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4 Things That Sellers Cry About In Amazon

Stephen Posted On - April 27, 2017

Amazon selling
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Since its establishment in 1994 till today, Amazon has managed to inspire the world with its innovative approach to buying and selling which only tends to get better by the days. Net sales of about $ 136 billion in 2016 followed with an income of 2.4 billion, employment of 45000 warehouse robots to maximize efficiency, hundreds of brands, 100,000 plus sellers and more are only reflective of the phenomenal, rather unstoppable progress of this marketplace. Amazon selling thus spells enormous possibilities of growth and profits for all sellers, irrespective of their volumes or nature.

Promising as it may be, selling in Amazon does come with its share of drawbacks that have been experienced by a growing number of sellers in this marketplace. Some of the most common factors that annoy the latter to tears can be mentioned as follows…

Cut throat competition –

While no one can deny that Amazon always overflowing with target buyers, it is also true that the number of sellers in this marketplace is way too high. Touching the 100,000 mark and counting, it is only obvious that competition is rather unforgiving in this marketplace. Therefore, sellers that do not take active steps to maintain high ranking can face serious consequences in the form of irrecoverable invisibility.

Sellers that are powered with solid integrations and multichannel syncing like Walmart Bigcommerce Amazon integration, have been seen to withstand the flood with success.

The web of fees –

Amazon selling is shrouded with a web of fees and commissions that are often incomprehensive to most sellers, especially beginners in this marketplace. From commissions to marketplace fees, from warehouses charges to FBA, there is a complex structure of payments that sellers need to navigate through in order to win even a cent in the name of profits. This complexity often gets the better of sellers till the time they integrate with high quality fee and profit calculation tools for redemption.

Impact of poor reviews and rating –

Amazon strictly upholds the fact that the customer is always right. Therefore, sellers are often seen to bear with returns and refunds with a smiling face for reasons that hold no ground. At the same time, sellers often find themselves dealing with nasty reviews from buyers for otherwise forgivable faults. This takes a toll on their visibility and ranking with no support from Amazon whatsoever.

The mystery of the buy box –

Lastly, the matter of the Buy Box and how to qualify for the same still remains a mystery with most sellers. Even the best of integrations, best of prices, best of reviews and best of listing practices have failed many sellers in gaining or retaining their place.

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Selling On Walmart Vs Selling On Amazon – Which To Choose And Why

Daniel Posted On - April 27, 2017

eBay Amazon tools
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Selling on Amazon and Walmart online marketplace has its share of unique advantages for merchants and 3P sellers in general. However, considering the differences in the nature of these two platforms, suitability of the same may differ from seller to seller. Here are some of the most common differences that have been experienced while selling on Walmart Vs Amazon, each of which have backed the decision of sellers to join the marketplaces or avoid it completely…

In terms of entry to the marketplace –

Gaining entry to Amazon can be just as easy as opening an account in the Seller Central. At the same time, the marketplace is open for sellers of all volumes and natures. on the other hand has very strict policies for 3P sellers who wish to sell in this platform. Basically, the sellers will have to be established and preferably large with long history of good reputation, fortified with strong operational super structures and unquestionable traffic pulling capabilities.

All applicants will thus have to wait for weeks for approval as runs a meticulous eye over the qualifications of the applicants.

In terms of visitors and repeat buyers –

Amazon throngs with over 300 million visitors which is way over the 90 million mark of This ensures maintaining the place of Amazon as the King of ecommerce while and eBay running a close second. Therefore, sellers that wish to gain greater exposure before larger number of target buyers, Amazon is the place to be.

In terms of competition –

Selling in Walmart Vs Amazon comes to a clash in this respect. While it is true that Amazon experiences a phenomenal number of visitors on a weekly / monthly basis, the level of seller competition in this marketplace is extremely high. At this very moment, there are over 100,000 sellers in Amazon and counting which makes it amply obvious that tens of sellers are active in each product category if not more.

Therefore, gaining an edge in Amazon and maintaining traffic to one’s store can be a traumatic and expensive experience for many. on the other hand has only a little over a hundred 3P sellers making it blissfully easy for the latter to sail through competition.

In terms of selling environment –

When it comes to selling environment though, can be a little too demanding as far as 3P sellers are concerned. While platforms like eBay and Amazon can get maintain harmonious selling by using basic eBay Amazon tools, Walmart sellers will have to walk an extra mile to stay in tune with the specifications of this marketplace. This goes out specially to Amazon sellers in Walmart marketplace that are required to walk on a double edged sword to make the most of this marketplace.

