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Volusion Plug-in Features That Will Make You Install One Right Away

Stephen Posted On - September 1, 2017

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Volusion has proven to be one of the most dependable shopping cart store building solutions for ecommerce entities of all volumes, nature and levels of experience. Powering over 40,000 stores and services starting in as little as 15$ per month besides a 14 day free trial, there is no reason why sellers should not approach Volusion for fortified online selling future.

However, like all things else, even Volusion is not complete in itself and often requires a boost in terms of extended features with growing businesses that are vital to stay in pace with the evolving ecommerce landscape. Volusion Plug-ins can be the simplest solution to add a quick boost to the necessary feature list without having to approach a complete change in seller support solutions.

Following are a few such plug-in features that can convince sellers to make a confident approach towards the same…

The options are rich in a variety of features –

Whether marketing plug ins for social media, affiliates, CSEs etc; analytics and abandoned cart re tracking; fraud prevention and management plug in solutions, mobile integration systems or anything else that comes to your mind are presently available with Volusion as well as third party ecommerce solution developers. All you need to do is determine the key features that your endeavor requires at the moment and approach the solution accordingly.

They integrate well with the system –

Plug-ins offered by top e commerce solution developers are known for being very compatible with all operative system in every way. They are never too bulky and therefore load and function quickly and easily. More often than not, professional assistance may not be required for installing and using these systems. However, if the sellers are inexperienced and wish to avert the consequences of trial and error, seeking online / offline assistance is advisable.

In fact, some Volusion plug-ins are buildable as well which basically means that you will be able to add more features to it through updates as and when they are available.

Affordability is the primary reason why sellers approach these solutions all the more –

Plug-ins for Volusion are usually affordability and justify the cost they are labeled with. Sellers however, need to determine the quality of the providers in case they are approaching third party providers for the same. E commerce entities that have excelled in challenges like / Walmart API integration etc, can be worthy of approach.

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An Easy Guide To Walmart Google Shopping Integration

Stephen Posted On - August 8, 2017

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Why would you want to integrate Google Shopping with Walmart?

Integration is one of those integral processes that aim to link ecommerce marketplaces / comparison shopping platform with shopping carts seamlessly and faultlessly. Perfect initiation of integration can help sellers, especially multichannel performers to stay in tune with activities happening across all platforms of presence as easily as through one single user interface.

Integration is thus a blessing when applied to platforms like Bigcommerce Google Shopping Walmart etc. where the pace of activities is very high and the necessity to maintain unquestionable quality in core and secondary operations is non nonnegotiable. On integrating Walmart with Google Shopping, sellers can relax when it comes to addressing issues like

  • importing / exporting / improving listing;
  • price management by the passing minutes;
  • recalling products or introducing new ones;
  • keeping track of product performance individually and more with nothing more than a click of a button.

Here’s how you do it in minutes…

Sellers have already agreed that Walmart API is perhaps one of the easiest and the most effective API program systems to approach and manage. However, when it comes to integrating with other top comparison shopping engines, it is necessary to exercise caution in order to ensure maintaining error free performance between the platforms. Sellers that have minimal or no experience in the matter, are advised to seek A to Z assistance from professionals at the very onset.

This usually gets very easy because Walmart has already partnered with some of best e commerce solution developers that are known for offering literally readymade and customized integration solutions to all sellers that approach. As has been expressed by sellers that have already engaged the professionals, the services are very affordable as well.

Tools and software solutions form a critical part of the integration process. Choosing applicable tools with the right features can help in integrating Walmart with Google Shopping rather innovatively, that can go a very long way in maximizing productivity and cost effectiveness in the part of sellers. At the time of choosing the tools, sellers need to ensure that they are easy to install, not too heavy on the operative system while being buildable and flexible as well.

Once the integration process with customized solutions offered by professionals or by individual selection of tools / software solutions is complete, it may take a few days for the process to show results. For some fortunate sellers, the process has taken as less as a couple of days to open a floodgate of buyers into Walmart from Google Shopping.

