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5 Things That Can Catch You on the Wrong Foot in

Steve Burns Posted On - January 8, 2017

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Walmart marketplace has laid out a set of very simple and comprehensive requirements for sellers that wish to perform under their umbrella. However, there are times when even the simplest of requirements can become unthinkably burdensome and often bring sellers face to face with warnings or suspensions. This applies mostly to sellers that are performing in other top marketplaces Walmart considers its direct competitors.

For sellers that wish to stay aware and awakened about everything that can catch them on the wrong foot while selling on, here is a small list of 5 things that should be considered immediately…

Order completion flaws

Walmart marketplace wants its buyers to have the best purchase experience. Mismanaged order completions can come in the way as far as achieving this goal is concerned. Sellers who keep experiencing order completion flaws are usually warned by the marketplace or their listings are pushed to invisibility. Establishing proper Walmart API integrations can help sellers avoid such problems.

Not offering the lowest prices has made it very clear that sellers will have to offer the lowest prices in their products. This means that your listing in should not go up even by a penny in comparison with any other marketplaces. If this happens, sellers can be rest assured that their listing will be pushed to invisibility. If this continues, sellers may face warnings and suspensions as well.

Value mismatch with other platforms

Besides prices, Walmart expects sellers to offer best value for their products. This has everything to do with free shipping, no handling charges, longer return and refund period, quick response to buyer issues etc. Sellers who cannot live up to buyer expectations in will not be allowed visibility in the short or long run.

Order defect rates

This is one of the primary qualifying factors that have been slapped on Amazon sellers particularly. Walmart despises order defections and expects sellers to maintain the same at 0%. As far as Amazon sellers are concerned ensuring perfect integration from shopping cart to multichannel is expected to keep such issues at bay. For example, a Shopify powered Amazon seller performing in will have to carry out Shopify Amazon Walmart integration for faultless performance.

Poor reviews

Not receiving poor reviews from angry buyers is something that you need to ascertain at all times because can take up pitchforks against you if you manage a couple or more.

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4 Steps To Decide If You Are Ready To Sell On Amazon

Steve Burns Posted On - December 30, 2016

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Progressing from selling on your own website to selling on Amazon can be a massive leap that many enthusiasts dread to take. More often than not, the common argument that is posed by this lot revolves around the ‘I am not ready for Amazon yet’ debate. In the process, the sellers tend to lose out on possible avenues of growth and profits that are best when availed at the earliest.

Basically, there is not much that you need to sell on Amazon. You don’t have to be a millionaire or generate sale by the thousands or millions every month. If you start small, it does not mean that you will be pushed back in terms of visibility. If you have little inventory, it does not mean that Amazon fulfillment solutions or warehouses will not support your cause.

There is a practical and cost effective solution for every issue that may appear burdensome to shaky enthusiasts, which need to be understood and approached at the right time. When it comes to determining the right time, here are 4 steps that can help make up your mind as to whether you are ready for this marketplace or not…

You have stock to sell on a monthly basis:

If you have already been selling in your website for a few months or years, it is indicative of the fact that you have stock to sell on a regular basis. Unlike eBay, Amazon prefers sellers that assure continuity in their efforts. Therefore, with stock to sell every month, you can be convinced that Amazon will have a decent place for you.

You are prepared to face competition:

If you have already bagged sale for your products in your own website, you can be confident that you are prepared to handle competition in Amazon as well. All it will take in your part is to ensure high quality performance based optimized listing in the marketplace and rest will be good to go. In Amazon, it does not matter how big or small you are in volume. If your listing is up to the mark, you can win the race to maximum visibility with only 10 products under your umbrella.

Integration is not ‘just a word’ for you:

If you understand the impact of integration and what it can do in favor of Amazon stores and individual ventures, approaching the platform at the earliest should be your next productive goal.

You are ready to invest before reaping revenues:

Lastly, if you are ready to invest in improved operational processes for smooth, healthy, streamlined and faultless performance especially by engaging professional assistance, you can be rest assured that you are ready to experience a productive future in Amazon.

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4 Steps To Selling Successfully In

Steve Burns Posted On - September 26, 2016

tips for selling on
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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has gained pace over the past year and has been inviting more and more third party sellers to sell in this platform. While this ecommerce marketplace is yet to walk miles to close distances with Amazon, it still is a platform that is rich with unique visitors and repeat buyers running up to millions. Setting up presence in Walmart at this very moment can help sellers gain visibility and footing more easily all thanks to the fact that competition is not as tough in right now as it is in Amazon and eBay.