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5 Image Management Tips To Maximize Visibility Of Google Product Feed

Daniel Posted On - April 27, 2017

Google product feed
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Every aspect of your listing in Google Shopping is critically important when it comes to maximizing and maintaining visibility and traffic generation. While titles, descriptions, CPC strategies etc bear phenomenal significance in this respect, the matter of perfect and optimized image presentation should never be ignored by sellers. Images enhance the impact of Google product feed as far as creating trust and generating purchase motivation among target buyers is concerned.

Here are 5 image management tips that can help sellers maintain a long and profitable presence in this comparison shopping platform…

Images should neither be too big or too small –

Google Shopping has mentioned certain acceptable dimensions of product images that need to be maintained by sellers at all times. Images that are too large may not load properly and images that are too small may not be visible at all to the buyers. Either case can compromise purchase experience in the part of the latter which can impact seller interest negatively.

They should not contain watermarks or promotional texts –

Google Shopping has very strict policies on inorganic Google product feed optimization which includes images as well. Watermarking images and adding promotional texts are dealt with iron hands in this comparison shopping site with the guilty party facing loss of ranking or even suspension from the platform when caught.

‘Image not available’ will make your listing not available –

You cannot take the liberty of adding images later. Proper images should be added while creating the listing and should be clearly visible when the listing goes live. If your image is not available in an active listing, you can be rest assured that your presence will be invisible as well.

Always avoid image mismatch –

While most sellers are very careful about image mismatch, there are a few that still struggle with the issue. Adding wrong image for the listing that describes otherwise can be awarded with irrecoverable loss of visibility that no seller in Google shopping can afford.

Broken links must be avoided –

Broken links spell doom for listing in Google Shopping. Simply put, if Google cannot scrawl through your links to get to your images, there is no way you will find visibility in this marketplace.

Besides the mentioned, initiating end to end integration with shopping carts and other marketplaces of presence like Google Shopping Shopify Walmart integration etc. can add to creating robust listing standards in this platform.

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Walmart Vs eBay – 5 Differences To Consider

Stephen Posted On - April 26, 2017

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Rating: 4.5/5 (2 votes cast) and eBay are two marketplaces that share many similarities. From offering lowest prices and the best deals across hundreds of product categories to inviting millions of unique visitors month after month, these platforms are often recognized as monuments of possibilities for sellers in general. However, there are certain inherent differences in Walmart eBay marketplaces that make them compatible for some sellers while being strictly incompatible with the others. Here are 5 differences that all sellers must consider thoroughly before attempting to create a place in these online shopping destinations…

Getting into eBay is easier than –

In eBay, all you are required to do is open an account and get going at your risk. As far as is concerned, you need to apply for approval and wait for weeks till the marketplace grants you a go-ahead. Walmart is very strict with its 3P seller policies and not all applications are entertained.

Hobby selling is not entertained in –

If you have scrap to sell out of your cupboard, eBay should be your best friend. Walmart on the other hand, supports midsized to large sellers that are wholly and solely dedicated to crowd pulling on a serious month to month basis.

You cannot sell real estate on Walmart –

Taking a closer look at Walmart eBay comparison, the latter appears to be more accommodative as far as selling categories are concerned. For example, you can sell real estate, automobiles in eBay, but not in

Selling used and pre owned items is easy in eBay – is not a place where you can sell your pre used items. The nature of the marketplace does not support such acts and may compromise heavily on your visibility if any such attempts are made. In eBay however, pre used items can be sold as long as sellers are careful about adding the right descriptions for their listing.

eBay supports bidding equally as fixed price selling –

Versatility of eBay scores way over when it comes to fixed price selling and bidding. for 3P sellers revolves around fixed price selling only, which needs to be the lowest compared to the prices of the same products in other marketplaces. eBay on the other hand is open to sellers for fixed price selling and bidding equally allowing sellers to choose what works for them best.

Both Walmart and eBay though respond best when integrated end to end with respective shopping carts and other marketplaces of presence. Volusion, Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Walmart, eBay integrations etc can be mentioned as examples.

