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Are Walmart 3P Converts Still Missing Amazon?

Thomas Posted On - September 19, 2017

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With Walmart online marketplace opening its doors to 3P sellers, struggling entities especially in top ecommerce platforms like Amazon have been attempting to make a switch with hopes of a better future. In fact, a number of larger entities with sizeable selling background in Amazon have already commenced their Walmart endeavors with flying colors.

Here are some of the key reasons why the switch from Amazon to Walmart only seems justified…

  • It is an exclusive club. There is ample space to grow without facing troublesome competition which may be one of the key reasons why the debate of selling on Walmart Vs Amazon settles in favor of the former.
  • Integration is very easy and approachable with official integration partners
  • Traffic inflow is very convincing and rising by the days
  • It holds a very consistent No. 2 spot after Amazon in the USA
  • The scope of this marketplace in terms of world wide coverage is increasing.
  • Principles for selling are easy to understand and follow

However, for those that have abandoned Amazon altogether, here are a few good reasons why they may still miss the charm of this king of all ecommerce marketplaces…

Why sellers may still miss Amazon…

  • It is still the king of all e commerce marketplaces, be it in terms of traffic, product categories, easy profit opportunities and more.
  • Traffic generation in Walmart cannot match that of Amazon in years
  • Effective integration involving other top marketplaces and shopping carts like Shopify Rakuten etc along with tools and software solutions for easy selling are up and ready with all trusted third party ecommerce solution developers at affordable prices.
  • This platform is for everyone. If Walmart turns you down, you can always run to Amazon
  • Buyers in Amazon are usually lenient with product prices. Sellers therefore, don’t have to worry about marking their items at lowest prices. Making profits at the earliest is easy with Amazon than with Walmart.

Besides this, there are certain performance factors that are same in both platforms which eventually makes neither better than the other.

In all, it will not be wrong to believe that yes, sellers that have made a complete switch from Amazon to Walmart may miss the treats from time to time. Sellers that have put in efforts to maintain presence in both may consider themselves lucky. For those that have not been given an opportunity to perform in, it will be good to know that not much has been missed.

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No-Nonsense Pocket Guide To Manage Ecommerce Orders Successfully

Pramod Posted On - June 6, 2017

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The very reason why you, as a seller have established yourself in ecommerce marketplaces is to gain as many orders as possible from target buyers. Orders therefore, is the backbone of your business and how you handle the same determines how far you will succeed in your endeavors in the short and long run.

Why is order management important in ecommerce?

Your approach to manage orders especially in top e commerce marketplaces can help seller interest in infinite different ways than you can possibly imagine. This is not just about dropping the parcel at the recipients address, but completing the order in a way that ensures that the recipient would return over and over again to make more purchases. Besides this, here are some of the most prominent ways in which order management impacts seller success dramatically…

  • Purchase experience in the part of buyers, matters in all ecommerce marketplaces especially top platforms like eBay, Amazon, Walmart etc, and the quality of order management set ups in the part of sellers is the only way to determine the same. In fact, marketplaces like take a very close look at the order completion / fulfillment apparatus of the sellers before allowing them entry within their domain.

  • Quality of order management matters in the nature of reviews generated by buyers which again goes a very long way in gaining and maintaining seller visibility even through the toughest of completion or evolutionary phases that occur in performance based marketplaces.

  • How you manage orders also determines your rating and ranking in your chosen platforms of presence. If you wish to maintain good rating and ranking for a prolonged period of time, focusing upon your order management set up will be as good as half the job well accomplished.

How to manage orders successfully in ecommerce marketplaces?

  • Perfect integration for end to end automation is a boon to multichannel order management. Say for example, if you are a Shopify powered sellers present in eBay and Rakuten; you will be at complete ease if you initiate Shopify Rakuten eBay and seamlessly for error free order completion.

  • Use quality order completion apparatus – Order management is best accomplished when approached with right order fulfillment apparatus. Approaching solutions like FBA and using suitable tools and softwares to integrate with the same can boost performance instantly.

