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5 Acts Of Carelessness That Can Heavily Compromise Amazon Selling

Stephen Posted On - March 30, 2017

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When you are selling in Amazon with the ambition to achieve uncompromised growth and profits, the only thing that can catch you in the wrong foot is ‘carelessness’. While it is true that no one can be 100% perfect all the time, there are certain acts of callousness that should be consciously avoided in order to make the process of Amazon selling more organized, smooth and gainful…

Using inorganic optimization methods –

Acts of inorganic optimization like keyword stuffing in titles, over pricing at the time of checkout etc is notoriously active among a number of over ambitious sellers. Inorganic optimization does result in steep sudden visibility, but it is also a cause for instant scrapping of listing when Amazon eventually finds out.

Not initiating end to end integration shopping carts with Amazon –

Many sellers in Amazon, mainly small to midsized sellers, still believe that end to end integration is a piece of fiction that costs a whole lot of money but bears no real result. These entities are usually the first to fight a dying battle with visibility and face eventual demise in the marketplace.

Taking reviews for granted –

While the core operational processes still maintain their place in Amazon selling; associated processes like review generation, that is directly linked with growth and reputation building should never be taken for granted. Buyers these days can base their search on reviews and ratings making this and essential factor when it comes to boosting visibility or even gaining a chance at the buy box. Not considering reviews with due importance can thus rob sellers of extended opportunities in terms of competition.

Saying no to tools and software solutions –

selling trends in Amazon is moving at futuristic speed which needs to be supported with the right tools and software solutions. Deciding to make a manual effort in this platform at this age of e commerce can be the biggest act of carelessness any seller can possibly adopt.

Be it integrated operation management like Magento Amazon feed management or inventory / order control across multiple channels of sale, appropriate software solutions that cater to improved automation and feature inclusion is critically important.

Offering same products at lower prices in other marketplaces of presence –

This is applicable mostly to sellers that are present across multiple marketplaces of sale. The ground rule is… Amazon sellers cannot offer the same products in other marketplaces at lower prices. This can get very difficult for sellers especially those that are present in, but the rule needs to be respected at all times. Using proper price management tools can help in this respect.

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5 Productivity Tips For Basic eBay Stores

Stephen Posted On - March 30, 2017

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To open or not to open a store in eBay has always been a matter of debate especially with respect to seller compatibility. However, for better or for worse, almost all sellers believe that learning productivity tips can maximize the positives of eBay store possibilities while minimizing the drawbacks by significant extent. Here are 5 productivity tips that current store owners in eBay can practically swear by…

Enlightenment about eBay store operations –

This is the first step to starting a harmonious relationship with stores in general. You need to know that stores are not omnipotent and thus require sellers to put in conscious efforts as far as maintaining a profitable presence in the same is concerned.

Choose the right store –

There are 3 types of stores available in eBay at presence ranging from basic to premium. Each of these alternatives comes with a variety of features suitable for sellers of different natures and volumes. Choosing the most compatible store type is assured to help sellers save money in terms of fees and associated costs while achieving perfect operational harmony at the same time.

Store integration –

Integrating stores perfectly with shopping carts as well as other platforms of presence is critical for achieving optimum profitable levels of performance. Whether Walmart / Amazon – eBay or Shopify eBay or any others for that matter, sellers should approach compatible integration methods for effective error-free outcomes.

Use productivity tools offered by the stores to maximum –

eBay stores usually offer a range of relevant productivity tools that are directly associated with performance boosting in the part of store owners in comparison with individual sellers. Say for example, store owners have access to their own search engines that directly offer better search results. Similarly, sellers also have access to advanced store building and improvement tools that can be used for greater visibility and traffic building.

Keep refreshing feed in terms of images, titles, offers and pricing for enhanced visibility –

Lastly, all store must ensure refreshing their feed from time to time in terms of improved optimization. In fact, this applies to all sellers irrespective of whether they are store owners or not. Stagnant product feed can cause visibility to collapse to significant levels which can compromise traffic and sale phenomenally.

Refreshing product feed does not entail much other than having quality feed management systems and well as optimization tools installed and integrated with the store. These options are very easily available with dependable e commerce solution developers at affordable prices.

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Amazon Sellers’ Guide To Organic Data Feed Optimization

Robin Smith Posted On - March 30, 2017

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What is Organic feed management anyway?

