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4 Most Promising Marketplaces Multichannel Sellers Cannot Ignore In 2016

Stephen Posted On - July 16, 2016

Most Promising Marketplaces
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There are a few e commerce marketplaces that sellers aiming for multichannel ventures must consider for the sake of a brighter future. Some of these marketplaces may not feature somewhere in the top, but have proven very fruitful for many merchants who have managed to launch their best efforts in these platforms…

Amazon & eBay

Amazon and eBay still wear the crown of best online marketplaces for sellers in 2016. There is no way in the near or far future that these platforms are going to pass their crown down to any other marketplaces irrespective of how promising they may be. Be it with respect to unique visitors, gross profits, trustworthiness, scope across the globe, seller advantages, product categories, millions of choices or most importantly, best prices and offers, these two platforms remain unbeatable.


Coming up as the next most promising online marketplace for sellers, Newegg has far more to offer than electronics. While it is true that this platform may have started as the best place to look for devices at good prices, it now includes a range of other product categories including clothing and accessories, home and beauty and many more. The commission rates seem very attractive at 8% to 15% depending upon what you sell. The scope of making profits in Newegg without having to launch over the top efforts is a massive possibility.


Making its way speedily towards the top 10 online marketplaces of 2016, Japan based Rakuten is on its way to win over the world. With innumerable product categories supported to the teeth, reasonable fees and significant ease in operational integration, there is no reason why sellers should not include Rakuten in their multichannel agenda. At the same time, with Rakuten, making products available to the eastern markets can get really easy.


Sears is a very trusted name in the USA, and is applauded for the different selling options that it offers to third party sellers in this platform. Commissions and monthly charges for the platform is also very supportable and remains within 40$ whether for fulfillment services or basic selling. The commissions do seem to get to the higher side in certain product categories, ranging from 7% to 20%, but at the end of the day it appears to get balanced.

At all times it is imperative for the sellers to ensure proper integration with the platforms so as to further operational ease and cut down costs.

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Beginners’ Best Approach To Multichannel E Commerce

Stephen Posted On - June 28, 2016

Multichannel E Commerce
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When you want to be present in more than one selling platform from the very onset of your e commerce venture, it is extremely necessary that you play your cards flawlessly. Being lenient and having your judgement clouded with whims and wishes can prevent any multichannel endeavor from taking off from ground level. Here are a few very important tips that can help keep overconfidence in check while offering optimum growth, healthy revenues and ample avenues to multichannel ecommerce ventures to expand with time…

Contain greed –

To begin with, it may sound very tempting but it is always wise to limit the number of platforms you wish to spread into. Choosing one or two from among the top performing marketplaces is far better to start with than choosing ten different platforms to sell. The eBay v/s Amazon debate is good to consider deciding which would be more suitable for you than being present in both and being smacked out of your time, patience and investments.

Integrate – integrate –

Secondly, you will have to initiate proper integration between all the platforms you are present in with your shopping cart. Say for example if you are powered by Magento and you are present in Rakuten, Amazon, and Etsy, you will have to carry out Magento Amazon, Magento Rakuten, Magento and Magento Etsy perfectly. The costs can run up to a few good thousand, so it is always wise to start with a tiny handful of marketplaces than stretching presence over 5 or more.

Use fee calculation & fraud protection softwares –

Thirdly, multichannel e commerce can always be profitable when you use fee / profit calculation softwares to determine how much profits your products will fetch at the listed price. This is a great way to prevent revenues from seeping out from where you may not be watching. At the same time, using fraud prevention softwares can protect you from inauthentic transactions that can save hundreds to thousands of hard cash every year.

Be present in comparison shopping engines –

Among all the platforms you may choose to be present in, it is necessary to include comparison shopping engines as well. Comparison shopping engines like Shopzilla, Nextag and of course Google Shopping can be welcome traffic drivers to your store which can improve your visibility and conversion rates by miles. Integrating with your chosen comparison shopping platform is just as necessary as it is to integrate with the marketplaces.

