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Doubting Relevance Of FBA For Order Completion? 7 Reasons To Change Your Mind

Stephen Posted On - November 25, 2016

Amazon FBA
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Are you still in two minds about using or not using FBA? Has someone filled your head with everything that could go wrong with this otherwise genius means of order completion offered by Amazon? If yes, here are 7 good reasons that are simply good enough to change your mind about Amazon FBA for the better…

There is nothing more reliable than FBA for order completion

No there is not even if you look around with the flood light. This service has been around for years now and has a chain of happy users that can swear by it anytime. Dependability of FBA remains infallible.

You can emancipate yourself from packing and shipping hassles

With FBA by your side, you don’t have to shoulder the burden of packing and shipping at your own risk. Amazon spoon feeds you and nothing could be better.

Your scope of selling can improve dramatically

If you have been equipped to ship only within the boundaries of your state, with Amazon FBA you can approach the entire nation and beyond… again with minimal risk in your part.

You can also gain an edge in the race to the buy box

Considering the fact that your inventory becomes the whole and sole responsibility of Amazon when you choose FBA, the marketplace is always motivated to move it first. Therefore, not only do you get better search rankings, you also gain an edge in the race to the buy box.

You can get access to prime customers

Name a seller in Amazon who would not want to access the Prime Subscribers… the loyal customers who always pursue products irrespective of price tags and are willing to pay more for 2 day delivery. The extent to which your endeavor gains visibility before extended purchase motivated buyers is practically unimaginable.

You can expect volume of Sale to exceed expectations

With FBA, your volume of sale can witness an instant explosive acceleration. There are no two ways about it. As a seller though, you will have to be equipped with the necessary automation features to handle the crowd.

You can bridge the shortcomings with simple integration process

Whether you are selling on Amazon or selling on, approaching proper integration process can help you bridge certain gaps that are existent in FBA. FBA integration offered by quality ecommerce solution developers at nominal costs always enhances the applicability of this facility in favor of all users.

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Outsmarting Amazon and Walmart With The Game Of Pricing – Cause And Effect

Stephen Posted On - November 3, 2016

Amazon product listing
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Competition is taking a very serious turn between Walmart and Amazon, and each marketplace has picked up pitch forks to extinguish the enthusiasm of the other to ash. In the process, sellers performing in these platforms together have been nibbling benefits from both. Unfair as it may appear when looking from the marketplace’s point of view, the fact remains that the laws of multichannel selling validates this approach in the part of the selling entities.

The only rule that has been acting as a barrier through the unfairness of the process is that the respective marketplaces will never tolerate sellers upholding the cause of the competitor in comparison with its own. This rule has fallen a little hard on sellers that are struggling to maintain a balance in both platforms especially with the matter of pricing.

In very simple words, when you sell on Walmart website, you will have to ensure that the price of the listed products in this marketplace does not exceed the prices of the same products you may have listed in other marketplaces especially Amazon. Amazon on the other hand, will not tolerate its sellers listing products at lesser prices in some other platform especially Walmart. On discovering the discrepancy, the sellers may be given the boot from the respective marketplaces. By now, sellers are thorough with this piece of undeniable truth.

What happens when you try to outsmart the platform?

More often than not, sellers do not try to outsmart the marketplaces and do their level best to abide by the rules. However, in certain cases it has been observed that sellers make an effort to maintain the price differences between Walmart, Amazon and eBay to suit their profit based causes. Say for example, pulling down the prices in Amazon product listing to stay at par with can compromise profitability of the products after calculating marketplace fees, FBA fees and associated charges. In fact, the sellers can also risk working up a loss.

The sad fact is, whatever the reason be, the marketplaces remain resolute on their pricing / listing policies and are least likely to give a waiver to sellers who are caught in the process.

Is there a way?

The only solution to winning the platform while maintaining price parity is to use high quality software solutions that have been designed for the purpose. These solutions work best when both marketplaces are integrated to perfection. The nature of these solutions is to maintain and harmonize pricing of the same product in different marketplaces while maintaining the regulations of the respective platforms. this can be attempted manually as well, but not many sellers are genius enough to accomplish the same flawlessly and that too in minute by minute basis.

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How To Boost Sale In In 5 Simple Steps

Stephen Posted On - November 3, 2016

how do I sell on’
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Being the largest and the most renowned retailer in the world, Walmart casts an instant spell of dependability among buyers at large. Even though the ecommerce side of Walmart is rather new and unfolding, the pace that it has gained over the past few months speaks miles about the peaks it will climb by the end of the decade. With Walmart’s ‘Pangaea’ slowly taking shape, sellers will be better off creating and maximizing their presence in this marketplace as early as possible.

