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4 Ways Amazon Inventory Mismanagement Is Stealing Your Revenues

Stephen Posted On - July 22, 2017

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Inventory is the spine of all businesses whether online or offline. However, when it comes to e commerce endeavors in top marketplaces like Amazon, managing inventory can be a very daunting task. The nature of ecommerce selling per se, inexperience in the part of sellers, ever changing moods of marketplaces etc; everything plays up in creating a mini black hole that tends to suck out a significant part of your profits.

Following are 4 of the most common ways in which Amazon inventory mismanagement has been affecting seller revenues worldwide…

Overstocking –

You may be very optimistic about future sale of your products, but this is no reason to overstock your warehouses. Overstocking is inevitably linked with overspending for space that will not be required any time in the near future. In fact, warehouses of all top marketplaces are known for charging extra for stock that does not move for a specific period of time. The time period usually ranges anywhere from 3 months to 6 months.

Faulty or no integration with FBA –

Sellers that don’t integrate end to end with FBA often lose track of their inventory to loss making levels. Poor or faulty integrations also lead to similar outcomes. With no means of keeping track of shelved inventory that brings no sale or profits, sellers end up paying for the space this unproductive stock takes up. This leads to steady seepage of revenues that could otherwise be used productively.

Warehouse mismanagement –

This applies not only to sellers that sell particularly in Amazon but multichannel entities as well. In integrated performance of top marketplaces and shopping carts like Amazon Walmart Volusion etc, sellers need to ensure that the number of warehouses engaged is relevant. Initiating end to end syncing of all warehouses enables management of inventory inflow or outflow etc in one single user interface.

Tasks like moving stock from one inventory to the other also get easier and more productive with integrated warehouse management.

Adding products that don’t sell –

Adding marketplace friendly products is very necessary to ensure healthy movement of stock from warehouses. Unpopular and unsuitable products are usually those that clog warehouse space and make sellers bear bigger costs for nothing at all. if you have products as these in your listing, it is always wise to relist the same with attractive offers to get them off the shelves or recall them altogether.

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eBay Amazon Softwares – Best V/s Suitable

Pramod Posted On - June 6, 2017

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Why do you need softwares for eBay Amazon selling?

Amazon and eBay are the two unchallenged leaders in the world of e commerce. These marketplaces are widely recognized for their unstoppable pace that no seller has managed to tame till date. At present, there are thousands of selling entities registered with eBay and Amazon at a global scale with more getting added to the lost by the passing seasons.

With over two decades of existence, eBay and Amazon hosts the largest number of unique visitors and return buyers that no other platforms can compete with. Therefore, the volume and pace of order placements are usually overwhelming especially for sellers that are new to these marketplaces. Both of these platforms have mentioned high standards of seller performance as one of the primary criterion for prolonged success in terms of visibility and ranking in these platforms.

High performance standards usually refers to perfect competitive listing management, healthy inventory apparatus, perfection in order completion as well as review generation and management. As has been witnessed with many firsthand experiences, addressing all this and more manually is not just impractical but impossible with respect to the current state of affairs. Using eBay Amazon softwares is thus, mandatory to automate everything from basic operational processes to secondary processes like performance tracking, reporting, review generation and management etc.

Debate over the ‘best’ and the ‘most suitable’ softwares

At present, e commerce solution developers have introduced a very wide range of software solutions each of which contain certain sets of features that are applicable for different ventures depending mostly upon their nature and volume. Some of these softwares are dedicated to improving overall functions or adding features, while others are dedicated to streamlining integrated uni / omni / multichannel performance like Amazon Americommerce Rakuten eBay syncing etc.

Softwares that have been introduced as certified ‘best’ often contain some of the best features that are unique, evolved and strictly updated. They are usually dedicated to adding a host of features to respective operative systems to help sellers stay one step ahead of the marketplace.