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The Downside Of eBay FBA And How To Overcome The Same

Stephen Posted On - April 26, 2017

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Using FBA for eBay orders can be productive in many ways considering the fact that the order completion and fulfillment solution of the platform is rather incomplete in nature. On seeking fulfillment by Amazon, eBay sellers can get exposed to numerous advantages that start with freedom from the hassle of packing, shipping and storage to gaining access to global fulfillment networks, faster deliveries, relief from inventory maintenance and much more.

Amazing as it appears, eBay FBA does come with its share of disadvantages that are best when not ignored by the users of this facility. More often than not, these flipsides can be very damaging and can compromise performance of the sellers to loss making levels. 3 of these drawbacks can be mentioned as follows…

Increased costs –

FBA is never a free service. Everything from packing to shipping to storage costs money which adds to the overall business expenditure in the part of the sellers. So, the amount that you intend to save through ‘no inventory maintenance in eBay’ will actually add up in FBA costs, often two times more. Did you know that you need to pay extra for inventory that is stocked for over 6 months as well as for insurance, signature verification and returns?

Loss of control on inventory –

Whether you are selling on Walmart marketplace or in eBay, using FBA will quite inevitably lead to loss of control on your inventory that is stocked in FBA warehouses. The only way you can keep a track of the inflow and outflow of your stock is by using Amazon’s online tracking system, which, in all honesty has not fetched amazing reviews till date.

Confusion among buyers –

This is yet another problem that can generate a few awful reviews in eBay. Buyers who buy from eBay and get Amazon parcels may not always be enlightened about FBA. Therefore, they may raise a question or two in the review section. While this has not been a massive problem till date, there is a propensity to ignite curiosity of the customers towards Amazon, thus increasing chances of losing them to the latter.

The solution to these problems can be as simple as initiating eBay FBA end to end integration with the assistance of quality software solutions and tools. Seeking solutions from promising e commerce solution developers can help sellers neutralize the negatives while enhancing the scope of FBA services in favor of their business.

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What Not To Forget While Managing Feed In Ecommerce Marketplaces

Daniel Posted On - April 20, 2017

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Making a calculated and well strategized approach to managing data feed can be your first weapon to beat competition raging in top ecommerce marketplaces this decade. From ‘how you present your data’ to ‘how to refresh the same to keep it alive’ decides your fate in terms of growth and revenues. New sellers that may have just woken up to the present e commerce data feed management trends, here are 4 rules that should be borne through the entire course of selling, month after month and even, year after year…

Data management in ecommerce starts with optimization –

You may already know about the importance of titles, descriptions and quality of images. However, if you are yet to learn about the importance of optimization per se, any time would be a good time to start. Whether you sell on sears or on Walmart, eBay, Amazon etc feed optimization is your first step to gaining extended visibility, traffic and sales while maintaining the levels at the same time.

The process basically involves inclusion of proper keywords in the titles / descriptions that will allow the search engines to locate your products over that of your competitors. To make things simpler, there are optimization softwares that can help with the process.

Never forget to keep refreshing optimization approach –

For those that believe optimization is a onetime process, things may get very difficult in the near future. Refreshing and updating optimization approach at regular intervals of time is critical in data feed management for the simple reason that something that may have been applicable 2 years ago may be obsolete and non-existent now.

Never forget to include the right product identifiers –

Product identifiers like GTINs, UPCs, ISBNs, EANs etc when used in relevant categories can enhance visibility of the feed many times over. This is very relevant in platforms like eBay and Amazon with more sale channels toeing the line. Learning proper usage of product identifiers at the very onset can be very rewarding in terms of business development.

Never forget to use the right tools and software solutions for the purpose –

The word ‘manual’ has disappeared from the world of e commerce especially with respect to managing core everyday operational processes. Thus, approaching feed management with the aid and assistance from the right tools and software solutions is not a choice any more, but rather mandatory.

Availability of effective yet affordable solutions offered by promising e commerce solution developers these days can be massive relief for new and budget crunched sellers that are looking for feed management excellence at the very onset.

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4 Steps To Healthy Amazon Inventory Management

Thomas Posted On - April 20, 2017

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Quality of Amazon selling and proportion of seller success is directly dependent upon the quality of inventory management in this marketplace. As has been witnessed over the past few years, problems like order defect rates increasing over 1% that is usually caused by order cancellation initiated by the sellers owing to over / under selling, can lead to immediate loss of ranking or suspension of the seller in this no nonsense marketplace.

