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5 Things That Can Pummel Your Amazon Listing To Extinction

Thomas Posted On - June 28, 2017

Amazon listing software
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While selling in Amazon, you cannot allow your listing to be a cause for disappointment. At all times, you would want your products to feature on the first page of search results and preferably in the Buy Box as well, winning maximum sale and profits. The truth is, there are hundreds of sellers in Amazon right now that can state their horror stories surrounding how their listing became wallpaper with the blink of an eye. 5 of these reasons can be stated as follows…

Tricks and hacks –

Many short-cut geniuses often resort to tricks and hacks to make their listing more visible than it actually deserves to be. Questionable methods like keyword stuffing in titles, adding promotional text in images etc can be mentioned in this respect. While it is true that such acts can result in instant visibility, the fact is, the celebrations don’t last very long. Soon after Amazon spots the cheating, the listing is instantly pushed to invisibility.

Softwares are traps –

Sellers that believe that Amazon listing software are unnecessary, may be in for rude surprises within days of operation. Listing softwares for top performing marketplaces are known for automating critical essentials like listing import and export, pricing / re pricing, updating offers deals and more. If you are addressing these essentials manually and your competitors are using softwares, be assured that your visibility will be thoroughly compromised.

Blah blah blah…

Innovation is expected in Amazon listing considering the pace at which the platform improves its level of excellence. Therefore, bare basic scratch level listing can be an invitation to invisibility. At all times, you need to ask, ‘what is so different about my listing that will make it better and more convincing than competing listing’? The solutions will start surfacing soon after.

What on earth is Optimization?

It does not matter if you are a small seller in Amazon or a large, if you are immune to optimization, there is nothing that can fetch you an inch of visibility. Using optimization tools and support solutions is one of the safest and most reliable ways to gain and maintain ranking in this marketplace.

Did you know… Amazon sellers that are present in other top platforms like Walmart require special listing aid for easy and error free listing management. Carrying out proper Amazon Walmart integration can help in this respect.

Look… seller X has the same listing as mine!

No… same-pinching your way through this will certainly not help. If there is another seller that has copied your listing head to toe, and is street smart enough to make dough from it, you are likely to be in the losing end of things.

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Why Blogging is important for online sellers? 5 Reasons

Thomas Posted On - February 2, 2017

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In recent times, with content marketing becoming an epicenter for marketers and big brands, blogging has got all the attention that it so truly deserves. Particularly for the smart online sellers, it has emerged as an asset to beat stiff market competition and make higher sale rather easily.

If you’re an online vendor who doesn’t leverage on blogging, you’re missing out on a great deal of sales with the cheapest Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

In fact, here are 5 important reasons why online sellers should start blogging in 2017, if they don’t already-

  1. It boosts visibility on SERP– Perhaps the biggest benefit of blogging is its positive impact on SEO; it boosts search visibility of pages, making your stores and products more relevant on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Of course, for better outcome, one needs to do a thorough keyword research and be more sensible when writing blog posts that trigger all the right factors, which not only increase products visibility but also ensure conversion.
  2. It informs the target audience– The foremost goal of blog posts is to engage the readers and inform them about your existence and your products. Letting the potential customers know about your products and addressing their concerns and queries more personally almost always ensure improved sales.
  3. It builds credibility– Better ranking on SERPs subsequently improves other KPIs, including stores’ credibility. Seeing more of your products on their search results, potential customers are more likely to be drawn towards your website even when they aren’t planning to buy anything. So while conversion remains down in the short-run, your niche authority perks up significantly.
  4. It fosters community of loyal audience– Niche authority fosters a community of loyal audience, which directly translates into higher sales. In a way, blogging builds a group of fans that swear-by your products; this often triggers Word-of-Mouth marketing—the cheapest form of promotion that guarantees improved revenue.
  5. Conversion becomes easier and quicker– Blogging (sensibly) is a personalized form of communication between the sellers and the potential customers. Mentioned already, this improves the credibility of the store. All these combines to convert better and increase sale in a quite short span.

These are 5 important reasons why online sellers – whether they sell on Amazon store, personal website or multiple channels – must start blogging in 2017.

Too much to handle already?