However, it is still necessary for sellers to know the basics of what constitutes good setup and selling practices to gain an instant head start in this marketplace. The following four points have been of crucial importance to presently established sellers in…

If you are a brand owner, you will gain a better edge

To begin with, your eligibility and your compatibility with the platform is the first step that needs to be taken note of. entertains brand owners over merchants / resellers. So, if you are the owner of your own brand, you are likely to be at a more favorable position.

Set up and integrate well

Carrying out proper integration processes is critical to gain a head start in this platform. The process is usually easier compared to other tough options like Netsuite etc. but it is always advised to seek assistance of professionals. has already partnered with certain futuristic and affordable third party solution developers who can be approached for the purpose.

Walmart is serious about lowest price and highest value assurance

While in the platform, sellers who wish to gain instant visibility must always take the matter of pricing and values of their listing very seriously. assures lowest prices and highest value of purchase to all buyers and expects that the sellers / merchants will live up to the same. if for example, you wish to sell Walmart on eBay, you will have to ensure that your list price in Walmart is lower than or equal to the list price in eBay. welcomes sellers with good performance records

This mostly goes out to sellers who are also performing in Amazon. Walmart welcomes mostly those entities who have established good selling record in Amazon with highest numbers of good reviews and ratings posted in their favor. This applies for other marketplaces as well.

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Walmart eBay Integration Can Be Easy – Here’s Why

Steve Burns Posted On - September 21, 2016

Walmart marketplace listing
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There is no doubt about the fact that is rising as an ecommerce marketplace. While no one can deny that the growth charts of this platform has not been very pleasing in comparison with Amazon or even eBay for that matter, it is only a while before this mighty retail giant coughs up the lag and blossoms for the better. In many ways it has been seen that Walmart considers Amazon as its primary competitor and thus, has been channeling all its focus on closing the gaps that seem amply obvious after comparing the length and breadth of these two marketplaces.

Why Integrate Walmart with eBay?

For many reasons though, eBay sellers who are planning on improving their multichannel presence are considering as a very viable option to consider. Considering the fact that both eBay and strive to offer really affordable rather, some of the cheapest deals to their customers, winning audience for the same category of products will not be very difficult after all. eBay sellers can thus access two unique streams of purchase motivated buyers that can eventually maximize their sale for better profits.

What has been standing in the way as an obstacle though, is establishing proper Walmart eBay integration that is aimed at making the basic operational processes smooth and error free.

The Issues…

It is not new to learn that is still in the process of improving and perfecting its operational landscape and there are a number of if-then-else’s that sellers need to navigate around while integrating with the same. The process can be a hassle especially to newer and less experienced sellers who possess minimum or no technical knowledge. Attempting the process with limited information can expose sellers to the consequences of ‘trial and error’ which is known for slowing down growth and profits woefully. However, with a number of sophisticated e commerce solution providers up and active, the Walmart eBay integration scenario has been taking a productive turn.

What Integration Partners Can Do For You?

Proper rather official e commerce solution partners of and eBay possess all the necessary information, tools and strategies to win the best and quickest possible integration for all interested enthusiasts. Working closely with both platforms and having unmatched experience in the same, they can chalk out functional strategies that can harmonize processes like inventory management, listing, order management, fulfillment and many more.

Some of these developers have excelled in super tedious processes like establishing Magento integration successfully, which should leave no doubt about their reach and scope.

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3 Things You Can Do Without And Still Make Profits In eBay

Steve Burns Posted On - September 17, 2016

eBay store
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Selling in top ecommerce marketplaces comes with its own set of challenges. Irrespective of what new age strategists may say, things are not usually as easy as they appear. This is one of the many reasons why most eBay and Amazon sellers are seen to make extended efforts in the direction of making quicker profits and accessing faster growth. In the process, most of them feel the urgency to aid their efforts with certain power opportunities that are specific to the platform of presence. This applies massively to eBay where sellers have greater opportunity to build their brand name and reputation.

However, it has also been witnessed that it is possible to make profits in eBay more than expected even without the aid of these express openings. Here are 3 things that almost all sellers compete for in eBay, but may still manage to gain sizeable revenues without the getting a break into the same…

Power seller badge –

Not everyone can qualify for power seller badge and not everyone needs it either. There is a whole lot that you need to take care of while aiming for the power seller badge ranging from maintaining high volume sale to fetching outstanding reviews in every order so completed.

