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57-Minute Morning routine for online sellers to be wildly successful

Stephen Posted On - March 6, 2017

online seller
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Often, it is not the ‘extraordinary’ hard work of successful online sellers that makes them successful. Contrary to these hypes accrued by clichéd success stories, it is their habits that help them grow by leaps and bounds; habits, once difficult to form, but imperative to take the business to the top of the mountain.

Are you an online seller?

If you are looking to take your online store (s) to the next level, hard work alone won’t really be sufficient. You need to form daily winning habits to help you stick to your long-term business goals and guide you through a bumpy path.

How do you spend the early hours of your day?

To succeed and grow your business, here’s a 57-minute morning routine you should follow—a routine that wildly successful online sellers stick to daily:

1. Set your priorities clearly

What you want to achieve today? What are the things that require your attention the most today? What are the things that can wait? Set your priorities according to their importance. Write them down on a piece of paper, in fact; be clear and precise. Organize everything and know exactly what will happen today, the goals you’re going to achieve and the strides your stores will take to the top. It will take anywhere around 7-minutes.

2. Analyze sales performance

How’s your business performing, is the sales rate on rise or are things not looking bright—knowing these facts will give you a clear picture as to what needs to be done now. You’ll be living in reality instead of your ‘make riches’ dream. Take at least 20 minutes every day to analyze your sales performance. Rely on the calculus reports of e-commerce solution; it’ll be much easier and quicker to read and understand.

3. Check for loopholes

Now that you know your facts clearly, it’s time to look for the wrongs; reasons that are holding down your revenue. It could be anything, ranging from the quality of your products to the price to flawed email marketing funnel. If you have analyzed your sales properly, finding loopholes really won’t be as difficult. It should take anywhere around 7 minutes. Note down these problems and prioritize them accordingly for the rest of the day.

4. Respond to the reviews and feedbacks

Communicating with your purchasing and potential customers is very important; most important, in fact, if you’re looking to build a long-term relationship with them. Take minimum 10 minutes every day in the morning to respond to the reviews and feedbacks—at least to the top ones, if not all. It will derive direct sales and retain customers, yielding long-term benefit.

5. Automate your social media posts

Undoubtedly, social media marketing is the key for online sellers today. While you should take out a significant amount of your time in mapping a winning strategy to win Facebook, Twitter and more, you can rely on automation tool to post on these platforms more conveniently. And that’s what you should do every morning. Take at least 13 minutes to sequence and automate all your social media posts of the day. You will save plenty of your time.

This is a 57-minute morning routine online sellers must follow to enjoy high (and consistent) success. When done with them, go about your daily personal and work chores like usual.

P.S. Also take some time off to exercise and read.

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Response to customers’ tweets rises up briskly among retailers

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 26, 2015

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According to a popular e-retail journal index, E-retailers on Twitter these days are not wasting a minute’s time to respond to shoppers’ complaints at the social media platform. The index tracks the performance of the top 100 retailers in response to their respective customer-service related posts on Twitter.

The index found out that more than 60% of response to customers’ complaints tweets at Twitter occurred within an hour, from the top 50 e-retailers at the social media platform during the period extending December 4- December 11. This is quite a significant jump from the index for the month of November, when just 49% of merchants replied within an hour.

The average response time across the December index is reported to be 4 hours and 6 minutes, with Best Buy ranked No. 15 in the top 500-guide of the internet journal. Best Buy is one of the 23 merchants among the 50-most mentioned retailers known for their effective and dedicated customers’ services handle and had replied the tweets of shoppers’ within five minutes and 12 seconds on an average.

Three other top-100 retailers responded on an average in less than ten minutes. They are: HSN, ranked No. 26 with 8 minutes and 4 seconds; Nordstorm ranked No. 24 with 8 minutes and 22 seconds and the Urban Outfitters ranked No. 48 with 9 minutes and 31 seconds. The response by Nordstorm and Urban Outfitters are reported to be significantly more impressive, given the fact that retailers received around 31.1 to about 37.7 mentions in an hour, respectively. HSN had received around 8.6 mentions a hour.

