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5 Productive Ways To Resuscitate Dying Amazon Listing

Stephen Posted On - October 14, 2017

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A dying listing in Amazon often shows a number of symptoms that can seldom go unnoticed. Here are 4 key symptoms which if missed by the sellers can result in traumatic loss of overall business performance…

The listing is nowhere in first few pages of search ranking –

It may have featured in the top pages a few months or even a year ago. But, as per recent performance reports, your listing is no where to be found. This is a reason good enough to know that something is seriously wrong.

Your Amazon listing has generated very less or no sale –

If the particular listing has failed to generate expected sale within a financial quarter or more, it may be time to pull up your socks and get ready with some serious corrective processes. The longer you wait, more you suffer.

Serious accumulation of poor reviews and rating –

This can be with respect to product quality, order management errors or even shady attempts in the part of competitors to pull you down. Be it what it may, if you have gathered way too many poor reviews with more pouring in, you should be prepared for action.

No movement of associated product from the inventory warehouses –

Stagnation of inventory associated with the dying listing often remains stagnant in warehouses. They end up adding to operational costs while generating no profits at all.

How to resuscitate dying Amazon listing

The process to resuscitate a dying listing in Amazon can be easy with the following steps…

Re determine the relevance of the product –

Determine if the product is still relevant to target buyers in Amazon. If the products are relevant, you can start move into the next step.

Re optimize –

If the product is still relevant, try re optimizing it with superior inputs. Use data feed management tools, software solutions and even professional assistance to improve the feed to make the listing best compatible with Amazon.

Deal with poor reviews and ratings with a positive approach –

If you feel you can address poor reviews and ratings in a positive and organic manner, get into action right away. Amazon appreciates sellers that address the grievances of purchasers than ignoring them.

Try adding the products to combo deals at attractive prices –

This is a tried and tested way to move stagnant inventory profitably.

Scrap and re list if necessary –

Lastly, if you feel nothing can be done about the listing, it is best to scrap the same and re list. New listings get better visibility in Amazon and you can always access a fresh start.

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4 Causes Your Amazon Listing Must Serve

Stephen Posted On - July 10, 2017

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The process of listing your products in Amazon holds deeper significance than what new sellers often think. In simple words, it is not just about slapping the details of your products in the platform, but introducing them in a certain way so that it serves a range of productive and profitable purposes in your favor. Here is a small list of 4 core causes that any Amazon listing must serve…

Firstly, your listing should be designed in a way that it introduces your product with sizeable impact. This means, you will have to put in efforts in the direction of perfect title creation, descriptions, image optimization and more. The intent is to make your product more dazzling in comparison with those of competitors.

Secondly, your listing in Amazon should be able to help you gain easy visibility preferably in the first page of search results or buy box or both. If you are struggling somewhere in the recesses, it may be time to redesign your listing with better optimization attempts.

Thirdly, your Amazon listing should be able to generate steady and sizeable volume of purchase motivated traffic towards your store all through the year. If you experience stagnation in traffic generation or reduction of the same, your listing must be falling short of some vital input or the other.

Fourthly, you listing should be expressive enough to invite reviews and ratings from buyers. for those that do not have any idea about how to make their listing do all this and more, seeking professional assistance is always advised.

Easiest Route to achieving these 4 outcomes…

Making your listing cater to these 4 core causes may often sound difficult to new and inexperienced sellers. However, being informed about the following steps can help make the process very easy and approachable…

Optimize your listing – Optimization refers to including applicable keywords in titles and descriptions which ensures making the listing ore visible than when un optimized.

Use softwares – Softwares tend to automate otherwise time consuming tasks involved with listing while minimizing the chances of possible human errors to scratch. Softwares are available for tasks like pricing, re pricing, optimization and more. Multichannel listing Integrations involving top platforms like Shopify Jet.com etc is also propelled productively by right software solutions.

Call professionals – This is the ultimate step to save time in the part of sellers and complete productive listing process successfully.

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Why Titles Are Important In Amazon Listing

Thomas Posted On - April 19, 2017

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Name matters… and this applies for e commerce product listing as well especially for top performing marketplaces like Amazon. Titles play a massive role in determining discoverability and ranking of products in this top online shopping destination. Sellers should thus ensure that they do everything in their power and scope to name their products right.

Basically, there are 3 primary functions of titles in Amazon listing or product listing for any other marketplaces for that matter…

Introduction –

Titles are the first step to introducing your product before target buyers in this marketplace. If your titles fail to justify the product or catch the attention of the buyers, you may end up losing your sale to your competitors.

Ranking –

Search ranking in Amazon depends in every way possible on the titles of the products. Inclusion of the right keywords in the titles as part of optimization can help sellers win higher search ranking in the marketplace which is critically important with respect to the cut throat competition raging in this platform right now.

Purchase motivation –

Titles build purchase motivation in buyers and there are no two ways about it. Buyers read through comprehensive titles first along with the images before going into the descriptions followed by checkout or abandoning the product.

3 Dos for profitable Amazon titles –

Considering the role that titles play not just in ecommerce marketplaces but also with respect to comparison shopping engine management, here are 3 universal ‘Dos’ that can yield very productive results…

Always start with research –

This is the first step to success. Researching on how to land with the most suitable titles can help sellers getting in right at one shot. Taking a sneak peek at the titles posted by well-off competitors can be rewarding. However, copying the same word to word will amount to making a regrettable mistake.