The truth is, sellers have performed for significant profits even without the power seller badge. The idea is to keep your listing in perfect shape; ascertain perfect order completions; price products competitively and the rest will fall in place.

eBay store

Stores in eBay are basically meant for midsized to large ventures especially those who earn their living through eBay. If you are a hobby seller or a small seller with your basic operational processes in good health, you will not feel the need to own an eBay store at all. stores come with a whole lot of associated expenses that may pull down on your revenues especially if you cannot keep your sale records high.


There are many eBay sellers who have signed up for FBA services for obvious benefits. However, FBA is not necessary because you can choose your own order completion methods for lesser costs. Systemized order completion systems are available aplenty, some of which are effective enough to offer extended benefits that come very close to FBA and that too with far lower investments.

Arbitrage selling can also be mentioned among the gateways for quick growth and profits which sellers need not actually resort to. Playing by the rules in eBay and offering excellent buyer experience is mostly all that sellers need to please the platform for a better future.

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Most Effective Solutions For Reducing eBay Fees

Steve Burns Posted On - September 8, 2016

Reducing eBay Fees
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Maximizing sale and minimizing operational and administrative expenses is the easiest solution to experience quick growth and healthy profits in any business venture whatsoever. However, things can often get a little difficult operating in top ecommerce marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Understanding the loopholes from where profit seepage happens is perhaps the most difficult hurdle to overcome in eBay.

More often than not, sellers are seen to have no clear idea about the multifaceted fee structure of this marketplace which is one of the primary reasons that keeps making sellers walk the shallow end of profits while coughing up exorbitant amounts of fees. The good news is, it is actually possible to reduce the burden of eBay fees and all it takes is a little enlightenment about the subject.

Following are some of the easiest steps to achieve optimum results almost instantly…

  • Use picture hosting tools –

  • By now, all eBay sellers may be familiar about the fact that eBay allows nothing more than one free picture upload per listing. However, this is seldom enough to gain desired visibility. Adding multiple pictures with the assistance of proper picture hosting tools though, can help save about 0.15$ per additional image. This is worth thus, worth a try.

  • Use fee calculating tools –

  • eBay Fee calculating tools and softwares are perhaps the smartest among all existing eBay merchant tools that can assist sellers in keeping a check on their eBay fees. Basically, these solutions help sellers determine their profits after taking into account each and every avenue that claims fees in eBay. This way, sellers can be amply aware of where they may lose money and price their products accordingly.

  • Don’t hoard up on inventory in warehouses –

  • A lot of money is usually spent by midsized to very large scale eBay sellers on inventory storage in warehouses. Overstocking has been named as one of the primary reasons for overspending in operational costs. Managing stock so that it does not contribute to spending for products that are not fetching any profits is a good way to save on eBay fees.

  • Learn about the insertion fees before altering prices –

  • This is yet another means of saving on costs effectively. Say for example, if you wish to increase a dollar to your product making it 50$ from 49$, your insertion fees will almost double up. If you were paying 1.20$ on your existing price, with the dollar increase, you will have to pay 2.40$. however, if you bring the price to 49.99, you will not only enjoy .99$ increase but also remain in 1.20$ group as far as insertion fees is concerned.

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    Quick Tips To Make Your Seller Profile Look More Authentic In eBay

    Steve Burns Posted On - September 4, 2016

    eBay Seller Profile
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    How you manage your profile in ecommerce marketplaces as a seller goes a very long way in determining how impressed and convinced your target customers will be. While there are certain ecommerce marketplaces that do not allow sellers to gain more popularity over the platform itself (like Amazon), there are others that ensure that all sellers get an opportunity to build up their brand name. eBay is a shining example of the latter. In these marketplaces, eBay seller profiles usually make a massive difference as far as gaining and retaining attention from target buyers are concerned. The idea is to display your best without going overboard.

    Here are a few quick tips to make your profile attractive and engaging at the same time…

    eBay Seller Profile

    eBay Profile Picture

    eBay allows its sellers to use appropriate profile pictures which is in fact a very believable way to win the confidence of the buyers. Profile pictures of your brick and mortar establishment preferably with you in it will directly enhance the authenticity of your store / brand. However, it is advisable to be wise with the pictures used in profile in the sense that sellers must understand that eBay is not social media. at all times, the pictures need to be professional.