There is always a right way and a wrong way of approaching a cause. In the world of ecommerce product feed management, an organic approach refers to the ‘right way’, rather, the legitimate way of approaching the process. This basically includes an array of data feed management techniques that comply with the rules specified by the respective marketplaces as well as the standards that are prevalent in ecommerce per se. The idea is to offer a healthy and fair selling environment to all sellers where each has equal opportunities with respect to visibility and profits.

Why is it important?

Organic data feed management does not allow sellers any scope to bend rules in order to gain unfair advantage over competitors. This in a way also means that sellers will have to walk the longer and tougher path to score in terms of visibility, traffic and resultant conversions. However, the fact that almost all top performing marketplaces and comparison shopping platforms are insistent on organic practices makes it imperative for sellers to respect the process and embrace it in entirety as well.

Over the past few years, there have been infinite examples of sellers that have tried black hat practices like keyword stuffing, bulking up lowest list price with exorbitant delivery charges, including fake reviews so on and so forth. The consequences of the same though have never been encouraging. Some of the most common consequences of practicing inorganic listing methods are…

    • Instant loss of visibility and search ranking especially in marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc

Warning from the marketplace

Eventual suspension for continual disrespect

How to approach organic data feed management?

Approaching organic product feed management can be easy if sellers make an enlightened approach towards the same. Taking the example of Amazon sellers, here is a list of steps that can help achieve productive outcomes easily and effectively…

  • Approach legitimate yet future forward optimization methods for titles, descriptions as well as images
  • Tools and software solutions offered by authentic ecommerce solution developers can contribute profitably towards the purpose
  • Understanding the difference between profit maximization and outright greed can go a very long way in pricing management.
  • Using pricing and re-pricing tools for competitive price management can work wonders in the short and long run.

Seeking guidance from professionals can be the key to unlocking best and the most productive organic feed management approaches.

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Got A Small Business In Amazon? Here Are 5 Steps To Improve Visibility Instantly

Pramod Posted On - March 30, 2017

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Small businesses in top performing marketplaces like Amazon, often suffer the fear of invisibility in the face of competition posed by larger and more successful endeavors. In fact, there have been infinite occasions when smaller entities have had to make an uncelebrated exit for the reason that they could not gather enough traffic or generate enough sales in their favor even though they had worthy products featuring in their Amazon listing. The scene however, does not have to be this gloomy for the smaller fishes in the larger pond.

Here are 5 steps that have been recognized universally as infinitely potent when it comes to gaining maximum visibility irrespective of the size of the venture…

Make your debut with market fit products –

If you are a smaller venture, you will benefit by engaging in some thorough research in the direction of locating market fit products; an approach that will play a direct role in keeping you ahead in search ranking.

Optimize feed to perfection –

Optimization is one of those processes that hold equal relevance for larger and small businesses alike. If you initiate proper optimization for even the smallest of listing, you will have an equal opportunity to feature in the first page of search listing of not the Amazon buy box. The process of optimization is not as expensive or convoluted as many small sellers may believe. In fact, there are many e commerce solution developers that offer very affordable solutions that yield truly effective results.

Work on review generation from first day on –

It does not matter how large or small you are. Working on review generation from the first day on even for the tiniest of product lists, is expected to work wonders in terms of gaining maximum visibility in Amazon. Using tools and software solutions is recommended in this respect.

Improve the value of your offers –

Improving value of your offers in terms of free shipping, extended return period etc can help you stay in the good books of Amazon, thereby assuring better visibility for long.

Don’t forget to introduce presence in top comparison shopping platforms –

Last but not the least, it always pays to establish presence and integrate with top comparison shopping platforms like Google Shopping to attract improved traffic in your favor. Say for example if you are a small Volusion powered seller, you will benefit tremendously by establishing Volusion Google Shopping / Amazon integrated performance. If you manage your CPC strategy perfectly, you will not have to spend over your budget at all.