Besides this, mismanaged Amazon inventory, especially those that are spread over multiple warehouses including FBA warehouses can directly result in profit drainage that can compromise monthly / annual revenues to a significant extent. To remain in the safer side of things, here are a few steps that sellers can embrace to initiate an yielding and harmonious inventory management process per se…

Always start with streamlined inventory to prevent over stocking –

Even if you are experiencing the best of demands, it will always work in your favor to maintain your inventory at a manageable level. Prevention of overstocking can instantly address a number of annoying issues starting with losing track of immobile inventory that eats up space and cost while not generating any income in return.

Maintain healthy relationship with the supply chain source –

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the supply chain source forms the back bone of maintaining streamlined inventory. This goes a very long way in proper demand prediction which helps sellers stock the right volume of inventory at the right time while generating maximum demand for the same.

Properly integrated feed management like Magento Amazon feed etc always helps in moving out the inventory faster which again contributes to lower warehouse costs and enhanced revenues.

Integrate with real time benefits –

Inventory integration is critical for third party Amazon sellers that do not receive any benefits from the marketplace in this respect. Approaching professional integration services is imperative for staying in tune with the evolution of the marketplace and its requirements. Real time inventory integration is one of the most important features that all sellers must insist upon for effortless yet error free performance.

Always use fee calculation tools –

Lastly, using fee calculation tools to manage inventory costs especially the super structure of FBA charges, can work wonders in terms of cost cutting and revenue management. While fee calculation tools are not intimately linked with the process of inventory management per se, they certainly add a boost to the entirety of the system for enhanced seller benefit.

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To Maximize The Uses Of Amazon Seller Central

Stephen Posted On - April 20, 2017

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The Seller Central in Amazon is a massive web interface that is wholly dedicated to improve seller performance in infinite different ways in this ever expanding marketplace. In fact, almost all new sellers (other than those that have been invited by Amazon) have to start their selling through the Amazon seller central for a relatively hassle free performance. From managing orders to tracking performance reports, from managing listing to accessing FBA, there is everything that this solution offers to the users of the same.

While it is true that many new sellers often believe that the seller central is an all inclusive master solution to all matters related to selling in Amazon, it is very necessary to understand that this interface comes with its share of shortcomings. In fact, it can be said with confidence that no seller should be blinded by the existing scope of the seller central to an extent that the shortcomings are ignored and left unattended.

Certain common inadequacies of the Amazon seller central that many sellers have been complaining about can be mentioned as follows…

Burden of work is very high in comparison with vendor central sellers –

This is mainly with respect to the fact that the sellers are required to be in charge of just about everything from inventory to returns, pricing and promotion, none of which will be handled even partially by Amazon.

Secondly, seller central users don’t usually get to access traffic and rating boosting support facilities like Amazon vine or Amazon pantry that leaves a massive gap in terms of competition with the vendor central users.

Thirdly, there have been infinite occasions when sellers failed to use the seller central in terms of accessing accounts or adding products etc. even with the best of system and signal strength in their favor.

Keeping in mind that nothing under the sun is perfect, sellers will have to act upon the insufficiencies as soon as they show up or while subscribing to this interface at the very onset. Approaching proper integration solution providers like those that offer syncing services for top platforms like Bigcommerce eBay, Shopify Amazon, Magento Google Shopping etc can be very beneficial in the sense that these providers are likely to house worthy Seller central integration solutions as well. These solutions usually add necessary features to the seller central to bridge the shortcomings while ensuring smooth and effective performance.

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Why Titles Are Important In Amazon Listing

Thomas Posted On - April 19, 2017

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Name matters… and this applies for e commerce product listing as well especially for top performing marketplaces like Amazon. Titles play a massive role in determining discoverability and ranking of products in this top online shopping destination. Sellers should thus ensure that they do everything in their power and scope to name their products right.

Basically, there are 3 primary functions of titles in Amazon listing or product listing for any other marketplaces for that matter…

Introduction –

Titles are the first step to introducing your product before target buyers in this marketplace. If your titles fail to justify the product or catch the attention of the buyers, you may end up losing your sale to your competitors.

Ranking –

Search ranking in Amazon depends in every way possible on the titles of the products. Inclusion of the right keywords in the titles as part of optimization can help sellers win higher search ranking in the marketplace which is critically important with respect to the cut throat competition raging in this platform right now.

