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A Brief Guide to Bigcommerce eBay Selling Portals

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The recent strategic tier between the two joints in the world of e-commerce and selling that is big-commerce and eBay emerging as Bigcommerce eBay seller hub has made it even easier for all small and medium scale entrepreneurs to make it big. Now with the strategic tie-up instead of listing up on two different seller portal now all you need to do is to list up your product in a single selling portal. If you are already a professional in this domain you must be aware of the steps but for all the entrepreneurs out there here are the steps for using eBay seller tools.

Top-selling software tools for eBay

Accessing eBay related services: This tool was originally created by eBay for providing and easy access to all eBay related programs. Here you can have complete seller reports, eBay messages and monitoring reports, resolution centers messages, etc.

Free themes and listings: This is another reliable eBay selling software listing tool, where you get various free listing themes and supporting software for syncing functionalities, updating profiles, etc. This is mainly a multichannel tool with options of activating and deactivating the profile once your product has been sold, reliable cloud storage options, auto re-listings, and various other options.

Intuitive software: If you have an inventory and have multiple listing on various portals then a simple and intuitive software with cloud computing features syncing all the listings together is what you need.

Features to always look for
Now that you have a brief idea about the top tools, here are few features in tools to always check for

  • Check for template features
  • Check for schedule listing, auto listing, and relisting features
  • Check for bulk change allowances
  • Check for price and sell report monitoring features

With all features in mind search through the prime tools, reach out to leading eBay management services and make your best pick.

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5 Steps For Small Sellers To Make eBay Selling Profitable

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A little over 2 decades of its inception, eBay today, is practically overflowing with sellers from all over the world. This jaw dropping levels of competitiveness has made it almost impossible for smaller and newer sellers to make it anywhere in terms of visibility or ranking after the first few glory weeks. Here are a few tried and tested tips though that can ensure better performance in the part of the smaller sellers and that too for a prolonged period of time…

Optimize your listing before posting it in the marketplace –

It does not matter if you have only a handful of items to list. In order to beat competition in the category under which your products are listed, you will have to ensure A to Z optimization of the same. This is includes right set of keywords for titles, staying clear of black hat techniques etc.

Don’t cheap out on product images –

eBay selling depends greatly on the quality and number of product images that you upload. While it is true that you may have to pay a little out of your pocket if you list more than a specified number of product images; at the end of the day it is all for higher visibility and search ranking.

Use tools and software solutions for error free automation where it is relevant –

This applies especially when you sell on other marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon etc. and even if you choose to sell Walmart on eBay or the other way round. Tools and softwares are available for core operational processes like listing, inventory management, order completion, returns and refunds management, review generation, marketing, fee calculation and more. Using relevant support solution can be your ticket to victory.

Learn the A to Z about fees and commissions before pricing your products –

Almost all newbies are seen absolutely lost when it comes to understanding the complex maze of fees and commissions that are applicable in this marketplace. This is one of the reasons why many end up suffering loss of revenues through loopholes that could otherwise have been plugged. Learning about the fees and commission structure of eBay is thus imperative before you make your debut in the marketplace.

Enhance purchase value of your listing so that maximum buyers are tempted to approach it –

Lastly, make every effort to enhance the value of your listing in terms of purchase advantage in the part of buyers. This can include low prices, no shipping or handling charges, amazing deals / discounts and more.

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