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Here’s Why Ecommerce Integration With Professionals Is More Affordable Than DIY

Stephen Posted On - July 7, 2017

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Common misconceptions surrounding DIY integrations

There are hundreds of ecommerce sellers today that endeavor to carry out basic operational integration processes on their own. More often than not, the respective shopping carts and marketplaces of presence define the rules of integration that need to be followed to the last word in order to gain optimum results from the process. Say for example, integration of API Walmart has been carried out by a handful of 3P sellers without having to engage professionals for the purpose.

The inherent advantage of approaching DIY integrations lies in the matter of cost saving in favor of sellers. On many occasions it saves thousands of dollars or more. Tempting as this sounds, sellers must realize that this is one of those cases where a penny saved is seldom a penny gained. DIY approach to integration usually leads sellers to a host of errors and operational hiccups, troubleshooting which can cost way more than hiring professionals at the onset.

Why professionals can actually minimize costs

You may feel that parting with a few hundred dollars at a go is a little too over bearing. However, taking a closer look at the deal, engaging professionals is worth every penny spent on the process.

Firstly, you will be free from trial and error; a standard nuisance that can claim the peace and patience of sellers especially in top performing marketplaces like Walmart, eBay and Amazon.

Secondly, top professionals are known for offering relevant tools and software solutions that maximize the impact of integration so that you can experience updated benefits right from the onset. This is especially true in integrations involving top ecommerce shopping carts and marketplaces like Shopify eBay, Magento Amazon and more.

Thirdly, complex processes like integrating with API Walmart or API can be accomplished flawlessly within hand counted days. Left to DIY, the processes can take weeks including trial and error.

Fourthly, professional ecommerce solution developers are also known for offering frequent updates that cuts down on additional hassles in the part of sellers as far as staying in tune with the changing moods of the concerned ecommerce marketplaces is concerned.

Fifth, top professionals are recognized for offering robust customer services that can help you overcome any hassle you may experience after the completion of the process. This is an advantage that DIY will never have in store for you.

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4 Reasons Sellers Find More Favorable Than Amazon

Thomas Posted On - May 17, 2017

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Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) is expected to rise as one of the biggest threats to Amazon in the near future, but certainly not at the moment. Whether it is with respect to product categories, seller advantages, buyer benefits, unique visitors, revenues, profits or any other metrics for that matter, Jet appears to be far-far away from its goals. Irrespective of its flipside though, the Amazon difference appears to be working very favorably in the part of sellers at large. In fact, here are 4 good reasons why sellers are finding more productive in terms of selling in comparison with Amazon…

Competition is lower –

To begin with, being barely two years old, has very few sellers compared with Amazon. While this may be reflective of the herculean miles that the marketplace has to cover in order to win completion with Amazon, it is also reflective of the fact that the present sellers can enjoy bare minimum competition in this platform. This is also reflective of the fact that sellers will have to do very little to win visibility and bag sales as compared to the maddening efforts that is required to gain the same level of advantage in Amazon.

API integration has become simpler – integration has always been a matter of concern with sellers at large as compared with API Walmart or others of the like. However, over the past couple of months, e commerce solution developers have figured out functional means and methods to approach the process without much difficulty. In simple words, easy, effective and pre designed software solutions and tools can be accessed today with minimum investments, which has been a blessing for enthusiasts that wish to establish easy operations to the marketplace.

Fee structure is more comprehensive than Amazon –

There is no doubting the fact that the fee structure in is far more comprehensive and convenient in comparison with Amazon. Therefore, sellers can choose to get going without the assistance of fee / profit calculation softwares and yet, land with profit building prices.

Traffic generation through advertisements is shouldered by the marketplace –

Unlike many other marketplaces, has taken the matter of advertising and traffic generation upon its shoulders thereby assuring sellers with optimum levels of traffic all through the year. Piling it up with the individual marketing efforts of sellers in terms of social media, affiliate platforms etc, the route to sale and profits is always glorious.

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