For sellers who have received good answers to their question of ‘how do I sell on’, here are 5 simple steps to succeed in the next level that is boosting sale in this marketplace right from the very onset…

Choose popular products to begin with

Make a quick search on what sells best in Walmart per se, within your category of products. You need to remember that invites sellers looking for the cheapest deals in quality products especially every day household things besides affordable fashion and accessories, electronic devices, grocery etc. If you sell in these categories, profits may come sooner to you than later.

Don’t invite your entire listing all at once

While it is entirely upon you to bring the entirety of your listing especially Amazon listing to Walmart, it is considered wise to start only with the best sellers in your list. This way you will not only manage to reduce costs in Walmart but also gain easier control on listing management especially pricing in comparison with Amazon, per se.

Pricing is the king when it comes to bagging sale

Walmart assures the lowest prices to its buyers. Therefore, you will have to conduct a thorough comparative search to determine if your product prices are the lowest or not. Amazon product feed needs to be infallibly harmonized with, if you are a seller in both of these platforms. If your prices are indeed the best, Walmart will ensure offering you better search ranking so that you gain access to more traffic and more possible conversions.

Abiding by the selling policies is imperative

Hacks and tricks are never welcomed in Amazon and they don’t work in Walmart as well. You will need to conduct your operations in complete compliance with the marketplace so that you remain in the good books of the same and that too with a healthy search ranking.

Aim for Walmart Buy Box

Lastly, aiming for the Walmart buy box by following the guiding principles will help boosting your sale many times over.

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The Why and How Of Walmart Amazon Product Feed Management

Stephen Posted On - October 27, 2016

Sell on Walmart
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The obvious Advantages of being present in Amazon and Walmart together…

The advantages of selling in Walmart and Amazon together are not new to sellers in general. The primary benefits involve receiving unique traffic from both platforms that can accelerate clicks and conversions many times over. While it is true that the traffic has been overlapping to a great extent over the past few months, it still is a wealth that not many e commerce sellers can willfully overlook.

Why should you be extra cautious Amazon Walmart Data feed management?

With the advantages in one side, sellers have to face issues with respect to certain critical operational basics like listing in both platforms. Basically, you will not be able to survive in either of the two platforms if the list price of one exceeds the other. This also applies to other aspects that are associated with enhancing the overall value of the products in the eyes of prospective buyers. It usually gets very difficult for sellers to harmonize their Amazon product feed with Walmart specifications when it comes to strict multichannel operations involving both of these marketplaces.

How can you achieve best Walmart Amazon product feed management?

Achieving a healthy listing practice in compatibility with the requirements of both platforms does not necessarily have to be difficult. Here are three unchallenged ways to harmonize price and listing while you sell on Walmart and Amazon at the same time…


Bringing these two platforms together necessitates the approach to infallible integration to the last word. You must carry out end to end integration of Walmart and Amazon for the sake of staying in tune with the overall activities in both platforms through one single interface. It is necessary to remember than integration is not an option but lifesaving urgency.

Use added automation softwares if necessary

This is applicable mostly when it comes to managing price variations in these marketplaces. Integrated pricing and re-pricing tools along with variable pricing management systems may or may not be available in the basic integration package. If not, then you will have to bridge the gap with added software and tools.

Call in for managed services from third party e commerce solution developers

Thirdly, your best approach to smooth management of Walmart Amazon listing and other operational basics lies in hiring high quality third party e commerce solutions developers. Walmart has already partnered with some of the best professional services in this field. Seeking their assistance can be your route to easy success.

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3 Ways To Attract Profits Into Your Walmart Online Store

Stephen Posted On - October 21, 2016

Sell on Walmart online
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Walmart is presently on an acquisition drive to that is primarily dedicated to maximizing its online presence and offering Amazon a competition of a lifetime. While this king of all retailers in the process of making the best of opportunities, the new sellers who have just started selling in the platform are looking for greater avenues to push sale and profits beyond expected levels. Being basic does not work in and sellers by now have had a very good experience with this rather undeniable fact. Attracting maximum attention of the 90 million strong visitors that throng the platform every single month and growing, is usually not as easy as it may sound.

Attracting profits when you sell on Walmart online can get easier if sellers learn how to strategize right from the time of launching presence in this marketplace. Basically, there are 3 pillars to making the best of from the first day you go live…

What you sell

Walmart attracts a very large group of buyers that basically enter the marketplace to have their all inclusive requirements catered to. This could be home and utility products, affordable clothes and accessories, electronics and devices and most importantly, groceries as well. Did you know that bananas are one of the top selling products in Walmart? This basically means that if you are selling something of everyday relevance, will be more than happy to house your products.

