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5 Things About Amazon That Are Not As Amazing As They Appear

Stephen Posted On - August 23, 2017

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Amazon is the unchallenged leader in the world of ecommerce that is open to all selling entities irrespective of their nature, volume and experience levels. With over 2 decades of dominance, this marketplace attracts millions of purchase motivated buyers every week and that too, from all over the world. The structure of the marketplace as well as the features and assurance of performance especially with integrated efforts like Amazon Walmart Magento etc. evokes a sense of infallibility in favor of the platform that selling entities find a little too attractive to resist.

This is perhaps the reason why almost any new online selling enthusiasts harbor the desire to start selling with Amazon irrespective of whether the marketplace is favorable to their interests or otherwise. However, it is very necessary for this lot to remember that Amazon is neither all inclusive not free of faults. Following are 5 things about this King of marketplaces that are not as amazing as they appear…

  • Traffic – While it is true that traffic is literally overwhelming in Amazon, it is also true that because the marketplace has very high competition levels, it can be extremely difficult for sellers to attract the traffic towards their store leave alone converting the same for tangible profitable sale.
  • Amazon seller central – This may be the first comprehensive step to launch efforts in Amazon, but it is not without its share of shortcomings. Seller central subscribers are usually seen to fight a visibility battle with vendor central entities that are often seen to get the lion’s share of sale maximizing facilities.
  • Profits and growth – Becoming an Amazon seller does not guarantee profits and growth. Sellers that wish to make even a penny through this marketplace need to clear infinite hurdles like beating tough competition, maintaining impenetrable operational excellence, updating integration and optimization efforts, understanding the complexity of fees and commission structures, learning the art of profitable pricing and re pricing and more.
  • FBA – There is no doubt about the fact that FBA is the best order fulfillment apparatus available not just to Amazon sellers but sellers in all other e commerce marketplaces as well. However, its suitability to sellers is still a big question. Some of the most common issues with FBA involve loss of control on inventory, complex fee structures, inapplicability to certain types of products / categories etc.
  • Seller security – Lastly, it is wise for sellers to know from the very onset that Amazon favors buyers over sellers irrespective of anything. Therefore, if you feel that the buyers are being unfair and so is Amazon, it is best to forget the incident and move on.

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To Maximize The Uses Of Amazon Seller Central

Stephen Posted On - April 20, 2017

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The Seller Central in Amazon is a massive web interface that is wholly dedicated to improve seller performance in infinite different ways in this ever expanding marketplace. In fact, almost all new sellers (other than those that have been invited by Amazon) have to start their selling through the Amazon seller central for a relatively hassle free performance. From managing orders to tracking performance reports, from managing listing to accessing FBA, there is everything that this solution offers to the users of the same.

While it is true that many new sellers often believe that the seller central is an all inclusive master solution to all matters related to selling in Amazon, it is very necessary to understand that this interface comes with its share of shortcomings. In fact, it can be said with confidence that no seller should be blinded by the existing scope of the seller central to an extent that the shortcomings are ignored and left unattended.

Certain common inadequacies of the Amazon seller central that many sellers have been complaining about can be mentioned as follows…

Burden of work is very high in comparison with vendor central sellers –

This is mainly with respect to the fact that the sellers are required to be in charge of just about everything from inventory to returns, pricing and promotion, none of which will be handled even partially by Amazon.

Secondly, seller central users don’t usually get to access traffic and rating boosting support facilities like Amazon vine or Amazon pantry that leaves a massive gap in terms of competition with the vendor central users.

Thirdly, there have been infinite occasions when sellers failed to use the seller central in terms of accessing accounts or adding products etc. even with the best of system and signal strength in their favor.

Keeping in mind that nothing under the sun is perfect, sellers will have to act upon the insufficiencies as soon as they show up or while subscribing to this interface at the very onset. Approaching proper integration solution providers like those that offer syncing services for top platforms like Bigcommerce eBay, Shopify Amazon, Magento Google Shopping etc can be very beneficial in the sense that these providers are likely to house worthy Seller central integration solutions as well. These solutions usually add necessary features to the seller central to bridge the shortcomings while ensuring smooth and effective performance.

