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5 Key Questions To Ask While Buying eBay Amazon Tools

Stephen Posted On - July 27, 2017

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If you are selling in eBay and Amazon, you will require the assistance of tools and software solutions to cater to infinite different aspects starting from core operational management to added efforts like review management, marketing and more. The nature and pace of selling in both of these platforms have evolved to an extent that the word ‘manual’ does not apply anywhere anymore irrespective of the volume and experience of sellers.

Considering the fact that eBay Amazon tools with evolved features usually come with significant price tags, it is necessary to understand the scope and relevance of the solutions before purchasing them. Basically, asking these 5 key questions before purchase can help sellers land with options that they will never regret in the foreseeable future…

Do they serve your purpose?

This is the first question you need to ask. If you have approached tools and software solutions, you may already have made a mental note of the aspects in Amazon eBay selling that requires automated assistance. All you need to do is scan through the features and see if the tools serve your purpose at all or not. If yes, you may be heading in the right direction.

Who’s the developer?

Quality of developers matter in every way when it comes to hunting for functional tools and software solutions. Approaching reputed providers that have established their name in offering sophisticated solutions like Walmart API key syncing, integration etc can be a good start.

Do they come with customer support backing?

More often than not, paid softwares and tools are backed by customer support assistance. What you need to ascertain though is the scope of the support services that are offered. Many providers offer installation assistance, coaching on usage and even trouble shooting if necessary. The time period for support assistance ranges from a few months to a year, the latter being very rare.

Are they buildable?

Buildable nature of eBay Amazon tools and softwares basically refers to their flexibility in terms of adding newer features as the business grows. This is of phenomenal importance in the sense that it prevents buyers from spending a bulk on overloaded tools at the very onset where most of the features will go unused for a long time.

Is there a ‘try and buy’ option? Lastly, it is wise to go for tools and software solutions that come with try and buy options. This way you will get to understand the scope of the tools and determine if it is worth your time and investment.

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4 Ways To Cut Costs In eBay Inventory Management

Thomas Posted On - March 18, 2017

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Hundreds of eBay sellers have experienced some of their gloomiest days with mismanaged inventory costs that may have taken a small or irreparable toll on their total revenues earned at the end of the month. The ‘what just happened’ scene however, can be avoided, if sellers make a conscious effort to understand all the cracks and crevices from where profits can seep out and take active measures to remedy the same.

Here are 4 effective ways to cut costs in eBay inventory management that actually go a very long way in increasing ROI significantly…

Predict demand before over stocking warehouses –

Demand prediction, when it comes to stocking warehouses can be phenomenally important in saving extra expenses. Failure to predict demands has caused thousands of sellers to overstock warehouses with products that eventually became motionless in no time at all. The truth is if a certain product appears invaluable to buyers right now, certain shifts in the market can render them not-so-popular within weeks if not months.

So, for example, if you have already stocked your warehouse with the same product by thousands of units catering to 3 months of demand or more without taking into account the fact that they may not be as useful by the next 3 weeks, you may be in for paying a massive warehouse rent for units that fetch you no sale at all. Immobile inventory in eBay is one of the most dreaded causes of useless expense.

Use softwares for real time inventory movement updates –

This will save you from being stuck with immobile products that fetch no profits yet eat up warehouse space. Perfectly integrated inventory softwares allow sellers to stay in tune with real time movement of the units thereby updating the seller about immobile stock at the right time. Ecommerce solution developers that offer smart solutions like the Walmart API key Saving can be approached for the purpose.

Generate demands in locations of delivery before piling up stock in respective warehouses –

this basically goes out to sellers that are present in a range of different locations across the nation and beyond. It is always wise to generate demands through functional strategies in the concerned location before shipping thousands of units to the respective warehouses.

If you are using FBA, use FBA fee calculation softwares to determine expenses before making them –

eBay FBA is one of the best ways to complete orders with flair. However, if you are not aware about how the FBA fees work, you may be in for rude surprises at the end of the week or month. Using, FBA fee calculators can save a whole lot of expenses that eventually reflect in healthier revenues.

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