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An Ultimate Guide To Rank Your Products High on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet.com and more

Stephen Posted On - April 19, 2018

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55 percent of online product searches begin on Amazon. Now imagine the sales you can make if your products rank high for selected key phrases. An overnight millionaire story, perhaps?

This is the single most important reason why the majority of top online sellers focus so much on store optimization. So, if you want to be just as successful, it is important that you know how to flatter the search engine of top marketplaces. Because even with all your social reach attempts and customer retention strategy, a large part of your online sales will come from search engine.

All being said though, optimizing your products and stores to rank high in the search result of top marketplaces isn’t that simple. It’s not impossible; it’s challenging though, more so for the beginners.

So, if you’re looking to rank your products high on the likes of Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Sears, Jet.com, Google Shopping and other online channels, it won’t come easy to you. You must work hard for that.

Here are 7 store optimization tips that, if executed well and consistently, can take your products to the top of marketplaces’ search results:

(Super) High-Quality Products

There’s no replacement for quality. And if some “tricks” and “hacks” have made you believe otherwise, you were likely reading a bad material.
The first rule of online selling is that you must have high-quality products. If you’re offering a crappy product, every parameter that marketplaces use to rank products high would ultimately signal negatively.

So, if you really want to champion the search engines, you must offer (super) high-quality products. There’s no other way. Once you do this, every other piece will fall in the right places.

Optimized Product Titles and Descriptions

Many online vendors take product listings very casually. For them, it’s just about updating images, copy-pasting the titles and descriptions, and that’s that! Needless to say, these are also the sellers who struggle with poor sales.

The first step in this department is to do keywords research. Find out the key phrases that your target audience is using to discover products and sellers like yours/you. Once you have a good set of keywords (that have high traffic and low competition level), plug them in throughout your listing.

Read the guidelines of different marketplaces and follow them devotedly. Know how long the titles and descriptions should be. Use the keywords thoughtfully. Also, when listing, don’t leave any field empty, even when it’s optional.

In short, take your time in the product listing.

High Definition Images

The only way customers know what kind of products they are purchasing is through images. This is why using high-definition pictures of your products is essential.

So, when clicking the picture of your products, avoid your smartphone and use good quality cameras. You can rent them these days quite easily and at cheap. Or if you’re selling affiliate products, ask the affiliate to provide you HD images.

When with good-quality images, optimize it now using good tools to reduce its size. Optimized images retain quality but, less in size, they load much faster.

Smart Pricing

Many vendors believe that the secret to selling more is selling at cheap. To an extent, this is true but NOT entirely. A lot goes into pricing strategy than just tagging your products cheap.

If you want to optimize your return, you must know how to price your products on different marketplaces smartly. And it will all depend on the kind of products you’re offering, your target audience, your personal goals, acquiring cost and more.

A basic strategy could be that instead of selling your products at the lowest price all the time, you sell at regular price but often offer “special discounts”. Limited time-period discounts can trigger a potential buyer. Such practice, if streamlined well with email marketing, can really boost your sales. Also, such discounts, if offered during special occasions like Christmas, can do wonder for you.

A pricing strategy such as this one ensures not only do marketplaces love your occasional low-priced products and rank them higher but also that you don’t have to compromise on your profit margin.

Positive Customer Reviews

This is the most evident sign of the quality of your products. If there are positive reviews, the product is good. If too many negative feedbacks, the quality is bad.

So, you must strive to get as many positive reviews as possible. You can ask your customers through emails to leave you good product ratings and feedbacks. You can remind them to do this multiple time. Those, reluctant to do this, you can offer them special discounts on their next purchase if they review the products well.

Also, your social channels are a great avenue to reach out to your audience and ask them to give your products/stores positive reviews.

The more good things people are talking about your products, the higher will they rank on the search result of marketplaces.

Flexible Shipping and Return Policy

Many have only guessed it till now but here’s a fact: top marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Sears, Jet.com and few more, they all prioritize products with free shipping and return.