  • Besides this, it always works in favor of sellers to stay in tune with the rules and requirements as specified by the respective marketplaces. For example, certain marketplaces insist on order shipping within 24 to 48 hours, while there are those that offer a 3 day limit for the same. Sticking with order management rules helps sellers gain a permanent place in the good books of the respective marketplaces.

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Best Practices To Sell On Walmart Profitably

Stephen Posted On - September 23, 2016

Wallmart Online Selling
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Selling in can be very profitable for sellers who are aware of the best practices of selling in this growing e commerce marketplace. Making its way to the top 10 e commerce platforms in the USA, it is only natural for sellers to expect enhanced traffic and resultant conversions from millions of unique visitors that flow in every passing week which is worth fighting for. In short, is progressing to close in with Amazon, and sellers who establish early presence in this platform can experience ample growth and profits to enjoy in the very near future.

However, with these unputdownable assurances, sellers are also required to understand and maintain certain standards to sell on Walmart with sizeable success. For all you know, this leading retail giant is not very welcoming of selling entities that don’t possess something worthy in terms of selling standards or reputation to show in their favor. Following is a very small list of factors that takes very seriously while inviting sellers to perform under their umbrella…

Order defect rate

This is the first and the most important factor that is taken into consideration and can be a deciding factor at the time of receiving acceptance from the platform. If you are an Amazon seller, your defect rate has to be less than 1%. If not, your chances to sell on will become feeble or impossible.

Reseller V/s Brand owners is always seen to favor individual and promising brand owners over resellers. If you are counted among the latter, your attempts will not be favored over the former. If you are a brand owner with something worthy to speak of, Walmart will be more than happy to invite you in.

Your existing feedback and rating

Walmart wants to know what buyers have to say about you. Ratings and feedbacks are thus taken very seriously by this platform. If your rating and feedback is less than average, you may not be preferred in and this applies mainly to existing Amazon sellers.

Best price assurance

Walmart has always adhered to offering the lowest prices to its buyers in its brick and mortar establishments and ants to ensure the same in its e commerce endeavors as well. So, if you are an Amazon seller, the platform may insist on taking a look at your approach to buy box and your performance in the same.

In order to save time and stay in the safer side of things, it is best to seek assistance from ecommerce professionals especially those who are of significant standing. Choosing providers who have offered successful integrations like Shopify, Amazon Magento etc can be considered.

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Power Your Shopify Store With Shopify Plug-in – Top Reasons To Act Now

Shrikar Khare Posted On - July 2, 2015

Shopify Ebay
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It sounds cute and comfortable and its features make it live up to its name. Shopify, at this very moment is the hot favorite among any enthusiastic e store owners for infinite reasons all of which have a worthy backing. The freedom from maintaining servers, super easy usage and irresistible customizable designing options that go up to 50000 options and more, have stolen the hearts of thousands and still counting. However, the real glory of Shopify lies in the plug in options that have been designed to make things easier and even more profitable for the users.

However, when you approach trusted and dependable e commerce solution providers, you will be able to derive a wealth of Shopify Plug-ins that are aimed at improving the overall performance of the cart manifold. With these easy to use and easier to maintain plug-ins, a world of extended opportunities can be accessed within minutes which will save you hours and hours in time and improve the scope of your business like never before.

To begin with, on seeking solutions from the established uncontested and well reputed e commerce solution providers, you can get just the right option of plug-ins that will help you sync your Shopify store with top e commerce and comparison sites perfectly. For example, you can locate Shopify E Bay plug-ins, Amazon Plug-ins, Google Shopping Plug-ins and many more to keep your Shopify store in tune with the ever evolving moods and pace of the traffic driving platforms.

What may seem as the best part of these plug-ins is that they can be availed at a very affordable cost. Newbies with limited start up budget who cannot approach the premium options made available by Shopify itself owing to the heavy price tags, can approach these with full confidence.

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