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3 Reasons Why Sellers Are Choosing Walmart Over eBay

Thomas Posted On - March 1, 2017

eBay seller
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The journey of eBay from late 1998 till today has been phenomenal in the world of e commerce. With a few phases of crests and troughs in terms of competitive ranking, this marketplace has established itself as one of the best and probably unsurpassed auction based platforms in the world. However, over the past few years, with a handful of changes introduced rather abruptly in its algorithms, many sellers have been left fuming over their sudden loss of ranking and visibility, regaining which has taken a severe toll in their time, efforts profits.

The appearance of Walmart ecommerce marketplace though, has contributed in easing things for the latter, with enhanced scope to even-out their losses. In the Walmart eBay debate that inevitably took center stage among enthusiastic sellers for quite some time in mid 2016, 3 good reasons were pointed out that concluded the discussion in favor of the former…

Easy set up with neat selling practices –

Firstly, sellers found the process of setup in to be very easy and effective as compared with eBay. With readymade professional assistance made available by the platform itself, has played its part in helping sellers approach foolproof operational harmony from day one. Understanding the pulse of the marketplace and creating profitable sale strategy has also been easier in than in eBay.

Its ranking is improving by the day –

Walmart ecommerce marketplace may have made a late start in the direction of success, but its ranking is still improving by leaps every passing season. At present, ranks 4th among all top online shopping destinations in the USA. It is also all set to close in the gap with Amazon by the end of 2020. This is an opportunity that no seller can look away from.

Reaching buy box appears to be an achievable process –

The buy box requirements of has been more comprehensive than in any other ecommerce marketplace. eBay / Amazon seller central users, who may have been aiming for this window of opportunities for years, have managed to attain the goal in Walmart within a matter of weeks. In fact, many sellers have also admitted that they are enjoying greater visibility, traffic and conversions in than in Amazon or eBay.

Basically, approaching has been a very profitable decision for sellers that already inhabit over crowded marketplaces that are dense in competition and have minimal space and scope for sellers to make desired level of growth and profits.

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Amazon sellers – How to tackle high competition on this marketplace?

Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

amazon seller central
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In recent times, competition on Amazon has seen a significant jump. More and more third-party sellers are joining this growing bandwagon. To that, customers have become even more demanding than ever. This has left many vendors with marginal sales and profit.

Are you an Amazon seller? Not happy with your revenue?

While there aren’t really any magic tricks that can fix this wrong for you, there do exist few smart ways that can help you overcome this high competition on Amazon (and even other marketplaces) like a complete pro. Here are 5 of such ways-

  • Carefully read store optimization policies of Amazon
  • Today, 55 percent of online shoppers start their products search on Amazon; notably, the number is higher than Google. This means, caring about the internal search engine of Amazon is more important than ever. Meaning, optimizing your Amazon store isn’t optional anymore; it should be an integral part of sellers’ strategy.

    There do exist many guides and “tricks” that supposedly teach you how to make your products/store search friendly. However, it is best to stick to the official guidelines of Amazon to stay on the safer side and to avoid penalties. This marketplace offers plenty of resources to assist you to optimize your store. Read and follow them carefully. Avoid trying to trick the system with black-hat approach; it does more harm than good.

  • Be different from your competitors when it comes to marketing
  • One of the biggest differences between the top Amazon sellers and the rest is that they know how to market their products outside this marketplace, efficiently and at cheap. So have you been reluctant to reach out your target audience outside SEO, shift your strategy. Make use of different marketing channels to communicate and convert your audience.

    Be different from your competitors. If everyone is having a Facebook fan page, you go with private groups; if everyone’s on Instagram, go with Pinterest; if they are using WhatsApp, pick SnapChat. Of course, be different, not just for the sake of it, but to find new, cheap and high-converting avenues.

  • Don’t blindly sell your products at the “cheapest price”
  • On Amazon, being competitive in your pricing is one of the most important success factors. However, blindly following this approach helps less that leaves you with meager return, and even financial loss. Another thing many new sellers misunderstand is that “Cheapest price” always wins ‘Buy Box’. To win Buy Box, a host of other factors come into play; and competitive pricing is ONE of those many factors that alone don’t guarantee these boxes.

