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No-Nonsense Pocket Guide To Manage Ecommerce Orders Successfully

Pramod Posted On - June 6, 2017

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The very reason why you, as a seller have established yourself in ecommerce marketplaces is to gain as many orders as possible from target buyers. Orders therefore, is the backbone of your business and how you handle the same determines how far you will succeed in your endeavors in the short and long run.

Why is order management important in ecommerce?

Your approach to manage orders especially in top e commerce marketplaces can help seller interest in infinite different ways than you can possibly imagine. This is not just about dropping the parcel at the recipients address, but completing the order in a way that ensures that the recipient would return over and over again to make more purchases. Besides this, here are some of the most prominent ways in which order management impacts seller success dramatically…

  • Purchase experience in the part of buyers, matters in all ecommerce marketplaces especially top platforms like eBay, Amazon, Walmart etc, and the quality of order management set ups in the part of sellers is the only way to determine the same. In fact, marketplaces like take a very close look at the order completion / fulfillment apparatus of the sellers before allowing them entry within their domain.

  • Quality of order management matters in the nature of reviews generated by buyers which again goes a very long way in gaining and maintaining seller visibility even through the toughest of completion or evolutionary phases that occur in performance based marketplaces.

  • How you manage orders also determines your rating and ranking in your chosen platforms of presence. If you wish to maintain good rating and ranking for a prolonged period of time, focusing upon your order management set up will be as good as half the job well accomplished.

How to manage orders successfully in ecommerce marketplaces?

  • Perfect integration for end to end automation is a boon to multichannel order management. Say for example, if you are a Shopify powered sellers present in eBay and Rakuten; you will be at complete ease if you initiate Shopify Rakuten eBay and seamlessly for error free order completion.

  • Use quality order completion apparatus – Order management is best accomplished when approached with right order fulfillment apparatus. Approaching solutions like FBA and using suitable tools and softwares to integrate with the same can boost performance instantly.

  • Besides this, it always works in favor of sellers to stay in tune with the rules and requirements as specified by the respective marketplaces. For example, certain marketplaces insist on order shipping within 24 to 48 hours, while there are those that offer a 3 day limit for the same. Sticking with order management rules helps sellers gain a permanent place in the good books of the respective marketplaces.

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eBay Amazon Softwares – Best V/s Suitable

Pramod Posted On - June 6, 2017

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Why do you need softwares for eBay Amazon selling?

Amazon and eBay are the two unchallenged leaders in the world of e commerce. These marketplaces are widely recognized for their unstoppable pace that no seller has managed to tame till date. At present, there are thousands of selling entities registered with eBay and Amazon at a global scale with more getting added to the lost by the passing seasons.

With over two decades of existence, eBay and Amazon hosts the largest number of unique visitors and return buyers that no other platforms can compete with. Therefore, the volume and pace of order placements are usually overwhelming especially for sellers that are new to these marketplaces. Both of these platforms have mentioned high standards of seller performance as one of the primary criterion for prolonged success in terms of visibility and ranking in these platforms.

High performance standards usually refers to perfect competitive listing management, healthy inventory apparatus, perfection in order completion as well as review generation and management. As has been witnessed with many firsthand experiences, addressing all this and more manually is not just impractical but impossible with respect to the current state of affairs. Using eBay Amazon softwares is thus, mandatory to automate everything from basic operational processes to secondary processes like performance tracking, reporting, review generation and management etc.

Debate over the ‘best’ and the ‘most suitable’ softwares

At present, e commerce solution developers have introduced a very wide range of software solutions each of which contain certain sets of features that are applicable for different ventures depending mostly upon their nature and volume. Some of these softwares are dedicated to improving overall functions or adding features, while others are dedicated to streamlining integrated uni / omni / multichannel performance like Amazon Americommerce Rakuten eBay syncing etc.

Softwares that have been introduced as certified ‘best’ often contain some of the best features that are unique, evolved and strictly updated. They are usually dedicated to adding a host of features to respective operative systems to help sellers stay one step ahead of the marketplace.

