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4 Inventory Management Facts All Ecommerce Beginners Must Know

Daniel Posted On - November 30, 2016

Inventory Management
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Inventory is the king in all businesses be it in the realm of ecommerce or otherwise. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that the future of businesses especially ecommerce ventures can depend upon the quality of inventory management carried out by the owning entities. In top performing marketplaces like eBay, Amazon,, Rakuten etc, approach to inventory control can impact seller performance in terms of visibility, traffic, growth and overall revenues.

Considering its importance, here are 4 integral facts of inventory control that all sellers, especially the newer ones should bear in mind at all times…

Inventory management starts from the source of supply chain

If you wish to gain an infallible and all inclusive control on your inventory, manage the same right from the source of the supply chain. This means, keeping in touch with the wholesalers from whom you get your stock. This should be followed by calculated prediction of demands which should eventually guide you in re-stocking your warehouses as and when required without over loading the same or otherwise.

Poor inventory control can lead to unforgivable errors like overselling

Being out of touch with your inventory or guess working through the course of selling can lead to rather unforgivable errors like overselling / underselling, each of which is intolerable to ecommerce marketplaces especially eBay, Amazon, and Sellers who invite such troubles are usually warned or shown the door.

Mismanaged inventory can affect profits

Being out of touch with your inventory can often lead to problems like over stocking of warehouses, losing track of shelved products in warehouses etc. each of which can take significant bites out of any profits so made.

Automation is the key to faultless inventory management

Whether you sell on Walmart, eBay, Amazon or any other marketplace for that matter, you will never be able to establish faultless control on your inventory these days without proper automation solutions. This applies even more in case of multichannel sellers that may be present in two or more marketplaces at the same time.

keeping a tab on how much stock is lying in which warehouse of which marketplace followed by the units that have been shipped, units that are shelved, units that have been returned topped with alerts on low stock etc is easier when controlled through one single user interface and that too without any manual involvement at all.

You also need to understand that ‘Real time’ is more than just two words. If your software solution supports real time inventory management, you can be rest assured that you will continue to maintain your lead through thick and thin.

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Waiting To Move Your Inventory Faster – Try These Feed Improvement Tips Immediately

Shrikar Khare Posted On - September 28, 2016

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Of all the tips and techniques that are floating in the World Wide Web about moving inventory quickly and more profitably, managing product data feed is perhaps the one that bears most weight. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that data feed management and inventory movement are directly and inseparably related. If your inventory movement has been getting slower by the day, you can put these feed managing tips into effect and witness the difference almost instantly…

Introduce popular products

Firstly, always start by including popular products in your listing. Popular products sell faster thus causing your inventory to gain a healthy momentum. This way you will not have to face issues associated with stale inventory or dead inventory for that matter.

Optimize titles appropriately

Even the most popular products can face invisibility if their titles are not appropriately optimized. Optimization of data feed makes it more compatible with the search engines of the respective platforms of sale ensuring that your products feature in the first page or first list when potential customers make their search. With greater visibility comes greater conversion rate which again assists in moving your inventory faster.

Descriptions are very important

Descriptions are an essential part of feed management mostly because of the fact that it is the descriptions help customers make up their mind about the trustworthiness of the product. If your descriptions are apt, your sale will also get a boost. With more sale generated, your inventory will maintain a steady pace of outflow.

Display good reviews and ratings

Products with good ratings always generate trust with buyers. If you display your ratings and reviews attractively, your inventory will get swept off its feet almost instantly.

Make irresistible deals

This mostly goes out to sellers who are experiencing stale inventory. Making combo deals is a great way to move this stagnant lot out. Be a customer yourself and see if you are convinced by the deal you have proposed.

Everything lies in pricing

Inventory management with the assistance of feed control is seen best with pricing alterations. How you price your products determines how many buyers will be attracted towards the same. Competitive pricing has the power to generate sale for even the most unpopular products in the listing. Learning the art of pricing is critical for the health of any e commerce venture whatsoever.

