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Jump your sales on Sears Marketplace with these 5 Tips

Daniel Posted On - October 16, 2017

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One of the best things about selling on Sears marketplace is low competition. Unlike the scenario is on the likes on Amazon and eBay, things are much relaxed here. And even more lucrative if vendors are selling appliances! No wonder, while newbies buy into the hype of popular marketplaces, smart sellers go for channels like Sears that are often underrated.

All being said, while Sears promises flowering result, that’s only for those with smart strategies. For the rest, making decent sales isn’t as swift.

Do you sell on Sears? Want to boost your sales?

Here are 5 tips to help you jump your sales:

Beat competitors in price

The easiest way to beat your competitors is by lowering the price of your products. This also means you’re going to have to compromise in your profit margin. We say, for the starters, go for it. Every big thing once started small; so take marginal profit with cheap price until you have managed to acquire a decent number of customers. Then tweak your pricing strategy and focus on customer retention.

Market outside this platform

Optimizing your store and products will help you improve the sales. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any less effort in other areas of digital marketing. You can easily attract, engage and convert your target audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the right set of messages.

Integrate with other channels

To bring consistency in your operations and more efficiency and convenience, signup to multi-channel e-commerce solutions and integrate all your selling channels from Magento Sears to Walmart Sears. Handle listings, inventories, feeds and order fulfillment easily under single roof.

Learn from analytics

Leverage analytics tool to optimize your strategies. Check how many customers are visiting but not buying, why products are getting added in carts but not selling, why others’ products are ranking higher than yours. Find these answers and boost your sales easily by fixing loopholes.

Move on if it’s not working

Not every platform is going to suit your products and goals. Some will deliver you more sales, others less. So if things aren’t looking good on Sears marketplace for quite some time now, maybe it’s time to move on and focus more on other channels.

These are 5 tips that will help you do well not just only as Sears seller but a regular online seller. Be smart and know what will work, what won’t and when it’s time to move on for better opportunities.

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Google Product Feed Productivity Guide 2017 For Multi Nation Sellers

Stephen Posted On - March 17, 2017

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Multination sellers in Google Shopping need to take a lot more into account than just the basics in terms of data feed management. With 2017 making a dramatic start, here are a few factors that require maximum attention in terms of multination Google product feed especially for sellers that have just commenced with their expansion endeavors…

Every bit of information has to be precise –

Precision in information provided is non-negotiable. This is mainly in terms of currency and product value with relevance to the country in which the feed will feature.

You will need to create country specific feed –

This is one of those hassles that are prevalent in multination product feed for Google. In simple words, the same product feed cannot be applied across all countries. The sellers will thus have to create new ad campaigns for each product that are to be showcased by Google in the respective nation.

The basics apply universally –

The basics of Google product feed management applies to multination endeavors as well. This is with respect to ensuring perfection and applicable rules while designing product titles, images etc.

Organic optimization will maintain its relevance –

Organic optimization for product feed in Google is applicable through all nations. If you wish to be seen, you will have to approach proper optimization in terms of proper keyword usage in titles, using optimized images, enhanced product value, perfect pricing that is frequently updated and many more.

The endeavor has to be fortified with the usage of updated softwares and tools –

If you wish to approach multination Google presence without the aid of proper automation softwares and tools, you may be in for rude shocks raising their head when you are least expecting them.

At all times, you will have to have the entirety of your efforts integrated without scope for faults and errors. Many ecommerce solution developers that offer high quality integration solutions like Walmart Sears, Amazon eBay etc. also house tools that are suitable for supporting multination Google shopping endeavors. These solutions should be used from the very first day onwards for enhanced results/

CPC budget requires meticulous planning –

Last but not the least, managing your CPC budget may require meticulous planning especially when your efforts are spread across many nations with many different kinds of currencies involved. Seeking professional assistance in this respect is perhaps the wisest way to remain at a safe distance from unrewarding bottle necks.

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7 Tactics to beat successful online sellers in revenue (very) quickly

Stephen Posted On - March 6, 2017

magento amazon
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Some entrepreneurs launch their online stores, stride faster than the rest with smart (and timely) decisions, and start making thousands in revenue in no time. And then there are those who, even after being in the market for years, struggle with poor sales and marginal profit. Can you relate to the later group of sellers?

Your competitors are making more than you, not necessarily because you’re working less hard, but because they are smart in their strategies, which always keep you a step behind them.
Want to jump ahead?

It isn’t really as difficult. You can do that—and that, quickly and without working for more hours. Here are 7 tactics to beat successful online sellers in revenue-

1. Integrate storefronts for higher efficiency

You’re wasting countless hours by heading to individual platforms and manually handling the technical ends of your various storefronts. Just signup to a reliable (and affordable) multi-channel e-commerce software solution and integrate all your marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines—from Magneto Amazon to Walmart Sears. Now control everything, including product listing, real-time multi-channel inventory management and order fulfillment, from a centralized platform.

2. Offer ‘exclusive’ discounts

Being competitive is a key for online sellers to drive more sales. However, another side of this is that you will also have to settle for meager profit margin. Perhaps for this reason is pricing your products considered so tricky. When putting a price tag on your products, aside your own revenue goals, also consider other factors including the strategies of your competitors and current market trends. Offering limited-time period ‘exclusive’ discounts is one simple way to instantly boost your sales and take over your competitors.

3. Have a winning post-sales follow-up

Your business is a success if you manage to build a long-term relationship with your customers who not only make repeated purchases from you but also act as your product ambassador who triggers word-of-mouth marketing and boost your sales, both in the short and long run, with no promotional effort and investment whatsoever. How you do this? By engaging your buying customers with a solid post-sales follow-up.