    So having a full fledge pricing strategy is very important for the Amazon sellers. Other than own preferred profit margin, other aspects should be carefully looked into as well, like competitors’ pricing strategy, buyers’ shopping behavior, Amazon’s seasonal traffic fluctuation, holiday seasons and so forth. Remember, lowest price doesn’t always tackle the competition well.

  • Make informed decisions
  • When the competition is high, often the online sellers take up ‘follow the crowd’ approach – use marketing channels others are using, sell at prices that others are selling at – completely overlooking their own individual situations and needs.

    One of the surest ways to boost your revenue is to gather and analyze all the data available, from marketing to sales. Making informed decisions, instead of shooting in the dark like others, guarantees high conversion. Sadly, making sense of this pool of database can be daunting and time-consuming task. And this is where e-commerce solutions come is. Other than helping in listing, inventory management and handling Amazon seller central, the top ones also provide detailed calculus report to help you analyze your sales performance and make improvement accordingly.

  • Increase the number of your sales channels
  • Of a range of tips and advices that successful Amazon sellers give, being on various other marketplaces top their list. Relying solely on Amazon traffic to ‘earn riches’ isn’t a great idea, given other platforms like eBay, Walmart and more too offer a large pool of potential consumers. More the number of storefronts, higher will be the sales.

    While handling so many online stores was a difficult task few years back, it isn’t today, courtesy of top multi-channel e-commerce software solution. In partnership with many marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, they provide a centralized platform to help you handle everything of your stores at a single place, quickly and conveniently; from real-time inventory management to Google product feed optimization to order fulfillment. So get on other platforms, reach out to more number of consumers, beat your competitors and increase your sales easily.

    These are 5 simple ways to beat high sellers’ competition on Amazon. Now you know, plan to get ahead of your successful competitors and welcome more revenue in 2017.

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    4 Things That Will Make You Really Happy About Walmart Integration

    Thomas Posted On - January 6, 2017

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has offered a wonderful opportunity for ecommerce sellers to expand their efforts before millions of unique buyers and enhance their levels of growth and profits to an extent unimaginable before. What may come in the way though is the initial process of integration that had taken a toll on the sleep of enthusiasts whose applications for winning a place in this marketplace got accepted. Some of the fear may have been generated by previous experiences of marketplace integrations especially, where the API integration process had been extremely confusing and practically unattainable even with the best of brains applied.

    On the other hand and busting doubts about, the process of integration has innumerable things to be happy about. Here are 4 to mention…

    The marketplace API has been scored wonderfully by third party sellers

    In very simple words, and as has been expressed by sellers Amazon as well, Walmart API is far less convoluted and very easy to approach in comparison with many others. Besides simplicity, the effectiveness of the API has also been appreciated by the sellers at large. Sellers who have previous experience on integrations will not have issues conducting the process on their own

    The process does not take very long when professionals are employed

    For those who wish to stay away from the nitty gritty and wish to have the process completed quickly and effectively, approaching professionals is usually considered a good idea. Locating professionals for proper Walmart integration at this very moment is not very difficult. High quality solution providers have very applicable solutions as well.

    Walmart has already tied up with top ecommerce solution developers that can make things really easy

    For those who have no clue about how to start their search for the right professionals, it will be good to know that Walmart marketplace has already tied up with some of the best e commerce solution developers who have unprecedented integration solutions in favor of sellers.

    Whether shopping cart marketplace integration like Walmart Volusion etc, or API integration or multichannel integrations like Walmart Amazon / eBay; these professionals can handle all and more in the shortest possible time and that too flawlessly.

    The process is affordable too

    Affordability is a part and parcel of the integration process even with top professionals involved. However, no one should expect the services to be dirt cheap mostly because only the best of tools and expertise are put into the process. At all times, the services are worth the expenses.