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5 Things That Can Pummel Your Amazon Listing To Extinction

Thomas Posted On - June 28, 2017

Amazon listing software
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While selling in Amazon, you cannot allow your listing to be a cause for disappointment. At all times, you would want your products to feature on the first page of search results and preferably in the Buy Box as well, winning maximum sale and profits. The truth is, there are hundreds of sellers in Amazon right now that can state their horror stories surrounding how their listing became wallpaper with the blink of an eye. 5 of these reasons can be stated as follows…

Tricks and hacks –

Many short-cut geniuses often resort to tricks and hacks to make their listing more visible than it actually deserves to be. Questionable methods like keyword stuffing in titles, adding promotional text in images etc can be mentioned in this respect. While it is true that such acts can result in instant visibility, the fact is, the celebrations don’t last very long. Soon after Amazon spots the cheating, the listing is instantly pushed to invisibility.

Softwares are traps –

Sellers that believe that Amazon listing software are unnecessary, may be in for rude surprises within days of operation. Listing softwares for top performing marketplaces are known for automating critical essentials like listing import and export, pricing / re pricing, updating offers deals and more. If you are addressing these essentials manually and your competitors are using softwares, be assured that your visibility will be thoroughly compromised.

Blah blah blah…

Innovation is expected in Amazon listing considering the pace at which the platform improves its level of excellence. Therefore, bare basic scratch level listing can be an invitation to invisibility. At all times, you need to ask, ‘what is so different about my listing that will make it better and more convincing than competing listing’? The solutions will start surfacing soon after.

What on earth is Optimization?

It does not matter if you are a small seller in Amazon or a large, if you are immune to optimization, there is nothing that can fetch you an inch of visibility. Using optimization tools and support solutions is one of the safest and most reliable ways to gain and maintain ranking in this marketplace.

Did you know… Amazon sellers that are present in other top platforms like Walmart require special listing aid for easy and error free listing management. Carrying out proper Amazon Walmart integration can help in this respect.

Look… seller X has the same listing as mine!

No… same-pinching your way through this will certainly not help. If there is another seller that has copied your listing head to toe, and is street smart enough to make dough from it, you are likely to be in the losing end of things.

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4 Steps To Maintain Walmart Amazon Selling Harmony Perfectly

Stephen Posted On - March 6, 2017

Walmart Amazon Selling
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Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) and Amazon are serious competitors and neither of the platforms is in the mood to relax their strategies towards the other. At this very moment, is in the process of inviting top sellers of Amazon to perform to perform under their wing; with something like ‘Will knock you out with your own weapon’ attitude. While sellers have a whole lot to gain from their presence in both of these speeding marketplaces, there could be certain lethal obstacles that can make them trip and fall disastrously. Maintaining Walmart Amazon selling harmony is thus very important at all times. Referring to these 4 steps can be very helpful in this respect.

Learn about the inevitable hurdles of Amazon Walmart selling at the onset

If you are an Amazon seller all set to start in, please read up about the hurdles you can face while performing simultaneously in these two marketplaces at the very onset. You need to be informed about everything that could go wrong so that you can take the right steps at the right time to prevent mishaps like loss of ranking, visibility or even warnings for suspension from both marketplaces.

Integration is the first step to harmonized selling endeavors in both marketplaces

You cannot succeed in Amazon Walmart selling without initiating proper integration of the two marketplaces. Walmart API integration as well as multichannel integration involving this marketplace has been made very easy with the platform partnering with some of the most reputable ecommerce solution developers of this decade. The process is affordable as well.

Using intelligent pricing tools and softwares is imperative

By now, all ecommerce sellers are aware about the price battles that are taking place between Walmart and Amazon. While has universally established the ‘lowest price policy’, Amazon would not want its sellers to sell their products at lower prices in other marketplaces. The consequences could involve immediate suspension from the marketplace.

Using intelligent automated pricing tools can help sellers stay in tune with the price changes taking place in the respective marketplaces and manage any irregularities at the right time.

