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Short Guide To Best Selling Practices For Walmart Marketplace Sellers

Thomas Posted On - August 11, 2017

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Walmart online marketplace is a very promising platform for ecommerce sellers to maximize their business opportunities in infinite different ways. The marketplace is known and cherished for maintaining low and productive competition while attracting high purchase motivated traffic volume every single month.

However, it is necessary for 3P Walmart marketplace sellers to understand that taking these advantages for granted can often lead to counterproductive outcomes, making it imperative to learn and abide by a set of best practices for selling. Following is a very compact guide to best practices that is dedicated to all new selling entities in this marketplace…

Start with end to end integration –

This is the first step that needs to be taken very seriously on gaining entry to Walmart has already partnered with some of the top ecommerce solution developers that can make the process quick, easy and affordable at the same time.

Use tools and software solutions where applicable –

This goes out mostly to multichannel entities that need to establish harmony between Walmart and all other marketplaces of presence. For example, tools and software solutions can add speed and faultlessness to complex integrated efforts like Walmart Magento Google Shopping data feed management etc; an effort that can help keep sellers in the good books of this marketplace.

Optimize feed to suit the temperament of Walmart –

Walmart expects sellers to list their products in a certain manner which is compatible with the marketplace algorithms as well as buyer interests. Optimizing feed to suit these essential requirements is nonnegotiable.

Increase value of purchase in favor of buyers –

This basically includes lowest prices, best deals, free shipping and handling, discounts and rebates etc. that will keep buyers coming back for more.

Profit maximization happens with enhanced sale and not inflated prices –

Maximizing profits is usually an issue with Walmart marketplace sellers all thanks to the lowest price policy maintained by the platform. Sellers that aim profit maximization by attracting more traffic and sale through extended marketing efforts though, are seen to gain and retain better visibility in this Walmart.

Maintain robust order completion system and invest more if you need to –

Walmart absolutely adores sellers that maintain robust order completion apparatus that makes purchase experience better for loyal buyers. If your apparatus is as good as or better than Amazon, your progress will be unstoppable in this marketplace.

Generate reviews and ratings organically from the first day on –

Lastly, your effort in generating organic reviews and ratings from the first day on is counted as good selling practice. Using tools and softwares for the purpose is also advised.

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5 Steps To Responsible eBay Inventory Management

Stephen Posted On - July 7, 2017

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Inventory management is still one of the biggest challenges that eBay sellers face on a regular basis irrespective of their nature, volume or experience levels. Cases of over and under selling, explosive warehouse charges, ever draining revenues, warnings from eBay etc. are reported almost every single day by sellers in this marketplace at a global scale.

Proper eBay inventory control measures can however, ensure solving the issue by leaps for extended productivity and revenue generation. Following are 5 steps to responsible management of inventory in eBay that successful sellers usually swear by…

Educating yourself about best practices at the onset always helps – Learning what to expect and what not to expect while managing inventory in eBay is the first step to making the right decisions as far as designing productive management strategies is concerned. Educating yourself about tools and software requirements for the purpose also goes a very long way in staying in the right track through the vigorously evolving nature of this marketplace.

End to end integration including the supply chain source is imperative – You cannot manage inventory in eBay successfully without proper end to end integration working in your favor. And yes, this includes the supply chain source as well. At all times you are required to be in tune not only with what flows in and what flows out, but also with what you may have in stock or may not have in stock over the next month / quarter depending upon the temperament of your supply chain source.

Demand prediction is not a myth – How well you manage your inventory in eBay depends to a significant extent on successful demand prediction as well. The importance of demand prediction is universal in ecommerce and is applicable to Amazon,, Walmart marketplace sellers and entities performing in all other ecommerce platforms for that matter.

Engage warehouses and warehouse space responsibly – Warehouses have often been cited as reasons that cause maximum seepage of revenues and that too imperceptibly. Therefore, learning about responsible usage of warehouses as well as integrating with the same end to end can be one of the best approaches for infallible inventory control in eBay.

eBay FBA can be productive only if you know how to do it right – Lastly, FBA can be a blessing as far as maintaining order completion standards without flaws is concerned. However, if you are clueless about how much FBA will cost and the level of control you may have over your inventory when it is shipped to FBA warehouses, things can get difficult. Therefore, learning about eBay FBA before approaching the same can help boost inventory control in this marketplace.

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