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4 Features That Decide The Quality Of eBay Listing Services

Stephen Posted On - December 26, 2017

eBay listing services
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All thanks to a steep improvement in ecommerce selling technologies, there is nothing that listing softwares cannot do these days. From posting feed in tune with your chosen platform of sale to handling multi channel listing with nothing more than one single click of a button is only the crust of it all. The need for improved and evolved listing solutions becomes more relevant for sellers that are performing in top ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart and eBay.

In fact, sellers have short listed core features that all eBay listing services as well as listing solutions for Amazon and other top marketplaces must possess to qualify as potentially productive and profitable for their respective ventures, 4 of which can be mentioned as follows…

Features –

Your listing software is as good as what it does. This means that the softwares should possess features that not only support basic operations but add more attributes that can offer an instant competitive edge. Easy multi channel listing import and export; one click feed improvements; high quality tracking advantages; automatic currency management and more are only a few to mention. In simple words, listing softwares can be said to be of good quality if it can maximize automation and minimize manual involvement even in the most advanced processes.

Customizability –

Standard softwares that offer pre designed standard packages can do nothing more than the standard basics. Standard listing advantages these days can be availed almost instantly with optimum integration solutions like Magento Walmart integration etc. However, if you wish to access certain extremely sophisticated features that can add relevance to the scope of your listing, going for customizable solutions is advised. Through customizable softwares, you will be able to pick features that are best compatible for your endeavors while paying only for what you use.

Flexibility –

Flexibility basically refers to the ability of the softwares to grow with your growing business. This is one of those most desirable features that allow the softwares to remain relevant for years and ensures that the sellers do not have to keep changing the solutions at frequent intervals. More often than not, providers of these ecommerce solutions ensure updating the softwares from time to time to maintain their relevance without the users having to try too hard.

System compatibility –

Lastly, you can be assured that your listing softwares are of the highest quality if they are harmoniously compatible with your operative system. Softwares that don’t hang, collapse or show error messages for no reason at all can be mentioned in this respect.

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3 Ways Walmart eBay Integration Can Multiply Your Productivity

Stephen Posted On - November 16, 2017

Sell on Walmart online
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Sellers that are present both in eBay and Walmart can face a number of hassles associated mainly with operations and productivity. Keeping track of voluminous orders pouring in every single day, aspects like inventory management, order fulfillment, listing management etc can get really taxing. Manual involvement in such demanding setups can lead sellers to face often irrecoverable damages.

End to end all inclusive multi channel integration involving shopping carts as well, like Magento eBay Walmart integrations however, can change the course of events for the better. Here are 3 ways in which end to end syncing can help in multiplying productivity in Walmart eBay performance many times over and that too in the shortest period of time…

Enhanced automation will cover all core multi channel operations –

With end to end integration, the level of automation increases dramatically to speed up core processes like inventory management, listing management, order fulfillment / completion and more while ensuring complete faultlessness in all. Sellers have claimed to have been spending very less time in these essentials and focusing more on decision making with end to end integration in place.

Assistance with respect to pricing will keep both marketplaces happy –

Pricing is a dreaded aspect in Walmart especially when the third party sellers are also present in other top marketplaces. At all times, the entities are expected to keep their prices in Walmart the lowest, a practice that can come into a direct clash with eBay and Amazon. End to end integration often comes with pricing assistance that helps sellers price their products smartly and competitively while not inviting the wrath of the involved marketplaces.

List of added features to make elevated competitive performance possible –

High quality integrations like eBay Magento Walmart integration offered by top ecommerce solution developers offer a list of added features, tools and softwares that are equipped to enhance productivity of the endeavor without the sellers having to try too hard. These features can be dedicated towards performance tracking, tax / currency management, revenue management, review generation / management, profit calculation and more.

End to end Walmart eBay integration can be availed from top 3P ecommerce solution developers some of whom are also the official integration partners of Walmart online marketplace. Sellers though, must be aware of the fact that complete and all inclusive syncing processes usually come at sizeable costs that can go up to thousands of dollars depending upon the level of automation and support features required. But, at the end of the day, are worth the expenses.

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Reducing eBay Amazon Inventory Costs Can Be This Easy!

Stephen Posted On - June 22, 2017

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Quality of inventory management in eBay and Amazon is a decisive factor when it comes to determining growth and revenues in the part of sellers performing in these top marketplaces. Till date, sellers, especially midsized to large entities have come face to face with the fact that the process cries out for a lot of time, patience, meticulous involvement and most importantly, costs.

At present, there are 2 main factors that influence eBay Amazon inventory management costs significantly. They can be named as (i) warehouse expenses and (ii) integration solutions that are applied to simplify and add more applicable and relevant features to the process. More often than not, mismanagement of costs in each of these avenues leads to serious revenue drainage that could otherwise have converted to tangible profits.

Order completion / fulfillment also claim a lot of expenses, but they are a different story altogether and thus, needs to be addressed differently as well.