It is ok to not introduce the entirety of Amazon product list to Walmart

Lastly, it is ok to not introduce the entirety of Amazon product list to Introducing popular and compatible products can help sellers gain more purchase motivated traffic while not having to battle it out with Amazon for every single item in the list. In simple words, it saves a lot of time and energy while not compromising on profits.

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How one Amazon store went from zero to $1000 profit in less than a month?

Thomas Posted On - February 24, 2017

sell on amazon store
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Making riches on Amazon is dream of many. However, only a handful of people have really managed to pull this off, while the rest struggle with marginal return. If you sell on Amazon, you would know just how difficult it is to climb through the competition on this marketplace and to woo the customers with not only a remarkable product but a striking price.

Yet, even with all the challenges, there are stories – real, believable and practical – that shows making quick sales on Amazon is quite easy if you’re smart enough. Here’s how one Amazon store managed to go from zero to making $1000 in profit in less than a month—6 proven ways on how you can boost your Amazon sales easily-

1. Optimizing the Amazon store

Over 55 percent on online shoppers in USA begin their product search on Amazon; meaning, this marketplace has emerged to be a default product search engine, taking over even Google. So the first task at hand is to optimize the Amazon store to rank better on its internal search engine. Few important SEO steps include using relevant keywords in the product titles and descriptions, providing as much information about the product as possible, pricing the products competitively and encouraging buyers to leave reviews.

2. Engaging with the potential customers

Directly communicating with the target audience is the surest way to increase the conversion rate. Reaching out the potential customers from the front, engaging them, addressing their individual needs and issues, this not only boosts immediate sales but also builds lasting relationship between the seller and buyer, often triggering word-of-mouth marketing. Social media platforms can be of great help to initiate direct conversation.

3. Blogging

Blogging is perhaps one of the most underrated marketing strategies on the retail scene. Amazon sellers must have their own – either free or self-hosted – blog that reach out the target audience and communicate with them personally. Although write-ups can result in direct sales; if not, they build a long-term relation between the two parties that promises better return in the future. Also, blogging plays a significant role from a SEO perspective. If done well, it can easily boost store’s visibility on search engines and, hence, the sales.

4. Investing in Facebook advertisements

One of the biggest differences between the successful Amazon sellers and the not-so-successful ones is that the former group don’t shy away from spending on paid promotion. Facebook advertisement program, much more targeted, can help Amazon store owners reach the relevant target audience in a relatively short period of time and offer better conversion. In fact, if done well, the paid advertisements can boost immediate sales easily.

5. Pricing product a cent less than the competitors

Pricing the product is the most important part for Amazon sellers. From helping products rank better on search results to affecting direct sales, the right pricing can do wonders. The flawed part, however, is that Amazon sellers often have to be the “cheapest” to appeal the search engine and customers. Being strategic here is the key. Instead of thoughtlessly lowering the price to appeal the mentioned two and axing the profit margin, the sellers must look to offer their products at a cent less than their competitors to have a winning edge.

6. Hiring professionals for additional assistance

Often, for many online sellers, hiring professionals and outsourcing additional help is a distant idea. However, if hit all the notes correctly, the decision can help climb the vendors from making zero to $1000 profit in the quickest possible time. Today, some of the top e-commerce solution providers, aside from facilitating seamless integration of API Walmart and Amazon with other marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, are also offering managed services. Helping vendors handle backend tasks – including order fulfillment – with much more efficiency and quickness, this can indirectly boost sales and revenue.

These are 6 ways you can increase your profit—6 ways that has helped Amazon sellers go from making zero to $1000 profit in less than a month. Now you know, hustle-up and do what needs to be done; take your Amazon store to the next level and enjoy high-flying profit easily.