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5 eBay Amazon Softwares That Will Maintain Relevance In 2017

Stephen Posted On - March 22, 2017

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Things are changing very fast in the world of ecommerce especially in top performing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. The progressive shifts have played a role in initiating the necessity for a whole new class of support systems that can aid sellers to stay in tune with the pace of these super e commerce marketplaces. While it is true that the support systems are evolving by the passing days, it is also true that the superstructure of operational excellence will still rest on these 5 categories of solutions that are least likely to lose their relevance anytime in the near or far future…

Listing / feed management softwares –

eBay Amazon listing softwares from basic level options to advanced options are critically essential for businesses irrespective of their nature or volume. At present, there are tens of motivated ecommerce solution developers that have introduced diverse range of listing / feed management solutions for Amazon and eBay each of which sport features that are compatible with individual requirements of businesses.

Review management solutions –

Review generation in Amazon and eBay have gained phenomenal importance over the past two years. Buyers these days can in fact, make their search based on highest rating products. Using review and rating management solutions can help sellers generate better response for their products thereby gaining better visibility and traffic in their favor. This makes these tools indispensable for successful eBay Amazon ventures.

Inventory integration softwares –

Managing eBay Amazon inventory especially for midsized to large businesses is never a piece of cake. Therefore, inventory management softwares with real time advantages will never lose their relevance for these businesses. The softwares may remain in the back seat for hobby sellers in eBay and very small home based sellers in both marketplaces, but it is only a while before these inputs become primary requirements for gaining better ranking in these platforms.

Pricing / re pricing softwares –

Your visibility in Amazon and eBay still depends massively upon how you price your products and re price the same at frequent intervals to match competitive levels. Approaching this task manually can be overwhelming in many ways opening doors to errors and bottle necks. Using pricing and re pricing softwares though, can minimize or obliterate this difficulty successfully.

Fee calculating softwares –

Performing in eBay and Amazon often involves paying a number of different fees and marketplace charges that can often confuse sellers to an extent that they end up losing money than making it. Using fee calculation softwares is thus a welcome and automated relief that no seller should refrain from using whether in 2017 or beyond.

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3 Things Amazon Sellers In Walmart Need Not Fear Any More

Daniel Posted On - March 21, 2017

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Walmart ecommerce marketplace has been named as one of the fastest growing platform of opportunities especially after opening up to third party sellers, with special focus on performers from Amazon and eBay. With the stringent set of requirements specified by this marketplace a raging sense of fear had been prevailing particularly among Amazon sellers in terms of creating and maintaining presence of both marketplaces without inviting the wrath of either.

Issues pertaining to maintaining very high levels of performance in in comparison with Amazon has been one of the deadliest reasons that has caused many sellers to lose their sleep week after week. However, with improved selling aid and integration advantages, the past couple of months have been complete bliss for integrated Walmart Amazon performance. In fact, here are 3 things that no Amazon performers need not worry about any more while operating in…

Acceptance, Set up and integration –

It is true that has opened up to third party sellers, but it certainly does not mean that it is open to anyone and everyone that wishes to walk in. In fact, there have been infinite occasions when sellers have to wait for months to gain approval for commencing set up and operations in this marketplace.

This phase of uncertainty however, has been fading rapidly, all thanks to the fact that sellers these days have a very clear perspective about the preferences of the marketplace and best ways to approach the same for quicker and effective approval and set up.

Price parity –

Nothing has scared Amazon sellers in more than the evil of price parity. expects all sellers to sell at the lowest prices irrespective of anything. Amazon on the other hand, cannot accept their sellers to sell the same products in a different marketplace at lower prices. Suspensions are awarded in each case. However, with the introduction of innovative software solutions for maintaining price harmony, this fear is now pushed to the recesses.

Excellence in order completion / maintenance of low order defect rates – expects sellers to offer excellence in order completion at par with Amazon. Order defect rates should also be maintained at lower than 1%. Product value, return and refund policies should also be equal to or greater than Amazon. While the burden of such requirements often pulled the confidence of sellers down in, at this very moment, high quality order management softwares can be used to handle these necessities successfully.

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4 Ways To Cut Costs In eBay Inventory Management

Thomas Posted On - March 18, 2017

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Hundreds of eBay sellers have experienced some of their gloomiest days with mismanaged inventory costs that may have taken a small or irreparable toll on their total revenues earned at the end of the month. The ‘what just happened’ scene however, can be avoided, if sellers make a conscious effort to understand all the cracks and crevices from where profits can seep out and take active measures to remedy the same.