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    How to Perfect eBay Listing in 5 Simple Steps

    Thomas Posted On - December 24, 2016

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    Just about everything in eBay starting from visibility to regular inflow of revenues, depends upon how you are listing your products in this marketplace. Topping it with the fact that the ranking parameters in this platform evolves at very frequent intervals, sellers can take it for granted that any attempt that seems valid and profitable today can become completely non-functional in the next few years, months or even weeks for that matter.

    The aim of all sellers should therefore revolve around perfecting their eBay listing to suit the existing selling environment in eBay while leaving ample avenues open for accommodating surprise changes that may have to be included later on at the same time. For those who are still looking for the best measures to improve their listing approach, here are 5 very simple steps that are assured to help…

    Optimize titles, descriptions and images –

    The process of optimizing titles, descriptions and images is non-negotiable while listing in eBay. As far as title optimization is concerned, you will have to add the most suitable keywords and ensure not making an essay out of your headlines. Descriptions should contain all important details about the product with a warm personal pitch. Images should match the requirements as mentioned in eBay and should be free of all things black hat like water marking etc.

    Price is still the king –

    Unlike Amazon, eBay is one of those places where buyers look for the lowest prices. So, it is imperative for the sellers to ensure that their list prices are significantly lower than the MRP. Using tools and software solutions to monitor price changes among competitors can help by miles as far as maintaining visibility is concerned.

    Improve value of your listing –

    Value of listing refers to added advantage extended to buyers in terms of extended return and refund period, free shipping, post purchase services etc. Greater the extent of advantages offered to buyers, higher will be the listing visibility in eBay. This applies to Amazon sellers performing in eBay as well.

    Add product identifiers –

    Your listing cannot go far in eBay without the usage of proper product identifiers. Product identifiers like UPC, GTINs and MPNs help search engines locate products faster and more effectively when search for the same is conducted. With the right product identifiers, your listing is assured to maintain top position.

    Use high quality tools to update listing at frequent intervals –

    Listing should never remain stagnant. You should keep introducing changes time and again to improve optimization and value of the feed. Using high quality tools and softwares are recommended for the purpose.

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes) from The Perspective Of Amazon Sellers

    Stephen Posted On - December 5, 2016

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    Why Amazon sellers feel the need to be in as well

    Amazon sellers at large are coming face to face with the fact that as an ecommerce marketplace is just as promising, profitable and growth based in nature. Inviting millions of unique visitors every single month that often don’t overlap with Amazon, sellers present in both marketplaces can actually access two very different channels of visibility and traffic that can create an instant upward curve in sales and profit graphs. is presently featuring among the top preferences of sellers in their multichannel efforts for all the right reasons.

    What actually offers

    For Amazon sellers who have already had their requests approved by, the next step is to look forward to flawless and effective Walmart Amazon integrated performance. In this respect and as has been pointed out by sellers who have already commenced their ventures in this marketplace, there is a host of advantages that are offered by in favor of all sellers, be it Amazon sellers or otherwise…

    Easy setup and integration – has officially partnered with some of the best third party e commerce solution developers to offer all enthusiasts a smooth effective and quick setup and integration with complete protection from errors and flaws.

    An astonishing number of loyal buyers that are rising by the day –

    Walmart being a household name all over the world, it attracts repeat buyers to a huge extent. This is a visibility booster for all sellers be it Amazon sellers or otherwise.

    Opportunity to build brand name more easily with repeat buyers –

    Considering the fact that is more welcoming towards brand owners, building brand name can become easy in this marketplace. This is usually not possible for brand owners selling in Amazon. Therefore, playing in both of these marketplaces will not just boost traffic and conversions but will also bring about significant brand name improvement in favor of the sellers.

    The flip side to consider –

    On the flip side though, Amazon sellers have reported facing certain issues like pricing management can be very taxing and can often result in a tussle that is best when avoided. Both Walmart and Amazon want to offer the best deals to buyers with the former settling with nothing less than the lowest prices listed in their domain. At the same time, is yet to come up with comprehensive seller support solutions like Amazon seller central, which can lead sellers to seek assistance from external support tools and softwares.