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Speed Up Amazon Selling With These Super Tools

Thomas Posted On - February 16, 2017

Amazon selling tool
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In Kung-fu, speed determines everything… and this applies to Amazon selling as well. It is amply evident in the history of evolution of this marketplace that taking it slow and easy when it comes to completing orders can be more than just devastating. It does not matter whether you are a small seller, midsized entity or a very large business, the rules of pace maintenance applies to each and all equally. For newer entities that still feel that they have the luxury to experience a honeymoon period, it is time to face grim facts which has got everything to do with being in pace from the first day on.

Keeping all this in mind, Amazon sellers from the word over have found it wise to give the word ‘manual’ a fond farewell while introducing the usage of intelligent Amazon selling tools for the sake of maintaining a profitable presence in this marketplace for long.

And yes; these tools usually cover way more than basic operational integrations. Here is a list of tools that sellers in Amazon (irrespective of their volumes) usually swear by…

Profit calculation tools – You have to offer attractive prices to your Amazon customers and there are no two ways about it. However, you will also have to maintain your profit margins to compatible levels while counting in expenses like marketplace fees, commissions, FBA charges etc. Using profit calculation tools can help you achieve this tiring and time consuming task in seconds.

Listing and inventory tools – All basic integrations whether Walmart integration, or or eBay or multichannel integration services for that matter, come with specific listing and inventory support solutions. However, when you are functioning in a marketplace like Amazon, it always pays to introduce Amazon specific listing and inventory solutions. This way, you will have a more focused business improvement than a more generalized approach.

Shipping and supplies tools – The quality of shipping and supplies tools you own can make a massive difference in the speed of your Amazon efforts. Using high quality label printers, tape dispensers, packing bags and sheets, barcode scanners and even sticker peelers for that matter, has been infinitely beneficial for thousands of growth based endeavors.

Cash back tools – This only adds to the happiness of the sellers when they are making their bulk purchases. Cash back tools can be activated at the time of making the transaction and the outcome could be anything from saving hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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The ‘Two Faces’ Of eBay Stores All Sellers Must Know

Stephen Posted On - December 6, 2016

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Small sellers, large businesses, midsized retailers, hobby sellers, bidding giants and even arbitrage sellers… eBay is a place where all types of sellers can access ample opportunities to sell in a manner they please. This is one of the reasons why this marketplace offers a wide range of selling options that can range from scratch basics to the ever glorious eBay stores. The latter though has been a matter of massive debate and discussions in terms of its relevance to sellers at all levels. In simple words, stores in eBay have two faces… one that is favorable and growth based and the other that is the exact opposite.

Over the past half decade, eBay stores have been a blessing for many establishments especially the larger voluminous ones for infinite reasons. Say for example, featured store owners in eBay are known to receive PPC keywords worth a certain amount of money every single month which works wonderfully as far as gaining instant visibility before purchase motivated buyers is concerned. Besides this, store owners are also in reception of advantages that ranges from access to more eBay pages, permission to reduce the size of eBay banners in auctions, extended seller protection in times of dispute resolutions and many more.

In short, it can be said with confidence that owning eBay stores can offer an instant edge to sellers in competition while making a healthy march towards fortified growth and profits.

The other face of stores in eBay however, is a little too bitter to digest. Simply put, it is not everybody’s cup of tea. This is mainly because of the massive costs at which sellers need to maintain these platforms of opportunities in the first place, making it a possibility only for very large sellers / power sellers. There are many types of stores in eBay that ranges from basic stores that can cost around 15$, to featured stores that can cost around 49$ to anchor stores that can cost a whopping 449$ every single month. This makes it mandatory for owners to keep their sale levels high because any drop in the level of sale can affect profits.

At the same time, there is no assurance about the impact of sudden changes and improvements that keep happening on eBay on a very regular basis. Say for example, the rollout of Cassini had cast a death blow to some of the best performing store owners. Integration is considered one of best ways to tide over uncertainties successfully. Ecommerce solution developers like those offering Walmart API integration and more can be approached for the purpose.