Here are 4 effective ways to cut costs in eBay inventory management that actually go a very long way in increasing ROI significantly…

Predict demand before over stocking warehouses –

Demand prediction, when it comes to stocking warehouses can be phenomenally important in saving extra expenses. Failure to predict demands has caused thousands of sellers to overstock warehouses with products that eventually became motionless in no time at all. The truth is if a certain product appears invaluable to buyers right now, certain shifts in the market can render them not-so-popular within weeks if not months.

So, for example, if you have already stocked your warehouse with the same product by thousands of units catering to 3 months of demand or more without taking into account the fact that they may not be as useful by the next 3 weeks, you may be in for paying a massive warehouse rent for units that fetch you no sale at all. Immobile inventory in eBay is one of the most dreaded causes of useless expense.

Use softwares for real time inventory movement updates –

This will save you from being stuck with immobile products that fetch no profits yet eat up warehouse space. Perfectly integrated inventory softwares allow sellers to stay in tune with real time movement of the units thereby updating the seller about immobile stock at the right time. Ecommerce solution developers that offer smart solutions like the Walmart API key Saving can be approached for the purpose.

Generate demands in locations of delivery before piling up stock in respective warehouses –

this basically goes out to sellers that are present in a range of different locations across the nation and beyond. It is always wise to generate demands through functional strategies in the concerned location before shipping thousands of units to the respective warehouses.

If you are using FBA, use FBA fee calculation softwares to determine expenses before making them –

eBay FBA is one of the best ways to complete orders with flair. However, if you are not aware about how the FBA fees work, you may be in for rude surprises at the end of the week or month. Using, FBA fee calculators can save a whole lot of expenses that eventually reflect in healthier revenues.

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Google Product Feed Productivity Guide 2017 For Multi Nation Sellers

Stephen Posted On - March 17, 2017

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Multination sellers in Google Shopping need to take a lot more into account than just the basics in terms of data feed management. With 2017 making a dramatic start, here are a few factors that require maximum attention in terms of multination Google product feed especially for sellers that have just commenced with their expansion endeavors…

Every bit of information has to be precise –

Precision in information provided is non-negotiable. This is mainly in terms of currency and product value with relevance to the country in which the feed will feature.

You will need to create country specific feed –

This is one of those hassles that are prevalent in multination product feed for Google. In simple words, the same product feed cannot be applied across all countries. The sellers will thus have to create new ad campaigns for each product that are to be showcased by Google in the respective nation.

The basics apply universally –

The basics of Google product feed management applies to multination endeavors as well. This is with respect to ensuring perfection and applicable rules while designing product titles, images etc.

Organic optimization will maintain its relevance –

Organic optimization for product feed in Google is applicable through all nations. If you wish to be seen, you will have to approach proper optimization in terms of proper keyword usage in titles, using optimized images, enhanced product value, perfect pricing that is frequently updated and many more.

The endeavor has to be fortified with the usage of updated softwares and tools –

If you wish to approach multination Google presence without the aid of proper automation softwares and tools, you may be in for rude shocks raising their head when you are least expecting them.

At all times, you will have to have the entirety of your efforts integrated without scope for faults and errors. Many ecommerce solution developers that offer high quality integration solutions like Walmart Sears, Amazon eBay etc. also house tools that are suitable for supporting multination Google shopping endeavors. These solutions should be used from the very first day onwards for enhanced results/

CPC budget requires meticulous planning –

Last but not the least, managing your CPC budget may require meticulous planning especially when your efforts are spread across many nations with many different kinds of currencies involved. Seeking professional assistance in this respect is perhaps the wisest way to remain at a safe distance from unrewarding bottle necks.

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5-Point Checklist to save yourself from mistakes other Amazon sellers make

Stephen Posted On - March 6, 2017

Amazon tool
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You’re smart if you’re learning from your own mistakes and experiences. But you’re smarter if you learn from others’.

Are you an Amazon seller?

While it must have been a smooth journey till now of launching your Amazon store, things are downhill once it comes to making sales, scaling the business and sustaining it. It takes time, consistency and a range of smart decisions.
To help you stay on the right path with sufficient sales, here’s a 5-Point checklist to save yourself from mistakes that many Amazon sellers make-

1. Invest in Facebook paid advertisement

Facebook has come a long way over the years. Today, it offers a host of features and facilities to the business owners to help them reach their target audience more quickly and conveniently—and that, at cheap. Sadly there are still so many Amazon sellers, the new ones in particular, who are still reluctant to the potential of Facebook’s paid advertisement program. Much more targeted and super easy to control, if done well, promotion on this platform can yield instant sales, with low customer acquisition cost.

