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Experts Reveal 9 Most Effective Tips to Succeed as Online Seller

Stephen Posted On - October 14, 2017

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When it comes to online selling, not every success tip is going to work for everyone. Sellers must pick from the clutter, what syncs with their exact needs and goals, the factors that’s going to play a detrimental role in their rise or fall. Meaning, A/B testing is going to be the soul of their operations and backbone of their strategies. That being said, it’s not that new sellers are left out on the field high and dry, with anxiety peaking their decision-making and cluelessness looming high. There are few expert tips that promise to aid their sales performance and yield flowering results.

If you sell on Walmart, eBay, Amazon or/and other marketplaces, here are 9 most common and effective tips from experts to sell more:

Have your every action based on data

We’re living in a world where access to rich data is only few clicks away. So make your plans in accordance to facts and statistics. Hitting in the dark was how then would do in early ‘00s.

Use analytics to its full potential

How your strategies are working, where you need to improve, how your potential customers acting—these are crucial questions whose answer you will get only from analytic tools.

Signup to multi-channel e-commerce platform

Even if you’re selling on a single platform, sign up to a good third-party e-commerce solution provider for high efficiency. Integrate everything from Magento Jet.com to Walmart Amazon to enjoy more convenience.

Don’t treat your customers as ‘customers’

Yes, don’t coldly treat them as customers who are good only if they are paying and have made their purchase. Strive to build a lasting relationship with them.

Aim to improve your customer retention rate

When you build a bond with your customers, they are going to make another purchase from you. And your customer retention rate will jump. Remember, customer acquisition is 5-25 times costlier than retention.

Market your products on social media platforms

Get on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to promote your products and store. Connect with your target audience with the right messages and turn them into buyers.

Assure customers of easy return and money back

Online shoppers look for assurance of easy return and 100 percent money back. So give them all the guarantees that promise that this deal won’t end up them regretting.

Don’t stick to one strategy

Instead of settling on one strategy, keep juggling to find that optimal position where return is high and effort/investment low. Again, leverage analytics and rich data to be efficient here.

Hire professionals and experts when needed

Professionals can lessen a large chunk of your stress and add to your efficiency, which, in the long run, would result in massive boost in sales and profit margin. So don’t sigh away from hiring helping hands.

These are 9 most effective tips revealed by experts for online sellers to boost their sales and take their game to an ace level. Start taking definite actions today and see the desired change soon.

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3 Reasons That Always Feature In eBay Sellers’ Grief-List

Thomas Posted On - August 11, 2017

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Over the past couple of decades infinite sellers have written infinite odes on eBay specifying every reason why the future of e commerce rests with this all inclusive marketplace. No wonder, the membership of this platform has grown to include thousands of sellers from all over the world in every single product category.

On the flipside though and all thanks to excessive competition and ever increasing complexity of this marketplace, hundreds of eBay sellers have been exposed to a number of nagging issues that have often compromised their performance or even their presence in eBay to nerve shattering extents. 3 of these issues can be listed as follows…

Back breaking struggle for scratch basic visibility –

Over the past 10 years, it has become ample clear to all selling entities in this marketplace that gaining visibility will never be an easy treat in eBay. In fact, no one can tell you for sure the true factors that matter in pulling a certain listing to the first page of the search ranking, leave alone the buy box that is best left to the will of the Heavens.

From integration to all inclusive optimization; from usage of high quality automation tools to lowering prices to no-profit levels, back breaking struggle for scratch basic visibility ranks as number one in the ultimate grief-list of all selling entities in eBay.

Sudden algorithm updates and everything that follows –

This keeps happening in a small scale every now and then and at a larger and more damaging scale when no one is expecting. Say for example, very recently eBay had introduced a special button for sellers asking if their order reached in time. While the buyers only have to click on yes or no, the seller fraternity was up with pitchforks to protest this unnecessary move.

The Cassini rollout was yet another event in the history of this marketplace that made sellers at all levels question the existence of the Almighty. These are counted among those thoroughly annoying hassles that you will seldom experience when you sell on Walmart or other marketplaces as such.