Though, Mike Schnieder, director of growth for Conversocial, says that fast response times narrate only a part of the scenario. He remarked that actual resolution is the primary factor, pointing out the fact that a company can respond to a low-quality response quickly that does not necessarily satisfy the customer.

While at the other end of the scenario, as many as four retailers among 50-most mentioned that it took as long as a day to respond. OfficeMax, ranked No. 12, took an average of two days to reply, despite the fact that it had received an average of only 4.4 mentions per hour. Other retailers which took more than a day to reply were Oriental Trading, ranked No. 93 with 1 day and 8 hours, Ascena Retail Group ranked No. 86 with 1 day and 5 hours and Office Depot ranked No. 9 with 1 day and 5 hours.

The index also tends to examine the @mentions percentage that the Top 500 retailers respond to. Such as six merchants had replied to at least half of their mentions that are Nike, ranked No, 64 in the top-500 guide, replied to more than 70% of its 8.9 mentions every hour; Microsoft, ranked No. 92, replied to 55.7% of 5.1 mentions in an hour; Sears Holdings ranked No. 5, replied to around 55% to its 3.4 mentions every 60 minutes; Amazon, ranked No. 1, replied to around 55% of its 30.9 mentions an hour.

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How E Retailers Pushed Valentine’s Day Sale 2015

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 22, 2015

Valentine Day Sale
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Irrespective of the impacts of evolution, the cozy custom of gifting on special occasions is sure to never get out of style, especially in the Day when the world is painted red and pink. 14th of February has taken over the globe by its charms and it is very unlikely that its impact will see a setback anytime soon. Top the love shades with gifts from the heart, and there you have a perfect Valentine’s Day that is sure to be memorable for years to come. Making the most of this opportunity are the E-retailers who see this day as one of the most potent occasions to push their sales.

With possibilities of getting millions of hits, e retailers ensure being the early birds as far as commencing uncompromised e-commerce marketing strategies and campaigning is concerned. This is also the time when the E Retailers are seen to introduce and implement the best of strategies in order to beat and rise over competitors. And yes, attractive rebates did form a part of the deal. A chunk of the hullabaloo was seen happening with the top online flowers and gifts shops that came up with their creative best to make the best of the 2015 Valentine’s Day spirit.

For example, Inc. which is one the leaders in online flower and gift delivery, had been seen to offer a whopping 25% off on the total bill amount, if they shopped on certain chosen dates. And yes… they ensured that their campaign was amply visible. Amazon too did not stay far behind. By introducing schemes like announcing about 90$ off on its most prized product, Kindle, it attracted a herculean traffic. While Amazon was too busy to comment on their star strategies at that very moment, its master strokes were vastly obvious at the end of the shopping surge.

Considering the fact that everyone wants to save cash, this offer motivated a chunk of enthusiastic buyers to go straight ahead and grab the deal. Busy as things got for these proactive leaders, at the end of the day they made sure that their business was on an irreversible growth track.

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Retailers with upgraded mobile sites made extra-merry

Thomas Posted On - May 21, 2015

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With the advent of technology and availability of smartphones & tablets to a larger section of the public, the 2014 holiday season noted a remarkable growth in the number of consumers shopping through smartphones and tablets. Three retailers, who have already invested in mobile commerce, claimed that they had gained huge benefits.

For example, the Catholic Company, an online retailer for Catholic goods, that had redesigned its website way back in 2014.

Restructured sites fared better

During the short two-week term from Thanksgiving to December 15, The Catholic Company’s smartphone revenue, as reported, was up by 793% as compared to the same period of 2013. Traffic to their website via smartphone increased as much as by 100%, as reported by director of marketing Nicholas Cole.

The prime modifications to the mobile site which uses responsive design included displaying more products per page. It also included enlarging image sizes of the products for larger screens of the consumers’ smartphones, aiming a better display and presentation. It also upgraded the existing shopping cart layout with better images, more details and product recommendations. In fact as the customers shop at the website of the CatholicCompany, the site would be suggesting related products.