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    Amazon Seller BFFs In A Nutshell

    Thomas Posted On - November 16, 2016

    Amazon Seller
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    Performing in Amazon as a seller takes much more than grit, determination and a good list of popular products in your listing. For long terms growth and profits, you will also require a team of solutions that could eventually become your BFFs through the course of selling. As has been expressed by a long list of established sellers in Amazon, here is a very small list of tools, softwares and ecommerce support systems that have been worthy and productive companions of sellers at large…

    >Amazon seller central

    All Amazon sellers are required to possess seller central accounts at the onset. The seller central assists new performers with every basic necessity and support they require for selling. The nature of the seller central is always very comprehensive, making it a practical lifesaver for all newbies and more.


    As hundreds of Amazon sellers as well as sellers performing in other marketplaces agree, FBA has in fact, spoilt them rotten! Imagine not having to bother the slightest bit about packing, shipping, delivery while accessing greater chances to improve visibility, search rankings and Buy Box. The deal is simply too amazing to ignore.

    >Ecommerce solution providers and their services including setup, integration etc

    Third party ecommerce solution providers that usually offer all inclusive setup and integration services have presently risen to the level of BFFs of almost all sellers in Amazon. These providers may come with their individual price tags, but the assistance they offer is usually worth the money spent on it. Most of these providers are masters in API integration including Walmart API syncing which could work wonders if sellers consider multichannel performance.

    In fact, it will not be wrong to say that the newest and the most inexperienced sellers can perform like a professional from the first day onwards if they commence with the assistance of worthy e commerce solution developers. Most thoughtful and proactive solution developers have customized solutions which ensure that sellers access only what they need at the price they pay.

    >An assortment of tools like fee calculators, fraud prevention etc

    Tools and softwares dedicated to handling the often imperceptible impediments like mismanaged fee calculation and fraudulent purchase attempts can help sellers by miles as far as maintaining their profits and credibility is concerned. Amazon is a practical maze as far as the range of different fees involved in the marketplace is concerned.

    Using fee calculators and FBA fee calculators can be life saving in any ways. Similarly using fraud prevention tools can alert sellers when purchase is directed through inauthentic payment sources. This can save the latter from losing their goods to scammers.

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    5 Not-So-True Facts About Amazon Selling

    Robin Smith Posted On - September 15, 2016

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    The drive to sell more profitably in Amazon has lead many layman thinkers to express their opinions on the matter, which may not usually be applicable at all. Following are 5 not so true facts about selling in Amazon that has been grasping the imagination of newer enthusiasts that are supercharged with the idea of making amazing profits in very little time…

    It is easy to start

    This is the first not so true fact about Amazon selling. Irrespective of the infinite articles ad blogs floating around in the internet about how easy things have become, it still takes a whole lot of effort right from the process of establishing presence in the platform to standing tall in competition, being seen in the top of search lists, gaining maximum clicks and converting the same for making a sale.

    Optimization guarantees profits

    No, it does not, and it never did. Optimization of listing ensures higher visibility in Amazon which can win more clicks in favor of your products. Conversion of click to sale depends on the mood of the buyers and the how convincing your product is in the first place. Profits on the other hand are a result of sale and product pricing after subtracting associated fees.

    Lowest price assures place in Buy Box

    Amazon selling often seems bleak without the rush for the Buy Box. Almost every seller is competing for a place in this window of opportunities. However, it has been observed that the parameters for gaining a place in the Buy Box are often unquantifiable. So, for those who believe that selling their products in the lowest prices will fetch them the window, it may be time to think again. To sell at the lowest price may often invite losses while not gaining a place in the Buy Box at all.

    FBA is the ultimate order completion solution for all

    FBA is one of the best ways to improve your order completion process flawlessly while taking off the load of packing, shipping, and returns etc from your back. But, it is also necessary to know that all products do not qualify for FBA and that the service comes with rather complex fee format that can claim a considerable chunk of profits if not understood properly.

    Integration is easy, affordable and solution to all selling hassles

    Say for example, if you are a Magento powered seller, it will be imperative for you to conduct Magento Amazon integration flawlessly. The process is intended to maximize operational efficiency while minimizing manual work load in the part of the sellers. At no time should any seller end up thinking that integration is a profit making component primarily because it is not.