On the flipside though, the best softwares may not often be suitable for all sellers. In fact, on infinite occasions, sellers that had chosen their support solution based on the ‘best’ ended up paying for evolved features that were not applicable or relevant to their set up at all. In simple words, all suitable softwares may not be certified best and the best of solutions may not often be suitable for your business.

The verdict… when it comes to choosing eBay Amazon softwares, it is wise to take a close look on the features, the prices, the performance record as well as the reputation of the providers. This will help you land with softwares that will aid in growth than claim your investments for nothing.

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4 Most Promising Marketplaces Multichannel Sellers Cannot Ignore In 2016

Stephen Posted On - July 16, 2016

Most Promising Marketplaces
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There are a few e commerce marketplaces that sellers aiming for multichannel ventures must consider for the sake of a brighter future. Some of these marketplaces may not feature somewhere in the top, but have proven very fruitful for many merchants who have managed to launch their best efforts in these platforms…

Amazon & eBay

Amazon and eBay still wear the crown of best online marketplaces for sellers in 2016. There is no way in the near or far future that these platforms are going to pass their crown down to any other marketplaces irrespective of how promising they may be. Be it with respect to unique visitors, gross profits, trustworthiness, scope across the globe, seller advantages, product categories, millions of choices or most importantly, best prices and offers, these two platforms remain unbeatable.


Coming up as the next most promising online marketplace for sellers, Newegg has far more to offer than electronics. While it is true that this platform may have started as the best place to look for devices at good prices, it now includes a range of other product categories including clothing and accessories, home and beauty and many more. The commission rates seem very attractive at 8% to 15% depending upon what you sell. The scope of making profits in Newegg without having to launch over the top efforts is a massive possibility.


Making its way speedily towards the top 10 online marketplaces of 2016, Japan based Rakuten is on its way to win over the world. With innumerable product categories supported to the teeth, reasonable fees and significant ease in operational integration, there is no reason why sellers should not include Rakuten in their multichannel agenda. At the same time, with Rakuten, making products available to the eastern markets can get really easy.


Sears is a very trusted name in the USA, and is applauded for the different selling options that it offers to third party sellers in this platform. Commissions and monthly charges for the platform is also very supportable and remains within 40$ whether for fulfillment services or basic selling. The commissions do seem to get to the higher side in certain product categories, ranging from 7% to 20%, but at the end of the day it appears to get balanced.

At all times it is imperative for the sellers to ensure proper integration with the platforms so as to further operational ease and cut down costs.

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Rakuten Acquires The Mobile Messaging Company Viber For $900 Million

Shrikar Khare Posted On - November 17, 2014

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In recent past Rakuten has taken few notable initiatives by acquiring Kobo,, and Viki. Buying Viber, the pioneering messaging and VoIP Company is their latest venture in this series.

Rakuten Inc is one of the top ranking Internet services companies which has finalized this deal for $900 million which clearly indicates the company is constantly contributing towards fulfilling its mission in making its foothold stronger in the digital content space.

Rakuten has a pre-set target of conquering the no. 1. position among the Internet services companies. And to achieve that business objective it is inclining towards mobile communications service which is being considered to be the most sought after platform these days. Hence Viber appears to be the right choice as they already have 300 million registered global users which is still increasing on a daily basis.

So automatically Rakuten, after taking over Viber will be in a stronger position to penetrate new market areas covering various digital content offerings, in joint enterprise with its E-Commerce and financial services platforms.

With 40 different services, Rakuten is no doubt the most important organization in its home country Japan which has a huge popularity and commercial value in global market also with 4o different types of services. It has built the unique Internet services ecosystems, which is centering on a unified ID membership database.  The online company’s Super Points rewards program has also boosted Rakuten popularity to an unexpected level.

This Super Points rewards program is complementary to Viber’s fun approach applied on both messaging and high quality VoIP services.  It appears the combined effort of Rakuten and Viber is likely to establish world’s most comprehensive as well as engaging daily online platform. It is also anticipated that Viber will get an added support of 225 million Rakuten’s members across the globe.