Another major change, Cole pointed for boosting up smartphone revenue was implying what he termed as echo banner advertising. It involves the promotion that consumers see in an e-mail, to be shown to them when they access the site.

From January 1 to November 26, in the last fiscal year, that is a day prior to Thanksgiving; smartphones traffic to the web site was 22% and generated revenue of 5%. But from Thanksgiving the traffic increased and has been recorded to be 27% and 8% of revenue had been generated till December 19, a week prior to Christmas.

Tablet traffic remains steady

Tablet traffic has been reported to be stable at 18% throughout the year and there was no change to the same during the Christmas shopping rush. Out of the overall revenue, Tablet revenue had increased just by 1% from 15% to 16%.

Yet, the Catholic Company is not done improvising its operations and functionality for smartphone users. This e-retailer intends to add product videos in the early phase of the current fiscal year.

AeroDesigns, an air-based delivery systems to re-imagine the consumption of food products and medications; had already switched to responsive designed web site way back in November 2013, and hence enjoyed the fruitful benefits of the holiday season of 2014.

Growth Spark, an m-commerce firm and also the builder of the website, recorded an increase in mobile traffic from mid-20% range to around low-30s, as stated by Growth Sparks’ founder Ross Beyeler.

Better designed sites lead to more traffic and sales dollars

AeroDesigns stated that traffic had significantly rocketed up in the last fiscal year despite the fact that the concept of responsive design website has been game for mobile holiday shoppers even in 2013. Even sales dollars coming from a smartphone also increased during the last holiday season as compared to 2013; from 8.34% in 2013 to 11% in 2014.

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Get Discovered In Amazon In These Simple Ways

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 20, 2015

amazon sell products
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Everyone wants to be in Amazon, and the reason for this craze is but obvious. With millions of sellers offering over a billion products that are catering to the interests of millions of buyers across the world, this is the ultimate e commerce platform to be in. The fact to consider is, with the ever rising number of sellers, the aspect of conspicuousness of individual merchants is facing thorough compromise.

This is perhaps, one of the reasons why the pitch to enhance ‘discoverability’ and ‘buyability’ is receiving undivided attention from all sellers in Amazon. For those who may be new to the terms, discoverability means enhancing the chances of being located by target buyers and buyability means converting the target audience into buyers. Discoverability and buyability are the 2 invaluable forces that can be employed to crack the codes of success in Amazon and should thus be considered with utmost importance by all Amazon sellers.

The moral of the story however, rests in the fact that unless sellers / retailers manage to generate traffic towards their endeavors (discoverability), the ambitions of achieving maximum conversions (buyability) can only be forgotten as a distant dream. At present, Sponsored products are receiving a whole lot of attention from the sellers when it comes to the matter of increasing discoverability in Amazon. The idea basically dwells upon featuring product specific ads in favor of the sellers thus increasing product exposure by leaps.

The benefit of sponsored products lies in the fact that they are in tune with relevancy of search based on target keywords and other similar associated factors. So, sellers can actually take it for granted that their efforts will be sling shot towards the right direction as far as being fished out from among the millions of other competitors is concerned.

The only hurdle may appear in the fact that this highly potent CPC program tool is presently available to only a certain set of sellers who are essentially Buy Box eligible. At the same time, the advantage is available at the moment only in hand counted countries and that too in 30 product categories.

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Annual US E-Retail Sale Crosses A Whopping $300 Billion Mark

Daniel Posted On - May 20, 2015

e commerce marketing
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To say that eCommerce has possessed the world for the better would not be wrong at all. And to say that in certain counties, the very existence of brick and mortar shops are being challenged by the many faces of e-Commerce marketing would be as good as bringing out a clearer picture of the current developments. The news is out; USA has crossed the $300 billion mark in its annual E-retail sale. This achievement is more than just herculean. The figure displays a distinct 15.4% rise from the 2013 figures which closed at $268.64 billion. The fact is, the trend of growth dwelling around 15% to 16% has been happening from the year 2010, before which the year of 2009 had only accounted a 2.6% rise carried forward from the year 2008.