2. Do a thorough keywords research

Keywords research is very underrated among the Amazon sellers. Many simply take vague guesses when coming up with the appropriate keywords for their products, while others just copy their competitors from top to bottom. Don’t be one of them. Few hours of keyword research can help you out-stand your competitors, increase your products’ visibility and improve your sales significantly.

3. DON’T buy product reviews

Product reviews are more important on Amazon than ever. Potential buyers look for others’ experience and make their purchasing decisions accordingly. Given this relevance, today more and more vendors are looking to buy reviews. They pay others to leave good words. And needless to say, while this sometimes work for the time-being, in the long run, it always leave a big mess. So don’t get carried away with unethical means for short-term goals. Have a long term perspective. With right approach, your sales would do good without the need of buying reviews.

4. Take help when needed

Countless blog posts suggest, with first-hand experience, one of the biggest regrets of online sellers is their lone-wolf mentality; thinking they can do and handle everything all by themselves.It’s a mistake. You may be proficient enough with everything, from eBay Amazon tool to Magento Walmart integration. However, in the course, you would need additional help from professionals and experts. So you must be open to the idea of outsourcing or hiring additional help when needed.

5. Make time to live

Running online retail business is no easy task. There’s a lot to handle that vendors need to worry about; more so, if they are selling on multiple platforms. Right from product listing and feed optimization to real-time inventory management and order fulfillment- all these stressful tasks leaves sellers with very less time to really live their life. If you’re stuck in the same situation, too busy with everything, make yourself some time to enjoy with your family. Signing up to e-commerce solution is a great idea that can easily take off a whole chunk of stress.

These are 5 points you should tick-off to save yourself from the mistakes that other Amazon sellers make. Less your mistakes and improve your sales. Good luck!

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7 Tactics to beat successful online sellers in revenue (very) quickly

Stephen Posted On - March 6, 2017

magento amazon
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Some entrepreneurs launch their online stores, stride faster than the rest with smart (and timely) decisions, and start making thousands in revenue in no time. And then there are those who, even after being in the market for years, struggle with poor sales and marginal profit. Can you relate to the later group of sellers?

Your competitors are making more than you, not necessarily because you’re working less hard, but because they are smart in their strategies, which always keep you a step behind them.
Want to jump ahead?

It isn’t really as difficult. You can do that—and that, quickly and without working for more hours. Here are 7 tactics to beat successful online sellers in revenue-

1. Integrate storefronts for higher efficiency

You’re wasting countless hours by heading to individual platforms and manually handling the technical ends of your various storefronts. Just signup to a reliable (and affordable) multi-channel e-commerce software solution and integrate all your marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines—from Magneto Amazon to Walmart Sears. Now control everything, including product listing, real-time multi-channel inventory management and order fulfillment, from a centralized platform.

2. Offer ‘exclusive’ discounts

Being competitive is a key for online sellers to drive more sales. However, another side of this is that you will also have to settle for meager profit margin. Perhaps for this reason is pricing your products considered so tricky. When putting a price tag on your products, aside your own revenue goals, also consider other factors including the strategies of your competitors and current market trends. Offering limited-time period ‘exclusive’ discounts is one simple way to instantly boost your sales and take over your competitors.

3. Have a winning post-sales follow-up

Your business is a success if you manage to build a long-term relationship with your customers who not only make repeated purchases from you but also act as your product ambassador who triggers word-of-mouth marketing and boost your sales, both in the short and long run, with no promotional effort and investment whatsoever. How you do this? By engaging your buying customers with a solid post-sales follow-up.

4. Invest in retaining old customers

Here are what studies and numbers says about customer retention-

  • 40 percent of an e-commerce store’s revenue is generated by 8 percent of its customers; and these 8 percent are the repeated buyers.
  • 82 percent of companies agree that retention is cheaper to execute than acquisition.
  • The average repeat customers spend 67 percent more in their 31st to 36th months of their relationship with a business than in months 0-6.

These numbers prove well just how important and profitable customer retention could be. It’s the easiest way, in fact, to generate more sales without hefty cost. Focus more on retaining your old customers and edge your successful competitors like a pro.