The same view point has been expressed through Rakuten’s CEO Hiroshi Mikitani’s speech. He has heartily greeted this venture of joining hands as he thinks Viber’s track record of high quality and convenient messaging and VoIP experience coupled with its unparallel potential of gaming platform added to Rakuten’s extensive knowledge of handling vast new audiences through their ecosystem of Internet Services will create a great scope of diversification leading to extensive growth. Talmon Marco, CEO and Founder of Viber also conveyed an equally positive observation by saying that this combination will offer special opportunity for Viber in further increasing their rapid user growth in the existing market as well as the new market areas.

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Rakuten Plays A Pioneer’s Role In Popularizing Bitcoin

Steve Burns Posted On - September 24, 2014

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As world is constantly pacing towards another level of technological development, bitcoin is gradually replacing the place of money which is a software based online payment system which can be digitally used from your computer, tablet, smart phone or any other device, to anyone, any part of the world, around the clock.

Recently Rakuten has played an important role in implementing this bitcoin, the Internet currency which can be used to complete buying selling acts through electronic process.

There was already a discussion in the air that soon Rakuten is going to contribute in this regard. And Rakuten Super Logistics a subsidiary company of Rakuten, a Japan-Based E-commerce magnet has actually taken a step towards making it possible by taking a decision to accept bitcoin payments for the shipping services.

This happened almost after a month of the incident when Hiroshi Mikitani spoke about the possibility of accepting bitcoin sooner or later in the month of July.

According to Tech In Asia, the management of Rakuten Super Logistics has highlighted consumer’s demand as the main reason which has pushed them to take this step. Joseph DiSorbo the CEO has stressed on this factor that they basically want to offer this technological benefit to the customers who can not easily access the internet market without any geographical barrier.

 BitPay Executive Chairman Tony Gallippi has rightly made the comment while he said that this particular incident of introducing bit payment a method in practice will create a great impact in the process of developing bitcoin awareness in respect of international B2B transactions.

 Now Rakuten is represented as the third biggest company which has created a benchmark contribution in popularizing digital currency. It has also influenced Japan’s e-commerce system to a large extent.

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Rakuten Is Depending On Slice To Enter U.S. Market

Steve Burns Posted On - September 22, 2014

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Rakuten is seriously planning to penetrate US market as part of its business developmental plan. To achieve this target the company is proceeding in a planned way and has bought Slice. It is an e-commerce app of U.S. which has multiple benefits.

Rakuten, the largest online-retailer of Japan, no doubt has showcased its out-of-the-box business intelligence by making a heavy investment on buying this app in the right time. Now on this technology will support Rakuten to analyze and acquire various facts about consumers and their purchases.

It will help the company to ascertain the spending patterns of the U.S. customers and their shopping trends as well. Not only that, it will also disclose their delivery choices too. Slice is also expert in deriving different facts and figures from the consumer’s e-mail inboxes.

While doing this, it takes help from various mail receipts of reputed sites like Amazon, Nordstorm etc., and comes up with all the required details related to purchase history and activities. It also has other facilities like sending alerts about package shipments including monitoring price changes and guiding users in respect of best deals and rebates.

Rakuten already tried to capture the U.S. market four years back by buying for a huge sum of $250 million. But for various known and unknown reasons it did not work and the company failed to achieve its objective. But once again they are planning to hit the goal with more comprehensive effort.

The CEO of Rakuten Yaz Iida, explicitly mentioned in public that they are aiming to develop business operations in the States. And that is the reason they are using slice as a valuable tool to proceed in this venture. Slice on the other hand, has already made a considerable profit from investors like Rakuten and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Scott Brady the chief executive of Slice, admitted that it has a proven expertise in providing the sought after facts to the companies trying to excel in online business. But quite obviously Slice charges a fee for this service. By paying the sum the online business organizations become entitled to use its software in accessing some customer data which is extremely important in up grading websites and formulating business strategies. But interestingly it comes free for the consumers.

Brady is confident enough about their monopoly in the technology which everyone is still trying to understand. He also adds that they are going to launch a customized version of this app for Rakuten in the near future as a part of their international expansion policy.