On the flipside though, the best softwares may not often be suitable for all sellers. In fact, on infinite occasions, sellers that had chosen their support solution based on the ‘best’ ended up paying for evolved features that were not applicable or relevant to their set up at all. In simple words, all suitable softwares may not be certified best and the best of solutions may not often be suitable for your business.

The verdict… when it comes to choosing eBay Amazon softwares, it is wise to take a close look on the features, the prices, the performance record as well as the reputation of the providers. This will help you land with softwares that will aid in growth than claim your investments for nothing.

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4 Steps To Healthy Amazon Inventory Management

Thomas Posted On - April 20, 2017

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Quality of Amazon selling and proportion of seller success is directly dependent upon the quality of inventory management in this marketplace. As has been witnessed over the past few years, problems like order defect rates increasing over 1% that is usually caused by order cancellation initiated by the sellers owing to over / under selling, can lead to immediate loss of ranking or suspension of the seller in this no nonsense marketplace.

Besides this, mismanaged Amazon inventory, especially those that are spread over multiple warehouses including FBA warehouses can directly result in profit drainage that can compromise monthly / annual revenues to a significant extent. To remain in the safer side of things, here are a few steps that sellers can embrace to initiate an yielding and harmonious inventory management process per se…

Always start with streamlined inventory to prevent over stocking –

Even if you are experiencing the best of demands, it will always work in your favor to maintain your inventory at a manageable level. Prevention of overstocking can instantly address a number of annoying issues starting with losing track of immobile inventory that eats up space and cost while not generating any income in return.

Maintain healthy relationship with the supply chain source –

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the supply chain source forms the back bone of maintaining streamlined inventory. This goes a very long way in proper demand prediction which helps sellers stock the right volume of inventory at the right time while generating maximum demand for the same.

Properly integrated feed management like Magento Amazon feed etc always helps in moving out the inventory faster which again contributes to lower warehouse costs and enhanced revenues.

Integrate with real time benefits –

Inventory integration is critical for third party Amazon sellers that do not receive any benefits from the marketplace in this respect. Approaching professional integration services is imperative for staying in tune with the evolution of the marketplace and its requirements. Real time inventory integration is one of the most important features that all sellers must insist upon for effortless yet error free performance.

Always use fee calculation tools –

Lastly, using fee calculation tools to manage inventory costs especially the super structure of FBA charges, can work wonders in terms of cost cutting and revenue management. While fee calculation tools are not intimately linked with the process of inventory management per se, they certainly add a boost to the entirety of the system for enhanced seller benefit.

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5 eBay Amazon Softwares That Will Maintain Relevance In 2017

Stephen Posted On - March 22, 2017

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Things are changing very fast in the world of ecommerce especially in top performing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. The progressive shifts have played a role in initiating the necessity for a whole new class of support systems that can aid sellers to stay in tune with the pace of these super e commerce marketplaces. While it is true that the support systems are evolving by the passing days, it is also true that the superstructure of operational excellence will still rest on these 5 categories of solutions that are least likely to lose their relevance anytime in the near or far future…

Listing / feed management softwares –

eBay Amazon listing softwares from basic level options to advanced options are critically essential for businesses irrespective of their nature or volume. At present, there are tens of motivated ecommerce solution developers that have introduced diverse range of listing / feed management solutions for Amazon and eBay each of which sport features that are compatible with individual requirements of businesses.

Review management solutions –

Review generation in Amazon and eBay have gained phenomenal importance over the past two years. Buyers these days can in fact, make their search based on highest rating products. Using review and rating management solutions can help sellers generate better response for their products thereby gaining better visibility and traffic in their favor. This makes these tools indispensable for successful eBay Amazon ventures.

Inventory integration softwares –

Managing eBay Amazon inventory especially for midsized to large businesses is never a piece of cake. Therefore, inventory management softwares with real time advantages will never lose their relevance for these businesses. The softwares may remain in the back seat for hobby sellers in eBay and very small home based sellers in both marketplaces, but it is only a while before these inputs become primary requirements for gaining better ranking in these platforms.