Yes, in the search result of marketplaces, products with no-cost delivery and return are ranked higher than those who charge money.

So, if you want to get to the top, don’t charge money for shipping and return; have your policies flexible.

Simply incorporate these costs into the products’ listed price.

Multi-channel E-commerce Solution

Imagine if you’re selling on multiple online platforms and you have to carefully and manually do product listing on each of them. It would take all your time and energy. Add to that the hassle of managing inventory and order fulfillment on individual platforms, the task becomes even more difficult.

This is why almost all the successful sellers use multi-channel e-commerce software solution. These third-party solutions, with their seamless integration facility, can make product listing and feed optimization very centralized, efficient and quick. They easily eliminate the room for any error, ensuring you are more productive.

And when you are more efficient in listing and optimization, you add to the chances of ranking higher in the search result of marketplaces.

These are 7 highly-effective store optimization tips that vouch to push your products at the top of the search results of top marketplaces.

Indeed, they would take time to deliver fruitful results. But if you’re consistent enough, rewards will come sooner than you hope for.

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How to win Buy Box on Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, and Sears?

Stephen Posted On - April 16, 2018

Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, and Sears
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Did you know 82 percent of sales on Amazon happen through Buy Box?

Things are similar even on other marketplaces like Walmart, NewEgg, and Sears. No wonder, the majority of online sellers put so much effort in winning these buy boxes that virtually guarantee them increased sales.

But like every good story comes with some kind of problems—so does this one. Getting your products featured in the buy boxes on major e-commerce platforms is a tedious task. And when thousands of sellers are trying to do the same thing, the competition is seamless and chances are minuscule.

But don’t be disheartened now!

Yes, it’s difficult. But that doesn’t mean you let the opportunity of being a super-successful seller slip by just like that. You definitely should work hard for that. And with the following tips and ways, who know, you can qualify for the buy boxes tomorrow. (So many vendors already have!).

Read Guidelines Like A Bible

The first step to win the buy boxes on major selling platforms is doing exactly what you’re being told to, and avoid things that you’re asked not to do. This is no less than a rule!

One of the biggest mistakes many online vendors make is follow some backdoor techniques and hacks to get what they want. While these shady ways may work for them in the short span, they are bound to fail in the long run. So if, with a long-term vision, you want to add sustainability to your online business, you are advised against following such “tricks and hacks”.

Besides, why follow methods that are against the guidelines of marketplaces when you can win Buy Boxes with legit ways?!

So spend some time in reading the official guidelines of all those platforms where you are selling your products. Yep, the fonts might be small in size and the texts might be boring. But a bit of work in this step can take you a long way.

5 Essentials to Qualify for the Buy Boxes

Here are 5 things that would make you a strong contender to win buy boxes:

Have a professional seller account

Different marketplaces offer different types of seller account. For example, Amazon has two types of seller accounts- Professional Seller and Amazon Vendors. Similarly, NewEgg offers three types of seller accounts- Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. On the other hand, Walmart.com has a standard free account for every type of vendors.

Wherever applicable, remember, you cannot hope to score Buy Box with free accounts. Now don’t go to invest in the costliest package. Just upgrade your current plan to a professional one. This will put you on the list of sellers that marketplace prioritizes. Also, with more flexible options at hand now, you would easily be able to make necessary changes to qualify for the box.

The Most Competitive Price

Online shoppers usually look for affordable items. And what they look for is exactly what marketplaces aim to offer them. So if you’re offering your products at low price, there’s a big chance you could qualify for the buy box easily.

Indeed this means you would have to compromise on your profit margin. This is where effective pricing strategy comes into play a big role. Do your calculation properly and then finalize the listing price accordingly – will the benefits of getting featured in buy box make up for the low price you’re currently selling at?


Many wonder if shipping charge plays as big of a role as it’s generally believed. Here’s what we say – free shipping is a MUST to win buy boxes. Yes, they are a MUST! Indeed, there are many instances where sellers charging shipping fees do get featured in the recommended box. But there a range of different factors come into play here, including their successful sales history.

