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3 Growth Hacks for Your eBay Store To Crazy-High Revenue

Stephen Posted On - October 14, 2017

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Even in the mix of new players, eBay still holds a dominant position in the e-commerce industry—something that is quite evident when new sellers, above all, rush to sell on this giant marketplace without a second though.

However, even as great of a market credibility and consumer base eBay touts, rushing to sell here is only one part of a long process, which is followed by a bigger challenge for the sellers—how do you grow your eBay store?

Meaning, yes, selling on one of the largest and most trusted marketplaces is a lucrative idea but, on the flip side, success doesn’t come off easy.

So, congratulations you are an eBay seller. But you’re in for a long ride which calls in for consistency, patience and acing strategy.

To help you fuel your growth and get the ball rolling, here are 3 growth hacks for your eBay store that many experts swear by:

Optimize for Cassini

Cassini is the name of eBay’s internal search engine, which, unlike other marketplaces’, is much more robust and efficient. You can drive a great deal of sales if you manage to improve your visibility on this search engine. Contrary to what many say, there aren’t any tricks here. It takes time and you need to follow basic guidelines, like using keywords-rich titles and descriptions, as well as high-quality images, among several other optimization steps.

Encourage buyers to leave reviews

Reviews boost your sales. Period. The more feedbacks your products get, better it send signals to the search bots. Positive reviews will promote you up, bad ones will demote. On the other hand, a prospect is more likely to listen to others’ recommendation than sellers’ words. So with good customer feedbacks, you can significantly manage to improve your conversion rate.

Signup to e-commerce solution

Managing all the backend activities of your eBay store could get quite hectic and time-consuming. To that, if you’re selling on various other channels, things would be even more difficult. To bring quickness, efficiency and convenience on the table, you can (and must) signup to a good third-party e-commerce solution. Thousands of vendors sell Walmart on eBay and integrate eBay Jet.com and more using such solutions to grow and sustain their online stores.

These are 3 very simple growth hacks for your eBay store. Trust us, pulling them the right way is easier said than done. So start today and see you online selling business touch sky tomorrow.

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5 Steps For Small Sellers To Make eBay Selling Profitable

Stephen Posted On - August 8, 2017

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A little over 2 decades of its inception, eBay today, is practically overflowing with sellers from all over the world. This jaw dropping levels of competitiveness has made it almost impossible for smaller and newer sellers to make it anywhere in terms of visibility or ranking after the first few glory weeks. Here are a few tried and tested tips though that can ensure better performance in the part of the smaller sellers and that too for a prolonged period of time…

Optimize your listing before posting it in the marketplace –

It does not matter if you have only a handful of items to list. In order to beat competition in the category under which your products are listed, you will have to ensure A to Z optimization of the same. This is includes right set of keywords for titles, staying clear of black hat techniques etc.

Don’t cheap out on product images –

eBay selling depends greatly on the quality and number of product images that you upload. While it is true that you may have to pay a little out of your pocket if you list more than a specified number of product images; at the end of the day it is all for higher visibility and search ranking.

Use tools and software solutions for error free automation where it is relevant –

This applies especially when you sell on other marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon etc. and even if you choose to sell Walmart on eBay or the other way round. Tools and softwares are available for core operational processes like listing, inventory management, order completion, returns and refunds management, review generation, marketing, fee calculation and more. Using relevant support solution can be your ticket to victory.

Learn the A to Z about fees and commissions before pricing your products –

Almost all newbies are seen absolutely lost when it comes to understanding the complex maze of fees and commissions that are applicable in this marketplace. This is one of the reasons why many end up suffering loss of revenues through loopholes that could otherwise have been plugged. Learning about the fees and commission structure of eBay is thus imperative before you make your debut in the marketplace.

Enhance purchase value of your listing so that maximum buyers are tempted to approach it –

Lastly, make every effort to enhance the value of your listing in terms of purchase advantage in the part of buyers. This can include low prices, no shipping or handling charges, amazing deals / discounts and more.

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Seller Central Facts All New Amazon Sellers Must Know

Thomas Posted On - April 13, 2017

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There are infinite advantages of the seller central in Amazon that makes it a top favorite among an ever booming ecosystem of third party sellers performing in this marketplace. However, one should also not deny that this support system is not complete in itself and possess a number of drawbacks that can pose as obstacles in the path of growth and development of sellers, particularly the newer and smaller entities.

