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4 Ways Amazon Inventory Mismanagement Is Stealing Your Revenues

Stephen Posted On - July 22, 2017

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Inventory is the spine of all businesses whether online or offline. However, when it comes to e commerce endeavors in top marketplaces like Amazon, managing inventory can be a very daunting task. The nature of ecommerce selling per se, inexperience in the part of sellers, ever changing moods of marketplaces etc; everything plays up in creating a mini black hole that tends to suck out a significant part of your profits.

Following are 4 of the most common ways in which Amazon inventory mismanagement has been affecting seller revenues worldwide…

Overstocking –

You may be very optimistic about future sale of your products, but this is no reason to overstock your warehouses. Overstocking is inevitably linked with overspending for space that will not be required any time in the near future. In fact, warehouses of all top marketplaces are known for charging extra for stock that does not move for a specific period of time. The time period usually ranges anywhere from 3 months to 6 months.

Faulty or no integration with FBA –

Sellers that don’t integrate end to end with FBA often lose track of their inventory to loss making levels. Poor or faulty integrations also lead to similar outcomes. With no means of keeping track of shelved inventory that brings no sale or profits, sellers end up paying for the space this unproductive stock takes up. This leads to steady seepage of revenues that could otherwise be used productively.

Warehouse mismanagement –

This applies not only to sellers that sell particularly in Amazon but multichannel entities as well. In integrated performance of top marketplaces and shopping carts like Amazon Walmart Volusion etc, sellers need to ensure that the number of warehouses engaged is relevant. Initiating end to end syncing of all warehouses enables management of inventory inflow or outflow etc in one single user interface.

Tasks like moving stock from one inventory to the other also get easier and more productive with integrated warehouse management.

Adding products that don’t sell –

Adding marketplace friendly products is very necessary to ensure healthy movement of stock from warehouses. Unpopular and unsuitable products are usually those that clog warehouse space and make sellers bear bigger costs for nothing at all. if you have products as these in your listing, it is always wise to relist the same with attractive offers to get them off the shelves or recall them altogether.

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5 Improvements In That Sellers Are Bound To Love

Stephen Posted On - July 7, 2017

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Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) has come a long way since it was established and is presently considered as one of the most promising ecommerce marketplaces to expand into as far as multichannel endeavors are concerned. Over the past couple of years, the marketplace has gained pace and popularity among sellers for offering a list of unique advantages that is usually not available with other online selling platforms. These advantages are the products of certain improvements experienced by the marketplace over the recent past 5 of which can be mentioned as follows…

API integration is now less demanding – There was a time when API integration was nothing less than nightmare. No one knew or even had the slightest idea about the right approach to cracking the same productively. Thankfully, those days are gone. Ecommerce solution developers have come up with easy comprehensive one step API integration systems that can make the otherwise complicated and taxing process easy, quick and flawless.

Inflow of traffic has witnessed an all time high – More and more sellers are engaging in effective marketing strategies to pull buyers to their stores in Crossing the 4000000 mark last year, is on its way to almost double the figures by 2020. With enhanced purchase motivated traffic making its way to this marketplace, many sellers have claimed that they are making more profits in than in top marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.

Fee and commission structures are maintained at comprehensive levels – Fees and commission structures have always been slightly easier to understand in However, recent improvements have made the structures simpler and more competitive. Without any sign up fees, monthly fees or even listing fees for that matter, this marketplace is ever dedicated to making costs bearable in the part of sellers.

Sellers have experienced an average of increase in sale by 23% or more every quarter on adding to their multichannel endeavors… Initiating end to end integrating with shopping carts and top marketplaces like Walmart Volusion etc can yield such remarkable outcomes within a very short period of time.

Dynamic pricing is finally showing amazing results – The more you buy the more you save has always been the principle of customer benefits like free shipping over 35$ worth of purchase, discounts on using debit cards for purchases, discounts on purchasing multiple items generated from the same warehouse etc. has done its bit to make a household name. Sellers couldn’t possibly ask for more.

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4 Things That Will Make You Really Happy About Walmart Integration

Thomas Posted On - January 6, 2017

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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has offered a wonderful opportunity for ecommerce sellers to expand their efforts before millions of unique buyers and enhance their levels of growth and profits to an extent unimaginable before. What may come in the way though is the initial process of integration that had taken a toll on the sleep of enthusiasts whose applications for winning a place in this marketplace got accepted. Some of the fear may have been generated by previous experiences of marketplace integrations especially, where the API integration process had been extremely confusing and practically unattainable even with the best of brains applied.

On the other hand and busting doubts about, the process of integration has innumerable things to be happy about. Here are 4 to mention…

The marketplace API has been scored wonderfully by third party sellers

In very simple words, and as has been expressed by sellers Amazon as well, Walmart API is far less convoluted and very easy to approach in comparison with many others. Besides simplicity, the effectiveness of the API has also been appreciated by the sellers at large. Sellers who have previous experience on integrations will not have issues conducting the process on their own

The process does not take very long when professionals are employed

For those who wish to stay away from the nitty gritty and wish to have the process completed quickly and effectively, approaching professionals is usually considered a good idea. Locating professionals for proper Walmart integration at this very moment is not very difficult. High quality solution providers have very applicable solutions as well.

Walmart has already tied up with top ecommerce solution developers that can make things really easy

For those who have no clue about how to start their search for the right professionals, it will be good to know that Walmart marketplace has already tied up with some of the best e commerce solution developers who have unprecedented integration solutions in favor of sellers.

Whether shopping cart marketplace integration like Walmart Volusion etc, or API integration or multichannel integrations like Walmart Amazon / eBay; these professionals can handle all and more in the shortest possible time and that too flawlessly.

The process is affordable too

Affordability is a part and parcel of the integration process even with top professionals involved. However, no one should expect the services to be dirt cheap mostly because only the best of tools and expertise are put into the process. At all times, the services are worth the expenses.

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