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Amazon Brand Gating: How to Safeguard Your Brand on Amazon?

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Amazon Brand Gating

E-commerce platforms have the power to help brands connect with their targeted audience and increase their revenues. But they also doors to all the bad actors who create unauthorized representations of a brand’s products.

Since these types of situations have taken place quite a lot, e-commerce giants like Amazon have made the decision to protect their sellers from issues through “brand gating.” Speaking of brand gating, what exactly is that? Let’s find out!

Amazon Brand Gating: A brief definition

The brand gating program on Amazon was created to help all Amazon sellers by enabling them to stop all the unauthorized sales of knockoff items. Through the “Amazon Brand Registry,” all sellers can protect their presence in the marketplace. This will restrict the sellers for all their items, and they will need to be written permission and approval before the resellers can conduct the operations.

What makes Brand Gating on Amazon Crucial?

Despite being a reputed e-commerce giant, Amazon is the hotbed for all phony activities. Many top-notch businesses have hesitated to sell their products directly to customers due to such reasons.  Even though countless measures were taken to prevent these situations, customers still fall prey to all the forged scams. They find themselves tangled up in these problems because they cannot tell the difference between the actual products and the forged ones.

They keep their focus a lot more on comparing the prices instead of vetting the merchants to make convenient and quick purchases. When they come across products available at a lower price, consumers believe that Amazon is providing them with great purchase options. This is exactly where all the issues begin.

Branding gating will enable all the sellers to take immediate action on all the scammers and will prevent all the customers from buying fake and low-quality products.

How exactly does Brand Gating on Amazon work?

Branding gating at Amazon needs all the resellers to provide evidence that they have permission to sell your items on Amazon. You can choose the listings and products that will need proof from the reseller by connecting an ASIN [Amazon Standard Identification Number].

The resellers will get a notification and will only get the chance to resell your products if they:

  • Sends 3 buying invoices from the distributor or the manufacturer
  • Pays a non-refundable fee of $1500 to your business
  • Submits written permission from a business to sell all the gated items

The documentation and the fee will prevent all these sellers from getting a payout by scamming all your products or items.

How to apply for the brand gating program Amazon?

When you’re determined to get the brand gating program for your business. You must apply for it. To do so, you must follow these easy steps:

  • You must register your business with “Amazon Brand Services.”
  • Provide the Amazon Standard Identification Number for the brand gating
  • After that, you must submit the application, and Amazon will manage the rest

Ending Phrase 

Amazon branding gating helps you prevent all unauthorized resellers from selling knockoff products to all customers. It will keep all your products safe and away from unwanted resellers, increase revenue, and will allow you to have full control over your products.

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The most anticipated Amazon shopping day of the year is almost here!

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The most anticipated Amazon shopping day of the year is almost here

Prime Day on Amazon is an annual event that provides all Prime members with numerous deals and discounts on products. These products are provided from all the well-known brands along with the 3rd-party sellers.

This is a massive event, and it’s guaranteed that members will find products based on their budget and needs. Apart from the popular brands, you can purchase items from small businesses as well.

This particular event was introduced back on 15th July 2015 to celebrate the 20th birthday of Amazon. Since then, Prime Day events have started to occur every year.

What exactly is Prime?

Before you head to the actual part, it’s crucial to know what exactly is Amazon’s Prime. Prime is well-known for providing the best of entertainment savings and shopping to over 150 million Prime members across the globe, along with 300 million active user accounts.

Prime also provides unlimited access to various top-notch series and movies through Prime Video. It also provides a free listening option to 2 million songs, playlists, stations, and even podcasts through Amazon Music.

Individuals can also enjoy free games through Prime Gaming and get access to over 3000 magazines and books through Prime Reading. Prime also offers unlimited image storage through Amazon Photos.

Tips every online retailer should follow for Amazon’s Prime Day

Prime Day is all about making preparation for all things right, from reliable fulfillment to enticing advertisements. But there are three areas where online retailers have to keep their focus. These are:

  1. Marketing

It’s important for all online retailers to create a unique and strong Amazon advertising technique and also get to schedule all the promotions in advance.

Online retailers begin testing out their advertisement formats and campaigns to make sure that all the shoppers see all their products or items clearly.

Retailers who are registered to a specific brand must take advantage of all the A+ content. Doing so will enable them to cross-advertise all the products, boost sales, and also get to increase traffic.