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Multichannel Ecommerce Rules You Must Never Overlook

Robin Smith Posted On - June 27, 2016

multichannel inventory management
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Multichannel ecommerce is the best route to winning maximum traffic for your online store. Almost all successful online merchants owe their growth and profits to this one of a kind way to reach millions of prospective buyers at one single shot. However, there are yet another lot of sellers that have not been able to harness as much benefit from multichannel selling as they thought they would. Basically, failure to grab opportunities while performing in multiple platforms of sale can be blamed on missing out or not being too careful about certain spoken and unspoken rules that govern this mode of commerce.

Ignoring integration:

Integration is the first rule that not-so-successful sellers seem to ignore first. Say for example, if you are Shopify powered seller performing in eBay, Amazon, and Google Shopping at the same time, you will have to carry out proper integration with all of these platforms irrespective of how much it ends up costing. If you choose to integrate with eBay and while leaving Shopify Google Shopping syncing to chance, your future of multichannel e commerce is sure to be gloomy in the near future.

Forgetting multichannel inventory management includes the entirety of supply chain:

Secondly, inventory management in multichannel ventures is not only about managing in flow and outflow of your products from respective warehouses. It involves the entirety of supply chain involving getting your stock from the wholesalers and keeping in touch with the matter of ‘availability’ in their side. Predicting your sale and stocking up accordingly without taking into account issues that may be arising in the part of your wholesalers will contribute equally to issues like over and underselling, order cancellations and many more.

Using advanced multichannel inventory management softwares that cover the entire spread in comparison with those that cover only a part of the process is highly recommended in this respect.

Listing parity maintenance:

Thirdly, keeping in mind that price is the King, you must at all times list competitively in all platforms of presence. However, there are platforms that guarantee the lowest prices or best deals to its buyers. If however, your list price is higher in some other platform, you may face risk of being suspended or banned for committing the folly of driving traffic outside the platform. This situation is best when avoided. Using high quality price management softwares can help ease the issue to a large extent.

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Few Tips To Make Your eBay Listing A Little More Interesting To Cassini

Stephen Posted On - June 11, 2016

multichannel retail software
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eBay listing is known for being more accommodative than listing in any other marketplaces or comparison shopping platforms today. This opens up golden opportunity in the part of the sellers to pitch their products better and gain a profitable edge in competition. Good old Turbo Lister with scratch basic listing strategies is sadly on its way out. With Cassini unfolding its revolutionized arms to search for the best products for buyers, it is time sellers to embrace evolved strategies along with evolved tools to rise in charts in terms of product visibility and conversions.

In order to achieve optimum levels of performance through right listing, the first steps need to involve the most suitable eBay listing softwares. This applies mostly to store owners who have large product categories and inventories to handle. Using automation softwares to upload listings while optimizing them at the same time make products more visible to target buyers while leaving enough time in the hands of the sellers to improve their performance in other aspects of eBay selling.

Secondly, the idea of relisting should not be overlooked by eBay sellers who have certain listing that have not done well over the past one month or more. By relisting these products, the previous history of the listing which is essentially bad will get wiped out offering a fresh new chance to the products to feature at the top of search list. This can make a massive difference in terms of positive buyer engagement and conversions which is something that sellers should never miss out on.

Thirdly, these are times when using innovative tools should be considered from the very onset. Many third party providers of e commerce solutions are presently offering solutions that enable your listing to display ‘only 1 product left in stock’ to the buyers even if you have many in stock at that very moment. This creates a sense of urgency among the latter to make their purchase before stock runs out thereby creating sale in your favor.

Although this appears more like tricking your buyers to make a purchase, at the end of the day, there is no harm being caused to anyone. In fact, many multichannel retail software users are already using this feature to the fullest to drive maximum conversions in favor of their listed products. Last but not the least; it always works to focus upon ‘value per listing’ to make the listing more interesting to buyers than ever before. This includes free shipping, extended return period, special offers etc.