Thorough enlightenment though, has always been the first step towards approaching the super structure of Amazon seller central more responsibly and profitably. Learning about this support solution prevents new sellers from facing rude surprises on countering these shortcomings. Here is a list of facts that experienced sellers in this marketplace insist that all newer entities must know for a healthy and constructive selling future with the seller central…

  • All third party independent sellers need to start their endeavors by registering with the seller central following a set of easy steps that can be approached and completed very easily. After registering, sellers can start their operations almost immediately.
  • On commencing operations through Amazon seller central, sellers will be exposed to basic fee setup of 15% referral fee on selling price of products along with FBA charges if applicable.
  • Sellers can expect to be paid two weeks after the sale is made.
  • With the seller central, sellers can exercise greater control on product listing, pricing and other such matters. On the flip side though, the product pages and advertising options are very basic in nature. Therefore, competing with vendor central entities wile being a seller central subscriber can get a little too tough.
  • Seller central subscribers need to engage in crisp customer service because Amazon will not handle the same as in Vendor central. This can create a certain degree of hassle for new sellers considering the fact that most in this group lack quality customer service setup owing to inexperience or costs.

Taking a close look at these facts, many sellers may feel that it could be much easier to sell Walmart on eBay than balancing the pros and cons the seller central. The simplest and the most effective solution to making the most of this inventive seller support platform of Amazon is to carry out end to end integration to bridge the shortcomings successfully. Approaching authentic e commerce solution developers for the purpose can be productive and affordable at the same time.

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6 High-converting marketing strategies for online sellers in 2017 [PART 1]

Daniel Posted On - February 6, 2017

marketing strategies for online sellers
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If you’ve just launched your online stores (finally!!), save the joy and ecstasy. The hard part’s up next—making sales.

Today, starting an online store is easier than ever; more so if you’re just planning to sell Walmart on eBay and few other selected marketplaces. Climbing through the market competition to win customers’ attention is a monumental task that new sellers often fail to achieve. No wonder, while thousands of online stores are opened every day, so many others dwindle; and so many store owners have to settle for meager profit margin.

Marketing your products and store is essential!

Look beyond the SEO Guides for marketplaces

Many online sellers get too hung up in the SEO aspect of their storefronts. While admittedly, wooing Google and internal search engines of marketplaces is very important, overlooking other avenues of marketing can be fatal. Why? Because ranking high in search result pages is really difficult given the market competition. And with less sales pouring from poor visibility on the result pages, you need various other mechanisms to keep your revenue high and consistent.

So what kind of “mechanisms” are we really talking about?

Well, if you’re an online seller, here are 6 high-converting marketing strategies you must take up in 2017-

  1. Become a blogger

While as big of an asset is blogging, majority of businesses are still failing to capitalize on it optimally. For online sellers, it’s a great avenue to not only rank better on search engines (provided they have done a decent keyword research), but also to communicate with their target audience directly— engaging them and addressing their issues personally, and then selling them on the products. This strategy almost always guarantees better conversion. So if you aren’t already blogging, start from today. Whether use free platforms like WordPress.com and Blogger or host the blog on your own personal website.

  • Create beautiful videos

  • A study found that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rate by 80 percent. In fact, Forbes has already declared 2017 as the year of Video Marketing. So accompanying your products with nice descriptive videos can easily boost your sales. Now you don’t have to be a pro video editor to create a perfect video. With free and cheap video-making tools available online, you can make a nice, clean and simple video easily and quickly.

    1. Build a solid Email List

    Successful vendors who sell on eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces believe that email marketing goes parallel to your overall sales strategy. And rightly so! Not all of your target audience is ready to purchase. They need to be engaged and pushed to make their purchasing decision. And the more personal the communication channel is, easier will it be to influence them. And what’s more personal than e-mails?!! So building a solid email list of your audience (whether with subscription form, social media campaigns or more) should be one of your top priorities this year.

    Besides e-mail campaigns are important for your customer retention strategy; to communicate with your buying customers and encourage them for repeated purchase.