Horrible reviews for no apparent reason –

eBay takes reviews and ratings very seriously mostly because searches for products can be conducted on the basis of the same. Sellers therefore, need to put in extended efforts at generating reviews and ratings and that too organically in order to gain and maintain visibility.

However, eBay is one of those platforms where almost every seller has reported receiving horrible image-shattering reviews left by buyers for no logical reason at all. While eBay allows sellers to remove negative reviews through certain procedures, it can still make a dent on the image of the sellers in the short run.

ChannelSale is also one of the most economical online real time marketing management platforms and is offered to you at an aggressive discount as compared to similar platforms existing. Of course, we match other platforms feature for feature. So what customers get is more for less. More Features, More benefits for Lesser price.

ChannelSale’s technical team has deep exposure, experience and expertise in managing e-Commerce for several Multinational companies.

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4 Expectations Of Walmart From 3P Sellers

Daniel Posted On - June 1, 2017

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Walmart.com has opened its floors for 3P sellers but with conditions. The marketplace expects this new and promising lot to live up to certain terms and conditions failing which the concerned sellers can lose their position in the marketplace forever. Generally, 4 core expectations of Walmart from 3P sellers have been identified till today and they can be listed as follows…

Following lowest price policy to the last word –

Walmart does not care if you sell on Amazon, eBay or other top marketplaces as such. When you sell on Walmart, you will have to ensure that your list price is the lowest in comparison with all other marketplaces of your presence even if it is by a penny. This usually causes a lot of trouble in integrated e commerce selling mostly because lowest prices have always been one of the primary traffic drivers and top marketplaces cannot accept their sellers diverting traffic to other platforms of sale.

Maintaining very healthy order fulfillment system –

This is one of the pre conditions of being a part of Walmart.com in the first place. Walmart takes into account the nature and health of the order fulfillment system of the applicant seller before giving the entity a go-ahead. Walmart basically expects sellers to ensure that buyers / customers in this marketplace receive their products without any hassles like delays, cancellations etc.

A strong order fulfillment system is also one of the main criterions that determine visibility in Walmart.com. End to end integration involving shopping carts and other marketplaces of presence like Shopify jet.com Walmart integration etc. can help in maintaining high order fulfillment standards.

Offering high purchase experience to buyers –

High purchase experience basically refers to the entirety of the purchase process involving locating the product on Walmart, clicking on the same, being convinced with the quality and price, experiencing low or no shipping / handling charges followed by healthy fulfillment of the orders without the necessity of returns. 3P sellers that manage to offer such levels of excellence in their services can expect to remain in high visibility in the marketplace for a very long time to come.

Diverting external traffic to Walmart.com –

Walmart expects 3P sellers to ensure driving more purchase motivated traffic towards the platform. Therefore, all attempts at proactive marketing that diverts traffic from digital media platforms, affiliate sites or other associated platforms to Walmart.com can result in very fruitful consequences in the part of the sellers.

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A Blah Guide To Selling On Walmart.com That Really Works!

Daniel Posted On - December 16, 2016

walmart online store
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Ecommerce sellers who are enthusiastic about selling in Walmart.com have already been fed with basics that need to be done and ascertained before and after setting up their presence in this marketplace. The question is, how many sellers are actually toeing the best practices that could actually lead to extended visibility and sustained profits? Most sellers are seen to be in a perpetual hurry to get over with the initial set up and integration process in the least possible time and the least possible cost. In the process, a lot of what truly matters get compromised the effects of which are felt almost immediately after selling commences.

The effects usually range from a complete operational goof up to low visibility and nearly horizontal growth graph all of which can compromise the very reason for being present in Walmart.com in the first place. All this is applicable more to sellers Amazon that may have infinite operational intricacies to handle while operating in both platforms simultaneously. Therefore, sometimes even a Blah guide to selling in Walmart.com can unlock precious ideas to get things right from the first day on. Take a look…

Always list products that are compatible with the platform –

Walmart is known for housing affordable everyday necessities that can range from home and kitchen supplies to tools, electronics and affordable clothing. While the product categories in Walmart.com are astonishingly wide, there are certain product types that may not sell well or sell at all in this marketplace. High street luxury brands can be mentioned as an example.