Online vendors already have their plate full with ample of backend tasks. Adding to that the stress of blogging might seem to be a tad too much. However, given its importance today, it shouldn’t be sidestepped. And this is where multi-channel e-commerce software solution comes to play a messiah. With a centralized platform that offers seamless integration of various marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines – right from Magento eBay to Amazon-Shopify – handling all the backend tasks, including product listing, inventory management and order fulfillment, gets much easier and quicker. This leaves with ample of time to blog.

So have you been looking to boost your sales, blogging might just be the perfect answer for you.

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The Why and How Of Walmart Amazon Product Feed Management

Stephen Posted On - October 27, 2016

Sell on Walmart
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The obvious Advantages of being present in Amazon and Walmart together…

The advantages of selling in Walmart and Amazon together are not new to sellers in general. The primary benefits involve receiving unique traffic from both platforms that can accelerate clicks and conversions many times over. While it is true that the traffic has been overlapping to a great extent over the past few months, it still is a wealth that not many e commerce sellers can willfully overlook.

Why should you be extra cautious Amazon Walmart Data feed management?

With the advantages in one side, sellers have to face issues with respect to certain critical operational basics like listing in both platforms. Basically, you will not be able to survive in either of the two platforms if the list price of one exceeds the other. This also applies to other aspects that are associated with enhancing the overall value of the products in the eyes of prospective buyers. It usually gets very difficult for sellers to harmonize their Amazon product feed with Walmart specifications when it comes to strict multichannel operations involving both of these marketplaces.

How can you achieve best Walmart Amazon product feed management?

Achieving a healthy listing practice in compatibility with the requirements of both platforms does not necessarily have to be difficult. Here are three unchallenged ways to harmonize price and listing while you sell on Walmart and Amazon at the same time…


Bringing these two platforms together necessitates the approach to infallible integration to the last word. You must carry out end to end integration of Walmart and Amazon for the sake of staying in tune with the overall activities in both platforms through one single interface. It is necessary to remember than integration is not an option but lifesaving urgency.

Use added automation softwares if necessary

This is applicable mostly when it comes to managing price variations in these marketplaces. Integrated pricing and re-pricing tools along with variable pricing management systems may or may not be available in the basic integration package. If not, then you will have to bridge the gap with added software and tools.

Call in for managed services from third party e commerce solution developers

Thirdly, your best approach to smooth management of Walmart Amazon listing and other operational basics lies in hiring high quality third party e commerce solutions developers. Walmart has already partnered with some of the best professional services in this field. Seeking their assistance can be your route to easy success.

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Locating Your Inventory Management Soul-mate Need Not Be Difficult – Answer These 3 Questions

Robin Smith Posted On - June 13, 2016

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The process of Inventory control is one of the most time consuming and complicated processes in e commerce especially when your stock is large and spread over multiple platforms of sale. Poor inventory management has often been the cause behind suspension of sellers in top performing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. The solution to this otherwise massive life and death issue lies in using the right softwares and tools for the purpose. In fact, it has been mentioned by nearly 100% of happy users that inventory management tools have actually improved their performance and profits by over 30% (on an average).

At this very moment, there are hundreds of different varieties of tools and softwares designed for controlling inventory. Each of these multichannel and Omni channel softwares have specific functions and features that are compatible with different types of sellers depending mainly on their volume, their spread, their motive to grow in the next few months or year and most importantly, their present ability to invest to feature packed solutions. Choosing unsuitable solutions can often lead to very disheartening results some of which are as follows…

  • Sellers may land with features that they don’t need at all and pay for them at the same time.
  • Face excess expenditure that can severely compromise on average profits
  • Have high quality software installed in a system that cannot support it (this is a massive waste)
  • Does not support integration with all platforms you are present in or wish to establish presence in the near future
  • Putting it in very simple words, it never takes too much to find your ideal inventory software soul mate. A little self interview on determining your priorities, your long terms / short term goals and your present financial status to determine the quality of investment in these solutions is usually all that it takes.