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Rakuten has conceived big business plans for Singapore

Steve Burns Posted On - August 14, 2014

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Recently Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten, the largest online retail store of Japan has disclosed about its mega plan for the local version of its online shopping site which was also christened as Rakuten and launched in January last.

Mr Mikitani told The Business Times last week that as they are aiming high, they are thinking of developing more products on their local website. To achieve this they are also targeting to improve brand awareness, and concentrating on increasing their membership base fast.

Mr Mikitani, is also the chairman of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, was in town during the orchestra’s world tour for the Singapore leg. His revelation about the company’s mission indicated though Singapore – Rakuten Inc previously bought local start-up Viki for an estimated US$200 million (S$252 million), soon a situation is going to come when Singapore will buy things from it.

Rakuten started with more than 120 Japanese and local merchants when it first waded into Singapore’s online shopping scene. Currently, they have 150 merchants and planning to double that by the end of this year. No doubt the number of members for its local site has trebled since its soft launch in December.

Mr Mikitani, therefore, did not forget to mention about their happiness over its success as it is still in the early stage with huge potential of growth.

Rakuten has a unique business strategy for global expansion which is based on a two-layered set-up. One is a localized engine which is built on top of another standardized global platform.

The outcome of this strategy is a store in Singapore, that offers products priced in Singapore dollars with a mix of Japanese and local retailers. You will find “collagen”, “Gundam” and “Shiseido” together on its bar of trending items. Japanese wagyu ribeye slices are also displayed next to Bosch electric kettles.

Last year record shows, Rakuten earned 518.6 billion yen (S$6.41 billion) as their revenue, the bulk of which was realized from Japan.

Apart from Japan, Rakuten is also proceeding towards markets where other players like the United States, France, Germany and Brazil are entrenched.

However, Mr Mikitani did not pay much attention about the factor regarding competition and rivalries as he believes Rakuten’s merchant- centric approach is its unique point of strength making it special when compared to other companies in similar trade.

He also added that at Rakuten, they want themselves to be tagged as the conductors and do not just want to use the merchants as a product source. On the contrary, they want to bring them in front of the customer as they are the actual players.

He also highlighted that Rakuten always gives a sense of security to the user. If anyone buys from small merchants, they take care of that consumer. Therefore you can easily feel the difference in the shopping experience on this site which is obviously so special from buying something through the gigantic sites.

Initially Rakuten’s Singapore site at the start of the year was not showing any galloping growth rate, but presently it has a remarkable success which the company is always ready to focus on top.

Rakuten also arranged for a three-day showcase of more than 300 products from some 40 merchants, including a gigantic Rakuten shopping bag installation sits on Orchard Road.

The shopping bag represented nothing but Rakuten’s overwhelming ambitions for Singapore. Mr Mikitani said they have set their goal to create a global e-commerce platform, where Singaporeans can also look forward to buy various products from all over the world, instead of the Singapore site only.

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Rakuten’s recent aggression in capturing Indian market

Daniel Posted On - June 25, 2014

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It is a fact that Japanese online retailer Rakuten Inc. is likely to enter India in the next six to eight months. Three persons familiar with the company’s future focus has expressed a clear idea that Rakuten is aiming towards a strategic alliance to gain rapid growth in the country’s Rs. 62,000 crore E-Commerce market.

It is also putting special effort in screening opportunities to penetrate market as back-end solution provider in the fields of logistics, through an acquisition, said the other two persons. And all three spoke on condition of anonymity. According to a 2013 report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and audit firm KPMG, Rakuten the Tokyo based organization, is looking forward to hold a share of an e-commerce industry that has been growing at an average annual rate of 34% since 2009. This report also reveals travel operators were expected to account for 71% of this, while sales of other goods remain accountable for the rest.

Rakuten has diversified businesses in the area of e-retail, travel and financial services. Its 100% subsidiary Rakuten Travel operates an online hotel reservation website with a huge business and access to an incredible number of domestic and international hotels. It has also spread its presence in South Korea and China.