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4 Factors That Add Quality To Organized Order Management

Stephen Posted On - December 1, 2016

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Many ecommerce newbies are still unaware about the factors that make up the super structure of management of orders irrespective of where the orders may be generating from. Whether in marketplaces, comparison shopping sites or affiliate networks, understanding the entirety and aspects that add quality to this critical operational process helps sellers gain an inevitable edge in competition while winning return buyers over and over again.

Basically, there are 4 major factors that complete and add quality to organized order management

It starts with receiving orders and notifying the buyers about the same

While it is true that the process begins with buyers placing orders, and this is the first step that kick starts the requirement for managing orders in the first place, notifying the buyers about reception of orders keeps the latter in tune with the movements happening in the part of the sellers. This directly contributes directly towards enhancing trustworthiness of the latter.

Order handling and its speed

Order handling basically refers to picking, packing, labeling and readying the product for shipping. While it is imperative that the quality of the process remains impeccable, it is also necessary to maintain speed in the same. Top performing marketplaces usually specify order handling and shipping period to not exceed more than 48 hours at the most. Respecting the matter of speed adds quality to the process which further contributes to winning trust of buyers.

Shipping and in time delivery

Shipping and delivery through reliable means forms a critical part of order management per se. However, when quality has to be catered to, sellers need to ensure shipping their products earlier and ensure that product reaches in good condition before the specified date. By ensuring quicker shipping and delivery, sellers are very likely to gain higher ratings and reviews which can further their endeavors in the respective marketplaces.

Managing returns and refunds if required

Returns and refunds forms a very important part of the super structure of order control and needs to be approached faultlessly and quickly so as to enhance purchase experience. Integration with marketplace APIs like Walmart API, API etc can help in the purpose.

There are certain order fulfillment solutions that are designed to automate the process of returns and refunds leaving very little in the part of sellers to take care of. For those who are using solutions that don’t cater towards this end, it is best to use software solutions, tools or plug ins for the same.

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What’s Hot And What’s Not For New Walmart Marketplace Sellers

Stephen Posted On - November 28, 2016

walmart marketplace
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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has gained sudden heights which e commerce sellers at large are not being able to ignore. Backed by the reputation and standing of the largest retail chain in the world, this marketplace is more than just promising in terms of growth and profits in favor of the latter. For enthusiasts who are motivated to setup their presence in at the earliest, here is a small list of what’s hot and what’s not for sellers per se…

What’s hot

Easy setup and integration has partnered with some of the leading e commerce solution developers of this decade to help sellers avail the quickest and the most effective set up and integration process and that too at affordable costs.

Lower levels of competition

Even though more and more sellers are winning entry to this marketplace, category-wise competition is still low as compared with other top marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Accessing very high volume of purchase motivated buyers

Walmart buyers are often those that are looking for quality everyday products at the lowest prices, which is also the largest group of buyers that currently throng markets at large. Thus, Walmart marketplace sellers are assured to experience high traffic all through the year.

Selling assistance as good as Amazon

From comprehensive API integration to extended seller support, has worked practically on all aspects that can make the process of selling easy and error free.

What’s not

You need to be a brand owner or category leader

If you are not a brand owner or category leader, may not entertain your request to be a part of this marketplace.

Lowest Price

This mainly goes out to sellers who sell on eBay / Amazon as well. at all times, would want you to post your listing bearing the lowest prices which may at times interfere with seller interest with respect to their presence in other top performing marketplaces.

Amazon sellers need to tread on a double edged sword

The list of requirements as mentioned by for Amazon sellers is extremely stringent. Not everyone can qualify the criteria.


Go ahead anyway! Success in terms of enhanced growth and profits is possible in in the long / short run with proper selling approach. Integration and automation activated in favor of sellers can combat the possible hurdles that can arise often unexpectedly.