Purchase motivation –

Titles build purchase motivation in buyers and there are no two ways about it. Buyers read through comprehensive titles first along with the images before going into the descriptions followed by checkout or abandoning the product.

3 Dos for profitable Amazon titles –

Considering the role that titles play not just in ecommerce marketplaces but also with respect to comparison shopping engine management, here are 3 universal ‘Dos’ that can yield very productive results…

Always start with research –

This is the first step to success. Researching on how to land with the most suitable titles can help sellers getting in right at one shot. Taking a sneak peek at the titles posted by well-off competitors can be rewarding. However, copying the same word to word will amount to making a regrettable mistake.

Use keyword optimization tools –

Titles that are rich in proper keywords are titles that win the most visitors. Using effective keyword research tools and optimization solutions can help massively in terms of saving time and efforts while yielding error free results as well.

Keep it real and legit –

There numerous instances of sellers writing mini essays as titles with keywords that may be fetching the highest search ranking but are nowhere in tune with the concerned product. This is an inauthentic approach to title management that can be rewarded with loss of ranking and should thus be avoided.

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6 Step Guide For Amazon Sellers To Handle Poor Reviews

Daniel Posted On - April 17, 2017

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Selling in Amazon is not always a bed of roses. There are times when the bomb drops in the form of ugly reviews that can bring even the best of sellers with the strongest of nerves to tears. Besides the foul interplay of words, poor receiving reviews in Amazon can spell a number of disasters starting all the way from warnings and loss of ranking to outright ousting from the platform. The only silver lining lies with the fact that it is possible to handle poor reviews in Amazon with tact and positive outcome.

Here are 6 steps in which Amazon sellers can do the needful without much difficulty…

Don’t lose your sleep or go into depression –

Being calm is the first thing to do after receiving stinging criticism from the concerned buyer. You should be aware about the fact that poor reviews can be handled and plan your next step instantly.

Don’t slap a rude or intimidating reply in your defense –

While it is basic human nature to defend, you don’t have to do it in the lines of intense drama. Bad mouthing or intimidating the customers while replying to their comments is usually not entertained by Amazon.

Don’t bribe the customer to take the review back –

Even if you are tempted to bribe customers in terms of dramatic rebates discounts or free products in lieu of taking their review back, be assured that the action will be counter productive.

Communicate with the customer immediately in a polite and professional tone –

This is perhaps the most responsible action that all sellers must take after receiving poor reviews. Asking the customer about what exactly went wrong preceded by an apology for whatever has caused them inconvenience has always worked in favor of the sellers.

If you can correct the damages, do it instantly with an apology –

If there has been an unintended slip in your part, apologize and make amends instantly. This can be with respect to offering complete reimbursement for the product or replacing the same along with partial reimbursements etc.

If however, the issue is no fault of your own, you can request Amazon to remove it –

There is a complete process for review removal which sellers can initiate and succeed in as well.

At present, there are many ecommerce solution developers that offer high quality integration solutions like Volusion Google Shopping / eBay / Amazon etc. that offer quality review management systems as well. Approaching these professionals can ease the matter of poor reviews by miles.

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Seller Central Facts All New Amazon Sellers Must Know

Thomas Posted On - April 13, 2017

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There are infinite advantages of the seller central in Amazon that makes it a top favorite among an ever booming ecosystem of third party sellers performing in this marketplace. However, one should also not deny that this support system is not complete in itself and possess a number of drawbacks that can pose as obstacles in the path of growth and development of sellers, particularly the newer and smaller entities.

Thorough enlightenment though, has always been the first step towards approaching the super structure of Amazon seller central more responsibly and profitably. Learning about this support solution prevents new sellers from facing rude surprises on countering these shortcomings. Here is a list of facts that experienced sellers in this marketplace insist that all newer entities must know for a healthy and constructive selling future with the seller central…

  • All third party independent sellers need to start their endeavors by registering with the seller central following a set of easy steps that can be approached and completed very easily. After registering, sellers can start their operations almost immediately.
  • On commencing operations through Amazon seller central, sellers will be exposed to basic fee setup of 15% referral fee on selling price of products along with FBA charges if applicable.
  • Sellers can expect to be paid two weeks after the sale is made.
  • With the seller central, sellers can exercise greater control on product listing, pricing and other such matters. On the flip side though, the product pages and advertising options are very basic in nature. Therefore, competing with vendor central entities wile being a seller central subscriber can get a little too tough.
  • Seller central subscribers need to engage in crisp customer service because Amazon will not handle the same as in Vendor central. This can create a certain degree of hassle for new sellers considering the fact that most in this group lack quality customer service setup owing to inexperience or costs.