If you’re trying to qualify for the box quickly, you must offer free shipping to buyers on whatever marketplaces you’re selling on. Again, this is where effective pricing strategy can come into play a prominent role.

Positive reviews and feedbacks

You knew this was coming! It’s a no-brainer.

Good reviews and ratings signal that the customers are satisfied with their purchase. If there are many bad feedbacks, it simply means that the product is bad. Top marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, and Sears take user-generated contents very seriously. And rightly so! Would you buy from an online seller that’s plagued with many bad reviews?

So the first step in this department is to offer customers high-quality products and give them no reasons to complain. The second step is to ask them to leave good reviews for the products. And third, if anyone has left a negative remark, answer that person tactfully instead of looking sour.

Keep Your Inventory Updated

No marketplace would like to display products to buyers that risk being out of stock. That’s the biggest experience spoiler for the customers. So as a general rule, to get promoted to the buy box, as well as in the search result for your targeted keywords, you need to keep your inventory updated all the time.

If you’re handling many storefronts, updating your inventories on all platforms can be time-consuming and very inconvenient. This is where a good multi-channel e-commerce solution can help you. It can integrate all your stores on a centralized platform and facilitate real-time, multi-channel inventory management, also providing help with other backend activities like product listings and feed optimization. All these can eventually end up qualifying your products for the buy box.

These are 5 essentials that you need to win buy boxes on e-commerce platforms. Of course, there are few other factors that you should pay heed to equally. But if you manage to pull off these mentioned tips successfully, the other pieces will fall in the right places.

It might all look a bit complicated, but they aren’t. Few steps here and few tweaks there, and your products can stand as a strong contender for the buy box. Besides, even if they look difficult to execute, you should still follow the steps. Remember, getting featured in the buy box can totally change the game for you, making you a successful online seller in no time.

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5 Things Amazon, eBay Sellers MUST Remember When Planning To Sell at Walmart

Stephen Posted On - March 29, 2018

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So you’re scaling your business and Walmart’s your next stop? Great!

Exciting as this expansion period may be, it could also turn into a big disappointment if you’re not taking measured steps. The stakes are even higher when stretching your arms to Walmart, one of the world’s largest marketplaces that can potentially steer the direction of your company to either new heights or deeper lows.

One of the biggest challenges of selling on Walmart is that the platform is much different than the other two big players. Meaning, even if you’re a pro Amazon and eBay seller, you’re going to have some hard time in this marketplace. You might even have to struggle with unsatisfactory sales if you aren’t careful enough to craft unique strategies.

So before you jump to this ship and commit your resources there, here are 5 important things every Amazon and eBay seller must remember when planning to sell at Walmart:

No easy entryway to Walmart

You need approval before you start selling at Walmart. This step has helped the marketplace limit the entry of mediocre sellers and maintain high quality. They have a set of terms and policies that you need to fulfill before you become a full-time Walmart seller. While these terms aren’t necessarily very inflexible, you need to be attentive throughout the process.

Walmart seller application process will take about 10 minutes. But the approval can take quite a bit of time; about 2 to 3 weeks. The people there will screen your application personally and see if you’re a right fit for the marketplace or not. If you have a prior experience of online selling or have a well reputed online store (with good reviews), it would tremendously help your case.

So don’t assume getting on Walmart would be just as easy as starting on Amazon and eBay. You need to prepare for it. The first thing you need to do is read their guidelines.

Product listing requires more attention

While product listing on Walmart may seem similar to that of Amazon and eBay, it’s slightly different if you factor optimization. Ranking on Walmart is very difficult. Even with a limited number of third-party sellers, competition level in every niche is high. You need to take a bit of time in listing your products on this marketplace to ensure the product is fully optimized to rank high on searches for selected keywords.

Comparatively, Walmart requires more product data. So fill in all the right fields. Use the right product title and description. Include relevant keywords. Ensure that by reading this, the potential customer gets sufficient information about the product.

In short, take your time in setting products. It would take some time, but doing it properly is very crucial. So have patience.

