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Why eBay Sellers Are Switching Places With

Daniel Posted On - November 7, 2017

eBay Inventory management
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Many top and established eBay sellers have been seen shifting their base to Walmart online marketplace slowly and steadily, and here are the reasons why this shift appears to be the best decision they have ever taken in their lives…

  • Walmart is a universally recognized retail giant. Everyone knows Walmart and buyers are also amply aware of the fact that they can find good quality products in this platform in the lowest prices. Therefore, traffic is usually never an issue while selling in online marketplace. In fact, sellers don’t have to put their shoulders on the wheels to attract footfalls in their respective categories, something that is more than just imperative in eBay.
  • Competition among 3P sellers is expected to remain low for years to come. Unlike eBay which is the ultimate marketplace for all sellers irrespective of nature, product categories and volume, Walmart is only for the big shots. The criteria for entry into this marketplace has been laid out very clearly with focus upon previous work history, sophistication in order management apparatus, order defect rate and more. Sellers that don’t match the standards often don’t hear at all from after sending in their applications.

Therefore, high traffic and low competition works out wonderfully for the eBay sellers that are otherwise overwrought with cut throat rat race in eBay.

  • Integration is easy and affordable even those involving top names like Amazon eBay Magento, Shopify and more. has partnered with some of the top ecommerce solution developers that offer end to end functional integration solutions at very affordable price packages.
  • Visibility and buy box criteria are very comprehensive in All that the sellers need to do is maintain lowest prices and offer free shipping while the rest would fall in place. eBay route to visibility still remains a mystery to most sellers. Walmart sellers that establish end to end integration at the very onset of their selling endeavors like Walmart Bigcommerce etc are likely to gain an upper hand as far as attaining long term visibility is concerned.
  • There are no rude surprises especially in terms of changing algorithms which is a part and parcel of eBay. Sellers therefore, feel more comfortable and secure while performing in than the latter.
  • Walmart online marketplace in on the rise. It has already beaten eBay to the no.2 spot after Amazon in the USA. The scope could increase further to infinite different nations by the end of this decade.

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4 Best Practices For Managing Ecommerce Core Operations

Thomas Posted On - September 23, 2017

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Core operations in ecommerce refer to a set of critical and indispensable functions in online business management mostly including matters like listing management, inventory control, order management, performance tracking and more. These operations are directly associated with maintaining the overall health of the venture so that sellers / business owners are least affected with errors and faults that can eventually compromise their growth and profits.

Top e commerce marketplaces like eBay, Walmart, Amazon etc are very particular about how selling entities manage their core operations and favor those that make conscious efforts to improve their approach towards the same. Here are 4 best practices for core operation management that the best of ecommerce sellers swear by…


Head to toe integration is the first step to introducing faultless uncompromised smoothness and effectiveness to core operations. Integration usually covers shopping cart and marketplace syncing like Netsuite eBay, Amazon Shopify etc and also works phenomenally at multi channel level that involve harmonizing core operational activities between 2 or more marketplaces / CSEs etc.

With end to end syncing, time consuming and otherwise erroneous processes like listing, inventory management etc can become minute long affairs.

Using advanced automation tools

The overall ecommerce landscape is evolving dramatically by the passing days, keeping up with the pace of which can be very challenging even for the best of sellers. Manual attempts at core process management are thus never recommended any more, unless the concerned sellers are hobby sellers in eBay or other similar selling platforms.

If you are serious about your ecommerce endeavor and wish to earn a living through it, you will have to use advanced automation tools that will not only save your time and efforts but add maximum productivity to your business as well. Automation tools are best applicable in single / multi channel listing, inventory management, order management, currency and payment management, performance report tracking and more.

Frequent updates

Keeping in mind the evolving landscape of ecommerce, sellers must ensure updating their tools, softwares, integration setups and even approach to core operation management at frequent intervals of time. Sticking to the same age old practices can lead to eventual demise of the concerned venture.

Professional assistance

Ecommerce integration procedures especially those involving top shopping carts and marketplaces like Walmart Bigcommerce Amazon etc. require a certain degree of technical experience. Sellers that do not posses the required technical know-how must approach professional assistance. These days, some of the most promising e commerce solution developers are offering their services at very affordable prices making it easy for sellers of all volumes and budget limitations to approach the same.