  1. Sales

Online retailers should effectively optimize all the feature bullets and product titles to increase engagement. Try comparing the listing with your competitor’s and check what exactly you’re going up against.

You can also try the Amazon Re-pricer to properly compete with all the other listings and get to boost the revenue along with it.

  1. Fulfillment 

You need to make sure that there are no issues or errors during the delivery and shipping of all the products. This can certainly ensure quick, problem-free fulfillment during the Prime Day event.

If you’re an FBA, you must make sure that all your inventory reaches the fulfillment centers of Amazon on time. Set out all the expectations with your crew for effective day-of execution and communication.

Last Note

Amazon’s Prime Day event is a popular and crucial event for all the Prime members out there. At this event, they can shop all the unique products or items at a price that will fall under their budget. Furthermore, they will also come across many unique discounts and offers on many things, such as electronics, home décor, furniture, etc.

Read ChannelSale Amazon Integration Features

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It’s never too early to start prepping for the Holiday Season

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Holiday planning is not just essential for the general public, but online retailers should also make plenty of preparation for the busiest season of the year. Research has provided evidence that around 28% of the people in the US begin their holiday shopping before the month of November.  So, during this holiday season, online retailers will experience some struggles, such as overall economic uncertainty, constant supply constraints, and shipping delays. That’s why waiting till the fall season to make the preparations can be unfavorable.

To prevent any issues from occurring, you need a proper strategy that can help you get a head start for the holiday season. It can also provide you with some effective solutions for the challenges you might face.

To prepare for the busy holiday season, these tips can surely help you:

  1. Making all the last-minute preparation

There is a new technique used for the traditional holiday season, and it’s known as the “October Kick-off.” During this time, shoppers will look for gifts and will also end up purchasing some products.

Shoppers will certainly get their shopping lists checked off, and this clearly shows you must do the same. So, when the deadline of October hits, you should do the following:

  • Resolve all the issues and review the active listings
  • Optimize for the A+ content so that you can tell a product and brand story
  • Solidify the Q4 catalog assortment
  • Audit the data across different active marketplaces.

When you want to meet the deadline, you should optimize and collect the primary assortment you believe will sell during the holiday season. Also, review the low and top performers of the previous year and detect your ideal and current inventory levels.

Besides that, you should also broaden the net to a diverse range of marketplaces. By the 1st week of October, you should be active in all the new marketplaces.

  1. Deal with the increasing economic pressure 

The increase in inflation has put constraints on the customer’s wallets. But that didn’t stop them from purchasing their products. Customers have constantly spent their funds even when the cost of all the products is pretty high.

But they’ve been a lot more selective in the things which they wanted to purchase. As an online retailer, you have to outpace all your competitors through the following:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Quick shipping options
  • Useful data and descriptions
  • Positive ratings and reviews

When you’re experiencing your constraints, you can eliminate them by taking care of all the supply chain challenges. To do so, you have to learn about the replenishment dates of the Q4 inventory when you’re utilizing the marketplace fulfillment solutions.

  1. Meet all the goals

Even though you make all the preparations, you might miss out on the selling goals for the holiday season. But remember, even though the holiday season might experience a high sales peak, most of the sales take throughout the entire year.  So, don’t try to go dark after the holiday season is over. Rather than that, you should:

  • Extend the seasonality with a global approach
  • Constantly offer outstanding customer service
  • Evaluate the lowest and top performers of the holiday season so that you can make the proper decisions for the year.

Ending Words

The information in this article will certainly help you gain proper knowledge and understanding of how you must prepare yourself for the holiday season.

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Marketing on Amazon – The Amazon 1P vs Amazon 3P Dilemma

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The Amazon 1P vs Amazon 3P Dilemma

When it comes to vending products on Amazon, people sell their own items through Amazon’s marketplace and get to fulfill all the orders through FBA [Fulfillment-by-Amazon]. In other words, it’s known as Amazon 3rd party or just simply Amazon 3P.

But ever thought about how exactly Amazon manages to carry all types of brands and products on its own? Well, the company purchases at a wholesale price from many brands, which includes all the small and big brands. They do so through the Amazon 1P or Amazon Vendor.

Both Amazon 3P and Amazon 1P have a massive difference between each other. As a merchant, you need to have a good understanding of them if you’re planning to sell products on Amazon.