Pricing / re pricing softwares –

Your visibility in Amazon and eBay still depends massively upon how you price your products and re price the same at frequent intervals to match competitive levels. Approaching this task manually can be overwhelming in many ways opening doors to errors and bottle necks. Using pricing and re pricing softwares though, can minimize or obliterate this difficulty successfully.

Fee calculating softwares –

Performing in eBay and Amazon often involves paying a number of different fees and marketplace charges that can often confuse sellers to an extent that they end up losing money than making it. Using fee calculation softwares is thus a welcome and automated relief that no seller should refrain from using whether in 2017 or beyond.

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5 Ground Rules For Lowering Amazon Inventory Cost

Stephen Posted On - March 6, 2017

Sell on Walmart marketplace
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Amazon sellers at large have expressed their dissatisfaction over the array of marketplace costs and expenses that have played a brutal role in minimizing their profit levels to scratch. Taking a closer look at the issue, it has been discovered that most of these unhappy sellers are relatively new and inexperienced and thus, are yet to learn the art of cost control in this platform.

Understanding the cracks and crevices from which profits tend to seep out is the first step to addressing the issue with success, with greater importance given to the rather imperceptible areas of drainage than otherwise. Mismanaged inventory is one such area that can cause massive drainage in profits making it imperative for sellers to get a hold of the same from the first day on.

Here are 5 ground rules of lowering Amazon inventory costs; tips that have helped thousands of sellers get a grip back on their profits…

Integrating with supply chain source –

Inventory management starts with the supply chain source and not the warehouses. Being in tune with the supply chain source can help sellers stock their warehouses wisely while preventing expensive mistakes like over stocking.

Learning the science of demand prediction –

Proper demand prediction is a strategic tool that can help sellers stock popular / not-so-popular products in volumes that are assured to move smoothly without causing stagnation or bottlenecks. Improper approach to demand prediction or dismissing the importance of the same can increase expenses in the direction of stocking products that are not bringing in any profits and vice versa.

Trimming inventory units in warehouses based on demand prediction –

Bulking up inventory stock in Amazon warehouses is never a good idea because you may end up paying a bloated warehouse rent and management cost. If you have established proper integration with your supply chain source and are good in predicting demands, streamlining your inventory in Amazon will not be a problem.

End to end integration –

This is the key to a balanced and harmonized approach to inventory management in Amazon. In fact, the importance of end to end integration is applicable for all ecommerce marketplaces whether you sell on Walmart marketplace or any other platform for that matter.

Associated factors like proper listing, usage of pricing tools and softwares solutions, profit calculation tools etc. also goes a very long way in helping sellers cut inventory costs while maximizing their profitability by significant extents.

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6 (Hushed) steps for a successful Amazon store launch

Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

amazon seller central
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For business minds, looking to venture the online retail market, Amazon possibly stands as a go-to destination today. World’s largest marketplace that strives to deliver finest of customer service, selling on Amazon is as easy as it gets. Totally different, however, given the current high market competition there, cutting a decent profit margin is a bit difficult. Thousands of vendors already struggle to make desired sales.

Are you planning to soon launch an Amazon store?

To help you put forth the right step in the right direction, here are 6 important yet overlooked steps you should take before the official launch of your to-be money making Amazon store-

  • Do a thorough keyword research

  • About 55 percent of online shoppers start their product search on Amazon; meaning, you can make a great deal of sales if only you rank higher in the search results. This makes doing a thorough keyword research very important. There exist a range of online tools and guides to help you find relevant keywords in your niche. Look around for such tools and find high traffic-low competition keywords for your products.

  • Learn how to optimize your Amazon store

  • There’s a lot more than just the keywords to rank higher on the search result of Amazon. There’s a range of factors that comes into play, including (rich and) descriptive product titles and descriptions, product reviews, right product categorization, competitive pricing, and additional discounts. So learn beforehand how to optimize your Amazon store for better visibility.