The question is, what happened so differently that such steady growth pace was maintained over the last 5 years? For all the answers that may be found in statistics, no one can deny the fact that innovation has been the mother of this accomplishment. Basically, it is the attempt of the eCommerce marketplaces to get closer to the buyers and making them more comfortable with online purchasing than otherwise, that played a role in stirring the winds of change. This in fact, attracted maximum and undivided attention of potential customers to become repeat buyers.

This is the time of the year when just about everything from jewelry to grocery can be shipped to doorsteps and that too with assurance of quality and safety of transactions. So, the enthusiasm to walk down to brick and mortar shops to avail what needs to be availed no longer exists with buyers in general. At the same time, the attempts of giants like Amazon to get closer to their customers by introducing staff operated pickup and drop-off locations, working on promoting Lockers etc in the USA is expected to boost the dependence of buyers on e-commerce. 

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Valentine’s Day Sales Records Of E Retailers In 2014 Speaks Miles About Product Personalization

Thomas Posted On - May 20, 2015

Valentines Day Sales
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It is true that gifting is an art, and there are a very few individuals remaining today who would stand to justify general gifting. From cards to mementos, from t-shirts to cups, customers have been showing a keen interest in adding a personal touch to what they get for their loved ones. Consumer behavior as far as shopping for gifts in concerned has shown drastic changes over the past few years and personalization certainly tops the charts in this respect. Nothing stood as a better proof of this trend than Valentine’s Day 2015, when consumers were most willing to go thoroughly generous with their wallets when it came to having a certain gift specially created for the recipient.

Charming as this may sound, this behavior is sufficiently backed by data also. A survey has disclosed that over 70% men and women have mentioned that personalization of gifts is critical especially for the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The fact that e-retailers presently possess the technology to offer widespread personalization options may have been one of the reasons behind such sudden surge. The fact that a chunk of the buyers did not hesitate to spend far more than what they would usually spend, also backs the impact of personalized gifts.

However, there is yet another section of buyers that seemed comfortable approaching target offers and discounts laid out by the e commerce retailers. Besides the matter of choosing personalized gifts, the e retailers have also witnessed the love for free shipping through the course of Valentine’s Day purchase period and other such important occasions. Basically, 2014 was a very eventful year as far as understanding changing trends in eCommerce marketing is concerned.

E-retailers today have a very good idea about how they need to make their approach especially in occasions like the 14th of February when billions of people are expected to wait to swipe their cards without cost restrictions. What would matter in the part of the e retailers though is the inclusion of right products, right offers and right marketing strategies to crack the hurdle of competition.

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Amazon Captures Student Market With First Pick Up Location At Purdue’s Campus

Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 19, 2015

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Here is something for academically laden students to rejoice. Amazon, in its attempt to include the interest of the students while capturing most of this otherwise untouched market possibility, has introduced a smart pick up location in Purdue’s Campus. Putting it very simply, the students in and around the premises can order just about everything from text books to food through their online store and collect it from the pickup location at suitable hours. This pickup location which will also serve as a drop-off location is set up in the Krach Leadership Center which is situated between the main campus and student housing.

As it is quite obvious, from the location to the facilities that is offered by Amazon@Purdue is uncompromisingly compatible with student interests. The fact that no student will have to rush to infinite book shops and libraries at the dawn of each semester to book their books has been of massive help. This however, is not where the advantages plateau. Amazon has also introduced additional plans to make shopping experience of campus students more economical and safer at the same time.

On shaking hands with Purdue for an online partnership, it has been projected that students who order their course materials / text books from this platform will save about 30% annually, as compared to what they may have spent while purchasing the same items from other platforms. Besides this, Amazon also intends to introduce other student compatible plans which may be temporary but amply effective. For example, for this season, the students can avail next day shipping of ‘course materials’ for free.

This near revolutionary e commerce marketing system of Amazon has received a whole lot of attention from educational institutions in general. Besides Amazon@Purdue, University of California, Davis and University of Massachusetts, Amherst have benefited from the same endeavor. In fact, these schools are also in reception of a certain percentage of sales that come from their school-specific online store. While the figures have not been specified either by the school authorities or Amazon, the fact remains that the venture produces a win-win situation for all.