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Be Warned About These Factors While Choosing Free Inventory Management Softwares

Stephen Posted On - July 4, 2016

free inventory management software
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Almost every ecommerce sellers whether small, midsized or large, require suitable inventory management systems to have their stock and movement of stock organized to a certain level. Beginners in the field often opt to start with inventory control solutions that are available for free. This is justified to an extent because the former are often short in terms of funding and investments and are thus happy enough to commence with scratch basics. In fact, there are a few free inventory management software excel solutions that have garnered healthy and believable reviews in their favor.

free inventory management software

However, at all times, it serves the users better to understand the limitations of these options before opting for the same…

They may not contain necessary features – Firstly, considering the fact that the softwares are usually made available at ‘no cost at all’ one can only take it for granted that the features included in the same would be nothing more than scratch basic. Basically, you can forget about automating the integrated tracking of inventory movement through multiple warehouses while the aspect of ‘real time’ can be expected to get a permanent backseat.

You may be required to Backup your excel sheets – Free stock management softwares excel sheets are as good as the health of your computer system where they are stored. In case your system crashes, your inventory data may be lost forever and you may be required to start from scratch. Most of these options do not come with a cloud based support system so that you can store your data in cloud and access the same even when your system gets out of hand.

Customer support is usually not available for free options – This can be counted as one of the most debilitating factors of free inventory management softwares. Considering the fact that these options are free of cost, they don’t usually come with customer support systems to guide users as and when required. With these options, you have to be your own trainer and have to undergo the trial and error process to determine the effectiveness of the same.

Last but certainly not the least, eventually as your business grows, you will have to get better softwares that come with a considerable price tag. In this case, merging the two softwares or switching from one to the other can be an added issue that can create massive hurdles in the short run.

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Locating Your Inventory Management Soul-mate Need Not Be Difficult – Answer These 3 Questions

Robin Smith Posted On - June 13, 2016

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The process of Inventory control is one of the most time consuming and complicated processes in e commerce especially when your stock is large and spread over multiple platforms of sale. Poor inventory management has often been the cause behind suspension of sellers in top performing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. The solution to this otherwise massive life and death issue lies in using the right softwares and tools for the purpose. In fact, it has been mentioned by nearly 100% of happy users that inventory management tools have actually improved their performance and profits by over 30% (on an average).

At this very moment, there are hundreds of different varieties of tools and softwares designed for controlling inventory. Each of these multichannel and Omni channel softwares have specific functions and features that are compatible with different types of sellers depending mainly on their volume, their spread, their motive to grow in the next few months or year and most importantly, their present ability to invest to feature packed solutions. Choosing unsuitable solutions can often lead to very disheartening results some of which are as follows…

  • Sellers may land with features that they don’t need at all and pay for them at the same time.
  • Face excess expenditure that can severely compromise on average profits
  • Have high quality software installed in a system that cannot support it (this is a massive waste)
  • Does not support integration with all platforms you are present in or wish to establish presence in the near future
  • Putting it in very simple words, it never takes too much to find your ideal inventory software soul mate. A little self interview on determining your priorities, your long terms / short term goals and your present financial status to determine the quality of investment in these solutions is usually all that it takes.

  • The first question that you need to ask yourself is where exactly you stand in the world of e commerce and what are your short term goals? Do you wish to continue your venture as a single channel seller or do you wish to spread over one, two or more e commerce marketplaces over the next 2 to 3 years? Are you or are you not considering opening a brick and mortar establishment besides your online stores? Once you know where you stand and where you wish to stand in the next couple of years, you can confidently pen down your priorities and make your move for the best suited software solution.
  • The next question you need to ask is, what type of features do you expect in your software that will address your current issues in the best possible way? These are the days when features like bringing inventory movement from multiple channels into one single user interface are considered basic. Besides this, you can also access features like built in shipping management, listing and pricing aid and many more. From solutions that support multichannel tools to Omni-channel softwares, there is everything that you can avail from e commerce solution providers.
  • Last question that you need to ask is also the most important. It is all about how much you are willing to invest in the multichannel tools and inventory management solutions and how do you wish to make your payments. Taking it from winners, paid options are always more feature packed than the free ones so going for them will only benefit. At the same time, you need to determine how you wish to pay for your inventory software. Do you wish to pay monthly, quarterly or annually needs to be answered at the onset.
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    How Amazon Integration Services Help Sellers?