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Must-Have Features In Data Feed Management Softwares

Robin Smith Posted On - May 18, 2016

data feed management softwares
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If you happen to be spread into a number of e commerce marketplaces, comparison shopping sites and affiliate platforms at the same time, the process of managing your product feed can get into your nerves faster than you can possibly think. Uploading feed manually as per the unique specifications mentioned by individual platforms of sale is a process that is fraught with inevitable and unforgivable errors. Top it up with the necessity of introducing changes time and again, and you have everything you need for your venture to collapse within a month. Data feed errors are neither entertained by the prospective buyers or the concerned e commerce platforms.

Multichannel sellers however, have been ever grateful to e commerce solution developers for introducing a range of data feed management softwares the primary purpose of which is to ensure automation of the entirety of the process. This in itself is a massive relief to the sellers as it saves days worth of time and hard work. The question though revolves around whether automation is all? Considering the fact that the very basics of feed management tools and software solutions is to minimize manual work behind the process, sellers often look for features that offer ‘more’ to the cause than stick to the fundamentals.

Improvements that followed soon after set the process of transformation of these solutions in motion at practical jet pace. So, at this very moment, while looking for functional feed management software, there are a certain must have features that users of the same must insist upon. To begin with, ‘unlimited’ is the word that you must be assured in any product feed management tools. This basically means that the providers of this solution should be willing to manage unlimited feeds across unlimited channels. Certain solutions come with limited feed upload and place a ceiling upon the number of selling platforms that they can cater to. Choosing these options can be very regressive as far as growing ventures are concerned.

Secondly, users must insist upon complete automation in comparison with partial options irrespective of how attractive they sound. The only hard work that users need to do is to upload their store feed into the software and the rest should be taken care of. Very importantly, these tools should blend in to form an integral part of any multichannel selling software that the sellers may be using. At the same time, the aspects of data filtering and analytics integration should also be offered by the softwares.

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Your Multichannel Business Can Be A Ticking Time Bomb Without These Inputs

Daniel Posted On - April 18, 2016

Multichannel selling software
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The gist of the list stating why multichannel endeavors are a must for all e commerce sellers to engage in, is very arresting indeed. In simple words, which seller today would not want to be exposed to millions of unique visitors in hundreds of top performing marketplaces and comparison sites, gain a surge of orders from the same and break all barriers of profit limitations that may have been dwarfing their respective endeavors? Amazing as this sounds, the flip side of multichannel selling can weigh down on the sellers in many ways than one. And costs is only the beginning of it all.

When you have your presence over two or more different platforms of sale, you will have to carry out the same operational tasks over and over again for every single marketplace. This applies to creating listing (which is perhaps the most annoying of them all), followed by managing inventory in all the different marketplaces and then comes the hurdle of keeping track of the inflow and outflow or orders, tracking performance in every single platform of presence, following up with customers, mobile integration for each and many more. Basically, multichannel efforts may come with the assurance of some serious profits, putting the act together can pose as a major reason for sellers to collapse under pressure.

Smart sellers these days, don’t commence their spread over multiple platforms of sale without the assistance of proper multichannel selling softwares. This is by far the most important input that can prevent your efforts to sit on a time bomb that can blow up any time without warning. It may have been repeated infinite times over, but no one can say it enough that you need to use these softwares right from the beginning. The task of these solutions is to harmonize and integrate your presence over all your chosen marketplaces / comparison shopping platforms.

On integrating with these solutions, you will be able to keep a crisp control on multiple platforms through a single interface. Say for example, with data feed management software, which are a part of the multichannel softwares, you will be able to upload, import or even introduce changes to your store listing to multiple marketplaces in tune with their specifications with nothing more than a click or two. Say for example if you are present in 5 platforms, you will be able to save 4/5th of the time you will otherwise need to complete the task.

Same can be said for inventory control, pricing, repricing, tracing performance, maintaining customer information, completing orders, managing abandoned carts, integrating with affiliate sites and mobile platforms and many more without having to buy and deal with single individual tools.

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