If you are not a brand owner, expect to remain in a profitable backseat –

Walmart.com prefers brand owners over retailers and resellers. If you are among the latter, it is possible that you will not win as much visibility as the former. This though, does not mean that you will not have any access to any profits whatsoever. Considering the level of purchase motivated traffic that is assured to flow in after setup, retailers and resellers can experience nothing short of a profitable presence in this marketplace even while taking a backseat in comparison with brand owners.

Professional integration experts are not pickpockets; call them for help –

Establishing proper integrated setup is imperative if you wish to sell on Walmart profitably. In order to get things right in the very first attempt, approaching professionals is the easiest solution. Walmart.com has already tied up with some of the leading ecommerce solution developers to offer sellers easy access to quick and effective selling in this marketplace. For those that have been avoiding engaging professionals thinking it would be a waste of money, anytime is a good time to reconsider.

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4 Inventory Management Facts All Ecommerce Beginners Must Know

Daniel Posted On - November 30, 2016

Inventory Management
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Inventory is the king in all businesses be it in the realm of ecommerce or otherwise. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that the future of businesses especially ecommerce ventures can depend upon the quality of inventory management carried out by the owning entities. In top performing marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Jet.com, Rakuten etc, approach to inventory control can impact seller performance in terms of visibility, traffic, growth and overall revenues.

Considering its importance, here are 4 integral facts of inventory control that all sellers, especially the newer ones should bear in mind at all times…

Inventory management starts from the source of supply chain

If you wish to gain an infallible and all inclusive control on your inventory, manage the same right from the source of the supply chain. This means, keeping in touch with the wholesalers from whom you get your stock. This should be followed by calculated prediction of demands which should eventually guide you in re-stocking your warehouses as and when required without over loading the same or otherwise.

Poor inventory control can lead to unforgivable errors like overselling

Being out of touch with your inventory or guess working through the course of selling can lead to rather unforgivable errors like overselling / underselling, each of which is intolerable to ecommerce marketplaces especially eBay, Amazon, jet.com and Walmart.com. Sellers who invite such troubles are usually warned or shown the door.

Mismanaged inventory can affect profits

Being out of touch with your inventory can often lead to problems like over stocking of warehouses, losing track of shelved products in warehouses etc. each of which can take significant bites out of any profits so made.

Automation is the key to faultless inventory management

Whether you sell on Walmart, eBay, Amazon or any other marketplace for that matter, you will never be able to establish faultless control on your inventory these days without proper automation solutions. This applies even more in case of multichannel sellers that may be present in two or more marketplaces at the same time.

keeping a tab on how much stock is lying in which warehouse of which marketplace followed by the units that have been shipped, units that are shelved, units that have been returned topped with alerts on low stock etc is easier when controlled through one single user interface and that too without any manual involvement at all.

You also need to understand that ‘Real time’ is more than just two words. If your software solution supports real time inventory management, you can be rest assured that you will continue to maintain your lead through thick and thin.

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The Why and How Of Walmart Amazon Product Feed Management

Stephen Posted On - October 27, 2016

Sell on Walmart
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The obvious Advantages of being present in Amazon and Walmart together…

The advantages of selling in Walmart and Amazon together are not new to sellers in general. The primary benefits involve receiving unique traffic from both platforms that can accelerate clicks and conversions many times over. While it is true that the traffic has been overlapping to a great extent over the past few months, it still is a wealth that not many e commerce sellers can willfully overlook.

Why should you be extra cautious Amazon Walmart Data feed management?

With the advantages in one side, sellers have to face issues with respect to certain critical operational basics like listing in both platforms. Basically, you will not be able to survive in either of the two platforms if the list price of one exceeds the other. This also applies to other aspects that are associated with enhancing the overall value of the products in the eyes of prospective buyers. It usually gets very difficult for sellers to harmonize their Amazon product feed with Walmart specifications when it comes to strict multichannel operations involving both of these marketplaces.