Focus on shaping your brand

Unlike Amazon and eBay where the focus is solely on the products, there’s a larger room to establish your brand name on Walmart. Instead of trying to sell individual products at the cheapest, you must take proactive steps to ensure your brand/store name becomes recognizable and trusted. Prominently place your store name throughout the listing. The copies you write, make sure they are engaging and personalized.

Aim to offer your customers an experience rather than a product. Communicate with them properly (over email, in the review section, on social channels). Connect with them not as a mechanized salesman but as a breathing-living business.

All-in-all, have a different selling strategy on Walmart altogether. The more you invest in your brand or store name, higher will be your business sustainability in this marketplace.

You can’t use FBA

Yes, this is quite a bummer. You might have been successfully leveraging the power of FBA to sell products on eBay, but you simply cannot do that when selling at Walmart. You will likely listen about this in Walmart’s policies or one of the emails they would send you during the registration process.

One of the reasons behind this is Walmart doesn’t want Amazon’s name sold from its platform. And rightly so, given they are fierce competitors.

So you would need to have another shipping and logistic partner by your side.

Indeed, this may add up to your stress—you’re going to have to handle your order fulfillment on a different platform. But this is where you can let your multi-channel e-commerce solution make your life easier. On their centralized platform, you would easily be able to integrate your Walmart store with the shipping solution. You can even sync all your various marketplaces under a single roof. This step would definitely easy up for your inconvenience, making managing multiple channels (marketplaces, webstores, and logistic platform) extremely easier and quicker.

And not to forget, multi-channel e-commerce solutions like ChannelSale also bring a host of unique features that provide simplified product listings and order management on Walmart. To that, with their pre-configured integration with other top shopping carts like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion and more, they promise to add more ease and expediency to your plate.

Shipping must be on-time. Always.

Walmart takes its customers’ experience and satisfaction very seriously. No wonder, if your on-time shipment rate is anywhere less than 99 percent, it could seriously impact your ranking and seller scoreboard. Plus, not to forget the negative feedbacks it would bring.

So, first, you would have to be thoughtful (and aggressive) in your Expected Shipping Date (ESD). Next, you must have the right order fulfillment partner who you can rely on to make on-time deliveries. Always strive to ship well before the ESD. Also, at the same time, you must make sure to keep your sales cancellation rate less than 1.5 percent. Anything more than this can damage your hard-earned high ranking!

These are 5 important things that every Amazon and eBay seller must keep in mind before they start selling at Walmart. This leading marketplace has opportunities in abundance—even more for those sellers who are smart in making their pricing and marketing strategies. However, Walmart has its own challenges. If you’re looking to sell big here, you’re going to have to embrace these challenges with right solutions that stem from earlier planning and data-driven actions.

Ready to expand the reach of your campaigns and save time and money at the same time?
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6 Steps To Make Your Ecommerce Data Feed Instantly Profitable

Thomas Posted On - August 11, 2017

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Making conscious efforts at increasing productivity of your data feed is critically important if you wish to keep your head over the competitive rat race existent in the world of ecommerce today. There are tens and hundreds of different means and methods that can be applied for the purpose, but not all of these can be expected to lead to successful outcomes.

Following are 6 tried and tested tips for improved data feed management that has helped a multitude of sellers gain better control and profits over their ecommerce endeavors already, in the short and long run…

Optimize head to toe –

Launching your product feed without optimization is as good as sending out invitations to invisibility. Spending time, efforts and investment in proper optimization efforts and refreshing the same at frequent intervals is critical to maintain visibility in top marketplaces / CSEs.

Pricing and re pricing is critical –

Visibility and productivity of data feed depends to a large extent on the prices specified by the sellers. Product feeds that are doing remarkably well in top platforms are those that priced reasonably and are re priced every day if not every hour. Using automation tools for pricing and re pricing data feed can multiply productivity many times over within days.

Images need to be optimized as well –

Image optimization forms a critical part of all endeavors associated with productive data feed management. Sellers are required to stay in tune with the image requirements as specified by the marketplace while staying away from malpractices like watermarking, adding promotional data etc in the same.