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    5 Horrors All eBay Sellers Wish They Could Avoid

    Stephen Posted On - September 10, 2016

    eBay sellers
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    If you think you are having a hard time in eBay, please remember that there are many other sellers who are suffering extreme horrors at this very moment. This is also the lot who can narrate a chain of unfortunate circumstances in their own firsthand experience that will make you thank your stars for being at a far better position.

    Here are 5 of the most common issues that eBay sellers face at some point of the other which can cause significant levels of push-back in business. However, none of these are matters that cannot be brought under control with the right techniques at the right time.

    Invisible listing

    The matter of listing invisibility was faced by infinite sellers even the upper crust sellers in eBay mostly after Cassini was rolled out a couple of years ago. It took a while for all to understand what the new search engine demands and create listing accordingly. The impact of the rollout was so bad that many sellers had to consider quitting eBay for a more favorable platform.

    Unexpected marketplace updates

    Besides Cassini sudden surprise updates like the latest delivery review have grasped sellers in a whirlpool of uncertainty. In fact, many sellers have been performing under pressure that has directly contributed to messing up their approach to selling as well as their good night sleep.

    Fraudulent purchases

    There is not one eBay seller who can say that they are completely safe from fraudulent purchases. eBay as a platform is well known for fraudulent buyers who either misuse products and return for full refunds or make fraud payments through ghost accounts leading to complete loss in the part of the sellers.

    Bad reviews

    eBay selling is never a bed of roses. At some point in selling, bad reviews and rating are assured to come in to add bitterness to your otherwise good records. Things usually seem gloomier when these poor reviews don’t have any real backing. Cassini takes reviews very seriously; therefore dealing with these horrors can be a painstaking experience.

    Fee miscalculations

    O My God, What Have I Done moments are common with fee miscalculations. Even with the best eBay Amazon seller central assistance, fee miscalculations can cause significant setbacks for sellers. Not using fee calculation tools can often lead to this hassle.

    Basically, if you feel that you are facing any of these issues, it will benefit to remember that taking the right preventive measures and corrective measures can bring things back to health.

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    4 Amazon Seller Tools That Can Be Your Lifeline In Jet Speed Selling

    Robin Smith Posted On - July 11, 2016

    Amazon Seller
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    It is always advisable to not toolify your e commerce ventures to the teeth especially if it involves multiple platforms of sale or top performing marketplaces like Amazon that appears to have a mind of its own. Simplicity and compactness has always been the mantra for better operational management. However, there are certain Amazon seller tools that are a must have for all entities irrespective of any reason that may be deemed as suitable arguments to not pursue them in the first place. So here is the list that needs all the attention that it can possibly get…

    Profit / fees calculators If you don’t have one of these, your endeavor is assured to die young. Profit / fees calculating tools are very simple applications that allow you to enter the necessary details of your products including list price and SKU (if required) and the tool handles the rest by calculating how much profit you will make after paying marketplace fees, fulfillment services etc.

    Fraud prevention tools Why should you let Mr. X take a bite out of your cake? Fraud prevention solutions are very important Amazon seller softwares tools that detect fraud transactions and stop it at the very onset. Although it is true that Amazon does not experience as many fraud attacks as eBay does, but you can still save hundreds to thousands of dollars by using these solutions.

    Pricing tools These solutions are critically important and you should always pray that your competitors choose the worst of the lot! Pricing tools help you in keeping in tune with updated prices of competitors without having to move a finger in the process. This directly contributes in helping you stay ahead in competition and win significantly from it at the same time.

    Optimization tools Yes… you need one of those not just to beautify your product titles but also to make them woo the search engines more profitably. It is practically impossible to perform in Amazon without optimization tools which have to be run while listing products in this platform. Optimization tools can help locate the best set of keywords for your products without overloading the titles or you having to spend hours and hours in the process.

    While looking for the right set of tools for Amazon e commerce ventures, it is quite possible that sellers get tempted towards free Amazon seller tools. However, it is good to know that a little investment for the same and that too from third party solution providers are assured to go a long way in offering extended advantages in the near and far future.