  • Understand terms and conditions of FBA

  • Since beginner, it is best to leave the hassle of order fulfillment on Amazon. Of course you need to qualify to become Amazon FBA seller. To that, there is also a range of terms and conditions that you must be careful of to avoid any future confusions and complications. So read all the official policies and agreement terms of this marketplace to understand things better.

  • Start blogging

  • In recent times, blogging has emerged to be an important marketing asset that top and successful brands and sellers leverage on. So even before the official launch of your Amazon store, start blogging about your products and about your niche in general with a goal to pool more and more interested consumers and win their loyalty.

  • Analyze your successful competitors

  • You haven’t start selling yet; meaning there’s less or no personalized database to analyze. In such scenarios, relying on the data of successful competitors (whatever’s available) is a good idea. So learn from them; see the kind of marketing channels they are using, their pricing strategy, when they are offering additional discounts, their post-sales approach and so forth. Know these and map your own strategies accordingly.

  • Sign up to e-commerce solution

  • At the backend of your Amazon store, there’s a lot more to handle than what meet your eyes. Plus, few things on your Amazon seller central are difficult to understand and handle. And this is where top e-commerce software solution comes in. With their user-friendly centralized interface, you get to handle everything quickly and conveniently- right from feed optimization to Amazon inventory management.

    These 6 important steps you must take before the launch of your Amazon store for a smoother path ahead with high sales and high profit. Good Luck!

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    5 Rules That Make Amazon Inventory Management Easy

    Thomas Posted On - December 28, 2016

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    Amazon as the King of all ecommerce marketplaces is evolving by the passing minute. This is thus, the phase when sellers need to ensure maintaining their basic operational processes at its healthiest, which is a reason in itself to gain proven profitable results in the face of competition and that too, at the earliest. Here are 5 basic rules to manage Amazon inventory that can apply to all sellers at all times and for the best benefits…

    Always stay in touch with your supply chain source –

    Staying in touch with your warehouses is fine, but if you are not in touch with your supply chain source, it will not be long before your warehouses start to experience low stock, no stock followed by over selling and under selling and every other vice that comes with it. Being in touch with your supply chain source, you can always make better demand predictions that can further help with streamlined and more profitable inventory control approach.

    Streamlining is the key –

    These are the days when you cannot bulk up your inventory solely because you imagined that demand would go up. The key to include stock based on calculated demand prediction that goes a very long way in managing costs and preventing accumulation of shelved / immobile products. Making higher space allotment for stock of popular products will always work in your favor.

    Add updated product identifiers –

    If you have heard about the Kiva robots that have already been employed in the Amazon warehouses in California, Texas, New Jersey, Washington and Florida, you are likely to understand why at all you need to focus on adding proper product identifiers to your stock. Basically, the process of product location and fulfillment of orders will be a thousand times smoother if you have been attentive in this direction.

    Use integration tools and software solutions –

    If you wish to add faultless smoothness in your approach to handling inventory, manage the same with high quality integration tools and software solutions. You cannot survive in Amazon, if your inventory system is not integrated and this goes out especially to midsized and large sellers that have an overload volume to handle every passing month.

    Fee calculation tools are imperative –

    FBA and other warehouse facilities in Amazon do not come for free. There is an intricate fee structure that needs to be followed for the advantages, which it times can claim a chunk of seller profits. Using fee calculation tools however can help sellers understand how much profit they will make per product at their list price after paying warehouse and FBA fees, thereby allowing them to price their products accordingly to maintain profit levels.

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    Outsmarting Amazon and Walmart With The Game Of Pricing – Cause And Effect

    Stephen Posted On - November 3, 2016

    Amazon product listing
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    Competition is taking a very serious turn between Walmart and Amazon, and each marketplace has picked up pitch forks to extinguish the enthusiasm of the other to ash. In the process, sellers performing in these platforms together have been nibbling benefits from both. Unfair as it may appear when looking from the marketplace’s point of view, the fact remains that the laws of multichannel selling validates this approach in the part of the selling entities.

