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Are You An Ideal Amazon Seller? Here Are 5 Ways To Tell

Stephen Posted On - October 14, 2017

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As our wise ancestors have very clearly stated, perfection is something that is best left to the Almighty. As humans, all you can do is strive to become better than what you were yesterday. In the world of e commerce, these words of wisdom have been taken very seriously by Amazon sellers that are perpetually in the process of becoming ideal selling entities that others can look up to.

However, the terms and conditions, features and factors that make a seller ideal in Amazon are still elusive. Following though, are some of the principles that can help in reaching a state of model selling practices that can pay off massively in the long run…

Purchase interest of buyers precede your profit goals –

While it is true that the very reason of commencing business whether online or offline is strictly profits, ideal Amazon sellers are those that ensure putting the interest of buyers before their immediate profit goals. This contributes to inviting more traffic towards Amazon; an act that the marketplace rewards with high visibility and ranking.

You never copy your competitor’s listing or even get inspired with it for that matter –

In Amazon, there are many geniuses that make shameless attempts at copy pasting the listing details of high performance competitors. This is one of those offences that can help the former gain instant visibility. But when identified, the act can be rewarded with immediate loss of ranking. Ideal Amazon sellers always come up with their own listing.

You have never received a poor review or squabbled with annoying customers –

Poor reviews are common in Amazon and no sellers should be depressed on receiving them. On many occasions it has been seen that sellers often start a mini war of words with the buyers to justify the course of events in their favor. However, ideal sellers are those that address poor reviews with a professional and polite approach.

You have never tried tricks and hacks for quick visibility –

Tricks and hacks to instant visibility are available aplenty, but none of them qualify as organic means of survival in this marketplace. Ensuring end to end integration practices like Magento Amazon feed integration / inventory integration etc. nullifies the need for such malpractices.

You have never posted a fake review to boost your endeavors or to pull down the image of competing seller –

Yes. There are sellers that try such offensive acts to gain an edge in competition. However, ideal sellers are those that strive to generate positive reviews organically.

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A Mini Guide To eBay Integration With Shopping Carts

Pramod Posted On - June 6, 2017

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Why is end to end shopping cart integration necessary for eBay?

Here are 4 good reasons why no nonsense, end to end integration is critically essential for fast paced top performing marketplaces like eBay…

  • Seamless performance – Smoothness and seamlessness in basic operations is possible only with end to end integration.

  • Power packed automation – Syncing with top performing shopping cart solutions can enhance automation levels to all-inclusivity. Shopify eBay integration can be mentioned in this respect.

  • Freedom from operational errors – Human errors are responsible for maximum number of slips in basic operational processes like listing, inventory management, order completions etc. With end to end integration with shopping carts, such flaws can be successfully averted.

  • Instant improvement in overall performance – While it is true that eBay integrations with shopping carts do not spell profits directly, it is does enhance overall performance by miles. Improved seller performance in eBay results in better visibility thereby generating greater traffic and sale in the part of the sellers.

Best approach to integrating eBay with top shopping carts?

If you are looking forward to ensure productive and result based eBay syncing with your respective shopping carts, these three steps are likely to help…

  • Gain a clear idea about the mechanism of integration – To begin with, you must do your homework on the mechanism of integration, what it does, how to commence and carry out the process and what to expect as immediate and future results.

  • Multichannel eBay integrations – The pattern of multichannel integration can be slightly different than integrating mono-channels with shopping carts and thus calls for greater levels of experience.

For example, if you are a Magento powered eBay seller looking forward to connecting with Shopzilla as well, you will need to carry out Magento amazon eBay integration infallibly.

  • You have to use evolved tools and software solutions for eBay integrations without which, your endeavor can collapse to non existence. Tools are your only support when it comes to braving the lightning pace of competitive performance in this marketplace. Therefore, you will benefit from learning about applicable tools and softwares that boost the process of eBay integration by miles.

  • Lastly, it is always considered wise to call professionals especially if you lack experience in integration. With professionals, the process is likely to be quicker and more productive with maximum assurance of flawlessness.

At all times though, you will have to bear in mind that, integration does not guarantee tangible profits, The process may take a while to accomplish and whether you engage professionals or not, eBay integration will claim sizeable investments.

