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Selling on multiple online platforms—here’s how to make your life easier

Stephen Posted On - September 13, 2017

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When looking for quick (and big) returns, you would likely want to sell your products on multiple online platforms. Nothing wrong. However, like every good thing comes with something bad—so does this one.

Having many online storefronts might be profitable, but it’s equally hectic. And unless you have the right tools and solutions by your side, along with time management prowess, you will lose your sanity and shrink in size thanks to high stress.

Handling even one store is difficult. If you sell on Walmart marketplace, you already have a lot to manage so many things, right from product listings and feed optimization to real-time inventory management to order fulfillment. So when with multiple online shops, you will drown in your own sweat.


There’s a way around

How do you think successful online sellers who often have tens of online stores manage everything? They know about few of the smart ways that you don’t. Not until now. Here’s how to make your life easier and stress-free when you handle multiple selling points online:

Don’t expand your portfolio unnecessarily

Top sellers sell on various platforms because that makes sense to their product, strategy, and goals. You, don’t expand your portfolio of a number of storefronts if your return isn’t outmatching the investment. Don’t blindly believe that more POS (Point of Sales) will bring more revenue. A host of factors comes into play; you must calculate all these before scaling to new platforms. Maybe Marketplace A isn’t even right for your type of products; maybe Marketplace B takes just as much efforts but doesn’t even yield half the return of Marketplace C. Factor all these.

Signup to a (reliable) e-commerce solution

This isn’t luxury anymore that is limited just for the sellers in the upper echelon. It is essential that you’re signed up to a nice and affordable e-commerce software solution with all your marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines integrated together on a single platform. Through easy Walmart, eBay Shopify Amazon integration and more, you can manage all the activities of your stores much more conveniently and botch-freely at a single place. You save time, which further improves your productivity.

Hire part-time professionals

Yes, you can’t do all alone. You need professionals and experts by your side. And if you’re reluctant to hire full-time employees, hire freelancers. Or, even better, go for the managed services of your third-party e-commerce solutions. Experienced, proficient and efficient in handling their own platform, they can take your online stores to new heights while you lay on the beach of Bahamas, sipping the finest wine.

These are 3 simple tricks that guarantee to make your life easier even when you have so many online stores. Strive to be a successful seller. But also be smart. Your health, peace, and happiness are much more important than anything else.

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Best Solutions For Harmonious And Profitable eBay Walmart Integrated Selling

Thomas Posted On - June 2, 2017

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Common issues that may arise while selling in Walmart and eBay together –

Managing presence in and eBay simultaneously, can result in sizeable clash in seller endeavors to a significant extent. This is mainly because both of these platforms are very similar in terms of their approach to selling as well as their overall expectations from sellers as they perform in these marketplaces. Therefore, when sellers include both eBay and as a part of their ecommerce endeavors, sparks are usually seen to fly time and again often leading to performance shattering outcomes.

Some of the most common issues that sellers face when they sell on Walmart marketplace and eBay together include pricing mismanagement, inventory / order fulfillment errors and more. Each of these hassles is known for taking bites out of seller visibility and revenues at the same time. The good news is, the solutions to Walmart eBay integrated selling are rather simple.

Solutions that address these issues instantly –

End to end integration – Initiating end to end integration of with eBay at the very onset is the first step to minimize operational hassles between the two platforms to zero or lesser. Approaching reputed and dependable providers for the purpose can be very rewarding in terms of bringing the entirety of the venture in one single user interface along with maximum levels of error free automation.

Using pricing and re pricing solutions – Usage of pricing and re pricing tools and software solutions can help sellers manage everything associated with the lowest price policy and the best price policy of the two respective marketplaces successfully and profitably. The battle of prices is one of the most trying aspects of multichannel selling efforts with Walmart and using these compact sophisticated assistive systems can be very relieving in many ways than one.

Optimizing listing with respect to the marketplaces – Listing optimization in tune with marketplace specifications is applicable whether you sell on eBay Walmart Amazon or any others for that matter. Optimized listing is one of the smartest ways to overcome operational hassles in integrated multichannel performance as a whole.

Updating integration and optimization solutions from time to time – Lastly, updating integration and optimization efforts by including evolved features into the system can help seller combat hassles surrounding Walmart eBay integrated performance more innovatively and productively. While it is true that sellers will need to make a certain degree of investments for the purpose, but the results are assured to bring in pleasant surprises.

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5 Ground Rules For Lowering Amazon Inventory Cost

Stephen Posted On - March 6, 2017

Sell on Walmart marketplace
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Amazon sellers at large have expressed their dissatisfaction over the array of marketplace costs and expenses that have played a brutal role in minimizing their profit levels to scratch. Taking a closer look at the issue, it has been discovered that most of these unhappy sellers are relatively new and inexperienced and thus, are yet to learn the art of cost control in this platform.

Understanding the cracks and crevices from which profits tend to seep out is the first step to addressing the issue with success, with greater importance given to the rather imperceptible areas of drainage than otherwise. Mismanaged inventory is one such area that can cause massive drainage in profits making it imperative for sellers to get a hold of the same from the first day on.

Here are 5 ground rules of lowering Amazon inventory costs; tips that have helped thousands of sellers get a grip back on their profits…

Integrating with supply chain source –

Inventory management starts with the supply chain source and not the warehouses. Being in tune with the supply chain source can help sellers stock their warehouses wisely while preventing expensive mistakes like over stocking.

Learning the science of demand prediction –

Proper demand prediction is a strategic tool that can help sellers stock popular / not-so-popular products in volumes that are assured to move smoothly without causing stagnation or bottlenecks. Improper approach to demand prediction or dismissing the importance of the same can increase expenses in the direction of stocking products that are not bringing in any profits and vice versa.

Trimming inventory units in warehouses based on demand prediction –

Bulking up inventory stock in Amazon warehouses is never a good idea because you may end up paying a bloated warehouse rent and management cost. If you have established proper integration with your supply chain source and are good in predicting demands, streamlining your inventory in Amazon will not be a problem.

End to end integration –

This is the key to a balanced and harmonized approach to inventory management in Amazon. In fact, the importance of end to end integration is applicable for all ecommerce marketplaces whether you sell on Walmart marketplace or any other platform for that matter.

Associated factors like proper listing, usage of pricing tools and softwares solutions, profit calculation tools etc. also goes a very long way in helping sellers cut inventory costs while maximizing their profitability by significant extents.

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