How you price

Walmart offers best price guarantee to its buyers and there are no two ways about it. Therefore, you will have to ensure that your product list displays the ‘best price’ only before you send the same for approval. The prices of your products and value attached with the same goes a very long way in determining your way to the Walmart buy box which is one of the easiest ways to drive sale and resultant profits.

How well you have integrated

Whether it is the API integration or Amazon FBA integration for order completion or multichannel marketplace integration if you are a multichannel seller, you will have to make sure that your approach to syncing is not compromised. Selecting integration providers who offer special features like variable product and pricing management, immaculate category mapping, complete automation of price and listing management etc. are most likely to assist in long term gains.

To stay on the safer side of odds, approaching third party integration partners is always advised.

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Fee Calculating Tools For Amazon – Know Your Profits Before Amazon Does!

Steve Burns Posted On - June 6, 2016

Amazon fulfillment calculator
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Amazon is not a free marketplace… it always takes its cut. While it is true that no other e commerce platform in this century can assure as much exposure, growth and profits as Amazon does, it is also true that operating here can often get expensive. If you are not informed about where and how Amazon claims a portion of your profits, you may end up on the losing side of the deal. There have been ample occasions when sellers had to quit selling in Amazon just because they could not manage their revenues after all those cuts made by this marketplace.

At all times it is thus, advised that Amazon sellers commence their ventures with a very good idea about ‘how much profit will they make after completing one order’ especially when they use FBA services. If you have the details, you may manage to calculate your profits manually. However, if your math is weak and you value your time to the last second, we will always suggest using tools for the purpose. Yes… Amazon revenue calculators or fee calculators are presently reaping massive popularity among sellers for all the right reasons.

These tools basically do as they are named. They calculate profits / fee / revenue that you will make and pay even before you make a sale in Amazon Say for example, you have a certain product listed in Amazon at the rate of 20$. Now you wish to find out whether you will make more profits if you fulfill through your own fulfillment network or through FBA. Running the details through the tools will give you instant and accurate figures which can help you choose the best option and get ahead with it.

Amazon Fee / Revenue Calculator

At present, there are hundreds of sellers who are making over 100% profits on each listed product in every sale with the help of these tools. The available options usually dwell within the categories of Amazon FBA Calculator, Amazon fee / revenue calculator as well as Amazon profit calculators. Each of these options is available in different names through different providers of e commerce solutions.

The fulfillment by Amazon calculator tells the sincludes shipping as well. The profit calculators are a sum total of all. Here, all that the sellers are required to do is fill in all the details of the product and the tool will produce the exact amount of profit that the former will make.

In all, these seller calculator tools are extremely beneficial when it comes to getting a hold on every nook, corner and crack from which you money may be seeping out in Amazon. Every seller whether small or large, established or newbie will have something massive to gain from the same.

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These Tips Can Truly Help In Moving Your Amazon Inventory Fast

Stephen Posted On - April 19, 2016

Amazon inventory
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No e commerce store owners or individual sellers would want their inventories shelved for an indefinite period. If you have introduced a bulk of stock under a certain listing, you may have done so with the aim to sell them out fast and make some impactful profits and not to have the units sit and rot in the warehouses. This is mostly applicable in cases of top performing marketplaces like Amazon, where maintaining inventory in warehouses can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars on a monthly basis (depending upon the size of the inventory).

So, if certain units keep occupying space, the owners end up paying warehouse fees for products that may not be fetching any sale whatsoever, leave alone profits. When it comes to maintaining Amazon inventory, a situation like this is best when avoided completely.  If you are among the sellers in Amazon or any top performing marketplace for that matter, who have witnessed situations as this, following these simple and doable tips can help in getting over the hurdle easily and effectively…

To begin with, it is only common sense to understand that inventory of popular products move the fastest. So, Amazon sellers are always advised to spend some time researching what would sell the best and introduce the same in their listing and inventory thereafter. While it is true that it is never a good idea to introduce stock in warehouses after orders are placed, sellers can surely keep track of buyer behavior through sections like ‘inform when available’, wish lists etc which can help determine what level of inventory to introduce for the concerned product.

Secondly, high quality listing often adds glitter to even the dullest of products. Quality listing in terms of trustworthy titles, very clear and uncluttered images, crisp descriptions, user reviews and ratings etc can push sale many times over and is thus a very good way to make inventory move faster.

Thirdly, aiming for the buy box is often considered a star studded way to move inventory. Even if you don’t manage to feature in the box itself, the processes that you carry out to win the buy box is more than enough to increase visibility and enhance trustworthiness at the same time. to top it all, if you choose FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) there is very little that can stop you  from having your stock move out in no time at all!

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