    How you describe your brand / shop / endeavor in your profile determines the level of traffic that will eventually hit your store. While it is alright to keep things professional, making a strictly text book approach in describing your store can be counterproductive. Online shoppers these days are ready to inhale some excitement when it comes to knowing the sellers they are shopping from. So, adding a brief paragraph on what made you commence your business and what makes you one of the best in your line, will always be in good taste.

    Reviews and Ratings

    If you have managed to win good reviews and ratings over your months of operation, please ensure making the same amply visible in your profile. Highlight the best reviews and ratings so that they are perfectly visible to buyers when they click on your products. This is one of the best ways to add glamour to your eBay profile for the best of consequences.

    Last but certainly not the least; never shy away from consulting professionals if you feel that you will require assistance in making your profile more attractive than it already is.

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    5 Shopping Channels That Can Bring Home The Best ROI In 2016

    Steve Burns Posted On - August 12, 2016

    5 Shopping Channels
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    Multichannel ecommerce is not easy. If you are taking the trouble to spread your venture into (around) 5 different platforms or more, you will have to ensure that your efforts count. Choosing the right platforms will compliment your efforts and win you maximum ROI than squandering your time and money in marketplaces that simply does not suit your way of business.

    If you are a seller dealing in popular items like fashion apparels & accessories, home décor and home improvement products, health and beauty products, electronics and gadgets, sports products etc. the following 5 shopping channels can bring you the best lot of prospective buyers thus improving chances of conversions many times over…


    Rakuten may have been called Amazon of the East, but this platform is exclusive in itself and it could only be a while before it spreads its wings for global domination. On establishing presence in this marketplace, you can access almost 90% of Japan’s online shoppers who are always on Rakuten looking for the best deals and best shopping experience. Rakuten is growing real big real fast, so anytime is a good time to start.


    Sears may not be anywhere close to Amazon, eBay or Rakuten in terms of profit statistics, but you make a real deal out of this platform while it is still in its growing phase. Sears costs as little as 40$ a month with an additional 40$ if you wish to use FBS (fulfillment by Sears) to get a complete selling package. Competition is low in Sears right now with the numbers of unique visitors increasing by every passing week. Gaining visibility at this very moment will now be easy thus contributing to good profit levels.


    Newegg is one of the most favored platforms of top online retailers who deal in electronics. However, this platform is equally open to all categories of popular products ranging from fashion apparels and accessories to health and home and many more. At this very moment, there are more sellers looking forward to join Newegg than Amazon or eBay.

    Google Shopping

    It is tried tested and proven than presence in Google Shopping can open a floodgate of traffic to your store anytime of the day. Sellers have experienced exponential growth of at least 33% within the first month of their presence in this top comparison shopping platform.


    Amazon is still the King of all marketplaces. This is still the leader in innovative e commerce, best deals, impeccable purchase experience and most importantly, it is a platform that has won unshakeable trust from buyers. Anytime is a good time to start in Amazon and expect the best returns out of it.

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    Choose These Marketplaces To Pile Up On Profits This 2016

    Steve Burns Posted On - August 7, 2016

    Online Marketplaces 2016
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    We have been learning it since good old Grandma’s days that it is never a wise idea to put all your eggs in one basket. And somehow and in some way, this applies to e commerce as well. Banking on one platform of sale as your only road to e commerce success is as good as limiting ‘the eggs of your scope’ to one ‘basket’ which is either your own website or a single e commerce marketplace. These are the times when the opportunities of maximizing growth and profits are available aplenty. All you need to do is choose the most suitable platforms of sale and get going.

    If you are in the process of spreading your presence across truly profitable marketplaces this year, here are a few sure shot choices that you can consider to literally pile up on profits…

    Newegg – If you sign up to sell on Newegg, the sky could be your limit. This is one of those upcoming trustworthy marketplaces that support a healthy number of unique visitors especially for tech based products. However, with slow and steady expansions happening over the months, avenues have opened up for fashion and accessories, home and utility, sports, health and beauty and many more. Any new seller can rejoice the fact that competition is far lower in Newegg as compared with top marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. – When you sell on, opportunities become your middle name. This barely one year old company has been brought to existence to give Amazon a tough competition, and the platform has been living up to this ambition tooth and nail. hosts a very wide variety of product types which enables almost any type of sellers to establish presence with hope and scope for growth.