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How Remarketing Can Revamp Your E-Commerce Store

Stephen Posted On - May 19, 2015

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E-marketing is getting tougher by the day all thanks to an ever increasing competitive run made by millions of sellers from world over. If you are a player in the world of e commerce marketing your primary aim would be to ensure attracting the attention of target buyers towards your endeavor through this mind-numbing din. If you have tried everything that was there to be tried, this is perhaps time to consider re-marketing.

Intended mostly for visitors to websites who don’t have any immediate purchases to make, the process of remarketing allows positioning of certain specific advertisements before the audience who may have visited your site before, irrespective of where they browse around in the internet. Be it visitors who have just seen the home page or the landing page; or visitors who started to shop but did not complete the action, each and all can be identified for sending visually alluring reminders.

Basically, it is a sort of pleasant reminder to the audience about what they may have liked and be available when they eventually make their mind in making the purchase. The approach of remarketing is smart, crisp and very, very meaningful to all sellers in the World Wide Web. The most important contribution of reselling is ‘conversion’. Yes, this is a conversion driven approach which is sure to benefit the sellers who may have experienced a few abandoned shopping carts before. To believe that the idea of remarketing plays little brain games with the target audience would also not be entirely wrong.

The fact that the power of 7 has proven some degree of success can be posed as an example. This revolves around the idea that target customers need to be exposed to the advertising endeavors at least seven times before they display a positive approach towards purchase. Appealing to the 3 basic senses of seeing, hearing and reading goes a long way in achieving the remarketing goals.

At present, remarketing has become a very important tool in e-commerce marketing per se and has also managed to offer an enhanced meaning to Google Adwords. This is in fact, one of the most cost effective ways of enhancing web exposure and conversions.

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Dimensional Weight pricing to bog down online retailers

Shrikar Khare Posted On - March 20, 2015

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In the current fiscal year, online retailers would face the brunt of higher shipping costs.

Late December 2014, the new shipping fares had already penetrated the scenario as logistics firm UPS started imposing dimensional weight pricing on all shipments. Following suite, FedEx implied the same since early January.

The policy and the effect

Often referred to as DIM pricing, dimensional weight pricing fixes shipping rates on the basis of external dimensions of a package rather than its weight. According to industry experts, these major changes in both the logistic firms would affect as much as 30% of the packages ferried by them. They claim that the average rate hike would be as higher as around 30% and more after being combined with other annual rate hikes and surcharges.

The goods and the bads of DIM

According to Jack Mitchell, former executive with FedEx and the current president and CEO of shipping consulting firm, Parcel Appraisal and Negotiations Consulting Group; this is the solo largest impact on shipping since the 1980s when fuel prices hike had resulted in double-digit fuel surcharges imposed by shipping carriers.

Principal owner of Navigo Consulting Group, which advises companies on logistic operations, Tim Sailor said that it would act as a game-changer for lightweight shippers.

Retailers, wholesalers in fix

The new rules have set retailers and wholesalers brainstorming on how these changes would affect shipping fares, profit margins and sales and what they need to do to reduce the impact. Probable options include renegotiation of shipping rules and using better shipping practices. They also intend to drop certain products out of the shipping arena that would prove too expensive to be ferried.

The president and chief operating officer at eBags, Robert Cassidy said that they are doing everything within their capabilities. He claimed that around 20% of the web-only merchant of handbags, backpacks, luggage and accessories’; has been affected by the changes in the shipping policy.

Till date, DIM pricing used to be implied only to packages of three cubic feet or more for ground shipping and those ferried by air. But the new policies at FedEx and UPS, have extended these to virtually all packages shipped via their basic ground services. This also includes many goods shipped by online retailers.

Retailers seek logistic alternatives

To minimize the impact on their shipping services and overall financial outputs, retailers are on the lookout for making their warehouse operations more efficient. They are also in the process of swapping in new package materials and have changed their shipping offers for customers. Most importantly, they are seeking alternatives to UPS and FedEx.