While explaining the rationale for Rakuten’s interest in India, Mukul Singhal, principal at Saif Partners, a private equity firms said the opportunities in the business of hotel bookings is very high. Almost every company in the traveling industry is looking to invest in hotel bookings and packages as airline ticketing is not much profitable.

Rakuten was founded by Hiroshi Mikitani in 1997 which now runs Rakuten Global Market, a multi-category shopping portal and host of other portals namely Rakuten Coupons and TicketStar, and many more. But now it is aggressively eyeing global growth markets to fight out stagnating Japanese economy and weak consumer sentiment.

As an outcome of this principle, teams from Rakuten have been consulting investors, companies and industry experts for the past few months as it explored the Indian market. Company spokesperson Minori Nakayama said in an emailed response to Mint that they are not making any comment on inquiries in markets in which they don’t have direct operations. Dhruv Shringi, co-founder and chief executive at said, if Rakuten enters the travel category it will have to focus on an India solution. He also added that running a business in India is not a simple task as the market can only absorb a maximum of three players. But he admitted the fact that the prospects of the online travel market had improved and growth is back in this sector.

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Rakuten buys mobile messaging company Viber for $900 million

Shrikar Khare Posted On - March 26, 2014

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Rakuten is a big e-Commerce company in Japan with global ambitions. As per it’s claims it happens to be the world’s third largest e-commerce marketplace, next after Alibaba and eBay. Recently it has expanded its digital strategy and paid $900 million in cash to acquire Viber, a global messaging company.

The Significance

By taking over Viber, a Cyprus-based voice-call application company Rakuten has paced into the world of global messaging for the first time. It is vitally important for Rakuten, not only for it is a totally new area for them but also for the reason that it will empower them with the technology which will make the customers able to make Internet calls on a range of devices such as smartphones.

In the modern and changing atmosphere of today’s world people constantly tend to shift from traditional communications platforms to comparatively a newer technology which is mobile applications. Viber, has an important standing in this regard. It is the most popular mobile communications services all over the world. Everyday it’s number of users are still increasing in a rapid rate which already has a record of 300 million registered users.  Hence it is considered to be the right choice for Rakuten which will perhaps successfully complements Rakuten’s strategy in the digital space. Rakuten, no doubt is aiming to become the world’s top most Internet services company in a near future. This acquisition will help Rakuten to penetrate new markets with multiple digital content opportunities, in addition to its exiting e-commerce and financial services platforms.

International aspect

It has added a new feather on Rakuten’s hat as it enables the company to mark their footprint in the international market. Henceforth it will be positioned on the same rank of Viber which used to operate in almost 200 countries, and was crowned the only messaging player with a globally significant presence besides WhatsApp.  The rest of the companies though big in size, are not global players, they only act regionally, such as Japan’s popular Line or Korea’s KakaoTalk.

Rakuten, widely known as a huge e-commerce business, has been formulating its strategies to target diversification in various levels. It has already purchased e-book reader Kobo and invested in Pinterest including Wuaki. tv. And very recently they have also purchased Viki, the premium video service.  There are other areas also where Rakuten has engraved it presence. The company owns an Internet bank, a travel service and even a baseball team.  Now, Viber being a voice oriented organization is also focusing on claiming the Internet communications business from Microsoft-owned Skype.

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Rakuten Expands its Online Marketing Assets with Acquisition of PopShops

Steve Burns Posted On - October 5, 2013

Japanese Internet Service Company
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Nowadays, many companies are resorting to mergers and acquisition in order to grow their business. Some of the benefits derived by a company by adopting this strategy include reduction in cost through economies of scale, tax gains and increase in market share via rise in revenue.

In the vibrant world of e-commerce, there is a large number of mergers and acquisitions that take place frequently. Rakuten Marketing’s acquisition of PopShops is one such recent example. The following paragraphs will give you greater insight into the companies and the deal.