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4 Things That Sellers Cry About In Amazon

Stephen Posted On - April 27, 2017

Amazon selling
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Since its establishment in 1994 till today, Amazon has managed to inspire the world with its innovative approach to buying and selling which only tends to get better by the days. Net sales of about $ 136 billion in 2016 followed with an income of 2.4 billion, employment of 45000 warehouse robots to maximize efficiency, hundreds of brands, 100,000 plus sellers and more are only reflective of the phenomenal, rather unstoppable progress of this marketplace. Amazon selling thus spells enormous possibilities of growth and profits for all sellers, irrespective of their volumes or nature.

Promising as it may be, selling in Amazon does come with its share of drawbacks that have been experienced by a growing number of sellers in this marketplace. Some of the most common factors that annoy the latter to tears can be mentioned as follows…

Cut throat competition –

While no one can deny that Amazon always overflowing with target buyers, it is also true that the number of sellers in this marketplace is way too high. Touching the 100,000 mark and counting, it is only obvious that competition is rather unforgiving in this marketplace. Therefore, sellers that do not take active steps to maintain high ranking can face serious consequences in the form of irrecoverable invisibility.

Sellers that are powered with solid integrations and multichannel syncing like Walmart Bigcommerce Amazon integration, have been seen to withstand the flood with success.

The web of fees –

Amazon selling is shrouded with a web of fees and commissions that are often incomprehensive to most sellers, especially beginners in this marketplace. From commissions to marketplace fees, from warehouses charges to FBA, there is a complex structure of payments that sellers need to navigate through in order to win even a cent in the name of profits. This complexity often gets the better of sellers till the time they integrate with high quality fee and profit calculation tools for redemption.

Impact of poor reviews and rating –

Amazon strictly upholds the fact that the customer is always right. Therefore, sellers are often seen to bear with returns and refunds with a smiling face for reasons that hold no ground. At the same time, sellers often find themselves dealing with nasty reviews from buyers for otherwise forgivable faults. This takes a toll on their visibility and ranking with no support from Amazon whatsoever.

The mystery of the buy box –

Lastly, the matter of the Buy Box and how to qualify for the same still remains a mystery with most sellers. Even the best of integrations, best of prices, best of reviews and best of listing practices have failed many sellers in gaining or retaining their place.

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5 Reasons Why Smaller Sellers Are Loving eBay Amazon Tools

Thomas Posted On - April 1, 2017

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In the very recent past, thousands of smaller and often cash crunched sellers in eBay and Amazon dreaded approaching advanced tools and softwares solutions to improve the scope and performance of their business. However, all thanks to the extended efforts of new age e commerce solution developers that the very landscape of eBay Amazon tools has transformed for the better. At this moment, 5 very relatable reasons can be stated why this group of sellers is ever more confident as far as approaching these improved, innovative and evolved solutions is concerned…

Affordability –

From the time ecommerce tools made their debut till today, there has been massive improvements as far as affordability of these options is concerned. Right now, sellers can actually avail highly functional solutions at cheaper and justifiable prices.

Suitable features –

Smaller sellers usually do not need very high end features that larger and more voluminous sellers often require. Availability of tools with moderate automation features as well as utility enhancement features these days has made it ever more convenient for the former to approach the same.

Easy and comprehensive usage –

More often than not smaller sellers need to rely on themselves when it comes to installing and integrating the eBay Amazon tools with their respective operative systems. This is mostly for the sake of saving costs that are associated with hiring professionals for handling the task on behalf of them.

The aspect of ease and comprehensiveness in usage, installation and integration of these tools has played its part in making smaller sellers fall in love with these solutions. Professional support however, is necessary for serious integrations like eBay Walmart Bigcommerce syncing etc.

Approachable customer support –

More often than not, cheaper or free tools and software solutions do not come with end to end customer support. For a very long time this was a pivotal reason why smaller sellers did not approach these support systems. At present, many innovative e commerce solution providers have come up with suitable customer support plans that can help sellers avail the necessary assistance as and when they require.

Possibility to enhance scope of business –

Almost all ecommerce solutions these days have evolved enough to include ample possibilities to enhance the scope of the concerned businesses. This has allowed many smaller ventures to expand beyond their existing limits while attempting a greater boost in terms of growth and profits. There could be no better reason for sellers to love these softwares a little more every passing day.

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