Deals matter –

Introducing attractive deals and discounts in your data feed at frequent intervals of time can help it gain better visibility and search rankings in the respective marketplaces and CSEs. Flat priced offers usually fetch less visibility as has been observed through marketplace behavior over the past half decade.

Stay away from black hat practices –

Whether you are selling on Walmart, eBay Store, Amazon, Rakuten or any other platforms for that matter, it is imperative stay clear of black hat practices that assure instant shortcut to visibility and traffic. Once discovered, the marketplaces can penalize sellers by scrapping their listing, warning them or suspending accounts without warning.

Professional assistance can give you a head start in already congested marketplaces / comparison shopping platforms –

This is perhaps the easiest way to make your data feed very productive without having to try too hard or subject yourself to trial and error. Employing professionals for data feed support solutions is very easy and affordable these days.

Ready to expand the reach of your campaigns and save time and money at the same time?
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Email info@channelsale.com

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eBay Integration Facts That Will Make You Truly Happy

Thomas Posted On - August 11, 2017

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End to end integration initiated in favor of all top marketplaces like eBay can enhance the quality and productivity of seller performance many times over. However, certain inherent fears about approaching the process often leads selling entities, especially the smaller and newer sellers, to avoid the process completely or make half hearted attempts that are usually useless. Following are certain facts about eBay integration whether with other marketplaces like Walmart, Sears, Amazon etc or shopping carts like 3D Cart, Bigcommerce, Shopify etc. that are assured to make approach the process with a smile on your face…

  • All dependable ecommerce solution providers offer a wide variety of integration solutions. Therefore, you can always exercise your right to choose. AT present, specific solutions are available for small sellers, midsized sellers, large entities, fixed price sellers, auction sellers, hobby sellers and more.
  • Yes… you can customize your integration approach as well to suit your business requirements and budget. Customized solutions usually include features and tools that you specifically mention and that too at a specified budget limit.
  • Tools and software solutions are often flexible that grows with your growing business. Developers ensure leaving ample scope for you to add features of your choice as and when you need them. This way, you don’t have to pay excessive amounts of money at the very onset for features in your integration solution that you may not require for months or even years together.
  • Professionals are always prepared to help you with the A to Z of the integration process. Be it shopping cart integration like 3D Cart eBay, or integration with other marketplaces and processes, professionals can handle all and more in minimum possible time and that too with ample assurance of flawlessness. This works wonderfully in favor for sellers that don’t possess any prior experience in the matter.
  • Almost all e commerce solution developers that offer end to end eBay integration support usually allow their clients to access 24 / 7 customer support facilities through mails or calls. The support facility allows sellers to report issues if any or request more services to boost their integration efforts/
  • Affordability in eBay integration or syncing services including all top marketplaces, shopping carts and comparison shopping platforms is not a myth. A little investment though can help you gain instant head start in competition which is a blessing you will need while performing in eBay.

Extend your reach with ChannelSale

  • ChannelSale platform is your gateway to 200+ Online Major Shopping Channels – Marketplaces, Comparison Shopping Engines and Affiliate networks
  • ChannelSale offers you managed services to professionally manage your campaigns.
  • Update latest changes in your Marketplaces, Comparison Shopping Engines and Affiliate networks even as they happen.
  • Save Time and Money by reducing your marketing costs.
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5 Amazon Tools You Cannot Do Without In 2017

Stephen Posted On - January 5, 2017

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>Boosting your performance in Amazon this year may require some added assistance from tools and software solutions. This applies to all types of sellers of all volumes and all brackets of revenues. It has been predicted that competition will bubble up to the surface this year with the marketplace taking keen notice of the minutest details that add to or take away from seller performance quality. Sellers on the other hand need to ensure that their basic operation management is faultless, quick and smooth so that they can offer the best purchase experience to buyers while maintaining their rapport with the search engines and algorithms of Amazon.