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5 Things That Can Impact Your Race To The Amazon Buy Box

Stephen Posted On - November 25, 2016

amazon buy box
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If you have been lusting for gaining a place in the buy box some way or the other, you are probably an enlightened seller who understands the importance of this window of opportunities. However, you also need to understand that the eligibility criteria for the Boy Box in Amazon are still elusive to even the best of performers in this platform. With a few good years of trial and error, sellers have come to understand certain factors in Amazon selling though, that can impact the race to the boy box significantly. 5 of them can be mentioned as follows…

Listing optimization

Optimized listing, especially organically optimized listing is the primary criterion for search engine visibility. From titles, to images and descriptions along with competitive prices that are dedicated to offering the best purchase experience to buyers are critical in this respect.

Enhanced value of listing

Value of listing basically refers to factors like minimal or no shipping / handling charges, extended return period, instant refunds and associated matters that enhance dependability of sellers in Amazon and cater to the cause of customer satisfaction completely.

Your views on FBA

FBA has always been a phenomenal factor for winning the race to the buy box. When you choose FBA as your order completion facility the quality of your order fulfillment improves almost instantly. High quality order fulfillment is one of the ruling factors in Buy Box eligibility and you would not want to miss out on that.

Quality of reviews

Besides this, what buyers are telling about you and your products through reviews is taken very seriously by Amazon. In very simple words, if you have more positive reviews and ratings in your favor, you may win an edge in the buy box race and vice versa. Using review generation tools are thus, advised to sellers to encourage and generate maximum positive reviews in the shortest possible time.

Low order defect rates

Low order defect rate is critical when it comes to making yourself eligible for the buy box. In fact, if you are an Amazon seller waiting to create presence in, the latter will also take a close look on your order defect rates and expect it to be less than 1% and maintain the same level in this new marketplace. With proper Walmart API integration, this is possible. As far as managing Amazon order defect rates are concerned, you will have to ensure uncompromised A to Z integration from day 1.

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Amazon Seller BFFs In A Nutshell

Thomas Posted On - November 16, 2016

Amazon Seller
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Performing in Amazon as a seller takes much more than grit, determination and a good list of popular products in your listing. For long terms growth and profits, you will also require a team of solutions that could eventually become your BFFs through the course of selling. As has been expressed by a long list of established sellers in Amazon, here is a very small list of tools, softwares and ecommerce support systems that have been worthy and productive companions of sellers at large…

>Amazon seller central

All Amazon sellers are required to possess seller central accounts at the onset. The seller central assists new performers with every basic necessity and support they require for selling. The nature of the seller central is always very comprehensive, making it a practical lifesaver for all newbies and more.


As hundreds of Amazon sellers as well as sellers performing in other marketplaces agree, FBA has in fact, spoilt them rotten! Imagine not having to bother the slightest bit about packing, shipping, delivery while accessing greater chances to improve visibility, search rankings and Buy Box. The deal is simply too amazing to ignore.

>Ecommerce solution providers and their services including setup, integration etc

Third party ecommerce solution providers that usually offer all inclusive setup and integration services have presently risen to the level of BFFs of almost all sellers in Amazon. These providers may come with their individual price tags, but the assistance they offer is usually worth the money spent on it. Most of these providers are masters in API integration including Walmart API syncing which could work wonders if sellers consider multichannel performance.

In fact, it will not be wrong to say that the newest and the most inexperienced sellers can perform like a professional from the first day onwards if they commence with the assistance of worthy e commerce solution developers. Most thoughtful and proactive solution developers have customized solutions which ensure that sellers access only what they need at the price they pay.

>An assortment of tools like fee calculators, fraud prevention etc

Tools and softwares dedicated to handling the often imperceptible impediments like mismanaged fee calculation and fraudulent purchase attempts can help sellers by miles as far as maintaining their profits and credibility is concerned. Amazon is a practical maze as far as the range of different fees involved in the marketplace is concerned.

Using fee calculators and FBA fee calculators can be life saving in any ways. Similarly using fraud prevention tools can alert sellers when purchase is directed through inauthentic payment sources. This can save the latter from losing their goods to scammers.