  • The first question that you need to ask yourself is where exactly you stand in the world of e commerce and what are your short term goals? Do you wish to continue your venture as a single channel seller or do you wish to spread over one, two or more e commerce marketplaces over the next 2 to 3 years? Are you or are you not considering opening a brick and mortar establishment besides your online stores? Once you know where you stand and where you wish to stand in the next couple of years, you can confidently pen down your priorities and make your move for the best suited software solution.
  • The next question you need to ask is, what type of features do you expect in your software that will address your current issues in the best possible way? These are the days when features like bringing inventory movement from multiple channels into one single user interface are considered basic. Besides this, you can also access features like built in shipping management, listing and pricing aid and many more. From solutions that support multichannel tools to Omni-channel softwares, there is everything that you can avail from e commerce solution providers.
  • Last question that you need to ask is also the most important. It is all about how much you are willing to invest in the multichannel tools and inventory management solutions and how do you wish to make your payments. Taking it from winners, paid options are always more feature packed than the free ones so going for them will only benefit. At the same time, you need to determine how you wish to pay for your inventory software. Do you wish to pay monthly, quarterly or annually needs to be answered at the onset.
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    These Tips Can Truly Help In Moving Your Amazon Inventory Fast

    Stephen Posted On - April 19, 2016

    Amazon inventory
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    No e commerce store owners or individual sellers would want their inventories shelved for an indefinite period. If you have introduced a bulk of stock under a certain listing, you may have done so with the aim to sell them out fast and make some impactful profits and not to have the units sit and rot in the warehouses. This is mostly applicable in cases of top performing marketplaces like Amazon, where maintaining inventory in warehouses can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars on a monthly basis (depending upon the size of the inventory).

    So, if certain units keep occupying space, the owners end up paying warehouse fees for products that may not be fetching any sale whatsoever, leave alone profits. When it comes to maintaining Amazon inventory, a situation like this is best when avoided completely.  If you are among the sellers in Amazon or any top performing marketplace for that matter, who have witnessed situations as this, following these simple and doable tips can help in getting over the hurdle easily and effectively…

    To begin with, it is only common sense to understand that inventory of popular products move the fastest. So, Amazon sellers are always advised to spend some time researching what would sell the best and introduce the same in their listing and inventory thereafter. While it is true that it is never a good idea to introduce stock in warehouses after orders are placed, sellers can surely keep track of buyer behavior through sections like ‘inform when available’, wish lists etc which can help determine what level of inventory to introduce for the concerned product.

    Secondly, high quality listing often adds glitter to even the dullest of products. Quality listing in terms of trustworthy titles, very clear and uncluttered images, crisp descriptions, user reviews and ratings etc can push sale many times over and is thus a very good way to make inventory move faster.

    Thirdly, aiming for the buy box is often considered a star studded way to move inventory. Even if you don’t manage to feature in the box itself, the processes that you carry out to win the buy box is more than enough to increase visibility and enhance trustworthiness at the same time. to top it all, if you choose FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) there is very little that can stop you  from having your stock move out in no time at all!

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    How Amazon Integration Services Help Sellers?

    Daniel Posted On - March 9, 2016

    Amazon Integration Services
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    One of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon has thousands of shoppers who are ready to purchase products from it. It is a reliable name in the online shopping business and is recognized as a trustable brand. Naturally, millions of ecommerce owners like to integrate the Amazon store platform in their store and increase their product sales and consequently their revenues. Find out how Amazon integration service providing companies can help you as a seller.

    Proper syncing

    With proper integration, the products in your store can easily be synced with the right product categories on Amazon. Any buyer looking for similar items can easily get products from your ecommerce store displayed in the search results. This will allow you to enhance your sales and get higher visibility. With big companies, you can easily get your product sales enhanced and e assured of greater profits.

    Parent-child relationship with Amazon

    With superior providers, you can establish a parent-child relationship between and your own store. Your product listing is automated at all times, and there is no need to manually handle the process. Your product information and pricing is marked up for Amazon and the sale of any type of item can easily be handled regardless of the size, shape, color and type. Whether you are selling one item or a bundle of products, their sales can easily be handled.

    Creation of native orders

    For each order that is generated on, native orders can easily be generated on your ecommerce store. You can easily get updates regarding your items and know which of those are selling less or selling higher than expectations.

    Better management

    You can manage Amazon ebay inventory better with the help of special plugins and extensions which allow enhanced sales and ease of management. There is the chance to get account tracking services on a 24/7 basis, and multi-channel promotional strategies can actually help you to enhance your store product visibility not only on Amazon but various other stores and platforms as well.

