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Walmart Vs eBay – 5 Differences To Consider

Stephen Posted On - April 26, 2017

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Rating: 4.5/5 (2 votes cast) and eBay are two marketplaces that share many similarities. From offering lowest prices and the best deals across hundreds of product categories to inviting millions of unique visitors month after month, these platforms are often recognized as monuments of possibilities for sellers in general. However, there are certain inherent differences in Walmart eBay marketplaces that make them compatible for some sellers while being strictly incompatible with the others. Here are 5 differences that all sellers must consider thoroughly before attempting to create a place in these online shopping destinations…

Getting into eBay is easier than –

In eBay, all you are required to do is open an account and get going at your risk. As far as is concerned, you need to apply for approval and wait for weeks till the marketplace grants you a go-ahead. Walmart is very strict with its 3P seller policies and not all applications are entertained.

Hobby selling is not entertained in –

If you have scrap to sell out of your cupboard, eBay should be your best friend. Walmart on the other hand, supports midsized to large sellers that are wholly and solely dedicated to crowd pulling on a serious month to month basis.

You cannot sell real estate on Walmart –

Taking a closer look at Walmart eBay comparison, the latter appears to be more accommodative as far as selling categories are concerned. For example, you can sell real estate, automobiles in eBay, but not in

Selling used and pre owned items is easy in eBay – is not a place where you can sell your pre used items. The nature of the marketplace does not support such acts and may compromise heavily on your visibility if any such attempts are made. In eBay however, pre used items can be sold as long as sellers are careful about adding the right descriptions for their listing.

eBay supports bidding equally as fixed price selling –

Versatility of eBay scores way over when it comes to fixed price selling and bidding. for 3P sellers revolves around fixed price selling only, which needs to be the lowest compared to the prices of the same products in other marketplaces. eBay on the other hand is open to sellers for fixed price selling and bidding equally allowing sellers to choose what works for them best.

Both Walmart and eBay though respond best when integrated end to end with respective shopping carts and other marketplaces of presence. Volusion, Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Walmart, eBay integrations etc can be mentioned as examples.

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3 Reasons Why Sellers Are Choosing Walmart Over eBay

Thomas Posted On - March 1, 2017

eBay seller
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The journey of eBay from late 1998 till today has been phenomenal in the world of e commerce. With a few phases of crests and troughs in terms of competitive ranking, this marketplace has established itself as one of the best and probably unsurpassed auction based platforms in the world. However, over the past few years, with a handful of changes introduced rather abruptly in its algorithms, many sellers have been left fuming over their sudden loss of ranking and visibility, regaining which has taken a severe toll in their time, efforts profits.

The appearance of Walmart ecommerce marketplace though, has contributed in easing things for the latter, with enhanced scope to even-out their losses. In the Walmart eBay debate that inevitably took center stage among enthusiastic sellers for quite some time in mid 2016, 3 good reasons were pointed out that concluded the discussion in favor of the former…

Easy set up with neat selling practices –

Firstly, sellers found the process of setup in to be very easy and effective as compared with eBay. With readymade professional assistance made available by the platform itself, has played its part in helping sellers approach foolproof operational harmony from day one. Understanding the pulse of the marketplace and creating profitable sale strategy has also been easier in than in eBay.

Its ranking is improving by the day –

Walmart ecommerce marketplace may have made a late start in the direction of success, but its ranking is still improving by leaps every passing season. At present, ranks 4th among all top online shopping destinations in the USA. It is also all set to close in the gap with Amazon by the end of 2020. This is an opportunity that no seller can look away from.

Reaching buy box appears to be an achievable process –

The buy box requirements of has been more comprehensive than in any other ecommerce marketplace. eBay / Amazon seller central users, who may have been aiming for this window of opportunities for years, have managed to attain the goal in Walmart within a matter of weeks. In fact, many sellers have also admitted that they are enjoying greater visibility, traffic and conversions in than in Amazon or eBay.

Basically, approaching has been a very profitable decision for sellers that already inhabit over crowded marketplaces that are dense in competition and have minimal space and scope for sellers to make desired level of growth and profits.

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These 5 Advantages Would Make You Crave an eBay Store

Shrikar Khare Posted On - January 2, 2017

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Many sellers warn and many enthusiasts are seen taking the warning very seriously about opening a store in eBay for numerous reasons which could range from the prices associated with the same as well as the complexities that surround everyday operations. However, taking a closer look at the real scope and attributes of eBay stores as intended by the marketplace, these fears and assumptions appear as nothing more than bleak reasons for not taking your business efforts forward.