>For sellers who are yet to get introduced to the necessary Amazon selling tools, here is a small list that can be considered almost immediately…

Optimization tools

>If you have been optimizing your product listing manually, this may be the best time to use tools and software solutions for the purpose. Optimization tools and softwares are designed to automate processes that can otherwise claim hours of time every single day till optimum advantages are experienced.

Pricing ad repricing tools

>Price fluctuations in competitor products happen by the second in Amazon and you cannot keep track of the same and introduce changes in your own pricing effectively if you are approaching the process manually. Pricing and repricing tools can achieve the desired outcomes within minutes even when you are not sitting before your system in person.

Fee and profit calculating tools

>Calculating Amazon fees and determining profits per sale can be very difficult when approached manually. In fact, manual attempts in this respect can be fraught with miscalculations that can land you with unpleasant surprises when you are least expecting. Adding FBA to the basket will require your mathematical skills to supersede the ordinary. The best relief would be to have an Amazon fee / profit calculating tool installed and let the softwares handle all the brainwork.

Review generation tools

>Whether Amazon Walmart, Sears, Jet.com or even Walmart.com, reviews will be critically important this year as far as product visibility within the marketplace is concerned. Using organic review generation tools is one of the many ways to gain better and more positive reviews without you having to depend upon the good will of the buyers.

Tools for fraud management

>Last but not the least, you can always consider installing fraud management tools that can alert you about fake transactions and prevent you from shipping products to inauthentic buyers.

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Walmart Integrated with ChannelSale

Robin Smith Posted On - July 22, 2016

Channelsale walmart
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– Another Revolutionary Step Towards Seller Success

Walmart ChannelSale integration features:

  • The Walmart ChannelSale integration provides features to automatically create new or update existing product listings on Walmart marketplace. Synchronize product listings data with ChannelSale’s pre-configured shopping cart solutions Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Volusion, 3D Cart, Americommerce and many more. Create listings on Walmart via your product feed import into ChannelSale in any file formats, be it API-XML, TXT, CSV or XLS.
  • ChannelSale supports centralized management of Walmart orders alongwith other marketplaces with complete and all inclusive shipping tracking details in a single and comprehensive interface. Automation of order exporting & shipping tracking retrieval is supported via ChannelSale’s pre-configured third party platforms such as Fulfilled By Amazon, eBay Global Shipping, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, ShipStation, ShipWorks, ShipRush, OrderMotion, OrderLogix, StoneEdge amongst several others.
  • Inventory management synchronization in Walmart along-with the other shopping sites becomes a one click-affair with ChannelSale as your integration partner. With real time inventory updates from all warehouses to tracking individual product performance, ChannelSale supports each and all with assured freedom from error. Third party inventory management platforms such asFulfilled By Amazon, SKU Vault, SOS Inventory, Finale Inventory, StoneEdgeor via separate files on FTP / HTTP are all supported to avoid over-selling or under-selling issues.
  • ChannelSale is infallibly equipped to handle multi variation products. Therefore, if you have the same product in different sizes, colors, quantity and materials, you can access smooth listing solutions for all and more. The listing process is further fortified with enhanced product mapping that is in complete sync with Walmart.
  • ChannelSale supports feature for variable pricing in Walmart in comparison with other shopping platforms that you may be present in. The features tomarkup or markdown pricing are available in the ChannelSale user interface. Also, supports pricing retrieval from any third party repricer or via Amazon oreBay or via separate files on FTP or HTTP locations.
  • Business rules available to easily suppress products that are to be excluded from being sent to specific shopping sites.
    Add on custom automated business rules to modify product data such as merge fields, add new content, markup pricing over cost, handle inventory across bundled kits, and many more business rules.
  • Granular level category mappings per Walmart’s taxonomy structure carried out by our team of specialized category mappers to ensure your products get listed in the most appropriate matching category to get maximum visibility.
  • Fully assisted deployment services from our specialized team members to help complete the Walmart setup tasks including providing validation reports for products listing synchronization success.