Rakuten Marketing & PopShops

Rakuten Marketing, is a part of leading Japanese internet service company Rakuten Inc. Headquartered in New York City, this company offers technology and services for affiliate marketing, retargeting, display, search marketing, lead generation and loyalty, to advertisers and marketers.It has offices in places like Australia, Brazil, Japan, the United Kingdom and throughout the United States. It includes Rakuten LinkShare, a performance marketing network and Rakuten MediaForge, a retargeting and display company.

Founded in 2006, PopShops is a Seattle-based company that provides data analytics engine for intelligent product feeds to online advertisers and publishers. With the help of PopShops, over 4,000 advertisers and 25,000 publishers comprising coupon portals, blogs, loyalty programs, comparison shopping sites and so on, can get access to the latest product information from a single place.

How the Advertisers Benefit from PopShops?

With the assistance of PopShops, advertisers can increase the sales by supplying publishers with the most current product information. Especially when shopping online, the quality of data feed affects the purchase pattern of consumers. Revenue loss arises due to incorrect, vague or outdated information. But, the ability to offer accurate and relevant information requires a huge time commitment. For this reason, advertisers and publishers depend on PopShops to provide refreshed product, coupon and deals information.

The Deal

The terms of the deal were not disclosed. But it is known that the acquired company from now on will be known as Rakuten PopShops and will continue to be based in Washington state. All the employees will remain with the company and report to Rohinee Mohindroo, President, Rakuten PopShops. In June this year, Rakuten launched e-commerce operation in Austria and PopShops is its latest e-retail and online marketing acquisition.

The Rationale

Rakuten was greatly impressed with the quality of the analytics engine of PopShops and its ability to propel online sales. This buyout will help the company to stay ahead in the competition and enhance its assets across all the main areas of digital marketing.

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Rakuten makes a Foray into the Austrian Market

Steve Burns Posted On - August 21, 2013

Rakuten makes a Foray into the Austrian Market
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With the online marketplaces becoming very popular acting as the best platform for buyers and sellers, the Tokyo-based Rakuten Inc is going miles by penetrating different market segments. It is not only making plans for business expansion but implementing it with great force as it has started an e-commerce operation in Austria. It is the masterminds behind the smooth functioning of Rakuten which has enabled this Tokyo-based company to make its presence felt in more than 25 countries.

If it is about following a business model that has led Rakuten to find out the opportunities of mergers or acquisitions, it has sailed smoothly. The Rakuten CEO and chairman Hiroshi Mikitani has spelt out at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2013 in Chicago that Rakuten made plans and invested some good marketing dough to buy Webgistix. The e-commerce fulfillment firm has its base of operation in five U.S. warehouses.

The Success Story since 2010

It is not only Webgistix which is the feather in the cap that Rakuten has acquired; it has bought nine companies within a span of three years, which speaks about the growth potential of the Tokyo-based company. In the fourth quarter of 2012, Rakuten took the reins of Alpha Direct Services which is a French company offering or selling their logistics to e-retailers.  What made the e-commerce industry to create a buzz was when Rakuten bought U.S.-based Shopping is the name that was bestowed on Beginning its journey was a popular name as an online retailer offering a wide range of consumer electronics at unbeatable prices with the scope to avail discounts and deals.

Rakuten Shopping: Focusing to be a Marketplace

Rakuten is putting its focus on Rakuten Shopping to make it a marketplace, so that it can act as a strong platform between e-sellers and the online buyers. As an online marketplace, it will act as a connecting platform. Without a strong financial backbone, businesses have difficulty in finding a strong foothold in their respective niches.  Rakuten has created the Asian Startup Fund in Singapore. The fund is going to offer a supportive arm to the start-ups and businesses that have that e-commerce edge. So it is not only the business expansion plans that Rakuten is making with it being Austria  this time as the area of operation, it is helping business to stretch far and wide in the ecommerce landscape.

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Rakuten LinkShare is going Great Guns

Steve Burns Posted On - May 21, 2013

Rakuten LinkShare is going Great Guns
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Rakuten LinkShare Corporation is a name to reckon with, offering its matchless online marketing service and expertise to the online retailers. Its CPA affiliate network, lead generation marketing campaigns, help in increasing its client base and drive new customers. Rakuten LinkShare’s first quarter results in 2013 stands impressive, spelling out in great details the continued growth of performance marketing industry.