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    5 Amazon Take-For-Granted Facts That Failing Amazon Sellers Challenge

    Stephen Posted On - May 30, 2016

    ebay amazon listing software
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    Besides products, deals and opportunities, Amazon as the top e commerce marketplace of this century, is loaded with temptations. Thronging with millions of unique visitors and billions of searches that happen every single day from all around the world, there is very little reason why sellers would not want to establish their presence here and make the most of it at the same time. However, it is very necessary for any Amazon seller to note that there are certain things that should never be taken for granted in this platform.

    Say for example, there are certain geniuses who think that setting up presence in Amazon means immediate profits. This is not true. Till date there have been scores of sellers who have not been able to make a single penny of profit from this platform and still remain hidden from the search results made by prospective buyers. Sellers need to understand that competition is the highest in Amazon making it imperative to strategize selling plans for any chance at profits at all.

    Then again, there is another ongoing myth that FBA is a foolproof solution to the Buy Box. This again is not true. FBA is one of the many factors that contribute to make a product more likely to make it to the Buy Box. It seldom guarantees it though. FBA is a great way to complete orders with perfection, and the rest are just its side effects.

    Most sellers join Amazon with the belief that the Amazon Seller Central is the magical solution to all operational hassles. This is nothing more than a myth. The seller central is a good seller support solution and is perhaps better than infinite other support solutions offered by different marketplaces. However, it will amount to a gross mistake if the shortcomings of seller central are overlooked. Performance of seller support solutions in top performing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are often overrated till the times sellers themselves experience the loopholes firsthand. Using eBay Amazon tool to bridge such gaps is more than just essential.

    Lastly, most sellers take a buyer’s faith in Amazon for granted. These sellers often believe that causing poor purchase experience in the part of buyers once or twice will not affect the faith of the latter in Amazon. This is woefully wrong. Buyers have faith in the platforms alright, but they have more faith in their direct purchase experience. If you as a seller turn down the trust of a buyer more than once, be assured that the buyer will choose not to return, leave a bad review and Amazon will have you kicked out in no time.

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    Pros and Cons Of Using Amazon Listing Software

    Stephen Posted On - May 16, 2016

    Amazon seller software
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    Listing in Amazon has way too many if-then- else factors that are best when addressed with complete understanding of the process and stringent requirements of the platform. While it is true that any seller with any volume of inventory can list their products in Amazon, how well the products fare often depends upon how they are listed. It is a fact that Amazon listing per se in the spread sheet format requires way too much manual effort which can get in the way of sellers who have too many products to sell.

    Say for example, a certain retail brand selling 75 different face moisturizers with 500 piece of each as inventory is likely to have less hassles with manual listing than a retailer who is selling 500 types of face moisturizer with 75 pieces each as inventory! This is only an example.

    Using Amazon listing software can be one of the best possible solutions to typical listing hassles that are experienced by sellers today. Basically, once these softwares are installed into the operating systems, they immediately automate the process of listing cutting down the burden of the task by 50 to 90% depending upon the brand of software so used. For sellers with too many products to list, this can actually be a lifesaving investment.

    Introducing changes in the listing especially when discounts and offers are announced can be an absolute bliss with the aid of these solutions. Importing and exporting data from the web store to Amazon can also be nothing more than a one click affair. Besides this, Amazon seller can also make the most of the fact that listing softwares always assure flawlessness in the process which is impossible to attain when the task is attempted manually.

    The list of pros that usually accompanies these listing softwares often outweighs is cons. But, under no circumstances can sellers ignore the fact that there are certain cons to these performance boosting solutions as well. To begin with, different listing softwares come with different list of advantages which makes it imperative to choose them carefully. Choosing unsuitable solutions can be more retarding than otherwise.

    At the same time, very high quality power packed listing softwares for Amazon always come at a cost. Enthusiasts should be ready to cough up some good amount of money to kick start their glorious listing journey. Thus, as far as availing them are concerned things can get a little difficult for smaller and cash strapped sellers.