Taking a close look at these facts, many sellers may feel that it could be much easier to sell Walmart on eBay than balancing the pros and cons the seller central. The simplest and the most effective solution to making the most of this inventive seller support platform of Amazon is to carry out end to end integration to bridge the shortcomings successfully. Approaching authentic e commerce solution developers for the purpose can be productive and affordable at the same time.

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3P Seller Guide To Walmart Marketplace

Thomas Posted On - April 13, 2017

walmart marketplace
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Walmart e commerce marketplace is a platform of opportunities for infinite reasons. The induction of 3P sellers has been one of the most crucial phases in the steady and speedy development of this marketplace allowing it to attain the second position in USA after Amazon.

Opening up of opportunities however, does not necessarily translate into immediate profits in the part of Walmart third party sellers considering the fact that the latter need to abide by a long list of rule only to maintain visibility and remain in the good books of this marketplace.

This basically requires the sellers to be thorough with the rules before approaching this platform in the first place. Here are 5 such rules that need to be taken into account urgently by all third party sellers from the first day on…

  • Move on if your application is not accepted or is delayed for an indefinite period. Sometimes it is better to let go than hang onto an opportunity that can never be yours. is known for possessing a soft corner for category leaders and brand owners. If you are neither, it is remotely possible that your application will ever get green signal from the marketplace.
  • Once accepted, set up and integrate flawlessly to have a healthy debut. has partnered with some of the most ingenious e commerce solution developers that are equipped to offer flawless head to toe integration services with the aid and assistance of top performing tools and software solutions. Unlike common belief, these solutions are very affordable, compact and comprehensive as well. Therefore, sellers need not think twice before approaching the same for the sake of achieving a healthy head start.
  • Respect the rules established by Walmart especially with respect to product pricing. assures lowest price in all products across all product categories to its loyal buyers. Maintaining this rule thus critical for the sake of sustained visibility and high ranking.
  • Using necessary tools and software solutions is important for gaining better visibility. This can be with respect to end to end multi channel integration like Magento eBay Walmart or for basic operational processes like listing, inventory / order management, review management, optimization or anything else for that matter.
  • Amazon sellers need to be extra cautious all the time mainly because Walmart has laid out a special set of pre and post set up requisites particular to this lot. This is not only with respect to prices that need to be lesser in Walmart than in Amazon, but also with respect to driving more traffic to the former than the latter.
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Amazon Sellers’ Top Favorite Selling Tools 2017

Thomas Posted On - April 11, 2017

online sellers
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2017 is the year of the tools in Amazon selling, and sellers intending to brave their way without the assistance of these mini technological geniuses can face consequences as bad as loss of ranking followed closely by loss in growth and profits. Going by current seller verdict, here are four of the most popular and effective Amazon selling tools that are likely to maintain their importance for years to follow…

Fee and profit calculation tools –

Among the many complains that sellers usually harbor about Amazon, the complexity of marketplace fees and commission features somewhere at the top. Miscalculation of fees whether marketplace or FBA and incorrect product pricing leads to seepage of profits to a significant extent.

The solution lies in using Amazon fee and profit calculation tools that can offer a accurate insight to how much profit can be expected by the seller on selling a certain product at a certain price including fees and commissions. Similar tools are also available for eBay, Walmart marketplace fee calculations as well.

Optimization tools –

Visibility is everything is Amazon. Sellers that cannot maintain their visibility in the first page of the search ranking or the buy box can expect to dwindle in the face of fierce competition that is not likely to subside anytime soon. Maintaining visibility is only possible with proper organic optimization carried on from time to time.

Using high quality optimization tools with extensive automated reach can thus be a lifesaver for sellers in terms of enhancement of productivity and sustained visibility at the same time.

Review generation and management solutions –

Amazon buyers these days can conduct search for their chosen products based on quality of reviews and ratings. It is thus necessary for the sellers to ensure generating as many reviews and ratings as possible in order to gain better visibility and ranking in the search engine. At present, there are a number of e commerce solution developers that offer organic review generation and management solutions that can cater to the cause successfully. As icing on the cake, these tools are affordable and very comprehensive as well.