How can you achieve best Walmart Amazon product feed management?

Achieving a healthy listing practice in compatibility with the requirements of both platforms does not necessarily have to be difficult. Here are three unchallenged ways to harmonize price and listing while you sell on Walmart and Amazon at the same time…


Bringing these two platforms together necessitates the approach to infallible integration to the last word. You must carry out end to end integration of Walmart and Amazon for the sake of staying in tune with the overall activities in both platforms through one single interface. It is necessary to remember than integration is not an option but lifesaving urgency.

Use added automation softwares if necessary

This is applicable mostly when it comes to managing price variations in these marketplaces. Integrated pricing and re-pricing tools along with variable pricing management systems may or may not be available in the basic integration package. If not, then you will have to bridge the gap with added software and tools.

Call in for managed services from third party e commerce solution developers

Thirdly, your best approach to smooth management of Walmart Amazon listing and other operational basics lies in hiring high quality third party e commerce solutions developers. Walmart has already partnered with some of the best professional services in this field. Seeking their assistance can be your route to easy success.

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Best Practices To Sell On Walmart Profitably

Stephen Posted On - September 23, 2016

Wallmart Online Selling
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Selling in Walmart.com can be very profitable for sellers who are aware of the best practices of selling in this growing e commerce marketplace. Making its way to the top 10 e commerce platforms in the USA, it is only natural for sellers to expect enhanced traffic and resultant conversions from millions of unique visitors that flow in every passing week which is worth fighting for. In short, Walmart.com is progressing to close in with Amazon, and sellers who establish early presence in this platform can experience ample growth and profits to enjoy in the very near future.

However, with these unputdownable assurances, sellers are also required to understand and maintain certain standards to sell on Walmart with sizeable success. For all you know, this leading retail giant is not very welcoming of selling entities that don’t possess something worthy in terms of selling standards or reputation to show in their favor. Following is a very small list of factors that Walmart.com takes very seriously while inviting sellers to perform under their umbrella…

Order defect rate

This is the first and the most important factor that is taken into consideration and can be a deciding factor at the time of receiving acceptance from the platform. If you are an Amazon seller, your defect rate has to be less than 1%. If not, your chances to sell on Walmart.com will become feeble or impossible.

Reseller V/s Brand owners

Walmart.com is always seen to favor individual and promising brand owners over resellers. If you are counted among the latter, your attempts will not be favored over the former. If you are a brand owner with something worthy to speak of, Walmart will be more than happy to invite you in.

Your existing feedback and rating

Walmart wants to know what buyers have to say about you. Ratings and feedbacks are thus taken very seriously by this platform. If your rating and feedback is less than average, you may not be preferred in Walmart.com and this applies mainly to existing Amazon sellers.

Best price assurance

Walmart has always adhered to offering the lowest prices to its buyers in its brick and mortar establishments and ants to ensure the same in its e commerce endeavors as well. So, if you are an Amazon seller, the platform may insist on taking a look at your approach to buy box and your performance in the same.

In order to save time and stay in the safer side of things, it is best to seek assistance from ecommerce professionals especially those who are of significant standing. Choosing providers who have offered successful integrations like Shopify jet.com, Amazon Magento etc can be considered.

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Selling on Walmart – Fortified Seller Support With ChannelSale

Robin Smith Posted On - September 16, 2016

Wallmart Online Selling
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With a little over 90 million visitors flooding its ecommerce establishment every passing week, Walmart.com is ever ready to a push the pedals of growth beyond expectations. An endeavor that started as recently as 2009, this rather nascent ecommerce marketplace has already entered the list of top 10 most frequented shopping sites in the USA. The Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide has ranked Walmart.com in the 4th place, even though the rate of growth experienced over the past few years has been very slow.

This can be owed to the fact that as compared to the 2 million retailers performing in Amazon and a far higher number of merchants selling through eBay marketplaces, Walmart.com is still juggling with a few hundred sellers that are barely enough to cover the demand it is expecting to create in the marketplace by 2020. As has been expressed by the Senior Vice President of this endeavor, the immediate aim of Walmart.com is thus, to invite more and more sellers to perform under its umbrella with maximum ease and efficiency.

