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5 Ways To Improve eBay Store Productivity In Days

Stephen Posted On - November 6, 2017

eBay store management
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If you have commenced with your very own store in eBay, it could be one of the best decisions you could possibly have taken in favor of a productive eBay future. What may come in the way though is the matter of pushing productivity in the face of extreme and often undefeatable competition. If you understand how to play your cards right things can be easier for you.

However, if you are new and are yet to gain experience in the otherwise overwhelming process of eBay store management, the following 5 very basic steps are assured to help in boosting productivity significantly within days…

    • It all starts with choosing the right store – There are 3 different eBay store options ranging from basic to premium that sellers can choose according to their immediate requirements. Basic store options are usually compatible with sellers that do not have very extensive listing or an opulent budget.
    • Get enlightened about every support feature that your store option comes with – eBay usually offers very clear and comprehensive information about the features that the store options come with along with expenses and everything else associated with the same. More aware you are about the features, more enlightened decisions you will be able to make for your store.
    • Use softwares, tools and plug-ins to add performance features – This applies mainly to multi channel performers that need to establish harmonious automated integration with other marketplaces / CSEs and of course, their own shopping carts. Evolved tools and support solutions for extended integration like eBay Shopify etc are available with top 3P ecommerce solution developers at justifiable prices.
    • Work on your product selection and listing – When you open a store of your own in eBay, you already get an upper hand in competition against those that are not store owners. You get an instant boost in visibility and traffic inflow as well. However, to maintain and enhance your store presence and offer tough competition to other store owners, especially the larger ones, you will have to implement proper strategies with respect to listing, pricing and deals.

If your deals are better and pro-buyers, you can be rest assured that your store will soar within days.

  • Marketing matters – Many small store owners often end up believing that they don’t need to push their marketing efforts simply because they own a store with its own search engine advantage. However, it has been observed that such owners are the ones that face stagnation at the earliest. Putting in good marketing efforts is a part and parcel of eBay store management. Digital media, social media, CSEs, affiliate network etc should be covered in this respect.

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4 Causes Your Amazon Listing Must Serve

Stephen Posted On - July 10, 2017

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The process of listing your products in Amazon holds deeper significance than what new sellers often think. In simple words, it is not just about slapping the details of your products in the platform, but introducing them in a certain way so that it serves a range of productive and profitable purposes in your favor. Here is a small list of 4 core causes that any Amazon listing must serve…

Firstly, your listing should be designed in a way that it introduces your product with sizeable impact. This means, you will have to put in efforts in the direction of perfect title creation, descriptions, image optimization and more. The intent is to make your product more dazzling in comparison with those of competitors.

Secondly, your listing in Amazon should be able to help you gain easy visibility preferably in the first page of search results or buy box or both. If you are struggling somewhere in the recesses, it may be time to redesign your listing with better optimization attempts.

Thirdly, your Amazon listing should be able to generate steady and sizeable volume of purchase motivated traffic towards your store all through the year. If you experience stagnation in traffic generation or reduction of the same, your listing must be falling short of some vital input or the other.

Fourthly, you listing should be expressive enough to invite reviews and ratings from buyers. for those that do not have any idea about how to make their listing do all this and more, seeking professional assistance is always advised.

Easiest Route to achieving these 4 outcomes…

Making your listing cater to these 4 core causes may often sound difficult to new and inexperienced sellers. However, being informed about the following steps can help make the process very easy and approachable…

Optimize your listing – Optimization refers to including applicable keywords in titles and descriptions which ensures making the listing ore visible than when un optimized.

Use softwares – Softwares tend to automate otherwise time consuming tasks involved with listing while minimizing the chances of possible human errors to scratch. Softwares are available for tasks like pricing, re pricing, optimization and more. Multichannel listing Integrations involving top platforms like Shopify etc is also propelled productively by right software solutions.

Call professionals – This is the ultimate step to save time in the part of sellers and complete productive listing process successfully.

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4 Expectations Of Walmart From 3P Sellers

Daniel Posted On - June 1, 2017

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Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) has opened its floors for 3P sellers but with conditions. The marketplace expects this new and promising lot to live up to certain terms and conditions failing which the concerned sellers can lose their position in the marketplace forever. Generally, 4 core expectations of Walmart from 3P sellers have been identified till today and they can be listed as follows…

Following lowest price policy to the last word –

Walmart does not care if you sell on Amazon, eBay or other top marketplaces as such. When you sell on Walmart, you will have to ensure that your list price is the lowest in comparison with all other marketplaces of your presence even if it is by a penny. This usually causes a lot of trouble in integrated e commerce selling mostly because lowest prices have always been one of the primary traffic drivers and top marketplaces cannot accept their sellers diverting traffic to other platforms of sale.

Maintaining very healthy order fulfillment system –

This is one of the pre conditions of being a part of in the first place. Walmart takes into account the nature and health of the order fulfillment system of the applicant seller before giving the entity a go-ahead. Walmart basically expects sellers to ensure that buyers / customers in this marketplace receive their products without any hassles like delays, cancellations etc.

A strong order fulfillment system is also one of the main criterions that determine visibility in End to end integration involving shopping carts and other marketplaces of presence like Shopify Walmart integration etc. can help in maintaining high order fulfillment standards.

Offering high purchase experience to buyers –

High purchase experience basically refers to the entirety of the purchase process involving locating the product on Walmart, clicking on the same, being convinced with the quality and price, experiencing low or no shipping / handling charges followed by healthy fulfillment of the orders without the necessity of returns. 3P sellers that manage to offer such levels of excellence in their services can expect to remain in high visibility in the marketplace for a very long time to come.

Diverting external traffic to –

Walmart expects 3P sellers to ensure driving more purchase motivated traffic towards the platform. Therefore, all attempts at proactive marketing that diverts traffic from digital media platforms, affiliate sites or other associated platforms to can result in very fruitful consequences in the part of the sellers.

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