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Amazon Listing Optimization & A9 Algorithm

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The process of improving the products ranking for specific search queries so that the products can rank higher on the organic search result is seen as listing optimization. This can be done by optimizing the description, keywords, adding quality images and enhancing sellers reputation. The process of listing optimization is aimed at increasing traffic and conversion on the marketplace.


Working on Amazon’s ranking system can be complex and even mysterious to some sellers at times. However, it is possible to extrapolate the patterns as to how some products perform better than others. Product listings on Amazon may be influenced by several factors with listing optimization being the most important one.

A9 Algorithm

Amazon has developed an A9 search engine algorithm for product ranking and search.  Amazon has been using the machine learning algorithm for two years and it is growing with time. A9 uses search methodology for reading and analyzing all the data on Amazon and provides the best possible choices. The framework for ranking products is based on Artificial Intelligence and uses the principle of relevance to show relevant matches for shoppers queries.  Hence it is very important for sellers to optimize their listings to ensure that their attributes have strong relevance to shoppers queries.

The details of how A9 works is a closely guarded secret with Amazon. However, we have identified key factors on how the A9 algorithm works and explained how sellers can use them to increase their ranking and optimize their listings.

A9 for Listing Optimization

Below are a few recommendations on optimizing your listing considering Amazons A9 algorithm. Ensure that you follow them on all your top performing product categories and monitor progress on a regular basis.

Text Match Relevance 

Amazon’s A9 algorithm uses an intrinsic ranking system for text match relevance which factors in all text content uploaded as attributes for your listing as per the search terms entered by the shoppers. It is very important that sellers upload optimized and engaging titles, descriptions rich in keywords for having a high-ranking listing.

Out of Stock Listings

Sellers must have noticed that their listings lose top ranking when their products go out of stock. This is because the A9 algorithm factors in stock availability for product ranking. With Amazon, out of stock listings not just impacts the ranking but also has a negative impact on seller performance rating and Amazon account health. The results are a drop in overall sales. So to tip is, do not wait to restock.

Product Price

A9 algorithm will display high ranking and top selling products as per relevant search terms. Product pricing is also considered to check if it is suitable and competitive. Using a repricing solution helps but it is necessary to maintain a balance.

HD Images

Product images are everything for an online shopper. It is essential for a seller to have clear, bright and good quality images from different angles to increase ranking for A9 and eventually increase the sales conversion.

Amazon recommends a minimum resolution of 1280 pixels. However, it is recommended to have an ultra HD image with a minimum resolution of 2560 pixels. It is better to have images with 3D rendering for better customer experience. Top listings on Amazon generally have on average 6 to 8 images.


While creating a product URL, Amazon picks up the first 5 words of the listing title. Since these 5 words comprise 80% of the title on search engine result page, it is recommended to have the most relevant keywords at the start of the title. For better results, ensure to have around 100 to 120 characters in the title. Keywords can be separated by pipes (|) or dashes (-) so the title does not look cluttered. It is good to mention, color, brand, sizes, quantity etc on the title. Capitalizing first letter of every word helps make the title presentable.

Reviews & Ratings 

Positive reviews and ratings have a significant influence on the A9 algorithm for determining the listing quality. A good seller will create an incredible experience for customers with positive reviews from previous customers.

Amazon does not permit offering incentives to the buyers for reviews but sellers can request for a review a few months after the purchase. It is a good habit to engage customers by providing answers to their questions on the Q & A section.


Shoppers use Amazon marketplace almost as often as they use Google search engine. With millions of potential customers searching for products on a daily basis, it is important that your products stand out. For a seller to be successful, it is very important that they optimize their listings to match Amazon’s A9 algorithm. It is important that the products stand out not just by the way of listing content but also with user experience and after sales service.

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Amazon seller software enabling your online store to work synchronized with Amazon

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Your virtual business on the Shopify store is doing fine and you are happy with the performance. But now you want the world to know about your product and undertake major expansion plans! Expansion and growth is the aim of every developing business but in order to create an impact in the virtual world, your Shopify store alone cannot do much without the support and push from a big player like Amazon.

Shopify Amazon

Using the right Amazon Seller software is extremely crucial – using inefficient and misleading software can badly affect your online business. On the other hand, some software or Apps available in the market could be on the expensive side and sheer waste of money. There is however, a cost-effective solution to all this and you need to find the right one for your business. While some Amazon seller software are quite cheap in the market there are many that have way too many feature that your online business may not need at the moment or in the future.

It is apt to integrate your Shopify e-store and the Amazon seller platform comprehensively using the right Shopify Amazon software from the right software developer. Integrated software integrates both the Shopify and the Amazon platform at the backend in a manner that it enables one-stop control over most of administrator related work. From replacing manual listing of products and prices, to keeping a vigilant watch on the inventory and updating prices and product descriptions, the right Amazon seller software will enable optimal functioning in the finest way.

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5 Acts Of Carelessness That Can Heavily Compromise Amazon Selling

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When you are selling in Amazon with the ambition to achieve uncompromised growth and profits, the only thing that can catch you in the wrong foot is ‘carelessness’. While it is true that no one can be 100% perfect all the time, there are certain acts of callousness that should be consciously avoided in order to make the process of Amazon selling more organized, smooth and gainful…

Using inorganic optimization methods –

Acts of inorganic optimization like keyword stuffing in titles, over pricing at the time of checkout etc is notoriously active among a number of over ambitious sellers. Inorganic optimization does result in steep sudden visibility, but it is also a cause for instant scrapping of listing when Amazon eventually finds out.