Amazon 1P vs Amazon 3P: Understanding the Difference

In this section, you will get a good understanding of Amazon 3P and Amazon 1P and the difference between them. Let’s find out.

Amazon 3P [Amazon Third Party]

Experts have provided evidence that Amazon has listed around 2 million small and mid-size businesses as Amazon 3P [Amazon 3rd Party]. Besides that, based on a 2021 SMB report, around 7,400 items were each minute between September 2020 and August 2021.

This clearly shows that Amazon 3P is extremely profitable on this platform. Besides that, Amazon 3P is an ideal option for all types of mid-size and small businesses where they get to sell their products through “Seller Central.”

Under this Amazon model, all the 3rd-party sellers will list their items on Amazon. They also get the opportunity to fulfill all the orders through FBA or Fulfillment-by-Merchant. Amazon will provide customer support, payment processing, and a website.

But the 3rd-party sellers will be responsible for handling the inventory, optimizing the listings, setting up the prices for all the products, taking care of the advertisement, and many more.

Amazon 1P [Amazon 1st Party]

Also known as Amazon Retail, Amazon 1P is pointed to the direct sales made by Amazon to its customers. Under this model, Amazon buys all the products from the distributors or manufacturers from the “Vendor Central.”

After that, it sells them to all consumers directly through the Amazon platform. The platform is known to own the inventory and is also responsible for the returns, setting up the price, customer service, and inventory management fulfillment.

Experts have pointed out that Amazon recorded e-commerce sales of $671.2 billion back in 2022. Out of that, Amazon 1P sales accounted for $247.2 billion in 2022.

Benefits of Amazon 3P

You will come across some great benefits of the Amazon third-party model, and some of these are:

  • You will be liable for taking care of the pricing authority and also controlling the retail prices.
  • You will have a lot more control over your business because you will have plenty of options when it comes to brand presence, inventory, product details, etc.
  • You can easily generate all the retail instead of the wholesale ones.

Benefits of Amazon 1P

In this section, you will encounter some of the benefits of the Amazon 1P:

  • Get product orders in bulk from Amazon based on an established cadence.
  • You will receive a wide range of advertisement opportunities
  • You have to provide a flat fee instead of the separate marketplace selling fee

Final Words

Amazon 3P and 1P are two different models that are used by businesses and brands to sell their products on Amazon. But both of these models are different from one another, and both of them have their own set of advantages.

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Quick-Start Guide to Creating Amazon A+ Content

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Amazon A+ Content

When you wish to gain success on platforms like Amazon, you need to stay one step ahead of your competitors. You should use all the features and tools which Amazon provides to all their sellers, and it will help you increase sales and enhance the product listing.

But the most effective feature of Amazon is the ability to make Amazon A+ content metaphors. Amazon A+ is made to grab the attention of consumers, which will, in return, increase overall sales, brand awareness and conversions.

Amazon+ Content: A brief definition

Amazon A+ Content is a tool which is found inside “Seller Central.” This tool will enable all business owners to develop beautiful and unique product descriptions on Amazon for all product listings.

Previously, it was called “Enhanced Brand Content” the tool is also available for all the brand-registered vendors and 3rd-party sellers. You can create this feature easily for free. If you don’t have this tool, you will be limited to only 2000 characters.

You will also not get the chance to add any graphics or pictures to your Content. Consumers will not read a massive block of text when there are no images or graphics about the product.

How to make Amazon A+ Content?

To create A+ Content on Amazon, there are certain steps which you have to follow:

  • Visit the “Seller Center,” go to “Advertisement,” and click on A+ Content Manager
  • Once you click on it, you should click on the button that says “Create A+ Content.”
  • Provide the language and name of your Content
  • After that, press the “add module” option
  • Once you add the module, apply it to the ASIN[s]
  • Review your Content and then submit it for approval.
  • Make sure to provide an easy-to-read and informative product description

The benefits of creating the A+ Content

When it comes to developing A+ Content, you will receive multiple benefits, which are:

  • Witness an increase of 3% to 5% in the conversion rate
  • It will lessen the negative reviews and returns
  • Get to show off the products in detail and with customized modules
  • It’s extremely easier on the eyes
  • Let you tell your brand story

Optimizing the A+ Content: How to do it?