This drastic shift in policies has come around at a time when there have already been other multifold hikes in shipping fares. The president and founder of shipping advisory firm, LJM Consultants, Ken Wood, explains that extension of the DIM pricing policy falls in sync with the annual base rate hike by both the logistics firms. The base fares at both FedEx and UPS zoomed by an overall average of 4.9% in the previous fiscal year which is the same that the carriers have been imposing since years, although the actual average hike in base fares for many shippers is comparatively higher, Wood said.

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Holiday Web Sales up for more than 15% in 2014

Shrikar Khare Posted On - March 5, 2015

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Web sales during the final full week of the holiday season have been increasing, by around 18.2% year by year, to $5.817 billion in desktop sales from $4.920 billion for the corresponding period last year; says web measurement firm com Score in one of its e-commerce spending estimate last December.

In the last holiday season, that began as early as November 1, according to comScore, online shoppers splurged in shopping worth $48.269 billion via desktop computers, high by 15% from $41.971 billion in 2013.

15% growth rate in desktop commerce

Chairman emeritus at comScore, Gian Fulgoni, stated that the final week of online holiday shopping was quite strong leading to a strong high note finish-off and also virtually guaranteeing the fact that e-commerce spending would outperform experts’ pre-season forecast. He further informed that e-commerce industry had run at a rate of 15% growth rate in desktop e-commerce for the recently concluded holiday season. He expressed his delight at the fact how this figures display the healthy economic status of the American consumers as well as the entire e-commerce channel.

Late December 2014, a week prior Christmas, shoppers spent around $1.07 billion on its Monday, $1.16 billion on Tuesday and $926 million the following Thursday- the day of the promotional Free Shipping Day, when numerous retailers offered free deliveries. The weekend concluded with shoppers spending around $972 million, an increase of 36.1% from previous year’s $714 million; according to comScore.

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Amazon focuses on injecting global brands to China market

Daniel Posted On - February 20, 2015

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Amazon – the dominant marketplace in North America and a leader in Europe, works under the shadows of China’s dominant online retailer, Alibaba Group Holding Limited, when it comes its subsidiary in China.

14-fold increase of global brand sales

The number of international brands selling on Amazon’s China wing grew 30% in 2014, and 55 international brands that sell exclusively in the marketplace at China, grew their sales as much 17 fold in 2014, according to Amazon China’s year-end report. The Amazon China President Douglas Gurr claims that Amazon provides tens of millions of choices for global products to the Chinese consumers. He further added that in the last fiscal year, selling of international brands to the Chinese consumers at Amazon had more than 14-fold increase. He also said that Amazon China had expanded the coverage of same-day and second-day delivery services by nearly five times.

Amazon’s 10-year plans for China

Though Amazon has not named any of the brands selling exclusively at its Chinese subsidiary, the most popular brands featured on the site include fashion designers such as Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs. There are also items from U.S companies such as accessories brand Latico, skin-care product maker Dermablend and shoe companies Crocs and Skechers.

Amazon China ranked No. 4 in the Chinese edition of a famous international e-retail journal, stated in its report that its focus would be selling international brands, providing quality services and worry-free delivery facilities, for the next ten years. The top global marketplace remarked that there is a growing demand for imported products, citing the fact that sales of wine from France and the United States tripled at Amazon China in 2014.

Drinking wine and remaining healthy – cause of increase in sales

Also adding the fact that this South-Asian country has, of late, been plagued by air and water pollution, the consumers are looking for more products designed to aide them in remaining healthy, claims Amazon. The sales of air-purification products increased by 50% at Amazon China in 2014 as compared to 2013. Sales of water-purification devices is also said to have doubled over the last one year.

The fastest growing product categories over Amazon China are mostly wine, Kindle e-book readers and tablets, musical instruments, pet products, food, sporting accessories and goods, shoe and health products, reported the top global marketplace. Also to be noted is the fast growing zone for the so called ‘smart’ products that connect to the Internet such as bracelets and watches and devices that connect to mobile phones via Bluetooth wireless technology and web connected devices for home. Listings of all these mentioned products grew as much as 33-fold at Amazon China in the last fiscal year.