If you are ready to get started with selling on Walmart marketplace with assurance of a promising growth and profit based future, please reach out to our Client Service Executives via email on info@channelsale.com or phone +1-866-709-9495 or visit our website at www.channelsale.com

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WalMart Pre-Sets Its Sales Growth to a Lower Rate!

Daniel Posted On - October 8, 2014

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Recently Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has lowered its earning guidance for fiscal year 2015. In the first second quarter their web sales experienced 27% growth and in the second quarter it became 24%. On the basis of this, on a conference call with investors the mass merchant has declared a lower web sales growth of 25% for the current fiscal year ending on January 31, 2015. Originally, this growth target was estimated as 30%.

According to a transcript from Seeking Alpha, while addressing second quarter earnings call with investors, Charles Holley, chief financial officer of Wal-Mart said, although they are revising their E-Commerce sales growth to 25% for this year, the company is quite enthusiastic about their business strategic goals. The management is confident they will overcome this temporary setback in the market due to various concrete reasons and gain effectively in long-term growth.

This is also to be noticed that Wal-Mart’s smaller format stores are making huge profit which is really significant and looks promising for future growth. The company is also taking it seriously and planning to open double number of smaller stores in the current financial year.

If we look at the world wide development, Wal-Mart’s web properties witnessed high growth. The web sales record in Canada and Argentina is quite lucrative and in Brazil, Mexico and Chile also this figure looks quite satisfactory. The statistics says, in China, Yihaodian, Wal-Mart’s e-commerce platform was credited for growing traffic in the second quarter by triple digits supported by a net sales growth of double digits. In the United States and the United Kingdom also E-commerce sales growth increased by double digits.

In this scenario, WalMart is trying to focus more towards online sales. And to reach this target, the company is developing mobile apps, building new strategies like ship from stores, pay with cash, same day delivery and crowd sourcing etc. Utilizing the big stores as fulfillment centers is also a calculated step in this direction. Last October Wal-Mart already expanded its operation to online grocery sale which also received compelling customer response!

So to wipe off the negative impact of slashing down growth target, during the same conference call, Greg Foran, president and CEO of Wal-Mart U.S., did not forget to highlight the significant incident of Mexico celebrated the first anniversary of Wal-Mart.com.mx in June.  And he also mentioned its excellent record of traffic growing to nearly triple of last year’s volume, which he said, has positioned Wal-Mart.com as one of the fastest growing e-commerce retail businesses in Mexico and the third most visited site according to comScore, a renowned web traffic data provider.

There is also an interesting announcement by the company of investing $240 million to $340 million in its e-commerce operations this year, which is above previous guidance for $100 million to $200 million. It has been decided that the major portion of this investment will go towards its new fulfillment center in Indiana.

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Wal-Mart’s Mobile Performance Always Scores High !

Steve Burns Posted On - September 23, 2014

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Wal-Mart Stores Inc., is an American multinational retail corporation which deals with chain of large discount department stores and wholesale stores. It has an interesting feature. As a culture they do not bother much about following the chalked out strategies considered to be the best practices when judged from the point of view of recommended mobile performance blue book. But strangely the site is always positioned very close to the top 10 performers every week from the point of Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index.

Matt Agnoli, a well known mobile performance evangelist at Keynote, a mobile and web performance testing, monitoring and analytics firm, said though Wal-mart is not considered as a top ranking organization from the aspect of mobile performance, it has enough facets to offer a comfortable mobile Shopping experience to its new and existing customers. Angoli also commented that Walmart’s site is very well built and rich in content which also supports its mobile site performance. However Wal-Mart professionals were reluctant to make any comment on this particular issue when asked.

Mobile performance index is dependent on various factors like response time, availability, total page element and many more things. Keynote measures smartphone versions of various sites. It works on behalf of Internet Retailer and also other m-commerce websites. They also consider Wal-Mart as s successful player in mobile performance.

Wal-Mart has a good score though it is not following the hard and fast rules of enhancing mobile performance. This indicates in mobile performance the various technical factors like quality, speed availability matters a lot. And that is why it always has a good score that reflects desired performance gradation.