When people think of optimizing content, the first thing they think of is “keywords.” But under A+ Content, the indexing or keyword works in a different manner. But how exactly is the A+ Content completely optimized? Let’s find out!

  • Use ALT-image keywords
  • Check your competitors and then decide how to make you’re A+ Content better
  • Answer all the questions found in reviews, listings or feedback
  • Develop content which is easy to understand
  • Provide relevant and unique product information

Wrapping Up 

Creating A+ Content for your Amazon products is not complex work. You just need to know the steps of getting the work done. You can also create product descriptions for all your product listings through ChannelSale. It’s a multichannel e-commerce service provider where you can sell your product across various channels, like Amazon, eBay, etc., from one interface effectively.

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Amazon Seller Service: In and Outs

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Amazon Seller Service

Amazon seller services provide users with the listing and selling of the products and other needfuls. Overall the process is straightforward. After successful placement of delivery, merchants are notified to ship their products. Amazon will then transfer the funds collected after charging their commission. Shopify Buy on Google App is set up to provide users with product access.

What items are available on Amazon?

Electronics, Video Games, Books, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, and Handmade and Pet Supplies are the items listed on the website and app of Amazon. Merchants of Shopify can get the Shopify Buy on Google App on any of the stores needed.

What is the cost of Amazon Seller Services?

Vendors generally need to pay $0.99 each time they sell a product. If sellers have opted for professional plans, they must pay $39.99 monthly, irrespective of sales. Amazon has been charging referral fees for each sale. This amount depends on the total transaction divided by the niche of products.

How can I create a seller account on Amazon?

Users willing to sell the products and services via this global platform can follow these steps to create a seller account.

  • Details regarding the business need to be given.
  • The contact details of the vendor need to be provided.
  • The basic information related to price, shipping, and return policies is required in order to be provided.
  • The PAN and the GST number is also needed to be given.

Is there any loyalty program for Amazon?

Suppliers can get the advantages of loyalty programs by successfully selling products and services. Registered sellers can receive rewards when they participate in some contests. Sellers must check out the terms and conditions before further proceedings of the business advancements. Customize the brand’s awareness by accessing Shopify Buy on Google App.


Nowadays, selling and buying via the internet has been easy, just like comparing it to bread and butter. Amazon, as well as other shopping giants, have assigned different strategies for further success. Merchants can use the medium of Amazon Seller Services for sales and promotion of the products in demand.

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Magento Amazon Extension: Benefits of Magento

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Magento Amazon Extension Benefits of Magento

Magento is nothing but an open source ecommerce platform that comes well-equipped with maximum customizations. It is extremely popular in the ecommerce area. By opting for the Magento Amazon extension, you can now take a step toward growing your business in the best possible manner. In this blog, you will be able to come across a wide range of benefits of Magento. Keep reading till the end, and you can uncover certain potential insights.

  • It Is One of the Best SEO Friendly Platforms

Magento offers the best Search Engine Optimization Results. It tends to optimize your product pages with the help of easy product descriptions. The pre-built SEO-friendly URLs come with excellent meta description features.

  • It Is a Faster Online Store

Do you know why Magento is considered a unique option among the huge pack? It’s because it offers the fastest loading speed for your web pages. As you already know, the overall loading speed of a page has a great impact on conversion rates and sales. On the other hand, websites with lower speeds can pave the way toward cart abandonment.

  • It offers a Mobile-Friendly Platform

The websites that are constructed with the help of Magento are extremely mobile responsive. These sites are quite adaptable to various screen sizes and browsers. Your buyers can now choose to shop for products and services with the help of any device.

  • It Comes with Third-Party Integration

With Magento, you can now take a step toward integrating your site with a wide range of web applications and payment gateways. What are you waiting for? It’s time to hit the battleground now.

  • Magento Can be Customized

You can change the feel and look of your online store by choosing Magento. You can also select from a variety of shipments, payments and languages, thus catering for your customers without leaving any room for mistakes.

Wrapping Up

Apart from Magento, you can also take a step toward choosing Shopify Amazon integration. It will boost your overall experience as a seller to a whole new level.

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2021 Online Marketplaces Statistics

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With e-commerce booming on a global scale, it is important for sellers to track the latest ecommerce trend and statistics as online shopping is overtaking traditional retail. Global ecommerce industry has been transformed by major events like Brexit or Covid19. We will see how ecommerce industry has grown in the recent years.