For those who have been caught in the confusion as to start or not to subscribe to stores in eBay, here are 5 advantages that will be convincing enough to make the leap…

There are 3 types of stores you can choose from

eBay has offered different store options to different sellers based on their volume of sale, investments and their individual necessities. The stores options range from Basic to Premium followed by Anchor which is the most expensive and the most all inclusive of the lot. The monthly fees for Basic store is around 15$, around 50$ for Premium and 300$ for Anchor. As is very obvious, the features are also in accordance with the price.

You will have access to your own website, search engine and promotional tools

This is perhaps one of the best deals about eBay stores. What’s better than having your own website, your own search engine and your own promotional tools which give you an instant boost as far as visibility, steady inflow of traffic and enhanced conversions is concerned!

Your sales can increase by 25% almost instantly

All thanks to the above mentioned features, sellers who have already commenced their ventures with eBay stores have experienced an average increase in sale percentage by 25% which is a figure to die for.

You can access month long trial

If you are not confident about how good the features are and the intricacies that may be involved in the short run, you can always go for free trial that lasts for good 30 days. There is plenty that you can learn in this time.

Personalization and gaining customer trust will be very fulfilling

If there was a go as you like with your eBay endeavors, stores would grant you the decorations for it. You can personalize as you want and create your brands as you please.

On top of that, if you are present in other ecommerce marketplaces, like Walmart or, initiating successful Walmart eBay / can be very easy and affordable at the same time.

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Walmart eBay Integrated Selling Simplified

Daniel Posted On - December 15, 2016

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Selling in and eBay together can be profitable in many ways for many reasons some of which are often irresistible. However, what may often come in the way though is managing the two platforms concurrently considering the alarming similarity in selling practices that are maintained rigidly in both marketplaces.

The problems –

The problems of Walmart eBay integrated selling are usually associated with pricing and best offers. Both of these marketplaces are aimed at offering the lowest prices and the best deals to their buyers which is a little unlike Amazon where the factor of ‘lowest prices’ is usually not the main concern.

With eBay and Walmart wanting their seller to list their products at the lowest price while offering the best deals in terms of shipping advantages, return period etc, maintaining harmony between selling strategies in both platforms while maintaining personal profit levels can get really difficult.

The consequences –

There are times in the course of Walmart eBay selling when discrepancies with respect to pricing mismanagement etc can crop up without any prior warning. In these situations neither of the platforms can be expected to oversee the shortcomings or be in a mood to forgive and forget.

If list price of one product gets lower in one platform in comparison with the other, sellers can expect consequences in terms of warnings and suspensions from both marketplaces. Sellers can also witness an immediate loss of ranking to practical invisibility in no time at all.

The solution –

The problems along with the associated consequences of the same are usually experienced by sellers that have not approached proper integration of the two marketplaces prior to selling in the same. On approaching proper integration that is fortified with evolved softwares and tools can help sellers bridge the otherwise impossible gaps through which operational harmony could leak out without warning.

Usage of high quality integration solutions allow sellers to maintain infallible vigilance even in the minutest change that occurs in the marketplaces and that too by the second. This prevents mishaps associated with pricing inequalities that can lead to irrecoverable damages to visibility and profits in the very near future.

Understanding the possible hassles that sellers can experience in multichannel performance, has taken measures to offer easy assistance to the former in their efforts. Partnering with some of the leading e commerce solution developers of this century for sellers to access easy, effortless, effective and thoroughly affordable integrations can be mentioned in this respect.

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5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your eBay Amazon Store Profitably

Daniel Posted On - November 30, 2016

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Amazon and eBay are the ultimate marketplaces that are known for driving traffic to shops and setups of ever enthusiastic sellers. However, not many can deny the fact that the latter are actually required to do their bit to drive traffic to their Amazon and eBay stores in the first place to experience the rather dramatic results they may have been expecting. Herculean as this may seem to many, taking note of these rather simple yet effective solutions could ease the matter considerably…

Go social

There is no better way to direct traffic towards your eBay Amazon store than through social media. Almost every second individual in the world is glued to some social media platform or the other mainly through their portable devices making it is the best options to win maximum eyeballs. It does not take very long to understand the pulse of social media trends especially when professional assistance is sought for the purpose.

Vlogs and Blogs

Almost all purchase motivated buyers feel the urge to refer to personal experiences of real people before buying the product of their interest. If you publish blogs or vlogs on the products you sell followed with a link to your store in Amazon or eBay, your traffic could rise very significantly.