    Commissions and payment policies are agreeable which does not usually leave any scope for losses. Competition in this platform is very low at this very moment, making it a very good time for any enthusiastic seller to establish setup right now.

    Rakuten – Rakuten is yet another platform that can expose your endeavor to the rich and fertile markets of the East. When you sell on Rakuten, you invite buyers who are more product motivated than price motivated, giving you a greater edge to sell high-priced items with ease. The fee per item in this platform is 99 cents which is applicable only when the product is sold. This gives you the opportunity to make some extra saving.

    Besides the mentioned platforms, you can always choose to sell on Amazon or eBay or both, for the simple reason that these two are seated unshakably in the top two positions in ecommerce.

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    How Amazon Fee Calculators Can Save Your Life

    Steve Burns Posted On - July 31, 2016

    Amazon Fulfillment services
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    What’s so good about FBA anyway?

    There is no doubt about the fact that FBA is one of the coolest order fulfillment methods that any e commerce sellers can access. Here, all that the sellers need to do is to send their inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers and track movements of the same with the assistance quality software solutions. The integral processes of packing, shipping, sending order and tracking updates to buyers is wholly and solely the responsibility of this top performing marketplace. Free shipping and 24 hours delivery is always a possibility with FBA which contributes to making the listing of the concerned sellers gain top position in search rankings. Improving visibility, buyer trust and eventual increase in sale comes naturally with FBA.

    The Flipside Fee

    Besides all things glorious, there is yet another side of FBA that every subscriber should be aware about from the very onset. This factor can be wrapped up in a single word that is, ‘fee’. Fulfillment by Amazon is not a free service. In fact, as has been expressed by many sellers who approached FBA unprepared, the cost for supporting this service can often destabilize any small and midsized ventures if they fall back on it blindly. Considering the fact that fees charged for every different item is different depending upon the product category, weight and warehouse space charges, it is very easy for sellers to end up victims of gross miscalculations and causing a steep rise in their overall Amazon selling fees.

    FBA Calculators

    While this may sound a little discouraging at first, the solution to this issue is rather simple. Using sophisticated tools like Amazon FBA calculators can offer an accurate insight into the profits sellers can expect to make per product after using FBA for order completion. Here, all that the sellers need to do is install the tool / software, feed in the necessary details as required in the mandatory fields and click on the calculation button. The tool will take into consideration every detail that Amazon takes into account while calculating its FBA fees and display the exact profit / loss figures to the sellers. Running these softwares before jumping into FBA for order completion can help sellers stay on the profitable side of things.

    Sellers can also gain an insight into changing their prices per listing in order to sell through FBA yet make profits by a huge margin.

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    Easy Tips To Sell Out Your eBay Inventory Faster

    Steve Burns Posted On - June 28, 2016

    eBay Inventory management
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    There is no better way than organic way to sell out your eBay inventory. For those who have been resorting to tricks and hacks and have been facing warnings from the platform, take a clue or two from the following organic tips to ship your inventory the happy way for better profits and higher rankings…

    Choose products that buyers are looking for –

    There is no harm in doing some research on the types of products that buyers in eBay are interested in. Choosing popular products in the category you are selling in is one of the best ways to sell out inventory faster.

    Price them competitively –

    People in eBay often come looking for the best rather, the lowest prices in products. If you offer the lowest price in a certain product of interest, you can be rest assured that your products will sell out faster than ever before. However, it has also been observed that offering unbelievably low prices can generate doubts in buyers who may think that there may be something inauthentic about the product which has contributed to bringing down its costs to scratch.

    The trick thus, lies in pricing the products competitively than going for drop dead low prices. Using softwares for the purpose is strongly recommended.

    List products attractively –

    The root of eBay inventory management lies in the process of listing. How you list your products determines how far you will go with generating orders for the same. Inventory will start moving only when buyers are convinced with the listing and start placing orders for the same.

    Organic listing in eBay or any other marketplace for that matter refers to improving the basics (like titles, descriptions, images etc) to make them more relevant to buyers without resorting to malpractices like keyword stuffing, watermarking images etc.