    The only rule that has been acting as a barrier through the unfairness of the process is that the respective marketplaces will never tolerate sellers upholding the cause of the competitor in comparison with its own. This rule has fallen a little hard on sellers that are struggling to maintain a balance in both platforms especially with the matter of pricing.

    In very simple words, when you sell on Walmart website, you will have to ensure that the price of the listed products in this marketplace does not exceed the prices of the same products you may have listed in other marketplaces especially Amazon. Amazon on the other hand, will not tolerate its sellers listing products at lesser prices in some other platform especially Walmart. On discovering the discrepancy, the sellers may be given the boot from the respective marketplaces. By now, sellers are thorough with this piece of undeniable truth.

    What happens when you try to outsmart the platform?

    More often than not, sellers do not try to outsmart the marketplaces and do their level best to abide by the rules. However, in certain cases it has been observed that sellers make an effort to maintain the price differences between Walmart, Amazon and eBay to suit their profit based causes. Say for example, pulling down the prices in Amazon product listing to stay at par with can compromise profitability of the products after calculating marketplace fees, FBA fees and associated charges. In fact, the sellers can also risk working up a loss.

    The sad fact is, whatever the reason be, the marketplaces remain resolute on their pricing / listing policies and are least likely to give a waiver to sellers who are caught in the process.

    Is there a way?

    The only solution to winning the platform while maintaining price parity is to use high quality software solutions that have been designed for the purpose. These solutions work best when both marketplaces are integrated to perfection. The nature of these solutions is to maintain and harmonize pricing of the same product in different marketplaces while maintaining the regulations of the respective platforms. this can be attempted manually as well, but not many sellers are genius enough to accomplish the same flawlessly and that too in minute by minute basis.

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    Amazon Order Management – Importance Of Strategizing

    Thomas Posted On - November 2, 2016

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    Amazon has always expressed zero tolerance for sellers that don’t keep their order management up to the expected standards. In fact, Amazon sellers can never deny the fact that implementing perfection in order management is one of the pre conditions for creating a profitable long term presence in this platform. Improper order management can lead to an array of issues that can include vices like late processing, delays in shipping, packing distortions that often cause the products to reach in damaged conditions and eventually returns and refunds. Poor reviews are also most likely to pour in as a result of poor approach to order handling.

    More often than not, Amazon order management seems to get stuck in soup when sellers try and approach the process manually. Considering the pace at which the marketplace runs, swearing by a strictly manual approach could be nothing less than signing a suicide note. However, it has also been seen that using outdated or scratch basic automation solutions have also resulted in equally devastating outcomes. As has been witnessed, these seemingly easy routes are often taken by sellers who wish to conserve their budget resources. However, as history of Amazon selling has shown, attempts at saving a few dollars can often cost the business its future.

    For sellers who actually desire to fortify their order management scenario in Amazon, here are a few essentials that call for immediate attention…

      Complete and all inclusive automation – This is the first and the most step to solidifying the foundation of Amazon order management. You will have to use the best and the most evolved solutions that are packed with the best of features and there are no two ways about it.
      Wiser approach to Amazon inventory handling – Inventory and orders are very intricately linked. The best of inventory listed in the most attractive manner will always fetch the best of conversions which will cause your order management process to roll in the first place. Proper inventory management will prevent you from over selling which is always taken up with due seriousness in Amazon.
      Insisting in real time order and inventory solutions – It is imperative to insist upon real time order management solutions in Amazon mainly for two reasons – one is to offer the best purchase experience to buyers and the second is to gain an instant competitive edge over competitors.
      FBA – If your products qualify for FBA, never think twice about using this facility. If you use FBA fee calculators, you can easily determine profit margins flawlessly.
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    Amazon Seller Services Are Urgent For Amazon Performers – Here’s Why

    Stephen Posted On - November 1, 2016

    Amazon Seller Softwares
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    Sellers today cannot imagine performing in Amazon unassisted with a host of softwares or temporary team of professionals. This can be owed to the nature and behavior of selling that has taken shape in this top marketplace. Seller services for Amazon have thus gained phenomenal importance with thousands of selling entities irrespective of the volumes or levels of experience and that too for all the right reasons. In very simple words, seller services for Amazon are designed to handle the entirety of business operations in this platform on behalf of the sellers with smoothness and flawlessness. This is something that manual approach can never attain.

