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A Look Back on 2022 + What’s to Arrive in 2023

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E-Commerce in 2023

In the past several years, the e-commerce industry has gained more popularity than ever. During the COVID-19 pandemic, online e-commerce stores became the only source through which people obtained all their products and items.

But due to the increase in consumer demands, shopper frustration, delays and shortages of goods started to take place. The journey has certainly been a wild one, to say the least. However, many consumers have said that they mainly rely on e-commerce stores to buy, shop and browse the products or items they like.

Back in 2022, it was predicted the global e-commerce market would reach $5.7 trillion, and these figures will surely grow in the next few years. In this post, you will comprehend the things that took place in the e-commerce sector in 2022 and what 2023 has in store.

E-commerce Rewind: Taking a look at 2022

2022 recorded inflation, which had never occurred in 40 years. The inflation has placed plenty of strain on all the brands. Consumers, on the other hand, also had to choose either the “good-to-have things” or “must-have things.” But not everything was bad.

Many of the markets and rates started to stabilize, and several categories under the e-commerce sector also had the best year. But there are several other things which the e-commerce market experience back in 2022. They are:

  • Consumer spending slowed down due to the economic setting
  • The job market stayed extremely strong even though there were some tech layoffs.
  • E-commerce dominated as a significant part of retail.
  • Various rates, including freight rates, started to normalize
  • Many new trends came to light, especially in categories like accessories, etc.

Crucial e-commerce trends for 2023 worth checking out

Just like 2022 was a great year for the e-commerce sector, 2023, too, will be an excellent year. According to the market behaviours of the past year, here are some of the e-commerce trends of 2023:

Social commerce continues to evolve and grow 

Social commerce is witnessing continuous growth. Back in 2022, around 98% of consumers said that they would buy at least one product through social shopping. This particular trend will certainly not slow down. That’s why many businesses have started selling their products and services on social media and are already getting positive results.

  • Personalization has become the preferred shopping experience.

Many B2B and B2C consumers are looking for a “custom” e-commerce experience. They will also stay loyal to all those retail businesses that provide personalized experiences. Based on a 2022 report, around 49% of consumers have made claims that will transform into repeat customers if they receive a personalized shopping experience.

Here, personalization includes product discounts, offers and recommendations. It also includes cohesive retail understanding across many channels, such as social mobile and website. It also provides numerous payment options.

Wrapping Up 

2022 was a great year for the e-commerce sector, and experts have predicted that 2023 will also have some great things in store for it. Businesses that wish to gain success in 2023 can opt for e-commerce software solutions from companies like ChannelSale. It will offer them a smooth and effective online selling experience and enable them to combine various e-commerce platforms and marketplaces through a centralized interface.

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Top 10 Reasons how Tumblr can help in Ecommerce Blogging

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When it comes to tracing out a social blogging platform and reaching out to the people in the best possible way, Tumblr will have a number of thumbs-up. The popularity of Tumblr made Yahoo to acquire it for a whopping $1.1 billion. It has been six years that Tumblr has been soaring in popularity and it has emerged as a hybrid platform which can be said to be a mix of WordPress, Pinterest and Twitter.

Appealing to the Youth

The web merchants are huffing and puffing for ensuring greater visibility of their brands in the online business world. The teens have a major role to play in the way the e-sellers make their sales pitch as they are the future customers that the e-sellers need to sustain. Most of the surveys show that the majority of the customers are above ten years of age or they are in the early 30’s. Tumblr needs to utilize this new demography and a strong bond can be cemented cashing on the potential of this young buyers. If the e-sellers want to reach out to the younger demographic, then Tumblr is definitely a good platform to reach out to.

Sharing becoming the Norm

Tumblr has become a social media hub, enabling easy share of the blogs among the Tumblr community. Tumblr facilitates the process of the easy sharing with the help of ‘reblog’ feature. Syncing the Facebook and Twitter accounts have given more strength to the process of social sharing of blogs.

User-Friendly Interface

Tumblr has a very simpler interface, when compared to WordPress. You need not be a technically sound person to know how to use Tumblr. It is not about technological accomplishments that can define your engagement with this resourceful platform.

Keeping Content Short

In this fast-paced world, where multimedia has a huge role to play, it is crucial to keep things small for easy sharing and to grab the attention of the target audience.

The Average Time spent on the Website

The stickiness of a website ensures not only reflects its credibility, it enables in lowering the bounce rate and the exit rate of a website. It has been reported that on an average Tumblr users spend fifteen minutes, which is indeed commendable. Tumblr secures the position only next to Facebook. In terms of the page view, surveys have been conducted and it has been said that Tumblr receives 14 billion page views each month.

Content that engages

Tumblr has kept its focus on content consumption and it is sharing of appealing content that has made this social platform, a popular one.

The Personalized Touch in Design and Domain

Customization lends that personal feel to the users and it is well dished out by Tumblr in the form of personalized design and domain name. There are many themes that the users can incorporate easily in their account. Tumblr paves the way for customizing domain names.

Free to Use

Though nothing comes for free in this world, some of the most important things do offer you that free essence! Like Tumblr is free and you can create multiple blogs, without the need to incur additional costs.

Soaring in Popularity

If any social blogging site gained in prominence and has sustained that growth, it is undoubtedly Tumblr. It has been reported that it averages around 160 million users per month. With people and e-sellers turning to social media like never before, Tumblr has a lot to give and offer to the online brands.

How the Retailers can derive more Business Juice

When taking a look at Tumblr, it is the popular categories like fashion, food, art, crafts and the like which prove instrumentals in pushing the products of the e-sellers. Some of the top names in the business domain like Wazala, Shopify and the like, offer shopping cart facilities for Tumblr.

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ChannelSale Is Launched!

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For an event that took three years of planning, dedicated work and consistent application, the launch of ChannelSale was a relatively quiet affair. I doubt though the quietness will remain so for some time. With our revolutionary pricing, attractive packages and whole gamut of facilities for online merchants, we are in a position to change the paradigm of the online e-commerce industry worldwide.

ChannelSale enables you to market your products via 200+ Marketplaces, Comparison shopping sites and marketing channels including marquee names such as Amazon, eBay, Google, Yahoo, Bing Shopping, Nextag, Shopzilla, TheFind, PriceGrabber, Sears, Buy, and many more.

The e-commerce channel management is almost intuitive and it enables you to send multiple feeds to several channels and manage your inventory, sales, checkouts etc.

The pricing plans are such that it supports the beginner online merchant who is just testing the waters as well as the enterprise level e-store that clocks millions in sales and unique customers.

We offer a fully managed model at a very attractive price that enables you to concentrate on your core competencies and leave the rest to the ChannelSale automated platform.

We optimize your feed, deploy it across specified channels, and manage your campaigns on those channels.

Our powerful analytical Engine – Calculus Reports – allows you to know how you have been performing across channels, which channels have the cash register ringing and where you need to tighten your purse. This real time information will help you channelize your money and efforts in channels that deliver. Join hands with ChannelSale and see your revenues grow multifold.

ChannelSale is your passport to accelerated online sales and revenues.

Try it out today and experience its powerful features for yourselves.
Log on to
Talk to us on 866-709-9495

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