Not initiating end to end integration shopping carts with Amazon –

Many sellers in Amazon, mainly small to midsized sellers, still believe that end to end integration is a piece of fiction that costs a whole lot of money but bears no real result. These entities are usually the first to fight a dying battle with visibility and face eventual demise in the marketplace.

Taking reviews for granted –

While the core operational processes still maintain their place in Amazon selling; associated processes like review generation, that is directly linked with growth and reputation building should never be taken for granted. Buyers these days can base their search on reviews and ratings making this and essential factor when it comes to boosting visibility or even gaining a chance at the buy box. Not considering reviews with due importance can thus rob sellers of extended opportunities in terms of competition.

Saying no to tools and software solutions –

selling trends in Amazon is moving at futuristic speed which needs to be supported with the right tools and software solutions. Deciding to make a manual effort in this platform at this age of e commerce can be the biggest act of carelessness any seller can possibly adopt.

Be it integrated operation management like Magento Amazon feed management or inventory / order control across multiple channels of sale, appropriate software solutions that cater to improved automation and feature inclusion is critically important.

Offering same products at lower prices in other marketplaces of presence –

This is applicable mostly to sellers that are present across multiple marketplaces of sale. The ground rule is… Amazon sellers cannot offer the same products in other marketplaces at lower prices. This can get very difficult for sellers especially those that are present in, but the rule needs to be respected at all times. Using proper price management tools can help in this respect.

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4 Steps To Maintain Walmart Amazon Selling Harmony Perfectly

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Rating: 2.0/5 (1 vote cast) and Amazon are serious competitors and neither of the platforms is in the mood to relax their strategies towards the other. At this very moment, is in the process of inviting top sellers of Amazon to perform to perform under their wing; with something like ‘Will knock you out with your own weapon’ attitude. While sellers have a whole lot to gain from their presence in both of these speeding marketplaces, there could be certain lethal obstacles that can make them trip and fall disastrously. Maintaining Walmart Amazon selling harmony is thus very important at all times. Referring to these 4 steps can be very helpful in this respect.

Learn about the inevitable hurdles of Amazon Walmart selling at the onset

If you are an Amazon seller all set to start in, please read up about the hurdles you can face while performing simultaneously in these two marketplaces at the very onset. You need to be informed about everything that could go wrong so that you can take the right steps at the right time to prevent mishaps like loss of ranking, visibility or even warnings for suspension from both marketplaces.

Integration is the first step to harmonized selling endeavors in both marketplaces

You cannot succeed in Amazon Walmart selling without initiating proper integration of the two marketplaces. Walmart API integration as well as multichannel integration involving this marketplace has been made very easy with the platform partnering with some of the most reputable ecommerce solution developers of this decade. The process is affordable as well.

Using intelligent pricing tools and softwares is imperative

By now, all ecommerce sellers are aware about the price battles that are taking place between Walmart and Amazon. While has universally established the ‘lowest price policy’, Amazon would not want its sellers to sell their products at lower prices in other marketplaces. The consequences could involve immediate suspension from the marketplace.

Using intelligent automated pricing tools can help sellers stay in tune with the price changes taking place in the respective marketplaces and manage any irregularities at the right time.

It is ok to not introduce the entirety of Amazon product list to Walmart

Lastly, it is ok to not introduce the entirety of Amazon product list to Introducing popular and compatible products can help sellers gain more purchase motivated traffic while not having to battle it out with Amazon for every single item in the list. In simple words, it saves a lot of time and energy while not compromising on profits.

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5 Amazon Tools You Cannot Do Without In 2017

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Boosting your performance in Amazon this year may require some added assistance from tools and software solutions. This applies to all types of sellers of all volumes and all brackets of revenues. It has been predicted that competition will bubble up to the surface this year with the marketplace taking keen notice of the minutest details that add to or take away from seller performance quality. Sellers on the other hand need to ensure that their basic operation management is faultless, quick and smooth so that they can offer the best purchase experience to buyers while maintaining their rapport with the search engines and algorithms of Amazon.

For sellers who are yet to get introduced to the necessary Amazon selling tools, here is a small list that can be considered almost immediately…

Optimization tools

If you have been optimizing your product listing manually, this may be the best time to use tools and software solutions for the purpose. Optimization tools and softwares are designed to automate processes that can otherwise claim hours of time every single day till optimum advantages are experienced.

Pricing ad repricing tools

Price fluctuations in competitor products happen by the second in Amazon and you cannot keep track of the same and introduce changes in your own pricing effectively if you are approaching the process manually. Pricing and repricing tools can achieve the desired outcomes within minutes even when you are not sitting before your system in person.

Fee and profit calculating tools

Calculating Amazon fees and determining profits per sale can be very difficult when approached manually. In fact, manual attempts in this respect can be fraught with miscalculations that can land you with unpleasant surprises when you are least expecting. Adding FBA to the basket will require your mathematical skills to supersede the ordinary. The best relief would be to have an Amazon fee / profit calculating tool installed and let the softwares handle all the brainwork.

Review generation tools

>Whether Amazon Walmart, Sears, or even, reviews will be critically important this year as far as product visibility within the marketplace is concerned. Using organic review generation tools is one of the many ways to gain better and more positive reviews without you having to depend upon the good will of the buyers.

Tools for fraud management

Last but not the least, you can always consider installing fraud management tools that can alert you about fake transactions and prevent you from shipping products to inauthentic buyers.

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