    Adjustment of price

    Integration service providers also adjust the pricing of your store products on Amazon as and when needed, according to the budget of consumers. The pricing from your rival stores are also checked and the pricing is adjusted in an according way. All this is done immediately and you do not need to handle anything manually. A lot of time is saved on your end and you can easily concentrate on other things.

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    How can you manage your eBay Inventory?

    Daniel Posted On - January 29, 2016

    eBay Inventory
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    Irrespective of the products that you want to put on sale on eBay, you have to keep your inventory properly managed and isolated from your home items. At any time you set up a home business, it can be quite possible for you to get your personal products mixed up with your business products. This is truer if you live in a small space. Even if you are an eBay seller with some amount of experience, you can end up losing some products you have listed on the website. This can spell doom for your enterprise and you can end up with negative feedback. You can try managing your inventory in the following ways.

    Use Inventory software

    One can get numerous kinds of inventory software apps for use. If you are using an accounting software system such as Quickbooks for handling your eBay inventory, you need to know how you should use their inventory. It is a good idea to get an inventory buying software which can analyze the type of inventory you have and inform whether your stock is filled or whether you have to reorder. In case you have an inventory app in modules, you should only buy the modules that you require. It is essential to consider your necessities and then acting in an according manner.

    Hire an inventory management agency

    There are lots of eBay Amazon Inventory Management service providing agencies and you have to choose a good one. Other than assistance with organizing eBay inventory, you can also get help with automated product listing, real-time inventory management and shipping and order tracking management services. Whether you have one or more ecommerce stores, and would like to have your items synced with suitable product categories from eBay, these agencies can help you.

    Do not spend a lot on inventory

    You will end up wasting a lot of cash if you spend a lot of inventory. Check whether you can return obsolete or old products. If you cannot find the same, find out a way by which you can sell them quickly. You may also check with other retailers like yourself and find out whether they are ready to get some of your inventory.

    As the owner of an enterprise dealing with shopping stores like eBay and Amazon, you need to know how you should control your inventory without breaking your bank. The tips mentioned above will assist you in managing your inventory in a smart way.

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    How Can You Set Up an Amazon Affiliate Store?

    Steve Burns Posted On - January 28, 2016

    Amazon Affiliate Store
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    A reputed online store, Amazon aStore is used by Amazon affiliates in order to market their own products. The aStore is incorporated by affiliates into a blog or website. It can also be utilized as an individual site. The store may consist of an item that can be sold on Amazon. For every sale that affiliates make via their own store, they receive a payment. You may seek assistance from any of the eBay FBA service providers that help with Amazon integration and other processes. But if you want to do everything on your own, find out how you can set up an a Store.

    Be an affiliate first

    Visit at first. Join the Amazon Associates Program by following all the instructions given therein. This will allow you to register yourself as an affiliate. You will be sent a verification email from You have to open the email in your inbox and click on the verification link in order to complete the registration and become a verified Amazon Associate.

    Log into your account

    Once you have signed into the affiliate account, go to the menu toolbar located at the upper part of the page and choose the option “aStore”. Choose the items that you wish to sell in your own store. You may use keywords to conduct searches and get recommendations or include particular items. Choose as many products as you wish.

    Categorize your products

    Separate your store products into different categories. By the use of categories, you can provide buyers with greater confidence in finding the items that they wish to find. There can be categories like “Organic” and “frocks” in an aStore that sells eco-friendly clothing for babies. An aStore which sells gardening tools can include categories such as “spade” and “pest remover”. If you choose any of the Shopify Amazon integration service providers, this can easily be facilitated.

    Dress your store up

    Once you are done with the basics, choose a theme and customize it. Choose the color of the text as well as background of your page. Determine the font that you should use. You can also optionally give your aStore a name as well as upload a logo image in the header section.

    Complete the process

    Once you are satisfied with your aStore, click on “Finish and get link”. Make use of the link in order to embed your aStore into your website or blog.

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    Amazon eBay Integration Features You Should Never Ignore

    Pramod Posted On - November 25, 2015

    Amazon eBay Integration
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    Sellers who wish to garner the best of Amazon and eBay must begin by having their shopping carts integrated with these platforms perfectly. This applies equally to small and established ventures alike and even those who may be stark newbies in the world of e commerce. More often than not, it is a laidback approach towards Amazon eBay integration that causes maximum hiccups and bottlenecks in managing every operations leading to infinite flaws and errors. It is necessary to know that flaws and errors are vastly responsible for slowing down the growth of your business in Amazon / eBay with a fair possibility of being ousted from the site if the situations continue unchecked.