    Daniel Posted On - March 9, 2016

    Amazon Integration Services
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    One of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon has thousands of shoppers who are ready to purchase products from it. It is a reliable name in the online shopping business and is recognized as a trustable brand. Naturally, millions of ecommerce owners like to integrate the Amazon store platform in their store and increase their product sales and consequently their revenues. Find out how Amazon integration service providing companies can help you as a seller.

    Proper syncing

    With proper integration, the products in your store can easily be synced with the right product categories on Amazon. Any buyer looking for similar items can easily get products from your ecommerce store displayed in the search results. This will allow you to enhance your sales and get higher visibility. With big companies, you can easily get your product sales enhanced and e assured of greater profits.

    Parent-child relationship with Amazon

    With superior providers, you can establish a parent-child relationship between and your own store. Your product listing is automated at all times, and there is no need to manually handle the process. Your product information and pricing is marked up for Amazon and the sale of any type of item can easily be handled regardless of the size, shape, color and type. Whether you are selling one item or a bundle of products, their sales can easily be handled.

    Creation of native orders

    For each order that is generated on, native orders can easily be generated on your ecommerce store. You can easily get updates regarding your items and know which of those are selling less or selling higher than expectations.

    Better management

    You can manage Amazon ebay inventory better with the help of special plugins and extensions which allow enhanced sales and ease of management. There is the chance to get account tracking services on a 24/7 basis, and multi-channel promotional strategies can actually help you to enhance your store product visibility not only on Amazon but various other stores and platforms as well.

    Adjustment of price

    Integration service providers also adjust the pricing of your store products on Amazon as and when needed, according to the budget of consumers. The pricing from your rival stores are also checked and the pricing is adjusted in an according way. All this is done immediately and you do not need to handle anything manually. A lot of time is saved on your end and you can easily concentrate on other things.

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    How can you manage your eBay Inventory?

    Daniel Posted On - January 29, 2016

    eBay Inventory
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    Irrespective of the products that you want to put on sale on eBay, you have to keep your inventory properly managed and isolated from your home items. At any time you set up a home business, it can be quite possible for you to get your personal products mixed up with your business products. This is truer if you live in a small space. Even if you are an eBay seller with some amount of experience, you can end up losing some products you have listed on the website. This can spell doom for your enterprise and you can end up with negative feedback. You can try managing your inventory in the following ways.

    Use Inventory software

    One can get numerous kinds of inventory software apps for use. If you are using an accounting software system such as Quickbooks for handling your eBay inventory, you need to know how you should use their inventory. It is a good idea to get an inventory buying software which can analyze the type of inventory you have and inform whether your stock is filled or whether you have to reorder. In case you have an inventory app in modules, you should only buy the modules that you require. It is essential to consider your necessities and then acting in an according manner.

    Hire an inventory management agency

    There are lots of eBay Amazon Inventory Management service providing agencies and you have to choose a good one. Other than assistance with organizing eBay inventory, you can also get help with automated product listing, real-time inventory management and shipping and order tracking management services. Whether you have one or more ecommerce stores, and would like to have your items synced with suitable product categories from eBay, these agencies can help you.

    Do not spend a lot on inventory

    You will end up wasting a lot of cash if you spend a lot of inventory. Check whether you can return obsolete or old products. If you cannot find the same, find out a way by which you can sell them quickly. You may also check with other retailers like yourself and find out whether they are ready to get some of your inventory.

