the better all thanks to a group of motivated ecommerce solution developers who have designed evolved APIs that can accommodate easy integration from the seller’s side.

    While it is true that growing knowledge and information about application program interface is making it more valuable and accessible to sellers at large, there is still a certain section of sellers that is a long way from putting these solutions to comprehensive usage. For them, seeking API integration solutions from third party professionals can be a very valuable and effective idea. The process may cost a little money in their part, but this is likely to be an expense worth making.

    As on now, API integrations of marketplaces like Rakuten, Newegg and Sears is making drawing a lot of attention for the range of advantages that it offers. API is also a worth approaching. The process may be slightly difficult in the latter, but once integrated the advantages flow in like a continuous steam.

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    Requesting Amazon Feedback Request ‘Like This’ Can Get You In Trouble

    Thomas Posted On - July 28, 2016

    Amazon feedback request
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    Receiving feedback in Amazon is critical for sellers to enhance their dependability and discoverability in the short and long run. However, it is a fact taken well for granted that not all buyers like posting reviews till the time there is something negative about the seller services to narrate. This makes it imperative in the part of the sellers to encourage and generate a list of positive reviews in order to keep their rating up. On many occasions though it has been seen that sellers often bend rules while generating positive seller feedback Amazon. Most of these attempts bring nothing but trouble for the latter.

    Here are some examples of these off-rule techniques that are best when avoided…

    Posting your own review – You think, ‘who has time to spot a fake’? Amazon does. Science and technology has advanced way beyond the grasp of general populace and there are means that specialists can use to identify fake feedbacks. Amazon engages these specialists in the form of professionals as well as high end softwares solutions that are run from time to time. Some of the very common signs that fake reviews pulsate with are…

  • Usage of the same language over and over again in every feedback,
  • generating hundreds of feedbacks within a week’s time (which is not possible for Amazon Vine users as well),
  • getting astonishingly inflated reviews in comparison with products actually sold; and many more
  • All this indicates inauthentic review generation attempts and Amazon delves into the matter with due seriousness. If fowl play is identified, the sellers are blocked from the platform and suspended without a second thought.

    Using gift cards to get good reviews – This is perhaps the most illegitimate way to get a few good words and Amazon feedback requests could not ever get any cheesier than this. Tempting the buyer with gift cards to change their opinion about poor services or poor quality product is an offence in Amazon which is dealt with suspensions. At the same time, bullying the buyer to post a good feedback is also considered an equal offense.

    More often than not, using the right Amazon feedback request templates can be more than just enough to increase good reviews in favor of the seller. There are a number of different options that sellers can choose from, each of which encourages the buyers in a very positive manner to share their good / above average purchase experience.

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    Webinar: Selling on Walmart Marketplace

    Stephen Posted On - July 25, 2016

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    Keynote Speakers:

    Correy Bravo – Sr. Manager, Business Development, Walmart eCommerce
    Chris Januszewski – Manager Business Development, Walmart eCommerce

    Here’s what you can expect to know from the Webinar:

    • How Walmart marketplace operates
    • Best suited sellers
    • How to activate selling on Walmart via ChannelSale

    To participate in the Webinar & to get started with selling on Walmart marketplace with assurance of a promising growth and profit based future, please register on link:

    walmart channelsale

    About ChannelSale

    Since year 2007, ChannelSale has been enabling online merchants to reach more customers globally across 200+ online marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and affiliate networks by way of automating sync for product listings, orders, inventory across multiple shopping channels via a single software interface.

    Contact eMail: Phone: +1-866-709-9495

    Walmart Webinar

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    Walmart Integrated with ChannelSale

    Robin Smith Posted On - July 22, 2016

    Channelsale walmart
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    – Another Revolutionary Step Towards Seller Success

    Walmart ChannelSale integration features:

    • The Walmart ChannelSale integration provides features to automatically create new or update existing product listings on Walmart marketplace. Synchronize product listings data with ChannelSale’s pre-configured shopping cart solutions Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Volusion, 3D Cart, Americommerce and many more. Create listings on Walmart via your product feed import into ChannelSale in any file formats, be it API-XML, TXT, CSV or XLS.
    • ChannelSale supports centralized management of Walmart orders alongwith other marketplaces with complete and all inclusive shipping tracking details in a single and comprehensive interface. Automation of order exporting & shipping tracking retrieval is supported via ChannelSale’s pre-configured third party platforms such as Fulfilled By Amazon, eBay Global Shipping, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, ShipStation, ShipWorks, ShipRush, OrderMotion, OrderLogix, StoneEdge amongst several others.
    • Inventory management synchronization in Walmart along-with the other shopping sites becomes a one click-affair with ChannelSale as your integration partner. With real time inventory updates from all warehouses to tracking individual product performance, ChannelSale supports each and all with assured freedom from error. Third party inventory management platforms such asFulfilled By Amazon, SKU Vault, SOS Inventory, Finale Inventory, StoneEdgeor via separate files on FTP / HTTP are all supported to avoid over-selling or under-selling issues.
    • ChannelSale is infallibly equipped to handle multi variation products. Therefore, if you have the same product in different sizes, colors, quantity and materials, you can access smooth listing solutions for all and more. The listing process is further fortified with enhanced product mapping that is in complete sync with Walmart.
    • ChannelSale supports feature for variable pricing in Walmart in comparison with other shopping platforms that you may be present in. The features tomarkup or markdown pricing are available in the ChannelSale user interface. Also, supports pricing retrieval from any third party repricer or via Amazon oreBay or via separate files on FTP or HTTP locations.
    • Business rules available to easily suppress products that are to be excluded from being sent to specific shopping sites.
      Add on custom automated business rules to modify product data such as merge fields, add new content, markup pricing over cost, handle inventory across bundled kits, and many more business rules.
    • Granular level category mappings per Walmart’s taxonomy structure carried out by our team of specialized category mappers to ensure your products get listed in the most appropriate matching category to get maximum visibility.
    • Fully assisted deployment services from our specialized team members to help complete the Walmart setup tasks including providing validation reports for products listing synchronization success.

    If you are ready to get started with selling on Walmart marketplace with assurance of a promising growth and profit based future, please reach out to our Client Service Executives via email on or phone +1-866-709-9495 or visit our website at

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    4 Most Promising Marketplaces Multichannel Sellers Cannot Ignore In 2016

    Stephen Posted On - July 16, 2016

    Most Promising Marketplaces
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    There are a few e commerce marketplaces that sellers aiming for multichannel ventures must consider for the sake of a brighter future. Some of these marketplaces may not feature somewhere in the top, but have proven very fruitful for many merchants who have managed to launch their best efforts in these platforms…

    Amazon & eBay

    Amazon and eBay still wear the crown of best online marketplaces for sellers in 2016. There is no way in the near or far future that these platforms are going to pass their crown down to any other marketplaces irrespective of how promising they may be. Be it with respect to unique visitors, gross profits, trustworthiness, scope across the globe, seller advantages, product categories, millions of choices or most importantly, best prices and offers, these two platforms remain unbeatable.


    Coming up as the next most promising online marketplace for sellers, Newegg has far more to offer than electronics. While it is true that this platform may have started as the best place to look for devices at good prices, it now includes a range of other product categories including clothing and accessories, home and beauty and many more. The commission rates seem very attractive at 8% to 15% depending upon what you sell. The scope of making profits in Newegg without having to launch over the top efforts is a massive possibility.


    Making its way speedily towards the top 10 online marketplaces of 2016, Japan based Rakuten is on its way to win over the world. With innumerable product categories supported to the teeth, reasonable fees and significant ease in operational integration, there is no reason why sellers should not include Rakuten in their multichannel agenda. At the same time, with Rakuten, making products available to the eastern markets can get really easy.


    Sears is a very trusted name in the USA, and is applauded for the different selling options that it offers to third party sellers in this platform. Commissions and monthly charges for the platform is also very supportable and remains within 40$ whether for fulfillment services or basic selling. The commissions do seem to get to the higher side in certain product categories, ranging from 7% to 20%, but at the end of the day it appears to get balanced.

    At all times it is imperative for the sellers to ensure proper integration with the platforms so as to further operational ease and cut down costs.

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    Top Reasons Why You MUST Use Amazon Repricing Softwares

    Stephen Posted On - July 14, 2016

    Repricing Amazon tool
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    Why is pricing important in Amazon?

    A lot lies in pricing of products while performing in Amazon. Sellers have either been warned against or have faced firsthand consequences of pricing too high or too low, each of which can be very dangerous as far as visibility and trustworthiness of the products is concerned making it very important to understand the need of repricing softwares. Managing to strike the best price in every listing can benefit sellers in many different ways 3 of which can highlighted as follows…

  • To begin with buyers always look for best prices and offers while in Amazon. The truth is best does not necessarily mean the ‘least’. On occasions, if you end up listing the price of a product way too low, Amazon buyers may end up thinking that there must be something seriously wrong with the same or it could be a fake product.
  • Secondly, Amazon always takes note of competitive pricing. More competitive your prices are more value you will offer per listing. With more value offered per listing, the search engines will work more favorably towards your cause.
  • Thirdly, Buy box can be won with best price / offers. This is the ultimate prize that all sellers are usually after.
  • What is repricing anyway?