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Outsmarting Amazon and Walmart With The Game Of Pricing – Cause And Effect

Stephen Posted On - November 3, 2016

Amazon product listing
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Competition is taking a very serious turn between Walmart and Amazon, and each marketplace has picked up pitch forks to extinguish the enthusiasm of the other to ash. In the process, sellers performing in these platforms together have been nibbling benefits from both. Unfair as it may appear when looking from the marketplace’s point of view, the fact remains that the laws of multichannel selling validates this approach in the part of the selling entities.

The only rule that has been acting as a barrier through the unfairness of the process is that the respective marketplaces will never tolerate sellers upholding the cause of the competitor in comparison with its own. This rule has fallen a little hard on sellers that are struggling to maintain a balance in both platforms especially with the matter of pricing.

In very simple words, when you sell on Walmart website, you will have to ensure that the price of the listed products in this marketplace does not exceed the prices of the same products you may have listed in other marketplaces especially Amazon. Amazon on the other hand, will not tolerate its sellers listing products at lesser prices in some other platform especially Walmart. On discovering the discrepancy, the sellers may be given the boot from the respective marketplaces. By now, sellers are thorough with this piece of undeniable truth.

What happens when you try to outsmart the platform?

More often than not, sellers do not try to outsmart the marketplaces and do their level best to abide by the rules. However, in certain cases it has been observed that sellers make an effort to maintain the price differences between Walmart, Amazon and eBay to suit their profit based causes. Say for example, pulling down the prices in Amazon product listing to stay at par with can compromise profitability of the products after calculating marketplace fees, FBA fees and associated charges. In fact, the sellers can also risk working up a loss.

The sad fact is, whatever the reason be, the marketplaces remain resolute on their pricing / listing policies and are least likely to give a waiver to sellers who are caught in the process.

Is there a way?

The only solution to winning the platform while maintaining price parity is to use high quality software solutions that have been designed for the purpose. These solutions work best when both marketplaces are integrated to perfection. The nature of these solutions is to maintain and harmonize pricing of the same product in different marketplaces while maintaining the regulations of the respective platforms. this can be attempted manually as well, but not many sellers are genius enough to accomplish the same flawlessly and that too in minute by minute basis.

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How To Boost Sale In In 5 Simple Steps

Stephen Posted On - November 3, 2016

how do I sell on’
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Being the largest and the most renowned retailer in the world, Walmart casts an instant spell of dependability among buyers at large. Even though the ecommerce side of Walmart is rather new and unfolding, the pace that it has gained over the past few months speaks miles about the peaks it will climb by the end of the decade. With Walmart’s ‘Pangaea’ slowly taking shape, sellers will be better off creating and maximizing their presence in this marketplace as early as possible.

For sellers who have received good answers to their question of ‘how do I sell on’, here are 5 simple steps to succeed in the next level that is boosting sale in this marketplace right from the very onset…

Choose popular products to begin with

Make a quick search on what sells best in Walmart per se, within your category of products. You need to remember that invites sellers looking for the cheapest deals in quality products especially every day household things besides affordable fashion and accessories, electronic devices, grocery etc. If you sell in these categories, profits may come sooner to you than later.

Don’t invite your entire listing all at once

While it is entirely upon you to bring the entirety of your listing especially Amazon listing to Walmart, it is considered wise to start only with the best sellers in your list. This way you will not only manage to reduce costs in Walmart but also gain easier control on listing management especially pricing in comparison with Amazon, per se.

Pricing is the king when it comes to bagging sale

Walmart assures the lowest prices to its buyers. Therefore, you will have to conduct a thorough comparative search to determine if your product prices are the lowest or not. Amazon product feed needs to be infallibly harmonized with, if you are a seller in both of these platforms. If your prices are indeed the best, Walmart will ensure offering you better search ranking so that you gain access to more traffic and more possible conversions.

Abiding by the selling policies is imperative

Hacks and tricks are never welcomed in Amazon and they don’t work in Walmart as well. You will need to conduct your operations in complete compliance with the marketplace so that you remain in the good books of the same and that too with a healthy search ranking.