    As the owner of an enterprise dealing with shopping stores like eBay and Amazon, you need to know how you should control your inventory without breaking your bank. The tips mentioned above will assist you in managing your inventory in a smart way.

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    Why Inventory Management is Important For The E-Sellers?

    Steve Burns Posted On - September 12, 2013

    Why Inventory Management is Important For The E-Sellers
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    The boom in online shopping has turned the cyberspace into one vast shopping mall. It is predicted by the big shots that the value of e-commerce sales by 2013 will be $1.25 billion. Availability of a wide range of products, competitive prices and timely delivery are the main reasons behind the success of the online shopping business.  But, as an e-seller, you have a tough task ahead of you. If you want your business to be a success you need to deliver your products to the customer as and when they are demanded. Slightest delay or unavailability of a certain product can have a negative impact on your business revenue and goodwill. So, in order to avoid such undesirable consequences you need to undertake proper inventory management measures.

    For the e-seller, inventory management will mean having a proper mechanism in place so that items are available when they are needed. This does not mean that you have to prevent potential shortfalls by overstocking items in your inventory. Maintaining excessive items in your inventory is not desirable because it has various storage and maintenance costs. So, for effective inventory management you can read the following tips.

    Staying Well Organised Is Important

    One of the main aspects of inventory management is staying organised which will help you to know what you have and will enable you to place things quickly. Your products must be stored in such a way so that you know how many of each item you have. You can take the help of technology like bar codes to track the items of your inventory. These technologies have become very affordable and are relevant to you even if your business is of a small scale.

    Ensure Your Products Are Adequately Stocked

    It sets a very bad impression when a customer discovers on your website that a certain product is not in stock. So, if a product is listed on your website make sure that you have adequate stock of that item. Inventory count must be done at regular intervals to reduce any risk of future shortages. You must also establish proper communication with your suppliers so that items reach customers on time.

    Product feed Management

    In this fast-paced world, in order to beat the rivals, you need to engage in effective product feed management.  The product data feeds need to be customized and optimized, so that the potential customers get what they want at their fingertips! We, at ChannelSale, offer exclusive real-time inventory management services that will take away all your worries and help you to go ahead with your business!

    Choose the Right Software

    You need to choose the right shopping cart software for your business. Software that adheres to the industry standard for inventory management, book-keeping and other services is considered most suitable. Such software will accept payments and also track inventory with every transaction. You will receive alerts when the inventory reaches a low level. This will reduce chances of overselling a certain inadequately stocked item which would lead to future delivery failure. So play your cards well and in a good way!

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    Proactively manage your inventories during the holiday seasons

    Steve Burns Posted On - November 30, 2012

    Proactively manage your inventories during the holiday seaso
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    Proactive management of inventory is a must during the busy, season time. Do find some tried, tested and trusted ways to ensure that your inventory is always managed well.

         . Ascertain the most popular products that you expect to sell the maximum during the festival season and ensure that there is adequate stock of the same to last the period.

         . Match your items by ISBN/UPC to the correct product detail pages. As a case example, when you list a book, your copy must be listed against the ASIN for the product with the accurate title, author, binding, edition, year of publication, publisher, and ISBN. Listings that are mismatched will result in poor customer experiences which can lower your Customer Metrics.

        . Maintain up to date listing details. When required, use the tools in your Seller Account to edit the product description, item price, or different shipping types you offer. Maintaining up to date listings is one way of ensuring lower potential order problems.

       . Increase product exposure and eliminate over-selling by managing in real-time product stock level re-calculation and posting updates across multiple marketplaces and comparison shopping engines via the ChannelSale platform.

    If you are one of those who use inventory uploads, ensure that all items in a feed must be processed before any of the changes appear on Upload time sensitive changes first in a separate feed, and upload changes that are not time-sensitive in a subsequent  feed.

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