The Expansion Plans

Enveloping the market and aiming for higher market penetration is one the cherished goals that Rakuten LinkShare is swearing to achieve. The affiliate network covers the US, Canada, the UK, Japan and Australia. In 2013, it is planning to take the great leap of faith and capture new markets.
The Success Story: At A Glance

  • A rise in the sales volume can be observed by 26 percent YOY, in same store sales in the US
  • The UK is not far behind and observed the steady double digit growth at 29 percent YOY
  • The dependency and reliance on this brand is increasing with the top names getting included in its list. More than hundred new brands got into a business relationship with LinkShare and the top names include Fab in the US, Florsheim in Canada, Tommy Hilfiger in Japan and the like
  • For Rakuten LinkShare, 2013 had a great beginning as it secured the top spot in performance marketing network for two years in a row. The honor was bestowed by a renowned media entity mThink

The Boosting Period of Performance Marketing Industry

For over fifteen years, the performance marketing industry has developed and emerged into a dynamic one, becoming a sales channel. The aces in the industry opine that the sales figure will reach $4.5 billion by 2016. Rakuten LinkShare has its success story eked out as the advertisers and publishers in the network, helped in pumping up its performance level.

Good news for the Google Affiliate Network Advertisers

Rakuten LinkShare has spelt out its big plans by offering Google Affiliate Network advertisers migration assessments. This is one of the best business moves as offering of the supportive arm to the advertisers without any charge is like winning over their confidence. Google had announced that it is shutting down its affiliate network and this has lead to mass client migration.

Dealing with the Voluminous Migrating Clients

The top advertisers are looking for reliable networks. Rakuten LinkShare with its first hand, hard core experience can deal with the migrations with ease. It will enable advertisers and publishers to relish the profits generated from higher sales. The way LinkShare has framed the migration program plan includes:

  • In-depth assessment analysis of an advertiser’s current program on Google Affiliate Network, so that his exact requirements can be figured out
  • Ways to build strategic partnership are discussed in the briefing and brainstorming sessions
  • By dissecting with a critical eye the existing trends, the best suggestions and recommendations for future prosperity can be offered

Rakuten LinkShare has been in the favored books of its clients for satiating the customers and delivering value to consumers. The well-planned and strategic approach that it applies in the account management services and the way it opens the door for the advertisers to indulge in networking opportunities, enable Rakuten LinkShare to be at the top.

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Rakuten Inc. Unleashes a New Fee Structure for the Online Sellers

Steve Burns Posted On - April 16, 2013

Rakuten Inc. Unleashes a New Fee Structure for the Online Sellers
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The online marketplaces are undoubtedly the best platforms for the e-sellers to gain exposure and reach out to the potential buyers. Rakuten Inc. has been in the news since it went for a change in its name, which became effective from January 31, 2013. The top-notch online marketplace with its stellar reputation went for a change in its brand identity and it became Shopping from On that very same day, it came up with a new fee structure for the online retailers. Google, the giant player in the web played its masterstroke in the fourth quarter of 2012 when it made the e-sellers who are interested in listing their products in Google Shopping to go for the paid option. Google Product Search changed to Google Shopping, when Google pronounced that it will be paid listing for the e-commerce merchants.

Rakuten’s New Pay Structure

Rakuten is a name to reckon with in the sphere of online marketplace and the e-sellers wishing to tap in the potential of this platform via product listing, will have to shell out some good amount of money. Shopping has gone for a two-tiered fee system:

  • Professional level costing $ 33 per month
  • Professional Plus level costing $199 per month

The retailers who want to maximize their ROI or derive the best benefits of showcasing their voluminous inventory in Rakuten Shopping need to pay up on a quarterly basis. The amount rises up to $99 per month for the Professional level and $597 for the Professional Plus level respectively.