Aim for Walmart Buy Box

Lastly, aiming for the Walmart buy box by following the guiding principles will help boosting your sale many times over.

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The Good And Bad Of Selling On Amazon And Walmart Together

Stephen Posted On - October 21, 2016

Selling On Amazon And Walmart
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A healthy tug of war seems to have materialized between Amazon and for the race to e commerce supremacy. Enthusiastic e commerce sellers on the other hand, appear to have their hands full deciding whether to continue selling in Amazon or make a switch to Walmart or establish presence in both. Of late though, the common seller motive of including alongside Amazon to propel multichannel ventures has been amply evident. While this looks like a dazzling deal, the fact is this move is gripped equally with a darker side that needs to be taken urgently into consideration.

The Good of Selling on Amazon and

Let’s start by saying that everyone knows Walmart. This is the first reason why, people will not take very long to decide if they would want to shop from the online destination of this globally recognized name. The number of visitors to is in the process of touching 100 million per month with a very healthy number of unique visitors. Also considering the fact that Walmart shoppers are usually not Amazon shoppers, sellers can benefit from two different and very unique sources of traffic at the same time. This in itself can boost sale and chances of conversions by double if not more.

Secondly, has been very serious about making the process of API integration very easy for sellers so that performing members can experience smooth operations from the very first day on. The platform has also partnered with some of the most renowned e commerce developers that can offer instant assistance to sellers as and when they need. Walmart API integration has been a practical bliss for new sellers all thanks to these third party partners. The latter have also proven their mettle as far as offering complete multichannel integration with Amazon is concerned.

The Not-So-Good About Selling on Walmart and Amazon together

Everything seems good and healthy till the time the price factor comes into play. Walmart and Amazon are unrelenting as far as offering the best price is concerned. Amazon has a reputation of not tolerating multichannel sellers that price their products lower in other marketplaces of presence in comparison with their listing in Amazon. On the other hand, has also shown intolerance for sellers that price their products higher in Walmart. So, at all times, sellers will have to be very cautious about how they price their products in both platforms. The smallest error can result in losing visibility in both.

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4 Ways Walmart Is Just As Good As Amazon For Sellers

Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

Walmart marketplace
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Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) has risen to become one of the most promising platforms of online sale that sellers must consider as a part and parcel of their multichannel e commerce ventures. For those who have devoted 100% faith in Amazon and none others also have good reasons to establish their setup in this growing e commerce marketplace, 4 of which can be mentioned as follows…

    Firstly, everyone knows Walmart simply because it is the largest retail chain in the world and has risen in popularity through decades. Therefore, gaining trust from buyers while performing in the online branch of this retail giant will never be an issue.

The fact that Walmart marketplace sellers already receive over 90 million visitors every month which is growing by the passing days is suggestive of the successful future that this platform is assured to witness.

At present, there are a handful of entities that have expressed gaining more sale and profits in than in Amazon.

Secondly, product categories are just as vast in as in Amazon. Being the largest retail chain in the world, this level of expansiveness is only expected. The categories that are active in Amazon are also active in making it compatible with all types of sellers. While it is true that the latter usually prefers brand owners in comparison with retailers, the marketplace allows equal opportunities for growth and profits to all.

Thirdly, as far as commissions and fee structures are concerned, there is not much difference between and Amazon. A percent or two may differ from category to category, but the general layout seems to be similar.

Fourthly, sellers in as well as in Amazon can reap order completion benefits through FBA. This is an added bonus to sellers who perform in both the platforms together.

The advantages of can be further fortified with the assistance of third party e commerce solution providers especially at the time of set up and integration. These are also the entities that help sellers deal with hurdles like handling / maintaining price parity, listing import and export, synchronizing inventory movement of with other platforms of sale and many more almost flawlessly.

In fact, multichannel integration through third party services allows Walmart sellers to sell on eBay Amazon or any other platform for that matter with a professional level of smoothness from the very onset of business.

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