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    Amazon Sellers Are Pampered Lot – Truth v/s Myth

    Thomas Posted On - May 16, 2016

    Amazon eBay Sellers
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    Amazon is a class apart in many ways making it the unchallenged leader in the world of e commerce. While many new e commerce marketplaces are claiming that they will soar over Amazon in a few hand counted years, in all honesty, this is one of the toughest and rather unachievable dreams that may not be possible till the next few decades. Besides that fact that Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world for perhaps, the largest categories of products, this is also the platform that offers the ultimate possibility of growth and profits to sellers irrespective of their size, experience or volume of business.

    In fact, it is often believed by the world of e commerce enthusiasts that Amazon seller happen to be the pampered lot who are spoiled rotten with over-the-top advantages showered on them. For those who have glanced through the benefits of Amazon vendor, seller central and most importantly FBA, cannot often be convinced otherwise. In most cases, there is no need to. However, to take the fact for granted that Amazon pampers its sellers rotten is nowhere close to the truth. Whether you like it or not, Amazon & eBay has always been and will continue to be more in favor of buyers than Amazon or eBay seller.

    Say for example, if there is a tussle between the sellers and buyers about a certain order in terms of returns and refunds, one can take it for granted that the verdict will be settled in favor of the buyers. It does not really matter how flimsy or absurd the reason for returns may be. The crux of the matter is, if the request is made, it will be entertained. So, hypothetically, if a certain clever buyer orders a designer dress, gets it delivered, wears it with the tag on to wherever intended and places return request the next day with the dress intact with the tag and in perfectly saleable condition… the request has to be entertained.

    At this very moment, discussion forums are getting hotter with how unfair Amazon gets with sellers when it comes to perfecting purchase experience in the part of buyers. Besides this, an average Amazon seller also gets to experience the inadequacies of the otherwise advantageous options of sellers / vendor central as well as FBA. In all honesty, none of these are fool proof solutions to seller success. Winning in Amazon can actually get very tough for the latter and requires constant hard work and support from intelligent tools and software solutions. at times, business improvement in Amazon can get really expensive.

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    Otherwise Content Amazon Sellers Usually Complain About These Shortcomings

    Daniel Posted On - May 4, 2016

    Amazon Sellers for Prime
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    Many e commerce sellers and researchers are into believing that seller central users in Amazon are usually the pampered lot. The latter however agree to disagree. It will not be entirely wrong to say that no seller solution per se is complete in itself even if it offers a flood of benefits that other solutions don’t. This mini lapse has been experienced by many Amazon sellers till date, many of have openly expressed their ‘only if’ list in infinite review channels hoping that this king of all e commerce marketplaces will take note of the same sooner or later.

    Amazon Sellers for Prime

    Say for example, there is a significant number of startup lot that usually find the other side of business obligations like doing their taxes extremely taxing. Taking clue from, many of them only wish Amazon would handle the tax part for them. However, Amazon has made it amply clear that it will serve as no more than an extremely profitable and growth based e commerce marketplace with sole assistance extended towards making the process of selling easier while the rest should be handled by the sellers on their own.

    Very often the matter of super generous return policies often ends up bugging sellers to a limit where they may get pushed up against the wall. Whether you like it or not, Amazon is usually right in their stand when it comes to making the process of returns as easy as click and no more. If buyers are not happy with what the sellers delivered, they have the right to request return / exchange and sellers have to abide by it. Sometimes, when the issues arise from the buyers’ side, the sellers need to take all the trouble and digest it as occupational hazards.

    Altering returns policies to make it tad seller-friendly (like it is in is always expected, but Amazon is not likely to introduce such changes because it will directly compromise its attractiveness towards the purchase motivated lot.

    Sellers also often wish that Amazon inventory management systems would also make a leap in evolution and move ahead and beyond the available spread-sheet format. It is true that many e commerce solution developers have already introduced integrated Amazon inventory control systems, the fact that they usually favor midsized to large sellers will higher inventory levels cannot be denied. Smaller sellers usually get stuck in the cost trap if they choose to use these solutions or face hassles of manual management which is fraught with errors.

    Amazon has rarely been the cause for disappointment to buyers or sellers through all these years of its existence. So sellers can be hopeful that Amazon will introduce changes that may lift away existing shortcomings in the near future.

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