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The Essential E-Commerce Calendar: July–December 2023

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The Essential Online Shopping Calendar September–December 2023

Foresight and strategic planning are crucial in the constantly changing world of e-commerce. Important dates and events can dramatically impact your company’s performance on the calendar. Aligning your marketing strategy with these events, from major holidays to seasonal shopping frenzies, is a definite way to increase engagement and sales.

Experts say that consumers spent a whopping $886.7 billion in 2022 during the US holiday season of November and December. In the same year, holiday sales saw an increase of 14.1%.

This in-depth guide examines the essential e-commerce calendar for the second half of 2023, highlighting the significant occasions that demand your attention and participation.

Essential E-Commerce Calendar


Independence Day (July 4th): The US observes Independence Day with ardent patriotism as the year’s second half draws close. This offers e-commerce companies a fantastic chance to draw customers’ attention. Create your campaigns with freedom and patriotism in mind, using traditional flag colors. Promotions and discounts on various goods can draw customers looking for event souvenirs.


Back-to-School Season: As summer draws close, families prepare for the upcoming school year. The range includes a variety of goods in addition to books and stationery. Consider items like clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture, and dorm room necessities. Take advantage of the spirit of fresh starts by segmenting your offerings to appeal to people of different ages, from young children to college students.


Labor Day (September 4th): On the first Monday in September, people nationwide are recognized for their efforts. Profit from the long weekend by providing special offers showing appreciation for your consumers’ loyalty. Discounts on various goods, from fashion to electronics, might draw customers wanting to maximize their holiday break.


Halloween (October 31st): Halloween, a joyous holiday, marks the end of October. Think creatively, including decorations, party supplies, themed home items, costumes, and candy. By creating a variety that caters to spooky items, e-commerce enterprises can capitalize on the Halloween frenzy. Give your Halloween items an air of exclusivity by giving special bundles and limited-edition goods.


  • Veterans Day (November 11th): Veterans’ sacrifices are commemorated on this day. Make special campaigns that provide veterans and their families discounts as a sign of respect. Showing your customers how much you care about them will strengthen your brand’s relationship and encourage client loyalty.
  • Thanksgiving (November 23rd): Thanksgiving, a day of giving thanks and spending time with family, falls on the fourth Thursday of November. This is a perfect time to run special deals in online shopping. You can build anticipation by tantalizing your deals well in advance and promoting things that go well with gatherings and gift-giving.
  • Black Friday (November 24th): Unquestionably one of the most eagerly awaited shopping occasions worldwide, Black Friday is a day of unrivaled deals and discounts. Ensure your online store’s platform is prepared to manage the increase in traffic and sales. Conversion-driven, time-sensitive ads can boost your Black Friday success by increasing conversions.
  • Cyber Monday (November 27th): Cyber Monday, an online shopping craze, is the Black Friday of the digital world. Enhance the user experience of your website by showcasing special online offers as a way to get ready. You can expand your audience by using social media and email marketing.


  • Christmas (December 25th): Christmas, which marks the end of the holiday season, is when more people give gifts and celebrate. Offer a carefully picked assortment of gifts for your online store, ranging from inexpensive stocking stuffers to high-end products. Consider incorporating gift guides and expedited shipping options to accommodate last-minute purchases.
  • Boxing Day (December 26th): Boxing Day is the next day in the post-Christmas shopping frenzy and is noted for markdowns and clearance discounts. Cut back on excessive inventory while attracting customers with tempting offers. Using the correct promotion, you can ensure that consumers know about your online store even after the holiday rush.
  • New Year’s Eve (December 31st): As the year ends, e-commerce businesses can participate in New Year’s Eve celebrations. Draw attention to celebration-related goods like attire, party supplies, and health things that meet new year’s resolutions.

Preparing for the Retail Sales Holidays

You can prepare for the retail sales holidays in two parts:

  • Bringing all the shoppers to your store
  • Ensure all the shoppers leave your store completely satisfied with what they bought.

The 1st part accentuates the significance of holiday marketing, which includes:

  • Pop-up stores
  • Discounts
  • Promotional emails
  • Giveaways
  • Gift guides
  • Paid advertisements
  • Social media activities
  • Window display

But you can map out your marketing advance because of the retail holiday calendar. That way, you can easily plan out and develop the visual content, prepare the website in a timely manner, write down all the emails, and partner up with businesses or influencers.

When you want to open up a holiday pop-up store at a fair or market, this will surely give you plenty of time to take care of the logistics.

The 2nd part keeps its focus on the entire shopping experience and all the things that are included in it. There are some questions that you can utilize to optimize the store for holiday shopping. These questions are:

  • How to prepare the product inventory and offering?
  • Is it necessary to hire some temporary staff members?
  • How to effectively organize the staff shift schedules?
  • How to opt for store samplings or demos to magnify customer satisfaction and foot traffic?
  • Is it possible to provide all the order fulfillment options, such as curbside pickup, purchase online, or in-store pickup?
  • Will it be alright to move the physical store to the online platform to avoid crowds and serve all the customers during the holiday season?

Unify Your Sales Channels With Channelsale

Unify Your Sales Channels With Channelsale

ChannelSale unifies the sales channels and grants you the tools as well as services required for business management, market to customers, and integrating selling. So, the buyers on your site can witness a seamless shopping experience.

Final Remarks

To successfully navigate the e-commerce world, one must thoroughly understand the elements affecting consumer behavior. Be proactive, adaptable, and conscious of the shifting needs of your clients. By aligning your marketing initiatives with the e-commerce calendar from July to December 2023, you can position your business for maximum success.