5. Get to blogging

Blogging is, undoubtedly, one of the most underrated assets in the online retail scene. Know how to master it and you can quadruple your direct and indirect sales easily. While top names in the industry do blog, there are still many who are oblivious to its potential. Start writing blog posts today and get ahead of so many of your competitors in the most comfortable way possible. WordPress is possibly the most popular blogging platform.

6. Take hands of professionals

Your pace and efficiency will be much better if you have experienced professionals by your side. So get rid of your lone-wolf mentality. These days, top e-commerce solution providers are also offering managed services to the retailers/resellers, helping them with a range of backend, time-consuming activities, like listing optimizations, troubleshoot errors, program enhancement and profitability management. So pick a good e-commerce solution provider who also offers additional services and let them guide you move forward with big strides.

7. Reduce ‘hit and miss’ instances

When mapping marketing and pricing strategy, you’re not going to hit all the chords perfectly. However, making mistakes – and that, often – has its own cost, even if you think you’re learning with every experience. You must aim to reduce the ‘hit and miss’ instances and try to be more efficient in every direction. How? One simple way is to look the successful competitors, learn from them and beat them in their own game.

These are 7 tactics that would help you beat even the most successful of online retailers in terms of sales and revenue. Now you know, get to working. Be smart and strategic enough when making decisions.

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57-Minute Morning routine for online sellers to be wildly successful

Stephen Posted On - March 6, 2017

online seller
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Often, it is not the ‘extraordinary’ hard work of successful online sellers that makes them successful. Contrary to these hypes accrued by clichéd success stories, it is their habits that help them grow by leaps and bounds; habits, once difficult to form, but imperative to take the business to the top of the mountain.

Are you an online seller?

If you are looking to take your online store (s) to the next level, hard work alone won’t really be sufficient. You need to form daily winning habits to help you stick to your long-term business goals and guide you through a bumpy path.

How do you spend the early hours of your day?

To succeed and grow your business, here’s a 57-minute morning routine you should follow—a routine that wildly successful online sellers stick to daily:

1. Set your priorities clearly

What you want to achieve today? What are the things that require your attention the most today? What are the things that can wait? Set your priorities according to their importance. Write them down on a piece of paper, in fact; be clear and precise. Organize everything and know exactly what will happen today, the goals you’re going to achieve and the strides your stores will take to the top. It will take anywhere around 7-minutes.

2. Analyze sales performance

How’s your business performing, is the sales rate on rise or are things not looking bright—knowing these facts will give you a clear picture as to what needs to be done now. You’ll be living in reality instead of your ‘make riches’ dream. Take at least 20 minutes every day to analyze your sales performance. Rely on the calculus reports of e-commerce solution; it’ll be much easier and quicker to read and understand.

3. Check for loopholes

Now that you know your facts clearly, it’s time to look for the wrongs; reasons that are holding down your revenue. It could be anything, ranging from the quality of your products to the price to flawed email marketing funnel. If you have analyzed your sales properly, finding loopholes really won’t be as difficult. It should take anywhere around 7 minutes. Note down these problems and prioritize them accordingly for the rest of the day.

4. Respond to the reviews and feedbacks

Communicating with your purchasing and potential customers is very important; most important, in fact, if you’re looking to build a long-term relationship with them. Take minimum 10 minutes every day in the morning to respond to the reviews and feedbacks—at least to the top ones, if not all. It will derive direct sales and retain customers, yielding long-term benefit.

5. Automate your social media posts

Undoubtedly, social media marketing is the key for online sellers today. While you should take out a significant amount of your time in mapping a winning strategy to win Facebook, Twitter and more, you can rely on automation tool to post on these platforms more conveniently. And that’s what you should do every morning. Take at least 13 minutes to sequence and automate all your social media posts of the day. You will save plenty of your time.

This is a 57-minute morning routine online sellers must follow to enjoy high (and consistent) success. When done with them, go about your daily personal and work chores like usual.

P.S. Also take some time off to exercise and read.

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5 Ground Rules For Lowering Amazon Inventory Cost

Stephen Posted On - March 6, 2017

Sell on Walmart marketplace
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Amazon sellers at large have expressed their dissatisfaction over the array of marketplace costs and expenses that have played a brutal role in minimizing their profit levels to scratch. Taking a closer look at the issue, it has been discovered that most of these unhappy sellers are relatively new and inexperienced and thus, are yet to learn the art of cost control in this platform.