    Here are some of the core advantages that Amazon seller services from dependable ecommerce solution providers can offer…

    An instant boost to listing and feed management

    Basically, with seller services working in your favor, you may not be required to hunt around for the best Amazon listing software because the system may just have the most suitable built in solution for you. You can thus, be fee of looking for and maintaining a software mesh that can otherwise weight down upon your business.

    Inventory and order control becomes blissfully easy

    From integrating flawlessly with FBA to tracking your stock levels in real time; from monitoring your fulfillment status to integrating with stock spread over the warehouses of all other marketplaces, there is everything that seller services can do for you through one single user interface. This is an advantage that growth motivated sellers cannot overlook.

    Handling shipping becomes a one-click affair and this includes drop shipping too

    Amazon has always been very strict about its shipping policies, which is a reason why any assistance to add flawlessness in the process should always be welcomes with open arms. With the best of Amazon seller services, you can automate the entirety of your shipping and drop shipping processes while being able to track performance and progress of the same.


    Staying in tune with your business analytics is always easy with the assistance of seller services.

    More often than not, Amazon seller central offers phenomenal assistance to sellers as far as improving performance on the mentioned levels is concerned. However, it is also known that the seller central is not without its set of flaws. For those who wish to overcome these shortcomings can always opt for more complete and rather all inclusive seller services offered by professional third party ecommerce solution providers.

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    A Brief Insight Into Stocking eBay Amazon Inventory In Warehouses Profitably

    Stephen Posted On - September 24, 2016

    eBay amazon listing software
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    Your approach to inventory management in Amazon and eBay can determine the future of your business in these two top marketplaces. Very often it has been observed that maximum number of beginners who are rather inexperienced in Amazon and eBay selling falter in inventory control that eventually paves the way for issues like over and under selling, order cancelations and drainage of funds. This makes it very necessary for sellers to be aware about the inventory management best practices in these marketplaces to stay in the right track from the first day on.

    Basically, there are 4 rules that need to be remembered…

    Stock as much as necessary –

    If under stocking is not considered healthy for eBay Amazon selling, neither is over stocking. Over stocking of inventory usually happens when sellers make wrong predictions of demands and pile up on their stock to prevent running out of the same. This basically leads to heavier warehouse charges which gets worse when the products don’t fetch any sale for a period of time.

    Be connected to the supply chain from the source –

    Staying in tune with eBay Amazon warehouses is only one side of the entirety of inventory management. The other side involves staying in touch with the supply source from where the concerned retailers / merchants get their stock in the first place. Losing track of the source can lead to infinite issues that can often end with long term out of stock status or scrapping of concerned listing.

    Integrate with the best inventory control softwares –

    eBay Amazon inventory is best managed with the assistance of high quality software solutions especially the feature rich options that are made available by reputed third party e commerce solution developers. Features like real time inventory movement updates, low stock level alerts, regular reports on performance etc are expected in the chosen options.

    Move stale inventory than withdrawing it –

    Another critical aspect that all sellers must take note of is the art of moving stale inventory. There are times when certain listings fail to fetch sales causing the inventory in the warehouses to stay put in the shelves. This again enhances storage cost in the part of the sellers while not fetching any profits for months.

    In cases when stale inventory is experienced, most sellers find it convenient to withdraw the items for instant relief. However, the best approach in this respect is to move the inventory with better listing or re-listing the products. Offering combo deals can fetch remarkable results in moving stale inventory.