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Quick Questionnaire On How Sellers Can Plan The Upcoming Holiday Sale

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Quick Questionnaire On How Sellers Can Plan The Upcoming Holiday Sale

For every e-commerce store, the holiday season is the busiest time for them. They need to make all the preparations so that they don’t face any issues or run out of stock. So, to make sure that the sellers don’t experience any issues, we have collated several answers from the experts here. Let’s get started:

Question 1: Before the holiday season begins, what all the sellers needs to do?

To make preparations quickly before the holiday season, all sellers must concentrate on utilizing their strategies in three different sections, such as fulfilling, selling, and marketing.  Under marketing, you must finalize the holiday budget and create an advertisement campaign. That way, it will become easier to implement before the beginning of the holiday season.

When there is plenty of time to optimize the campaigns, both the campaigns and the sellers will build relevance and history in the marketplace. For the selling part, you must check that all the products are available for purchase at the marketplace.

You should also check that the entire listing content is completely optimized. Don’t forget to review the titles, images, definitions, appropriate products, and bullet points. All these things will make sure that you gain success during the holiday season.

Question 2: In the area of product listing, what does “optimizing the product content” means?

You must have proper knowledge of your merchandise so that the procurer can comprehend whether or not the merchandise you’re marketing will match their needs. For instance, when you visit a physical shop, you will check out the products and touch and sell all the areas.

This is something that you must put under your consideration when making a product listing. You need to provide strong titles so that they can catch a customer’s attention effectively. You should also add several images to show all the purchasers the product you’re offering.

Question 3: What all the sellers should do to make sure that the inventory does not go out of stock?

To make sure that you don’t get to run out of stock during the holiday season, you should review and be proactive with the inventory forecasting work. Check the Q4 of the previous year, go through the yearly trends of the current year, and then decide on the growth objectives for Q4 2023. You should consider the products that sold the most in the previous year.

You must also consider all the new product lines and the features style of this year that should get prioritized. Be sure that you have a great amount of stock for all the prioritized and popular items that will surely satisfy all the early shoppers effectively.

Question 4: What can we do to avoid marketplace suspension as sellers? 

It takes some time for all the sellers to take care of the stock levels. But at times, many of the sellers don’t get the time to effectively verify compliance, monitor the expiration date, and evaluate the condition.  Due to the lack of attention, this can lead to many kinds of problems and will ultimately cause account suspension. So, the best way you can avoid these issues is by:

  • Verify the product compliance
  • Evaluate the product condition
  • Track the expiration date of the inventory
  • Review the present Amazon Prohibited Guidelines
  • Take a look at the present Amazon Safety Guidelines

Question 5: Can you share some tips on the delivery capabilities and make sure all the products reach the consumers on time?

It’s important to understand the shipment dates and then plan everything accordingly. To properly deal with shipment delays, here are some effective tips:

  • Effectively communicate with all the customers
  • Provide the free shipping option
  • Offer shipment tracking services
  • Partner up with all the domestic suppliers
  • Provide discounts and offers
  • To see an improvement in the delivery capabilities, the following tips can certainly help:
  • Align the product delivery with business strategy and product development
  • Concentrate on small groups of people
  • Make all the tech-related choices based on people and products
  • Stay agile and don’t opt for templates

Ending Phrase

The Q&A provided in this post can certainly help you gain more information on how sellers can make preparations for the upcoming holidays and take care of all the things. For Utilising Channelsale Team Expertise To Assist, Schedule Live Demo Meet.

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New Badge for Top-Performing Walmart Marketplace Sellers

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New Badge for Top-Performing Walmart Marketplace Sellers

The Walmart Marketplace is home to many sellers, but to make sure that you’re different from other sellers, you have to stay ahead of your competitors. That way, you will be viewed as a reliable seller.  The best way you can do so is by opting for the “Pro Seller Badge.” This a new and unique way to gain more success as a seller on the Walmart Marketplace. These seller badges, viewed as the mark of excellence, will be given to all those sellers who perform brilliantly.

Having this seller badge will help you get recognized for your excellent performance as a seller. Besides that, this badge will drive conversion and boost your business’s exposure on the online platform. You will also get the opportunity to obtain consumer confidence.

How to become qualified for Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge?

If you want to obtain a Pro Seller Badge for the Walmart marketplace, you have to become qualified for it. You should fulfill these criteria:

  • The seller should conduct less than 90% of the on-time delivers in the past 90 days
  • Sellers should have more than 2% of the cancellations in the past 90 days
  • Around 70% of the trending catalog of the seller should be less than 60%
  • Orders should be over 100 in the past 90 days
  • Sellers must not violate the performance standards or trust and safety
  • Sellers should stay active for 90 days.

Checking the status of the Pro Seller Badge: How it’s done?

If you wish to know about the status of the Pro Seller Badge, you can check out at the “Seller Center.” Whether your badge needs some enhancements or you’re already badged, you will pay for the information at the seller center.

  • Go to the “Analytics and Reports section and choose “Growth Opportunities.”
  • After that, visit the Listing Quality Dashboard
  • After that, go to the pro seller badge area and check the status

Once you go over the position of your seller insignia, it will give you a clue of whether or not it is complete. Be sure to stay rationalized with the badge’s position so that you can use it to gain triumph in the marketplace.

What makes pro-seller badges so vital?

When Walmart sellers have a pro seller badge, it will ensure all the customers that will receive an outstanding shopping experience. It can also let all the customers know they will receive premium-quality products at a great price.  Having these badges will also let the customers know that the sellers have been performing extremely well and only offers products that are double-checked.

Besides that, having a seller’s badge will also increase the conversion rate and show everyone that your business is reliable and trusted.

Last Words

The Pro Seller’s Badge from Walmart will help all the sellers greatly. It will enable them to gain more success than other sellers and also get to show all the customers that their business is trusted and offers top-quality products. It’s guaranteed that these badges will allow all the sellers to see an increase in the conversion rate.

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