Understanding the cracks and crevices from which profits tend to seep out is the first step to addressing the issue with success, with greater importance given to the rather imperceptible areas of drainage than otherwise. Mismanaged inventory is one such area that can cause massive drainage in profits making it imperative for sellers to get a hold of the same from the first day on.

Here are 5 ground rules of lowering Amazon inventory costs; tips that have helped thousands of sellers get a grip back on their profits…

Integrating with supply chain source –

Inventory management starts with the supply chain source and not the warehouses. Being in tune with the supply chain source can help sellers stock their warehouses wisely while preventing expensive mistakes like over stocking.

Learning the science of demand prediction –

Proper demand prediction is a strategic tool that can help sellers stock popular / not-so-popular products in volumes that are assured to move smoothly without causing stagnation or bottlenecks. Improper approach to demand prediction or dismissing the importance of the same can increase expenses in the direction of stocking products that are not bringing in any profits and vice versa.

Trimming inventory units in warehouses based on demand prediction –

Bulking up inventory stock in Amazon warehouses is never a good idea because you may end up paying a bloated warehouse rent and management cost. If you have established proper integration with your supply chain source and are good in predicting demands, streamlining your inventory in Amazon will not be a problem.

End to end integration –

This is the key to a balanced and harmonized approach to inventory management in Amazon. In fact, the importance of end to end integration is applicable for all ecommerce marketplaces whether you sell on Walmart marketplace or any other platform for that matter.

Associated factors like proper listing, usage of pricing tools and softwares solutions, profit calculation tools etc. also goes a very long way in helping sellers cut inventory costs while maximizing their profitability by significant extents.

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4 Steps To Maintain Walmart Amazon Selling Harmony Perfectly

Stephen Posted On - March 6, 2017

Walmart Amazon Selling
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Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) and Amazon are serious competitors and neither of the platforms is in the mood to relax their strategies towards the other. At this very moment, is in the process of inviting top sellers of Amazon to perform to perform under their wing; with something like ‘Will knock you out with your own weapon’ attitude. While sellers have a whole lot to gain from their presence in both of these speeding marketplaces, there could be certain lethal obstacles that can make them trip and fall disastrously. Maintaining Walmart Amazon selling harmony is thus very important at all times. Referring to these 4 steps can be very helpful in this respect.

Learn about the inevitable hurdles of Amazon Walmart selling at the onset

If you are an Amazon seller all set to start in, please read up about the hurdles you can face while performing simultaneously in these two marketplaces at the very onset. You need to be informed about everything that could go wrong so that you can take the right steps at the right time to prevent mishaps like loss of ranking, visibility or even warnings for suspension from both marketplaces.

Integration is the first step to harmonized selling endeavors in both marketplaces

You cannot succeed in Amazon Walmart selling without initiating proper integration of the two marketplaces. Walmart API integration as well as multichannel integration involving this marketplace has been made very easy with the platform partnering with some of the most reputable ecommerce solution developers of this decade. The process is affordable as well.

Using intelligent pricing tools and softwares is imperative

By now, all ecommerce sellers are aware about the price battles that are taking place between Walmart and Amazon. While has universally established the ‘lowest price policy’, Amazon would not want its sellers to sell their products at lower prices in other marketplaces. The consequences could involve immediate suspension from the marketplace.

Using intelligent automated pricing tools can help sellers stay in tune with the price changes taking place in the respective marketplaces and manage any irregularities at the right time.

It is ok to not introduce the entirety of Amazon product list to Walmart

Lastly, it is ok to not introduce the entirety of Amazon product list to Introducing popular and compatible products can help sellers gain more purchase motivated traffic while not having to battle it out with Amazon for every single item in the list. In simple words, it saves a lot of time and energy while not compromising on profits.

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3 Reasons Why Sellers Are Choosing Walmart Over eBay

Thomas Posted On - March 1, 2017

eBay seller
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The journey of eBay from late 1998 till today has been phenomenal in the world of e commerce. With a few phases of crests and troughs in terms of competitive ranking, this marketplace has established itself as one of the best and probably unsurpassed auction based platforms in the world. However, over the past few years, with a handful of changes introduced rather abruptly in its algorithms, many sellers have been left fuming over their sudden loss of ranking and visibility, regaining which has taken a severe toll in their time, efforts profits.