Addressing warehouse costs…

As far as addressing warehouse costs is concerned, it always benefits sellers to engage only as many warehouses as they require. Warehouse costs are thoroughly influenced by the square footage of floor area that the inventory occupies on a specific period of time which could be monthly, quarterly, half yearly etc. Therefore, acts like holding on to loss-making inventory for way too long, over stuffing warehouse space etc or losing track of items that may have not moved for months can result in increasing costs unnecessarily.

The solution lies in active demand prediction and engaging warehouses on the basis of the locations that you cater to. If you do choose to expand your scope of delivery, choosing FBA and fulfillment solutions as such can be a good idea. Integrating with warehouses seamlessly should never be ignored as well.

Addressing Integration costs…

End to end integration that is seamless and feature packed at the same time, can help sellers stay in tune with critical cost influencing details like the inflow and outflow of stock, reports on stock that has not moved for a specific period of time and more. However, integrations of the highest quality usually come at high costs especially when multichannel efforts like Magento Walmart Amazon eBay etc. are involved.

Beating the cost issue in integration requirements is very necessary because inventory management in these top marketplaces without their support can be literally insane. The solution usually lies with approaching quality e commerce solution developers that can offer suitable solutions within your budget limit. Most of these solutions are buildable and sellers can thus, add features to the system as they grow over the years.

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3 Steps To Make Integration Affordable In The Long Run

Stephen Posted On - June 7, 2017

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Integrating with shopping carts and other ecommerce marketplaces has evolved to become a relatively affordable process over the past 12 months. However, what really matters is maintaining the cost effectiveness of the process through the longer run. Considering the fact that basic integration approach needs to evolve with the evolving nature of the marketplace, sellers will have to put in continuous efforts to ensure that the integration process remains applicable and adaptable at all time.

Following are 3 essential steps to make integration affordable in the long run…

Quit ‘as and when’ approach immediately – There are many sellers especially those in less competitive marketplaces that still believe that they can do without comprehensive end to end integration. These are also the sellers that think that they can approach tools and softwares to address individual issues as and when they arise. Reasonable as this may sound, this approach can trigger a range of issues that could otherwise have been fondly avoided. At the same time and more importantly, the ‘as-and-when’ approach to integration usually ends up costing more than it otherwise would.

Approach high quality ecommerce solution developers at the very onset – A little investment at the onset is always a better idea than spending over and over again for corrections and future modifications. Certain renowned solution developers are known for offering updates to their clients time and again which assists significantly in staying in tune with the improvements of the marketplace as well as the e commerce landscape altogether.

Professionals are usually adept at handling even the most trying syncing procedures like Magento Walmart integration with ease, affordability, smoothness and unquestionable effectiveness.

Choose solutions that grow with your needs – This is in comparison with choosing the best and flashiest options that contain a sum total of all features more than half of which you may not need at all. Choosing suitable solutions that grow with your needs will expose your business to just the right dose of assistance and will ensure that you pay only for what you use and none others.

A number of high quality ecommerce solution developers presently offer a range of developable solutions that are complete with timely updates as extended by the solution providers from time to time. Sellers may sometimes be required to pay a little extra for installing the updated versions of the solutions, but it is amply worthwhile in saving hundreds of dollars that could otherwise be spent over trial and error.

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5 Attributes Of Jet Marketplace That Makes Selling Easy

Thomas Posted On - May 17, 2017

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With a little over 2 months left to complete 2 years in the world of productive e commerce, has established itself as one of the most promising e commerce marketplaces that any seller can look forward to joining this year. Launched as a strict competitor to Amazon, this marketplace is expected to close in performance gaps with the latter to a significant extent by the end of 2020. As of now, sellers have everything to gain from the Jet marketplace in terms of speedy growth and revenues. Here are 5 other attributes of this platform that has made it practically irresistible for e commerce selling enthusiasts at large…

Categories and wide –

While it is true that Amazon and eBay have much wider categories than, the latter still houses an expansive scope which makes the platform compatible with just about any selling entity whatsoever. From grocery and baby products to outdoor equipments and sports accessories, the marketplace is open to anything that regular online shoppers are interested in.

All sellers are welcome –

Unlike certain marketplaces like which has strict policies as far as 3P sellers are concerned, is open to all. The ability to perform in the marketplace is irrespective of the volume of the sellers or the levels of their experience. This has been a massive blessing for newer and smaller sellers.

Integration is easy –

There may have been a time when integration was considered a nightmare. However, it is not so any more. Whether complex integrations like Jet Magento Walmart integration or syncing with the API of the marketplace, e commerce software developers have readymade solutions for one and all. As icing on the ake, these solutions are affordable too.

Competition is low –

With only a couple of years to its existence, is one of those marketplaces where competition is blissfully low. While e commerce gurus have predicted that competition in this platform will rise in the forthcoming months, there is still a really long time for the levels to match that of Amazon or even eBay for that matter. Therefore, sellers in can access easy visibility, traffic and conversions for a longer period of time.

Inviting buyers is on the marketplace –

Lastly, Jet marketplace has planned an enormous amount of money for advertising purposes which is expected to invite millions of prospective buyers into the platform without the sellers having to try too hard.

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