    This is perhaps the reason that has propelled infinite merchants / sellers / vendors to seek third party solutions for achieving perfect integration. However, considering the fact that there are just way too many of them in the present days each promising the best and the most fruitful results, the process of selection may get tough and often based of promises made in the air. In order to ensure receiving high quality integration services which will actually generate desirable outcomes, it is necessary in the part of the seekers of the services to have a very clear idea about what to expect from the Amazon eBay integration in the first place.

    Here are some of the features that must be offered by providers who rank somewhere among the dependable e commerce solution experts…

    Accounts integration – While it is true that the basis of integration lies in synchronizing inventory and listing, the true stroke of genius actually lies in the details which begins with integrating the accounts established through Amazon or eBay in multiple countries. This actually brings down your core tasks by half.

    Pricing and repricing – The Secret to winning through competition in both Amazon and eBay is through the right pricing and repricing of the products. More competitive the prices, better ranking the products will receive in the search results thus maximizing opportunities for the concerned vendors. Seeking automation in pricing and repricing is thus critical. As far as eBay is concerned, bidding solutions are also a must to ask for.

    Streamlining fulfillment model – Seeking complete and uncompromised order fulfillment process is the best way to remain in the good books of the platform as well as the customers. Seeking complete order lifecycle management can be more conducive to any Amazon or eBay venture.

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    Shopify Amazon Integration Can Be This Easy –Tips To Instantly Enhanced Performance

    Pramod Posted On - November 25, 2015

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    There is a list of enhanced features in Shopify that makes it an instant favorite with enterprise level sellers. With an assurance of 99.99% server uptime, scalable SaaS platform and awe inspiring bandwidth, there is not much that willful e commerce enthusiasts think about before signing up for the services. Of late, besides its wonderful spread of shop front options, Shopify has also received a few good pats on the back for its dedication towards handling voluminous levels of sale with assured flawlessness and swiftness at the same time. This gets even better with the enhanced levels of security that is made available to all members. Besides this bouquet of benefits, the 24*7 customer support has also been applauded massively by the users.

    While all these advantages do seem to be too good to be true and complete in itself, when it comes to managing performance in top marketplaces like Amazon, even the best appears to fall short. The volume of sale that sellers can expect from Amazon in itself, can go up to thousands every single month that can seriously overburden Shopify sellers that have not established proper syncing with this star marketplace. If sellers wish to maintain an error free harmony on all orders received from Amazon and complete the same with success without inviting warnings or poor reviews from the buyers, initiating Shopify Amazon integration becomes a non negotiable must.

    Basically, the process of integrating Shopify with Amazon will instantly reduce the load of manual involvement in the process by automating the critical operational functions. From receiving orders to processing them, from generating e mails for updating buyers about the purchase to order completion; everything is taken care of like a breeze. Engagements that may have otherwise claimed hours in the part of the sellers can take no more than a few odd minutes and that too with greater prospects of growth and profitability. For sellers who have no idea about how to achieve Shopify Amazon integration, seeking assistance from professionals can be of ample advantage.

    Choosing the right third party solution providers can help not just in terms of the best tools and softwares used for the purpose of syncing the two platforms but also in terms of making the process of integrating significantly cost effective. On approaching reputed providers of e commerce solutions, sellers can expect the syncing process to show effects within the first couple of weeks if not lesser.

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    Is Your Amazon Buy Box Eligibility Still Pending? Use These Practices To Speed Up Your Qualification

    Steve Burns Posted On - September 5, 2015

    Amazon Buy Box
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    Being eligible for Amazon buy box can be a big deal in many ways in favor of the Amazon sellers. From increased visibility to traffic and resultant conversions, the chances of each and all seem to rise many times over. However, when it comes to the matter of eligibility, Amazon has not specified any set guidelines that sellers can follow to qualify for this benefit. All that could be decoded in terms of winning eligibility for this advantage is to improve performance in the platform to levels of excellence.

    Basically, Amazon wishes to grant its customers the best ever shopping experience which will ensure their return to the platform over and over again. And if a seller helps Amazon sustain this primary goal, then it can be taken for granted that the seller will qualify for buy box eligibility sooner than later. What may come in the way of sellers to achieve the eligible status is the inability to understand ‘how good is too good’ in terms of performance.