    Repricing basically means changing prices of products on the basis of changes introduced by competitors in similar listings. Being stagnant with prices can cause sale to stagnate as well. Say for example, if a certain competing seller has listed the price of a certain hat at 8$ and you are selling very similar hat at 6.5$, buyers are more likely to divert to you. Now, if the same competing seller brings down his / her price to 5.99$ after announcing a discount, and you are still stuck at 6.5$, you are assured to lose sale. A good way to overcome the loss is to reprice the listed item to make it more attractive even after competing prices have touched rock bottom.

    Why should you use Repricing Amazon tool?

    Repricing manually can be a literally impossible task considering the sheer volume of comparisons that you will have run on an hourly basis. Using softwares can automate the process leaving you with hours of free time to put into everyday business. At the same time, softwares are more focused and free of errors in comparison with human efforts which is usually a blessing to count.

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    4 Amazon Seller Tools That Can Be Your Lifeline In Jet Speed Selling

    Robin Smith Posted On - July 11, 2016

    Amazon Seller
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    It is always advisable to not toolify your e commerce ventures to the teeth especially if it involves multiple platforms of sale or top performing marketplaces like Amazon that appears to have a mind of its own. Simplicity and compactness has always been the mantra for better operational management. However, there are certain Amazon seller tools that are a must have for all entities irrespective of any reason that may be deemed as suitable arguments to not pursue them in the first place. So here is the list that needs all the attention that it can possibly get…

    Profit / fees calculators If you don’t have one of these, your endeavor is assured to die young. Profit / fees calculating tools are very simple applications that allow you to enter the necessary details of your products including list price and SKU (if required) and the tool handles the rest by calculating how much profit you will make after paying marketplace fees, fulfillment services etc.

    Fraud prevention tools Why should you let Mr. X take a bite out of your cake? Fraud prevention solutions are very important Amazon seller softwares tools that detect fraud transactions and stop it at the very onset. Although it is true that Amazon does not experience as many fraud attacks as eBay does, but you can still save hundreds to thousands of dollars by using these solutions.

    Pricing tools These solutions are critically important and you should always pray that your competitors choose the worst of the lot! Pricing tools help you in keeping in tune with updated prices of competitors without having to move a finger in the process. This directly contributes in helping you stay ahead in competition and win significantly from it at the same time.

    Optimization tools Yes… you need one of those not just to beautify your product titles but also to make them woo the search engines more profitably. It is practically impossible to perform in Amazon without optimization tools which have to be run while listing products in this platform. Optimization tools can help locate the best set of keywords for your products without overloading the titles or you having to spend hours and hours in the process.

    While looking for the right set of tools for Amazon e commerce ventures, it is quite possible that sellers get tempted towards free Amazon seller tools. However, it is good to know that a little investment for the same and that too from third party solution providers are assured to go a long way in offering extended advantages in the near and far future.

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    Silliest Ways Sellers Have Actually Tried For Removing Negative Reviews On Amazon

    Stephen Posted On - July 11, 2016

    Amazon feedback
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    No seller likes receiving negative reviews on their performance in Amazon, whether justified or otherwise. This is for the simple reason that negative feedback and that too those that pour in almost continuously usually claw away on their image as a good seller while compromising on sale many times over. So, the first thing that sellers attempt on facing such difficult situations is to remove negative feedback Amazon by hook or by crook. Here are some of the silliest techniques that sellers have actually tried in order to remove negative feedback Amazon, some of which have carried them to the doors of suspension…

    Tempt the buyer to write a good review –

    This is usually achieved by compensating the unhappy buyer with an attractive gift coupon while asking the same to post a good review on behalf of the seller. In very simple terms, this act is considered illegitimate in Amazon. You can encourage a better review by improving your services in organic ways, but temptation is always the devils card.

    Pretend it never happened –

    Ignoring your issues does not mean that they don’t exist. Most of the times, many sellers believe that a single negative among a sea of positives may not make a difference. The truth is, it does. Among hundreds of prospective buyers of the product, there will be a certain percentage that will take the review into consideration and refrain from making their purchase. If that happens, Amazon will take note sooner or later.

    Shame the reviewer for being inaccurate –

    Humiliating the reviewer to an extent that he / she is pushed to take it back is the ‘art of Trolls’. If you become a seller troll, be assured that Amazon will show you the door with least regrets. Basically, it does not matter who is right; Amazon will still take the buyer’s side and expect you as a seller, to behave.

    The best way to approach is to fall back on the Amazon feedback removal request template. All you need to do is be convincing about why the feedback is not authentic or justified and the seller support will take care of the rest. However, it is necessary to know that it does not happen all the time.

    Using Amazon feedback management solutions is also a very good idea. To address infinite queries that usually arise out of these solutions, they are neither inauthentic or generate fake reviews. Choosing the right solutions though, is very important at all times.

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