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    Make Your Amazon Feed More Discoverable With These Tips

    Thomas Posted On - June 29, 2016

    comparison shopping
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    Product discoverability in Amazon has always been a challenge. Competition in this top marketplace is always at the highest and just about every seller is engaged in putting their best foot forward using the same set of tools, softwares and strategies. So, with everyone doing their level best, the chance of being discovered by Amazon search engines still remains a ‘chance’ and no more. However, on the brighter side of things, there are a few good ways to get over this situation and make a real difference to gain a functional edge over competition, and mostly, this has got everything to do with improving listing practices.

    As of now, improvement in Amazon listing begins and ends with feed optimization. This does not refer to the regular approach but a sort of, customized approach to make the feed uniquely compatible with the search engines as well as the buyers who launch their search for the same. Using the right set of keywords in the title of the products is more than just mandatory. However, to stuff the titles with 50 odd keywords that make no sense when read by buyers can compromise the interest of Amazon and can have the seller removed from the platform. Short titles with bang-on keywords is necessary. If this can be achieved by using softwares, sellers should not hesitate to approach the same. Seeking professionals for customized assistance can also help tremendously.

    Secondly, it is necessary to power pack the descriptions with information that buyers will best benefit from. It is alright to get descriptive and even narrative if you have something valuable to add to the resource. Using nonsensical expressions and exclamations compromises the professional outlook of the listing. This may reflect poorly on the genuineness of the listing thereby compromising on the intent of buyers to complete their transaction.

    Basically, you can think of the type of feed inputs in comparison shopping management of top sites and frame your listing in Amazon in its lines. This will keep you in track with what buyers want, which will eventually give you the push required to boost your visibility in this mega marketplace. But at any point of time, it is necessary to remember that you will have to stick to the listing rules as stated by Amazon.

    Last but never the least; you need to manage your reviews well. Inviting reviews for successful buyer engagements while responding comprehensively to negative reviews can improve believability of listings which can be a blessing for improving discoverability.

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    Fight 5 Calamities In Amazon And eBay With Proper Inventory Management Softwares

    Steve Burns Posted On - June 8, 2016

    eBay Amazon inventory management
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    Amazon and eBay can often become a death trap for sellers who walk in unprepared. This goes out especially to those who are a little too confident about their manual or semi automated inventory management set up. There is no time to ease sellers into the fact that bad things often happen when eBay Amazon inventory management is treated as a side issue. On hundreds of occasions, the five deadly calamities had manifested one after the other till the time the concerned sellers thought it better to bid the platform a fond farewell…

    Over & Under Selling:

    This can be considered as the beginning of the end. If your inventory management system is not in place in Amazon or eBay, each of which is known for functioning in lightning fast speed, it is only a while before you get into the clutches of over selling / underselling and witness your performance decline almost helplessly.

    Order Cancellations:

    Buyers canceling orders from their end is more tolerable to eBay and Amazon than sellers doing the same. Overselling is one of the key causes of buyers having to cancel orders after they have been placed. Neither of these two top performing marketplaces holds back their red cards after identifying such issues.

    Bad Reviews:

    Sellers that compromise purchase experience in the part of buyers are often subjected to really nasty reviews from the latter. Unlike many other marketplaces that don’t affect seller ranking on the basis of reviews, eBay and Amazon can be very prompt in taking up the cause of the buyers. a handful of poor reviews down the line and sellers can expect a series of warnings from eBay and Amazon.

    Product Loses Ranking:

    Bad reviews and rating can also impact other buyers as they make their purchase. Say for example, if a certain product has been used by a certified buyer and the buyers says that the services of the seller has been abominable including late delivery, damaged goods and poor quality product. Later, when another buyer goes through the details of the same product and reads the review, he / she may not make their purchase. Eventually, when buyers stop putting the product in their cart, the product will lose its search ranking resulting in gradual loss of the concerned seller.