Fraud prevention tools –

While it is true that fraud prevention tools are more applicable in eBay than Amazon, but cases of fraudulent payments rather non-payment against delivered products has been reported in Amazon as well. Using fraud prevention tools can thus seal such open gaps preventing any loss of profits through inauthentic purchasers.

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5 Reasons Why Sears Can Be A Profitable Part Of Your Ecommerce Endeavor

Daniel Posted On - April 11, 2017

magento amazon
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The year of 1886 marked the birth of Sears as a mail order watch resale entity that worked up revenues worth 800,000$ within the next 9 years. While the Great depression that hit the world during this era had posed Herculean obstacles in the path of this revolutionary venture, Sears managed to resurface and expand within no time at all. Since then till now, this entity has witnessed innumerable ups and downs through generations while maintaining its significance in the American market in every way possible.

In the 21st century and exactly 131 years since its inception, Sears holds its head high as one of the leading e commerce marketplaces where buyers can locate some of the best deals in some of the most popular product categories. However, as has been expressed by the e commerce gurus, and very sadly too, Sears may be dying a slow and imperceptible death owing mostly to the level of competition posed by Giants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

The question that most ecommerce sellers are coming face to face with is whether it would be worthwhile to sell on Sears at all or not considering the fact that there are other promising marketplaces that are aimed at making growth and profits more easily achievable. in this respect, 5 very valid arguments have been extended by the present sellers in Sears about why it is worthwhile to make this platform a part of any e commerce endeavor…

Sears is a very recognized name that has its history stretching over generations. Therefore, winning the trust of customers will never be too difficult

Sears welcomes over 16 million visitors to its online marketplace every single month and counting which can boost traffic and sale almost instantly

Sears marketplace fees is manageable and in tune with other top performing platforms.

Sears has its own order fulfillment set up that can be availed for as less as 40$ per month.

As has been expressed by successful sellers in this marketplace, Sears offers a nearly no risk start that is not usually offered by any other marketplace.

Guidance on how do you sell on Sears is more easily locatable these days than availing guidance on how do you spell Walmart which makes it a practical treat for sellers that wish to include this platform as an integral part of their multi channel e commerce ventures.

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How To Make Walmart Amazon Integrated Selling Error Free

Daniel Posted On - April 5, 2017

eBay auction listing services
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Walmart Amazon integrated selling can be very productive and profitable for motivated e commerce sellers at large. Winning millions of unique visitors from both marketplaces (that can often count up to over 100 million every month) is a literal treat to extended visibility and traffic that no seller in his or her sane mind can overlook easily. The only hindrance in the way to achieving phenomenal growth and profits though, can be caused by the clashes that are inherent in selling on Walmart and Amazon at the same time.

Some of the most common problems are associated with price related mishaps, inventory / order hiccups, failure to offer acceptable standards of purchase experience to buyers and many more. While the issues often sound a little too difficult to overcome, error free integrated selling in these two marketplaces is actually not very difficult to achieve. In fact, here are 4 tried and tested ways in this respect that can help sellers march towards the right direction…

Start your endeavors with professional integration assistance –

Commencing Walmart Amazon selling without carrying out proper integration is considered an act of grievous carelessness. End to end integration including shopping carts like Shopify Amazon Walmart syncing etc. should be listed as top priority.

Use integrated listing management systems to harmonize product management –

Everything in Amazon Walmart integrated selling boils down to how you list your products in both platforms. Basically, sellers have to ensure offering equal value of products in both marketplaces with none preceding the quality of the other while adhering to the listing guidelines stipulated by the respective platforms perfectly. Difficult as this may sound, using integrated listing management systems can help ease the issue significantly.

Price management softwares are indispensable –

Selling on Walmart and Amazon can invite price related hassles considering the fact that wants sellers to list at the lowest prices while Amazon does not want its sellers to present the same items in some other marketplace with a lower price tag. This otherwise confusing problem can be sorted out with the use of evolved pricing management softwares.

Integrating inventory management systems is necessary to prevent acceleration of order defect rates – as well as Amazon are both very particular about maintaining order defect rates in sellers to less than 1%. In order to remain in the safer side of things, sellers can always fall back on improved inventory integration systems that can offer a protective shield against all possible errors that can lead to an increase in order defect rates or other associated problems.

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