Tying up with ChannelSale as one of the official integration partners for Walmart.com earlier this year has been a massive step taken towards this direction. The immediate impact of the tie up is expected to boost seller motivation to make a healthier and smoother start without failing or faltering. Hassle free and error free set up in the platform is the first and the most important benefit that the latter is expected to achieve with the assistance of ChannelSale. Sellers in Walmart.com can further make the most of…

– Quick and easy management of all basic operational processes like granular level category mapping to aid impeccable listing under the right categories; evolved order management, productive inventory systemization etc.

– Easy integration with online shopping cart, pre configured third party platforms like FBA, eBay Global Shipping, OrderMotion, ShipWorks as well as numerous shopping cart solutions and other platforms of sale.

– Manage multi variation products and variable pricing in Walmart.com

– Continued support for better performance which has always been directly influential in improving purchase experience in the part of buyers.

…while working with ChannelSale as their Walmart.com integration partners.

ChannelSale and Walmart.com coming together has increased the expectations of sellers to perform more profitably while accessing scope of early growth. The top leadership of this online marketplace however, believes that this integration partnership will be the first step taken to close-in existing gaps with competitors like Amazon and eBay. The tie up has also been a very successful attempt to redefine purchase experience in favor of buyers who can expect quick and efficient order completion and delivery. Driving conversions with the best deals to win loyalty from online shoppers has been a possibility with ChannelSale.

As has been predicted by ecommerce experts, it will not be long before Walmart.com marches shoulder to shoulder with Amazon in the sphere of e commerce. Early birds with constructive approach towards Walmart integration are assured to experience opportunities of a lifetime.

For More info Visit: https://www.channelsale.com/partners/marketplaces/walmart.aspx

Webinar: https://channelsale.com/webinar/selling_on_walmart_marketplace.html

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Choose These Marketplaces To Pile Up On Profits This 2016

Steve Burns Posted On - August 7, 2016

Online Marketplaces 2016
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We have been learning it since good old Grandma’s days that it is never a wise idea to put all your eggs in one basket. And somehow and in some way, this applies to e commerce as well. Banking on one platform of sale as your only road to e commerce success is as good as limiting ‘the eggs of your scope’ to one ‘basket’ which is either your own website or a single e commerce marketplace. These are the times when the opportunities of maximizing growth and profits are available aplenty. All you need to do is choose the most suitable platforms of sale and get going.

If you are in the process of spreading your presence across truly profitable marketplaces this year, here are a few sure shot choices that you can consider to literally pile up on profits…

Newegg – If you sign up to sell on Newegg, the sky could be your limit. This is one of those upcoming trustworthy marketplaces that support a healthy number of unique visitors especially for tech based products. However, with slow and steady expansions happening over the months, avenues have opened up for fashion and accessories, home and utility, sports, health and beauty and many more. Any new seller can rejoice the fact that competition is far lower in Newegg as compared with top marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

Jet.com – When you sell on Jet.com, opportunities become your middle name. This barely one year old company has been brought to existence to give Amazon a tough competition, and the platform has been living up to this ambition tooth and nail. Jet.com hosts a very wide variety of product types which enables almost any type of sellers to establish presence with hope and scope for growth.

Commissions and payment policies are agreeable which does not usually leave any scope for losses. Competition in this platform is very low at this very moment, making it a very good time for any enthusiastic seller to establish setup right now.

Rakuten – Rakuten is yet another platform that can expose your endeavor to the rich and fertile markets of the East. When you sell on Rakuten, you invite buyers who are more product motivated than price motivated, giving you a greater edge to sell high-priced items with ease. The fee per item in this platform is 99 cents which is applicable only when the product is sold. This gives you the opportunity to make some extra saving.

Besides the mentioned platforms, you can always choose to sell on Amazon or eBay or both, for the simple reason that these two are seated unshakably in the top two positions in ecommerce.

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