Therefore, in this technology driven society where more and more people are inclining towards smartphones companies like Wal-Mart which automatically scores high in mobile performance will always be in a scoring height.

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Billboards of Walmart’s marketing hangs on the Internet

Shrikar Khare Posted On - June 9, 2014

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Walmart happens to be an American multinational retail corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. The company is the world’s largest public corporation, according to the Fortune Global 500 list in 2014. It is the biggest private employer in the world with over two million employees, and is the largest retailer in the world. It is also one of the world’s most valuable companies. However, is the hometown of America ready to rely upon it fully is a big question with numerous answers?

Aviating through Advertising

Walmart has executed its new Marketing move from an year back when  we find a considerable amount of cost being incurred on the advertisement promotion as a part of the integrate marketing strategy. With the skillful ad campaign, they have established the connection between the people and the discounted store and harnessing the social media as a mode of communication they have also gone for retention of the existing consumer base.

With an arsenal of 2.2million, stores across the world and over $466 billion of transaction Walmart can go for expressing its brand loyalty and satisfaction despite the fact that few might actually agree to it.

Socializing through the internet

With a lot of din and bustle going on against the company for a number of reasons Walmart finally had to resort to the social media to disseminate their information and their deeds to the people of the world which was a huge and first of its kind step taken from them regarding investment on advertising. Walmart really had no other option but to alter the marketing strategy on account of the public relations enhancement of the other competitors where we find that companies like Target is gaining in an addition to the brand image for itself.


From 2012, the new marketing head of Walmart concentrated on the social media to develop the brand image and thus a strategic change in the marketing hemisphere was inevitable.

The policy was simple and direct. They targeted influencers on the social media and briefed them about Walmart’s works on social development and social responsibility. They ranged from natural disaster to veteran’s improvement activity etc. With influencing the media and looking after the corporate social responsibility, (CSR) Walmart has reached a position in the market. The fan base is increasing for them and situations are turning in favor of them.

The rise has been alarming as we find that the support has hiked to 84% with a Facebook fan following of 2.4 million. This is indeed a success for walmart in terms of their social media strategy execution.

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The eCommerce battleground – the synopsis of Walmart Vs Amazon

Daniel Posted On - May 21, 2014

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Amazon has long claimed its dominance in the field of eCommerce by virtue of its extensive networks and superior shipment facilities. It has become a set standard to meet up to the efficiency that Amazon shows in their product deliverance and customer orientation. In line with the increasing competitions, Amazon has been able to keep their service viable and economic by incorporating slew of interactive updates to their eCommerce mediums.

Walmart has traditionally operated from their shops and warehouses. While by eCommerce stature, Amazon is still the trendsetter; the others are still making their best efforts to augment their eCommerce endeavors – at least service wise. In line with the practice, Walmart has been making some changes to their business practice. To foster better product shipment and better channeling, Walmart has indulged in building dedicated warehouses to tackle the bulk online orders.

It is to be noted that Walmart is no small pawn in the online marketplace either. It is almost a decade that Walmart made their foray in the internet market. In spite of that, their online sales have only accounted for a mere fraction of their $469 billion empire. In the last fiscal, the online conversions came in at $7.7 billion. In the same time span, Amazon recorded a conversion statistics of $61 billion. The numbers are proof enough of the catch up that Walmart has to play to come up to the eCommerce standard of Amazon. So what exactly has Walmart in plan to augment their consumer satisfaction? Replicating the Amazon business model is not the viable way to go as Walmart itself has a pretty expansive retail network. In bare numbers, Walmart has 4,100 retail stores and that too within a mere five miles distance from 2/3rd of the US population. What Walmart is effectively trying to achieve is to integrate their expansive distribution networks, stores into a well oiled fulfillment network.

The Omni-channel commerce as a retail strategy is implemented by a slew of top brick and mortar retailers including Walmart. Omni-commerce by integrating retail stores and eCommerce platforms can very well be an answer to come up against the figures of eCommerce, given the retailer has a massive retail presence – something that Walmart does have.

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