    This is mainly because a seller may be making a whole lot of profits but is yet to be recognized by Amazon as far as attainment of this status is concerned. In this respect, here is a list of some good practices that will speed up the journey of any merchant towards Buy Box eligibility…

    To begin with, you need to ensure that your basic operational processes are in tune with the nature and speed of Amazon. This includes your listing and relisting processes, management of inventory, accuracy, successful order completion, in time delivery and other associated requirements.

    Secondly, you need to ensure at all times that your ODR is managed and in control. ODR stands for Order Defect Rate, which is best when non-existent.

    Thirdly, you will have to ensure that your performance metrics is in your favor. When your performance metrics are running the danger line, you can be rest assured that Buy Box eligibility will be a distant dream.

    Next, never take the matter of setting the lowest prices as criteria for being eligible for the Buy Box. This is one of the biggest myths floating around the Amazon eCommerce world that could actually cost the eligibility than otherwise.

    Last but certainly not the least, you will need to offer unparalleled customer service whether in terms of communicating with urgent promptness or in terms of offering instant solutions to their worries and woes about their orders (if any).

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    Ground Rules For Ethical Selling on Amazon Seller Central

    Daniel Posted On - September 3, 2015

    Amazon seller central
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    Selling on Amazon has everything to do with ethics and this is one of those virtues that many sellers have learnt the hard way. While this platform is often considered the Gentle Giant in the world of eCommerce marketplaces, it does not take much for its wrath to break loose on those who forget good practices while in the process of solidifying their presence in its ever growing grounds. There are times when sellers experience the sterner side of Amazon solely because of their ignorance about the ground rules for ethical selling in this platform.

    To be on the safer side of the odds, here are a few factors that should always be borne in mind before selling on Amazon…

    House acceptable products: Firstly, Amazon is very strict about the types of products that you can list under your banner. While it is true that there are hundreds of categories of products that are acceptable in this platform, products like prescription drugs and those that do not meet with the FDA regulations are thoroughly banned. Trying to sell these products thinking no one will notice can bring down a seller in no time.

    Do not over do with seller accounts: The ground rule is, you can have only one Amazon seller central in one country. You cannot have two unless you have been specially permitted under special circumstances by Amazon (which can be quite rare for that matter). Trying to sneak in a second seller account can attract the attention of the platform in a negative way and is best when avoided.

    Do not list fake items: This is a killer and can have the concerned seller shown the door in a matter of minutes. In very simple words, you cannot list fake or counterfeit items in your product category for the simple reason that they are sure to make their way back over and over again. At the same time, if you are selling products upon which you have no rights, you may get banned from Amazon forever.

    Never ignore your customers: Last but never the least, your performance metrics matters to the very last detail. How you treat your customers, how receptive and responsive you are to their claims and queries, how fast you address their issues, initiate returns and refunds etc matters to Amazon as far as judging your selling ethics is concerned. If you ignore your customers, be assured that Amazon will ignore you too!

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    Magento Amazon Integration Factors That You Must NEVER Overlook

    Daniel Posted On - July 11, 2015

    Magento Amazon
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    If you are growth and profit motivated business owner, your sole aim should revolve around targeting maximum traffic from top platforms and ensure keeping pace with the tremendous inflow of orders with relative smoothness and keep your system free of bottlenecks. Speaking of eCommerce giants of the 21st century, every other marketplace seems to fall short at the very mention of Amazon. This should thus, be the first and the most important launch-pad for your venture.

    Putting it in very simple words, the process of integration refers to making an online store powered by a certain shopping cart more compatible with the individual and specific nature of business and transactional activity that happens in the concerned e commerce platforms. So when you aim and achieve Magneto Amazon integration in the favor of your business, you will be exposed to a wealth of benefits that you could not have experienced otherwise.

    Some of the basic integration benefits revolve around making your everyday operations in this mega marketplace extremely easy and completely automated. Say for example, following competent integration you can manage your magneto feed with ChannelSale with nothing more than a single click of a button. At the same time you can have completely automated inventory management, order tracking, order fulfillment etc in a matter of minutes.