    Attempt proper warehouse integration –

    If your inventory is spread over multiple eBay warehouses, you must ensure proper integration with the same. More often than not, overall integration solutions like Volusion Amazon integration, Bigcommerce eBay integration etc cover warehouse integrations as well. If however, you feel that the features in the inbuilt integration systems are not enough to cater to your needs; it will be wise to go for additional softwares for the purpose.

    Push shelved products with offers –

    Lastly, shelves items can be a real trouble for eBay sellers especially those who may be paying warehouse fees to have them stocked. Offering attractive deals on these products like affordable combo offers etc. can help move them out at the blink of an eye and that too, profitably.

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    Fight 5 Calamities In Amazon And eBay With Proper Inventory Management Softwares

    Steve Burns Posted On - June 8, 2016

    eBay Amazon inventory management
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    Amazon and eBay can often become a death trap for sellers who walk in unprepared. This goes out especially to those who are a little too confident about their manual or semi automated inventory management set up. There is no time to ease sellers into the fact that bad things often happen when eBay Amazon inventory management is treated as a side issue. On hundreds of occasions, the five deadly calamities had manifested one after the other till the time the concerned sellers thought it better to bid the platform a fond farewell…

    Over & Under Selling:

    This can be considered as the beginning of the end. If your inventory management system is not in place in Amazon or eBay, each of which is known for functioning in lightning fast speed, it is only a while before you get into the clutches of over selling / underselling and witness your performance decline almost helplessly.

    Order Cancellations:

    Buyers canceling orders from their end is more tolerable to eBay and Amazon than sellers doing the same. Overselling is one of the key causes of buyers having to cancel orders after they have been placed. Neither of these two top performing marketplaces holds back their red cards after identifying such issues.

    Bad Reviews:

    Sellers that compromise purchase experience in the part of buyers are often subjected to really nasty reviews from the latter. Unlike many other marketplaces that don’t affect seller ranking on the basis of reviews, eBay and Amazon can be very prompt in taking up the cause of the buyers. a handful of poor reviews down the line and sellers can expect a series of warnings from eBay and Amazon.

    Product Loses Ranking:

    Bad reviews and rating can also impact other buyers as they make their purchase. Say for example, if a certain product has been used by a certified buyer and the buyers says that the services of the seller has been abominable including late delivery, damaged goods and poor quality product. Later, when another buyer goes through the details of the same product and reads the review, he / she may not make their purchase. Eventually, when buyers stop putting the product in their cart, the product will lose its search ranking resulting in gradual loss of the concerned seller.

    Eventual Suspension:

    Clubbing mismanaged inventory, poor performance, bad reviews and loss of product ranking together, it is only a while that the sellers lose their footing in Amazon and eBay and get suspended. Using eBay and Amazon inventory management systems is the easiest way to fight these ills and remain in the good books of the platform forever.

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    Fee Calculating Tools For Amazon – Know Your Profits Before Amazon Does!

    Steve Burns Posted On - June 6, 2016

    Amazon fulfillment calculator
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    Amazon is not a free marketplace… it always takes its cut. While it is true that no other e commerce platform in this century can assure as much exposure, growth and profits as Amazon does, it is also true that operating here can often get expensive. If you are not informed about where and how Amazon claims a portion of your profits, you may end up on the losing side of the deal. There have been ample occasions when sellers had to quit selling in Amazon just because they could not manage their revenues after all those cuts made by this marketplace.

    At all times it is thus, advised that Amazon sellers commence their ventures with a very good idea about ‘how much profit will they make after completing one order’ especially when they use FBA services. If you have the details, you may manage to calculate your profits manually. However, if your math is weak and you value your time to the last second, we will always suggest using tools for the purpose. Yes… Amazon revenue calculators or fee calculators are presently reaping massive popularity among sellers for all the right reasons.

    These tools basically do as they are named. They calculate profits / fee / revenue that you will make and pay even before you make a sale in Amazon Say for example, you have a certain product listed in Amazon at the rate of 20$. Now you wish to find out whether you will make more profits if you fulfill through your own fulfillment network or through FBA. Running the details through the tools will give you instant and accurate figures which can help you choose the best option and get ahead with it.

    Amazon Fee / Revenue Calculator

    At present, there are hundreds of sellers who are making over 100% profits on each listed product in every sale with the help of these tools. The available options usually dwell within the categories of Amazon FBA Calculator, Amazon fee / revenue calculator as well as Amazon profit calculators. Each of these options is available in different names through different providers of e commerce solutions.