The Benefits that the Merchants can avail

The e-commerce merchants can reap in huge benefits when they will opt for the paid mode of listing. The web merchants enjoy the privilege of listing up to 50, 000 product SKU’s when they take up the option of paying $99 on a quarterly basis. When budget is not a restraining factor for the web merchants, they can utilize the benefits of the unlimited account, or the Professional Plus level.

The Commission that the Merchants need to Pay Up

It is entirely dependent on the product category and the sales volume of a merchant when it comes to offering of a specific percentage based on each sale as a commission to Rakuten Shopping. The percentage can vary from 5.0 % to 14.5 %. On the other hand, there is some perks for the merchants also in the form of rebate which they can enjoy based on their sales count.

How is Rakuten Planning to have an Edge over Amazon?

The account via which a retailer settles to enjoy the benefits that Rakuten can give him also consolidates his market position in the competitive business zone. The merchants who went for the professional level do not enjoy the unlimited access to BuyMail, which is one of the best services that this online marketplace offers. BuyMail, whose complete benefit the Professional Plus merchants can enjoy lets the e-sellers to directly send in e-mails to the potential customers. This direct email marketing campaign let Rakuten to have an edge over the giant online retailer, Amazon. Rakuten paves the way for consolidating a direct relationship with the consumers.

The Effective Future Planning

For the web merchants, it is important that they evaluate their own performance in the market zone enabling them to come up with innovative marketing strategies. Rakuten Shopping has planned to come up with merchant data tool which will enable the online retailers to track their sales figure, gauge the behavioral pattern of the customer that they are able to pull and assess their level of performance against the goal that the e-sellers have set for themselves. In order to reshape their ecommerce marketing strategies, it is crucial for the web merchants to find out their strength, weakness, opportunities and threats so that they can come up with fruitful programs for boosting their sales. The web merchants in need of gaining exposure in cyberspace via multi-channel marketing programs can bank on ChannelSale. In order to hook the attention of the buyers the SuperPoints loyalty program is a good one which help the customers to collect points which they can redeem in the form of money in their future purchases.

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Rakuten Revamps’s E-Commerce Model

Steve Burns Posted On - February 20, 2013

Rakuten Revamps’s E-Commerce Model
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The US e-commerce market is always buzzing with the big players offering their masterstrokes to ensure better connectivity with the online shoppers and the e-sellers. In 2010, the giant Japanese market operator Rakuten Inc indulged in buying for a whopping $250 million. Prompt plans and effective strategies have been put to effective use for the next couple of years so that can be given a makeover. is branded as Rakuten Shopping and it operating as an online marketplace. The e-sellers are always in the lookout to find out different web-based platforms that would help display their voluminous product line for higher level of exposure. From January 31st onwards, search for is being redirected to

The Urge to Offer Varied Services

In the online marketplaces, the interested online shoppers are always in the hunt to find top-quality products at affordable prices, nab the hot deals to enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience. Rakuten has come up with a well-sketched plan and has launched a video production company known as BuyTV services. The online sellers need to promote their goods aptly and video marketing is one of the best ways of business communication for reaching out to the various audience segments. It is not only about peeping into the right demography but psychographic area and lifestyle of the target mass also. The e-sellers wishing to exploit the resourceful platform Rakuten Shopping can have videos showcasing their own products. Rakuten has expansion plans of incorporating social media integration, live chat and other services so that the e-sellers can be satiated.

The Global Online Shopping Platform

Rakuten is going global and it will help in establishing the Japanese brand on a large scale. It is about paving the way for establishing a better chain of network with the e-shoppers and the e-commerce merchants which wishes to achieve. Foraying into the US e-tailing arena after acquiring capped with its digital infrastructure has not been a bumpy ride because of its American customer base, but the tough call now is that Shopping is a new brand name in the US. It got to gear up and offer only the best service as the global online marketplace to surpass it rivals and soar in popularity. Amazon has been one of the giant rivals that breathe under the neck of the other players in the sphere of e-commerce. Rakuten Shopping has all that it needs to outdo its rivals. However, the change in name from which was much easier to remember to Rakuten has been put to scrutiny. The brand needs to be marketed well so that it can become increasingly popular.

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