Smaller cities, social networking sites occupy the scenario

Like Alibaba and several other leading e-commerce sites in China, Amazon pointed out that more and more sales are coming from smaller cities. Apart from the four top-tier cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the revenue generated is 65% on Amazon China.

The sale of mobiles and popularity of social networking sites also play a prime role in hiking the sales of products, claims Amazon China. Sales from shoppers accessing through social networks increased as much as 81% in 2014, Amazon reported.

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Google’s Third Party Product ads Enriching Consumers’ Searching

Daniel Posted On - December 2, 2014

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Google is one of the most popular destinations which offer various advertising facilities for the retailers. Google Shopping Campaigns happens to be a feature like that.

This allows the merchants across the country well organized their entire stock comprising various products and commodities on the net within AdWords. It provides a great support in creating customized campaigns consisting special tools that can screen various data and offer you a particular campaign’s performance results.

This analytic mechanism has a great importance in online retailing. A merchant can utilize this performance appraisal report for understanding the market trend, consumer’s behavior pattern and also the impact of various ads. Not only that he can also monitor and rejuvenate product sales by reshuffling various marketing strategy and implementing improved techniques on the basis of that.

As it is extremely effective in prioritizing products and forming marketing principles, currently the company is directly inviting the retailers to start their own campaigns into Google’s e-commerce sites including their partners’ search results on their respective sites.

So now the merchants can go ahead with their own Product Listing Ads commonly known as PLAs. In this process when some one tries to find out a particular item on Google’s e-commerce sites, all products which belongs to that specific category or all the existing related product ads across the Google network also automatically comes up.   This obviously includes the most reputed and widely popular sites like Walmart, as a logical phenomenon of new AdSense for Shopping.

In this present scenario, therefore, a PLA has become more important as it can now highlight all relevant results based on its contextually. This goes without saying that these search results are determined on the basis of the user’s data feed, which indicates a particular product category or the product name as Google puts it.

A consumer gets immensely benefited from this process of search results as it enables you to access unlimited data about various retailers and their products beyond or Google Shopping.

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Newegg Takes Same-Day Delivery Into Its Own Hands

Daniel Posted On - November 26, 2014

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In today’s highly competitive market many online retailers are relying on same day delivery service as a vital tool to attain the optimum level of customer satisfaction.

The retailers who offer this same day delivery have their own team for delivering the orders. Very recently the famous tech company Newegg also has decided to walk in the same line and entered into the world of same day delivery. Currently they have introduced this facility to the consumers in Los Angeles only.

Soren Mills, chief marketing officer of Newegg North America, said that the company was planning to start this service to reach the products fast to the customers since a considerable time in the past and from September 2014 it has become able to launch this service which is expected to add mileage in the company’s commercial value in the market.

Newegg Inc. is located in City of Industry, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. So this will allow the consumers staying within a 50-mile radius from its’ City of Industry warehouse, ordering their pc components, electronics and accessories within 11 am which would be delivered to them by the Newegg delivery team at their doorstep by 6 pm on the same day.

Initially New egg has started with five delivery vehicles. And the trucks look really smart as they are painted in bright yellow and blue with a company logo on the side.  The chief marketing officer, Newegg also expressed its future intentions about launching the same service in other delivery areas if this turns out to be successful.

It is most likely that Newegg has got the motivation from Amazon, Google Shopping express and many other big brands who have already pioneered the same day delivery service much before. Henceforth Newegg also is expected to come up with the service in a wider field. As the company has its’ sights on other prime cities other than Los Angeles, it appears soon they will also start the same service in cities like Indianapolis, Memphis and Edison and New Jersey etc.

To avail this service the shoppers at New egg’s site will have to select their items first before they go to checkout. Subsequently the customer will also need to select “Local Express” option while completing their order process. Not only that, the buyers also need to pay a delivery charge of $20 for each order which is virtually nothing for them since they are going to save time and traveling cost to a large extent.

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