The appearance of Walmart ecommerce marketplace though, has contributed in easing things for the latter, with enhanced scope to even-out their losses. In the Walmart eBay debate that inevitably took center stage among enthusiastic sellers for quite some time in mid 2016, 3 good reasons were pointed out that concluded the discussion in favor of the former…

Easy set up with neat selling practices –

Firstly, sellers found the process of setup in to be very easy and effective as compared with eBay. With readymade professional assistance made available by the platform itself, has played its part in helping sellers approach foolproof operational harmony from day one. Understanding the pulse of the marketplace and creating profitable sale strategy has also been easier in than in eBay.

Its ranking is improving by the day –

Walmart ecommerce marketplace may have made a late start in the direction of success, but its ranking is still improving by leaps every passing season. At present, ranks 4th among all top online shopping destinations in the USA. It is also all set to close in the gap with Amazon by the end of 2020. This is an opportunity that no seller can look away from.

Reaching buy box appears to be an achievable process –

The buy box requirements of has been more comprehensive than in any other ecommerce marketplace. eBay / Amazon seller central users, who may have been aiming for this window of opportunities for years, have managed to attain the goal in Walmart within a matter of weeks. In fact, many sellers have also admitted that they are enjoying greater visibility, traffic and conversions in than in Amazon or eBay.

Basically, approaching has been a very profitable decision for sellers that already inhabit over crowded marketplaces that are dense in competition and have minimal space and scope for sellers to make desired level of growth and profits.

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7 eBay store design tips to derive more sales EASILY

Thomas Posted On - March 1, 2017

ebay store
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The better the experience you offer to your audience – from any and every dimension – better will be the overall sales. So if you own an eBay store, while you may have a striking collection of products and you have also spent a ridiculous amount of money on marketing, if your store itself isn’t offering a satisfying shopping experience, a shopper might not only NOT return back to the store but even abandon his/her current sales.
The overall design and layout of your eBay store plays a major role in deriving sales; more than what you think. So have you been reluctant to how your store looks and performs, you better pull things together immediately.

Here are 7 eBay store design tips that can easily boost your sales in the long-run-

1. Don’t just pick eBay template from anywhere

There are so many websites where you can download some rather beautiful and highly functional eBay templates that are completely free. However, you must be cautious using any of these third-party templates that come from unknown source. There could be security issues; to that, it might not necessarily offer you exact features that you’re looking for. It is best you hire professionals to come up with a personalized eBay template.

2. Keep the page mobile responsive

Since more and more buyers are using hand-held devices, this is nothing short of essential. Have responsive, mobile-friendly pages and people will have a definite reason to lurk around your store for longer; hence, also increasing the chances of sales.

3. Ensure the store is easily navigable

A store, that’s disorganized, with no categories and sub-categories, confuse the shoppers. And guess what happens next? They leave your store quicker than you have any idea that someone was here. So ensure your products are sorted well into right categories. If there are too many products, sort them into multiple levels (three max, though).

4. Keep the interface clean

Keeping your eBay store busy, whether with too many features and pages or with unappealing colors and designs, is a recipe to shy away your audience. So make sure the interface is clean, smooth and fast. Get rid of anything that’s additional and unnecessary. Spend some time deciding on the color variations of the store; light colors are usually the best options.

5. Consistency is the key

Maintaining a consistency throughout your store is very important. More so, if you have multiple storefronts on eBay and other shopping sites; say you’re also a Walmart marketplace seller. It creates your brand’s individuality and helps it stand out the crowd. It is something, that if done correctly, can build your recognition and help your target audience identify you easily.

6. Optimize your images

Of course, for online sellers, product images are the most important part. So have high quality images on your eBay store; ensure it’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). But also be careful of the pictures’ size. The big ones can cause your pages load slowly. So optimize the images.

7. Look at your competitors

This doesn’t have to do anything with your store’s design- not directly, at least. But looking at the stores of your successful competitors can give you some really good ideas about your own design. See what’s working for them and what isn’t and decide accordingly to ensure the design of your store is the best.

These are 7 eBay store design tips that can help you boost your sales easily. Combine these tasks with your marketing efforts and post-sale services and see your sales quadruple in no time.

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