    Eventual Suspension:

    Clubbing mismanaged inventory, poor performance, bad reviews and loss of product ranking together, it is only a while that the sellers lose their footing in Amazon and eBay and get suspended. Using eBay and Amazon inventory management systems is the easiest way to fight these ills and remain in the good books of the platform forever.

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    These Features Make eBay Listing More Power Packed

    Stephen Posted On - May 31, 2016

    eBay Listing
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    Listing in eBay can be a source of pure unadulterated joy for the sellers and this can be owed to many reasons than one. being a very unique marketplace playing by its own terms, this platform invites unique set of buyers the interest of whom have to be catered to literally impeccably. Right from locating the products to making the transaction and having the order completed, eBay ensures that everything takes place with 100% buyer satisfaction. Listing is the first step to gaining maximum buyer attention and keeping them engaged to complete the order at the same time.

    As far as the listing rules in eBay are concerned, sellers have been given massive scope to explain their products to the last description. This is the first and perhaps the most powerful feature that makes the listing instantly attractive. Explaining the condition of the products in very clear and comprehensive terms helps push sale. For example of a seller wishes to sell a bottle or high end perfume the seal of which has been broken but not used at all, the listing will allow explaining the condition of the product as ‘open but not used’. New with tag, New without tags, Vintage, Very Good Condition, etc are other ways to describe products in all categories.

    Secondly, eBay still allows a limited number of free listing to sellers every month which can be a welcome means of saving money. Sellers that have very little to list can almost go without paying anything at all for listing with this advantage to their side. As far as store owners with large numbers of products to their lists are concerned, the option of accessing very high quality intelligent eBay listing services always exists. All thanks to top level e commerce solution developers as well as seller support solutions in eBay, the grief of manual excesses have been exterminated from the listing process.

    Besides affordability and scope, the nature of presenting products in eBay always comes with ample exposure being granted to the sellers of the same as well. When buyers click on a product they like, seller information also appears very crisp and clear at its side. If you take into account the matter of comparing Amazon eBay inventory movement in the part of individual sellers, the eBay sellers get the upper hand simply because they enjoy greater direct exposure before the target buyers. The latter have the liberty to launch search for their chosen sellers in place of conducting search by the products they need.

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    Amazon Inventory Management Can Be Easy If You Can Do It Right

    Thomas Posted On - May 23, 2016

    Amazon inventory
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    Managing inventory in Amazon is usually easy if sellers are aware of the best practices while addressing this basic operational requirement. Newer and more experimental sellers are usually seen to try their own tips, tricks and hacks for the sake of gaining maximum control and movement of their inventory in this platform. However, in most cases it seldom works and in fact, lands them in more trouble than otherwise. Following the rules as far as basic operational management is concerned can never go out of style or trend. Here are some of these rules that can actually make Amazon inventory management a practical cake walk.

    To being with, if you have medium to large business in Amazon, it is imperative that you commence your basic operational processes with the aid of software solutions. for those who may be worried about the cost of availing inventory control software set ups, it will benefit to know that affordable yet very functional solutions are available with many third party solution developers who can be approached just as easily.

    Integration is the best gift that you can give to your Amazon endeavor. This is also the most important input in having your inventory in control. Say for example, if your store is powered by Shopify, you will have to run flawless Shopify Amazon integration to get optimum results from both platforms. The process of integration usually calls for some expenses but it is more of an investment that yields good ROI.

    Update, update, update… it is important to keep checking what’s new in the world of ecommerce business management every passing year. Keeping your system updated is a very powerful way to experience the best in operations. Most software solution developers keep coming up with new and updated features and request their users to keep in touch with the updated systems. It is a responsibility in the part of the latter to do the same.

    When it comes to managing Amazon inventory, using FBA is never a bad idea. FBA has its share of pros and cons but, the scales tilting more towards the former than latter. Sellers may be required to pay for this unique service. But considering the amount of exposure that FBA can win and the load that it takes off a seller’s shoulders it is a must try for all. Integrating with FBA is usually not difficult for any Amazon seller and is thus worth the effort.

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