    Jump to [PART 2] of 6 High-converting marketing strategies for online sellers in 2017

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    Amazon Sellers’ Selling Experience In Walmart.com In A Nutshell

    Stephen Posted On - November 9, 2016

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    After gaining decades of experience in e commerce selling practices, sellers in general have realized that there are certain entities that are born to get things right while the rest have to slog, struggle, fall flat on the face and literally cry through the process to win even a penny of profits. This is amply applicable for all new Amazon sellers who wish to make it big in Walmart.com as well.

    The recent past has put light upon the fact that there are a number of sellers who have already created an apparently profitable presence in Walmart.com and are working their way to greater success. This is very inspiring till the time, enthusiasts learn about what actually happened behind the scene, perhaps, on a daily basis…

  • Rejoicing an enhanced inflow of traffic – This is the first rather thrilling experience that all new sellers go through counting all the fringe benefits that come with it as well.
  • Enhancement of productivity and profits – While selling in Amazon and Walmart.com, productivity and profits is assured to witness a steep and rather quick rise.
  • Easy set up and integration makes life easier – Walmart.com has partnered with some of the best e commerce solution developers that can make the process of set up and integration really easy and that too at affordable prices. Not many willful sellers can resist this facility.
  • Maintenance of listing parity claims a pound of flesh – This is where the blues begin to seep in. while many experience sellers with infallible integration manage to get by the listing and pricing parity with ease, there are others that have cried through the process.
  • A couple of warnings later… things look bleak – This especially applies to those who have scored very poorly in abiding by the pricing policies of Walmart and Amazon. However, this is not the end of the world.
  • Integration and advanced software systems save the day again – This is the time when sellers make a more enlightened approach towards advanced software systems that they may have though unnecessary before. With the systems well integrated, selling gets back on track.
  • All things bright and beautiful till inventory mismanagement bring performance to a temporary stand still – No seller can claim that they have experienced blissfully smooth inventory management every single day they have been in business. Changing rules of marketplaces, ups and downs experienced by the source wholesalers and other variable factors affect inventory performance negatively. However, this can be handled too with the necessary inventory management tools available with e commerce providers
  • A few months down the line, optimum performance levels are reached and sellers actually start reaping the revenues they may have aimed for.
  • The experience may be slightly different for those trying to sell Walmart on eBay or resorting to other practices as such.

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    4 Steps To Selling Successfully In Walmart.com

    Steve Burns Posted On - September 26, 2016

    tips for selling on Walmart.com
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    Walmart.com has gained pace over the past year and has been inviting more and more third party sellers to sell in this platform. While this ecommerce marketplace is yet to walk miles to close distances with Amazon, it still is a platform that is rich with unique visitors and repeat buyers running up to millions. Setting up presence in Walmart at this very moment can help sellers gain visibility and footing more easily all thanks to the fact that competition is not as tough in Walmart.com right now as it is in Amazon and eBay.

    However, it is still necessary for sellers to know the basics of what constitutes good setup and selling practices to gain an instant head start in this marketplace. The following four points have been of crucial importance to presently established sellers in Walmart.com…

    If you are a brand owner, you will gain a better edge

    To begin with, your eligibility and your compatibility with the platform is the first step that needs to be taken note of. Walmart.com entertains brand owners over merchants / resellers. So, if you are the owner of your own brand, you are likely to be at a more favorable position.

    Set up and integrate well

    Carrying out proper integration processes is critical to gain a head start in this platform. The process is usually easier compared to other tough options like Netsuite Jet.com etc. but it is always advised to seek assistance of professionals. Walmart.com has already partnered with certain futuristic and affordable third party solution developers who can be approached for the purpose.

    Walmart is serious about lowest price and highest value assurance

    While in the platform, sellers who wish to gain instant visibility must always take the matter of pricing and values of their listing very seriously. Walmart.com assures lowest prices and highest value of purchase to all buyers and expects that the sellers / merchants will live up to the same. if for example, you wish to sell Walmart on eBay, you will have to ensure that your list price in Walmart is lower than or equal to the list price in eBay.

    Walmart.com welcomes sellers with good performance records

    This mostly goes out to sellers who are also performing in Amazon. Walmart welcomes mostly those entities who have established good selling record in Amazon with highest numbers of good reviews and ratings posted in their favor. This applies for other marketplaces as well.

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