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4 Steps To Healthy Amazon Inventory Management

Thomas Posted On - April 20, 2017

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Quality of Amazon selling and proportion of seller success is directly dependent upon the quality of inventory management in this marketplace. As has been witnessed over the past few years, problems like order defect rates increasing over 1% that is usually caused by order cancellation initiated by the sellers owing to over / under selling, can lead to immediate loss of ranking or suspension of the seller in this no nonsense marketplace.

Besides this, mismanaged Amazon inventory, especially those that are spread over multiple warehouses including FBA warehouses can directly result in profit drainage that can compromise monthly / annual revenues to a significant extent. To remain in the safer side of things, here are a few steps that sellers can embrace to initiate an yielding and harmonious inventory management process per se…

Always start with streamlined inventory to prevent over stocking –

Even if you are experiencing the best of demands, it will always work in your favor to maintain your inventory at a manageable level. Prevention of overstocking can instantly address a number of annoying issues starting with losing track of immobile inventory that eats up space and cost while not generating any income in return.

Maintain healthy relationship with the supply chain source –

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the supply chain source forms the back bone of maintaining streamlined inventory. This goes a very long way in proper demand prediction which helps sellers stock the right volume of inventory at the right time while generating maximum demand for the same.

Properly integrated feed management like Magento Amazon feed etc always helps in moving out the inventory faster which again contributes to lower warehouse costs and enhanced revenues.

Integrate with real time benefits –

Inventory integration is critical for third party Amazon sellers that do not receive any benefits from the marketplace in this respect. Approaching professional integration services is imperative for staying in tune with the evolution of the marketplace and its requirements. Real time inventory integration is one of the most important features that all sellers must insist upon for effortless yet error free performance.

Always use fee calculation tools –

Lastly, using fee calculation tools to manage inventory costs especially the super structure of FBA charges, can work wonders in terms of cost cutting and revenue management. While fee calculation tools are not intimately linked with the process of inventory management per se, they certainly add a boost to the entirety of the system for enhanced seller benefit.

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5 Acts Of Carelessness That Can Heavily Compromise Amazon Selling

Stephen Posted On - March 30, 2017

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When you are selling in Amazon with the ambition to achieve uncompromised growth and profits, the only thing that can catch you in the wrong foot is ‘carelessness’. While it is true that no one can be 100% perfect all the time, there are certain acts of callousness that should be consciously avoided in order to make the process of Amazon selling more organized, smooth and gainful…

Using inorganic optimization methods –

Acts of inorganic optimization like keyword stuffing in titles, over pricing at the time of checkout etc is notoriously active among a number of over ambitious sellers. Inorganic optimization does result in steep sudden visibility, but it is also a cause for instant scrapping of listing when Amazon eventually finds out.

Not initiating end to end integration shopping carts with Amazon –

Many sellers in Amazon, mainly small to midsized sellers, still believe that end to end integration is a piece of fiction that costs a whole lot of money but bears no real result. These entities are usually the first to fight a dying battle with visibility and face eventual demise in the marketplace.

Taking reviews for granted –

While the core operational processes still maintain their place in Amazon selling; associated processes like review generation, that is directly linked with growth and reputation building should never be taken for granted. Buyers these days can base their search on reviews and ratings making this and essential factor when it comes to boosting visibility or even gaining a chance at the buy box. Not considering reviews with due importance can thus rob sellers of extended opportunities in terms of competition.

Saying no to tools and software solutions –

selling trends in Amazon is moving at futuristic speed which needs to be supported with the right tools and software solutions. Deciding to make a manual effort in this platform at this age of e commerce can be the biggest act of carelessness any seller can possibly adopt.

Be it integrated operation management like Magento Amazon feed management or inventory / order control across multiple channels of sale, appropriate software solutions that cater to improved automation and feature inclusion is critically important.

Offering same products at lower prices in other marketplaces of presence –

This is applicable mostly to sellers that are present across multiple marketplaces of sale. The ground rule is… Amazon sellers cannot offer the same products in other marketplaces at lower prices. This can get very difficult for sellers especially those that are present in, but the rule needs to be respected at all times. Using proper price management tools can help in this respect.

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