    The fulfillment by Amazon calculator tells the sincludes shipping as well. The profit calculators are a sum total of all. Here, all that the sellers are required to do is fill in all the details of the product and the tool will produce the exact amount of profit that the former will make.

    In all, these seller calculator tools are extremely beneficial when it comes to getting a hold on every nook, corner and crack from which you money may be seeping out in Amazon. Every seller whether small or large, established or newbie will have something massive to gain from the same.

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    Magento Amazon Integration Best Practices

    Steve Burns Posted On - May 30, 2016

    Magento Amazon, eBay, Rakuten
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    Integration refers to the process of syncing shopping cart solutions with e commerce marketplaces or comparison shopping platforms. This is one of the best initiatives that can help any seller handle their operational end to end work load efficiently and flawlessly. As far as top marketplaces and shopping cart solutions is concerned, sellers are required to maintain best integration practices at all times. Magento and Amazon can be taken as an example. If a certain seller is powered by Magento and is performing in Amazon, it is imperative for the seller to carry out Magento Amazon integration following best practices for the same.

    Best practices refer to a set of steps that have to be maintained while integrating the two platforms so that maximum benefits can be obtained from the same. While integrating Magento with Amazon or even Magento Rakuten / eBay / for that matter, sellers are required to be abreast with the technicalities without fail. If the sellers have absolutely no experience in handling such technical matters, it is always recommended to use professional assistance for the purpose. Professionals may come at a cost, but they can ensure flawless execution of the process that will help you manage your Magento powered store in Amazon with perfection from the very first day onwards.

    Secondly, while the basics like inventory control, listing management, order processing and completion is imperative in the process of syncing, sellers will also have to take up the matter of back end integration with due seriousness. This will go a long way in helping to maintain effortless control in every nook and corner of your Amazon venture. This may take some time to accomplish ranging from a few days to a few weeks, but once up and ready, you will have even the tiniest detail of your Amazon efforts right at your fingertips.

    Besides this, while carrying out Magento Amazon integration, it always pays to multichannel integration facilities than point to point integration systems. Multichannel selling is the single simple mantra for e commerce ventures these days and it is not possible that the sellers will stick to one platform only. Therefore, when the integration systems are such that it can bring together different platforms of sale than just one, the profit and visibility trends are likely to be on your side. Multichannel integration systems may cost slightly more than point to point integration solutions but they are worth every penny spent on the effort.

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    The Better And Worse Of Manual Inventory Management

    Steve Burns Posted On - May 23, 2016

    eBay Inventory management
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    Managing inventory manually in e commerce selling is in idea that is making its final march towards becoming obsolete especially in top marketplaces like Amazon, eBay etc. Usage of sophisticated inventory management softwares and support solutions is currently advised to all e commerce enthusiasts at the very onset of their ventures. However, manual practice still has its share of better and worse for a range of different sellers depending upon applicability of the same.

    Usually, manual inventory control can be a good option to consider for small sellers who have very little inventory to manage. These sellers may be present in nothing more than one odd platform of sale with no plans of taking their venture anywhere beyond where it may be standing at present. These sellers may also have very little to do with warehouses and usually have their saleable products housed under their own roof. Hobby sellers in eBay can be mentioned in this respect. These sellers have absolutely no urgent necessity of buying and installing sophisticated eBay inventory control softwares as may be necessary in the part of eBay store owners.

    Manual methods of inventory management have their share of advantages as well staring with low costs for the process. Smaller sellers who create integrated software setups can contribute to increasing their costs than balancing it. At the same time, with very little in stock, manual ways makes it easy to keep in touch with inflow and outflow inventory without losing track of it.

    Manual methods of inventory management though are never a good idea for medium to large multichannel store owners who have plans to expand even further. These sellers usually have very large stocks to manage and also experience speedy inflow and outflow of inventory and that too across multiple warehouses. It is imperative for eBay store owners for example, as against eBay hobby sellers to start their efforts in this platform with proper inventory management solutions as well as eBay listing software without which they may collapse in weeks.

    Considering the fact that this lot of sellers have way too much in stock, keeping in touch with shelved goods that may have been lying around unnoticed while working up warehouse charges becomes extremely easy with softwares. In fact, for the larger store owners in any top performing e commerce marketplaces, using software solutions for flawless automation is profitable and cost effective at the same time.

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