American Buyers are changing

The total number of online shoppers has increased to 230.5 million as per Statista.

85% of the population visit online marketplaces and 79% make purchases online on a daily basis.

15% of the population make online purchases on a weekly basis and 62% of those prefer to only shop online.

Americans are spending

As per Forbes Global ecommerce sales reached $4.2 trillion in 2021 of which 25% were American consumers.

The average ecommerce spending per online visit was $3 US on average and the purchase value for a desktop user was 42% higher than a mobile user.

The US Census Bureau stated that 14% of all US spending was done online in 2021 increasing ecommerce sales by 39% to $199 billion.

Amazon US Statistics

eMarketer stated Amazon US sales grew 44.1% since  2020.

Amazon Prime members spend an average of $1,400 per year on the marketplace.

In 2021 65% of Amazon US buyers are subscribed to Amazon Prime.

In 2021 83.2% of Amazon’s US sales were for Books, music and videos.

When planning to make a purchase 53% of Americans begin their search on Amazon.

Rise of eCommerce with COVID19

The COVID19 pandemic is something no one prayed for. As the economy slowed down, the pandemic accelerated ecommerce. It became important for sellers to recognize new challenges and opportunities and embrace new ways to work.

As social distancing became a norm 67% of the buyers stated they prefer to shop online due to COVID19.

With the restrictions in the movement, ecommerce share in global trade increased from 14% in 2019 to 19% in 2020.

There has been an average increase of 60% of items per order due to pandemic.

Online marketplaces have been growing due to situations and recent trends. The opportunity is irresistible for those who wish to start selling online or expand into new marketplaces. As consumers evolve and migrate their spending online it is a good time for sellers to understand the statistics and learn how to make the best of booming sales marketplaces online.

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How You Can Benefit From eBay Amazon Integration Listing Software

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In today’s world, every day some kind of technology is being discovered. Some of them concern human behavior and help humans, while some of them are made for helping humans in doing business. One of these amazing technology is the eBay Amazon Integration Listing Software. As a simple rule of business, it is important to integrate the various business processes that are needed in manufacturing a product or service and it’s reaching the consumers. The software can help you with product listings on all the market places.

What are product listings?

In order to sell your goods on an online market place, you will need to import and then upload your product listings. But the listing can get quite haphazard if you have to look for them in different pages on different digital platforms. A lot of companies will provide you with product listing services and these services will help you save energy and time.

There are many open sources like the Shopify eBay or Bigcommerce Amazon that can help you sell your online frameworks. You can also use some applications and software for integration purposes. If you have a lot of products in various online selling platforms, this software can help you upload, make changes to your product listings on one single page. You will not need to manually upload your products every time.

When should you use the software?

You should use the software only if you have a company selling products and goods in bulk. This could mean that you will have to manage the listing of thousands of different products on various sites and the creation of the listings and updating can get quite stressful and this is where the Integration listing software can help you out.

If you are looking for the best companies providing listing services or selling listing software, always check the reviews before you sign up for any purchase or services.

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Features of Shopify Walmart Integration

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If you have a Shopify store and you want to promote and manage your store items then you can appoint a company that will have qualified marketing specialists because they will be able to easily provide you with high-quality Shopify Walmart integration and management services. There are many features of Shopify Walmart integration which you can avail. This blog will cover some of those features, they are as follows:

  1. Inventory management:

Inventory management is one of the features that Shopify Walmart integration can offer you. This feature will help you manage the flow of your products or listings. The company you will appoint can also help you with inventory management.

  1. Data synchronization:

Data synchronization feature in Shopify Walmart integration is very helpful because it allows you to synchronize data between multiple devices and it also automatically updates any changes so that the consistency within all the systems is maintained. This feature will help you to access your data from anywhere and anyplace.

  1. Order management:

This feature of Shopify Walmart integration will help you track and fulfill sales orders easily and efficiently. You can surely expect positive sales experience with efficient order management.

  1. SEO management:

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This feature will help you in conducting proper SEO management and as a result, it will help you in achieving your sales and marketing goals.

These were some of the many features of Shopify Walmart integration. Walmart serves more than a hundred nations and it is one of the largest eCommerce platforms online. Thus, you can rest assured that the integration of your Shopify store with Walmart will be extremely beneficial for your business. You can also search for Amazon Listing Software services to know how it can be assistive for your business.

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