4. Invest in retaining old customers

Here are what studies and numbers says about customer retention-

  • 40 percent of an e-commerce store’s revenue is generated by 8 percent of its customers; and these 8 percent are the repeated buyers.
  • 82 percent of companies agree that retention is cheaper to execute than acquisition.
  • The average repeat customers spend 67 percent more in their 31st to 36th months of their relationship with a business than in months 0-6.

These numbers prove well just how important and profitable customer retention could be. It’s the easiest way, in fact, to generate more sales without hefty cost. Focus more on retaining your old customers and edge your successful competitors like a pro.

5. Get to blogging

Blogging is, undoubtedly, one of the most underrated assets in the online retail scene. Know how to master it and you can quadruple your direct and indirect sales easily. While top names in the industry do blog, there are still many who are oblivious to its potential. Start writing blog posts today and get ahead of so many of your competitors in the most comfortable way possible. WordPress is possibly the most popular blogging platform.

6. Take hands of professionals

Your pace and efficiency will be much better if you have experienced professionals by your side. So get rid of your lone-wolf mentality. These days, top e-commerce solution providers are also offering managed services to the retailers/resellers, helping them with a range of backend, time-consuming activities, like listing optimizations, troubleshoot errors, program enhancement and profitability management. So pick a good e-commerce solution provider who also offers additional services and let them guide you move forward with big strides.

7. Reduce ‘hit and miss’ instances

When mapping marketing and pricing strategy, you’re not going to hit all the chords perfectly. However, making mistakes – and that, often – has its own cost, even if you think you’re learning with every experience. You must aim to reduce the ‘hit and miss’ instances and try to be more efficient in every direction. How? One simple way is to look the successful competitors, learn from them and beat them in their own game.

These are 7 tactics that would help you beat even the most successful of online retailers in terms of sales and revenue. Now you know, get to working. Be smart and strategic enough when making decisions.

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5 Amazon Tools You Cannot Do Without In 2017

Stephen Posted On - January 5, 2017

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>Boosting your performance in Amazon this year may require some added assistance from tools and software solutions. This applies to all types of sellers of all volumes and all brackets of revenues. It has been predicted that competition will bubble up to the surface this year with the marketplace taking keen notice of the minutest details that add to or take away from seller performance quality. Sellers on the other hand need to ensure that their basic operation management is faultless, quick and smooth so that they can offer the best purchase experience to buyers while maintaining their rapport with the search engines and algorithms of Amazon.

>For sellers who are yet to get introduced to the necessary Amazon selling tools, here is a small list that can be considered almost immediately…

Optimization tools

>If you have been optimizing your product listing manually, this may be the best time to use tools and software solutions for the purpose. Optimization tools and softwares are designed to automate processes that can otherwise claim hours of time every single day till optimum advantages are experienced.

Pricing ad repricing tools

>Price fluctuations in competitor products happen by the second in Amazon and you cannot keep track of the same and introduce changes in your own pricing effectively if you are approaching the process manually. Pricing and repricing tools can achieve the desired outcomes within minutes even when you are not sitting before your system in person.

Fee and profit calculating tools

>Calculating Amazon fees and determining profits per sale can be very difficult when approached manually. In fact, manual attempts in this respect can be fraught with miscalculations that can land you with unpleasant surprises when you are least expecting. Adding FBA to the basket will require your mathematical skills to supersede the ordinary. The best relief would be to have an Amazon fee / profit calculating tool installed and let the softwares handle all the brainwork.

Review generation tools

>Whether Amazon Walmart, Sears, or even, reviews will be critically important this year as far as product visibility within the marketplace is concerned. Using organic review generation tools is one of the many ways to gain better and more positive reviews without you having to depend upon the good will of the buyers.

Tools for fraud management

>Last but not the least, you can always consider installing fraud management tools that can alert you about fake transactions and prevent you from shipping products to inauthentic buyers.

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Do You Really Need A Store For eBay Selling?

Stephen Posted On - November 25, 2016

eBay Selling
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eBay stores are usually considered one of the best ways to manage presence in this top and fast performing marketplace. Owning an eBay store allows better exposure before target buyers, improved ranking in search results and most importantly, higher degree of dependability with buyers at large. Sellers with stores in eBay can also access features to improve the look of their store fronts which again, is a very potent means of winning the attention of purchase motivated traffic that can be expected to come back over and over again.

The question, are store suitable for all entities engaged with eBay selling? Here are three factors that can help enthusiasts make their decision for a brighter future in this marketplace…

Volume of business

eBay stores are usually compatible with high volume sellers that have hundreds of products in their listing and thousands of unit worth of inventory stored across multiple warehouses in eBay. As is obvious, the revenues generated by these large sellers have to overcome the costs involved in hosting a store in the first place.

As far as small and hobby sellers are concerned, maintaining a store can be more unproductive than otherwise. More often than not it has been seen that sellers with lesser than 200 products in their listing don’t get high search ranking as is otherwise expected. At the same time, inability to manage costs can lead to losses than cater to building profits.

Power seller status

Sellers with the power seller badge can have an edge in this respect. Power sellers are usually high volume sellers, with amazing performance records that can already fetch them the visibility and dependability they need to maintain stores in the first place.

Health of business

Irrespective of how voluminous your business may be, if it is not in good health in terms of growth charts and profits, store may become black holes for sucking out revenues than otherwise.

Whether in eBay, Walmart, Sears, Amazon or any other platforms for that matter, building stores is always considered a luxury that can be handled only by a remote few. In very simple words, if you don’t have the bulk, the revenues or heath, it is better to opt for the regular selling options than approaching stores. If you do feel that stores are your thing, it is wise to continue with proper integration and automation tools offered by dependable providers for wholesome and optimum benefits.

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