    Herculean as this may sound, this is actually an achievable feat. All you have to do is approach ChannelSale, who will get the setup up and functioning within the blink of an eye, having the right professional solution for this integration. Feel free to contact +1 (866) 709-9495 or send an email to to reach out to one of the experienced Client Services Executives.

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    Expand Visibility Like Never Before With Flawless Americommerce Amazon Integration

    Shrikar Khare Posted On - June 23, 2015

    Americommerce Amazon
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    Amazon can be your gold mine only if your know how to dig right. If you have an Americommerce Store and are aspiring to make it big in this platform of bubbling possibilities, you will have take a minute off and ensure that you make all the right moves to make your store visible in this all inclusive and ever growing marketplace. If you are a beginner, this may be time to toughen up and wake up to the fact that finding visibility among the millions of existing sellers would certainly be a challenge which no spoon feeding or motivational speech can achieve. This is a matter of critically technical approach that has to go right in every way possible.

    If you have decided to take on the challenge flying solo armed with a smattering of book bound knowledge, may God be with you. On the other hand, if being smart and being wise sounds more convincing, the idea of having Americommerce Amazon integrated literally professionally would be the next best approach to make. The matter of discover-ability in Amazon has been a well sought subject in the world of e commerce research and development. The results have been such that any enthusiastic vendor whether seasoned or new can make the most of the findings only if they are thorough with the concept.

    Here are a few factors that you must be enlightened about from the very onset of pushing your discover-ability:

    To begin with, you must know that Amazon is more focused on pushing sales of well selling products that the seller of the concerned product. For this, your sales performance history and relevance of the product will count to the last word. If you have just set your foot in the marketplace and may be waiting for your first sale, (putting it very simply) you will need to ensure that your products are described irresistibly. This should be followed by ensuring that every other listing detail is in point to point harmony with the standards mentioned by Amazon.

    Secondly, it will only work in your favor to have an Amazon advisory audit conducted at regular intervals of time. The audit will disclose the areas where you may be lacking and thus improve, suggest possible strategies that drive discover-ability and also suggest a few points to push ‘Buyability’ of the products as well. On achieving proper Americommerce Amazon integration, more than half of the troubles will be well taken care of. For the rest, you need to remain on your toes for the sake of improving performance preferably with professional assistance till the time optimum sale begins to pour in.

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    Netsuite Amazon Integration Can Be Surprisingly Profitable Following These Infallible Guidelines

    Stephen Posted On - June 22, 2015

    Netsuite webstore
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    Netsuite has always been a joy to work with all thanks to a truck load of updated and un-compromised features that it offers to its users. This promising business management software has been designed specifically to suit the needs of mid-sized to large businesses that are perpetually in the process of grabbing a profitable portion of eCommerce marketplaces and comparison sites in their favor. However, not everything in the list of possibilities can be accomplished single-handedly by Netsuite. This is especially true when it comes to any Netsuite powered online store to get discovered in Amazon and rule this marketplace giant.

    Amazon has a mind of its own and every other shopping cart solution must be in tune with its specifications to ensure getting the best benefits and that too without having to sweat it out every single day. In fact, Netsuite Amazon integration can be surprisingly simple and surprisingly profitable if you follow these few effective guidelines without fail…

    Seek right plug-ins and softwares – The matter of perfect integration can be achieved by installing the right softwares and plug-ins that can speed up the entirety of Netsuite powered store operation in Amazon. From having your listing and listing management automated to making the task of receiving orders and kick starting fulfillment a matter of minutes, you can achieve perfection and lightening speed in all critical operational necessities and more.

    Try not to get lured with free third party plug-ins – Most softwares and plug-in services are available from third party developers who charge a moderate fee for purchase and installation of the same. Higher the quality and features in these solutions, higher would be the price. However, there are many plug-ins and softwares that are made available for free.

    While the deals may sound convincing it is best to stay away from these options. It has been seen in infinite cases that these softwares are if poor quality and can expose the concerned system on which it is uploaded to risks especially hacking and duplication of payment information.

    Hire dependable professional eCommerce solution providers – Professional eCommerce solution providers can not just achieve Netsuite Amazon with perfection, but can also sync Netsuite Google Shopping, eBay, Sears, Rakuten, New egg and infinite other platforms as well with assured benefits. This should free you from considerable load especially if you are a newbie.

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