Be present in comparison shopping sites

Google Shopping, Shopzilla and Price Grabber are only a few to name. Being present in comparison shopping sites is more than just imperative to drive traffic to your store whether Walmart, eBay, Amazon, or any others for that matter. You may have to plan your costs and spend hours strategizing your ad campaigns faultlessly; but this is an effort that could open flood gates of traffic towards your store.

Affiliates are always a good bet

If you have not considered affiliate networks, anytime is a good time to lend some thought towards the same. Affiliate networks are still one of the best traffic boosting sources that are often affordable too.

Optimization and pricing still maintain their charm

This is perhaps the first step that all store owners in Amazon and eBay need to take care of. Perfect optimization of listing and appropriate pricing of products results in high search ranking in the respective platforms. In Amazon, optimization has been named as one of the few impactful factors that help sellers reach the buy box sooner than later. This works wonders towards diverting existing traffic in the platform towards respective stores leading to better chances of conversions.

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Walmart Performance Checklist For Amazon Sellers

Stephen Posted On - October 27, 2016

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If you are an Amazon seller wanting to sell successfully in as well, here is a performance checklist you cannot ignore. This super comprehensive checklist can go a very long way in helping you decide your scope as a seller in this marketplace if at all your application gets accepted…

Reseller or brand owner –

Walmart prefers brand owners in comparison with resellers. Therefore, if you are counted among the latter, your wait could be a little too long with Walmart as your biggest competitor. Chances for you to get your desired level of success or getting a chance to get into platform in the first place can be very bleak.

Amazon performance history with reviews and ratings –

Walmart does not want to bring its quality down with poor performers. It is therefore in the lookout for only the best performers not just in Amazon but eBay as well. So, if you wish to sell in Walmart eBay Amazon together, you will have to convince the former with good reviews and ratings in the latter.

Order defect rates –

This is one of the main reasons for losing customers. If your order defect rate is less than a percent, you must be the cream of the selling lot in Amazon marketplace. Walmart may therefore welcome you with open arms.

Buy box compatibility –

Your presence in buy box determines the strength of your strategies. If your products have or do feature regularly in this window, you can make a good candidate for Walmart selling.

Returns policies –

Buyers always have more faith in sellers that offer lenient return policies than those with stringent ones. Walmart takes return policies very seriously and determines your trustworthiness as a seller with the same.

Pricing and order completion –

To become a Walmart seller, Amazon price management is a critical requirement. Walmart wants to ensure that its buyers get the best prices in comparison with any other e commerce marketplace especially Amazon. So, if your Amazon prices look compatible, Walmart will be more than happy to have you.

Why is Walmart so specific about Amazon sellers?

Amazon is the biggest competitor of Walmart and it appears that the latter wants to ensure that it can beat Amazon with its own sellers. It can be said with confidence that it has managed to achieve a part of this goal with its stringent set of requirements for Amazon sellers to perform in this marketplace.

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4 Steps To Selling Successfully In

Steve Burns Posted On - September 26, 2016

tips for selling on
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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has gained pace over the past year and has been inviting more and more third party sellers to sell in this platform. While this ecommerce marketplace is yet to walk miles to close distances with Amazon, it still is a platform that is rich with unique visitors and repeat buyers running up to millions. Setting up presence in Walmart at this very moment can help sellers gain visibility and footing more easily all thanks to the fact that competition is not as tough in right now as it is in Amazon and eBay.

However, it is still necessary for sellers to know the basics of what constitutes good setup and selling practices to gain an instant head start in this marketplace. The following four points have been of crucial importance to presently established sellers in…

If you are a brand owner, you will gain a better edge

To begin with, your eligibility and your compatibility with the platform is the first step that needs to be taken note of. entertains brand owners over merchants / resellers. So, if you are the owner of your own brand, you are likely to be at a more favorable position.

Set up and integrate well

Carrying out proper integration processes is critical to gain a head start in this platform. The process is usually easier compared to other tough options like Netsuite etc. but it is always advised to seek assistance of professionals. has already partnered with certain futuristic and affordable third party solution developers who can be approached for the purpose.

Walmart is serious about lowest price and highest value assurance

While in the platform, sellers who wish to gain instant visibility must always take the matter of pricing and values of their listing very seriously. assures lowest prices and highest value of purchase to all buyers and expects that the sellers / merchants will live up to the same. if for example, you wish to sell Walmart on eBay, you will have to ensure that your list price in Walmart is lower than or equal to the list price in eBay. welcomes sellers with good performance records

This mostly goes out to sellers who are also performing in Amazon. Walmart welcomes mostly those entities who have established good selling record in Amazon with highest numbers of good reviews and ratings posted in their favor. This applies for other marketplaces as well.

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