Use keyword optimization tools –

Titles that are rich in proper keywords are titles that win the most visitors. Using effective keyword research tools and optimization solutions can help massively in terms of saving time and efforts while yielding error free results as well.

Keep it real and legit –

There numerous instances of sellers writing mini essays as titles with keywords that may be fetching the highest search ranking but are nowhere in tune with the concerned product. This is an inauthentic approach to title management that can be rewarded with loss of ranking and should thus be avoided.

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Got A Small Business In Amazon? Here Are 5 Steps To Improve Visibility Instantly

Pramod Posted On - March 30, 2017

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Small businesses in top performing marketplaces like Amazon, often suffer the fear of invisibility in the face of competition posed by larger and more successful endeavors. In fact, there have been infinite occasions when smaller entities have had to make an uncelebrated exit for the reason that they could not gather enough traffic or generate enough sales in their favor even though they had worthy products featuring in their Amazon listing. The scene however, does not have to be this gloomy for the smaller fishes in the larger pond.

Here are 5 steps that have been recognized universally as infinitely potent when it comes to gaining maximum visibility irrespective of the size of the venture…

Make your debut with market fit products –

If you are a smaller venture, you will benefit by engaging in some thorough research in the direction of locating market fit products; an approach that will play a direct role in keeping you ahead in search ranking.

Optimize feed to perfection –

Optimization is one of those processes that hold equal relevance for larger and small businesses alike. If you initiate proper optimization for even the smallest of listing, you will have an equal opportunity to feature in the first page of search listing of not the Amazon buy box. The process of optimization is not as expensive or convoluted as many small sellers may believe. In fact, there are many e commerce solution developers that offer very affordable solutions that yield truly effective results.

Work on review generation from first day on –

It does not matter how large or small you are. Working on review generation from the first day on even for the tiniest of product lists, is expected to work wonders in terms of gaining maximum visibility in Amazon. Using tools and software solutions is recommended in this respect.

Improve the value of your offers –

Improving value of your offers in terms of free shipping, extended return period etc can help you stay in the good books of Amazon, thereby assuring better visibility for long.

Don’t forget to introduce presence in top comparison shopping platforms –

Last but not the least, it always pays to establish presence and integrate with top comparison shopping platforms like Google Shopping to attract improved traffic in your favor. Say for example if you are a small Volusion powered seller, you will benefit tremendously by establishing Volusion Google Shopping / Amazon integrated performance. If you manage your CPC strategy perfectly, you will not have to spend over your budget at all.

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How to DOUBLE your Amazon sales in less than one month?

Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

amazon seller central
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Breaking the ice on Amazon for higher sales and profit isn’t rocket science. But neither is it any simpler. Thousands of sellers are struggling to make decent revenue on this largest marketplace today.

If you have a storefront on Amazon yourself, you would know the amount of work and countless hours it takes to maintain a high and consistent sale. But what if we tell you that you can increase your sales – double it, in fact – with few smart ways in a month or less?

Exciting, eh?

They aren’t secrets by any mean. Top and successful Amazon sellers know about these ‘smart ways’ well. And you’re about to too.

Here’s how you can 2x your Amazon sales in a month—without even doing anything exceptional-

  1. Automate listing and save time– You first need time to do things, right? So cut back on all the tasks that are irrelevant, time-consuming and that can be automated, like Amazon listing, feed optimization, inventory management. Bank on top (and affordable) e-commerce software solution to integrate your Amazon store with various other marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, right from Magneto Amazon to Amazon-Google Shopping.
  2. Get active on Facebook– Facebook is the largest pool of potential customers, regardless your industry. Sadly, not many online vendors use it to the fullest. Don’t be one of them! Get active on Facebook, if aren’t already. Reach out to your target audience, engage them—address their specific needs and promote your products strategically. Don’t shy away from investing in Facebook advertisement.
  3. Talk to your old customers– If customer retention ranks at the bottom of your priority list, time to give that list a reshuffle. Get connected to your old customers; have an impressive post-sale approach for your buying customers. Talk to them via emails (or Social media, IMs). Ask them about their overall experience and address their issues personally. This increase sakes and also builds good store credibility and can even trigger Mouth-of-Word marketing.
  4. Push customers to leave reviews– When approaching your old/current customers, push them to leave good reviews and ratings on Amazon. Of course, you don’t want too pressing though. Be strategical and try to ‘win’ their reviews. When confused, look at your successful competitors and understand how they are gaining more reviews.
  5. Get ready to compromise on your profit margin– Being competitive on Amazon is one of the important success factors for online vendors. So to make higher sales, you must be ready to compromise with small profit margin. Set the price of your products low; Amazon and customers both would love it. To that, low priced products have more chances to win ‘Buy Box’, which could be a big thing.
  6. Offer sensible discounts– Offering continuous discounts throughout the season is one of the biggest mistakes new online sellers make. Map a decent pricing strategy and offer your products on exclusive discounts only when it makes more sense—only when you’re sure of higher ROI.

These are 6 smart ways with which you can double your Amazon store sales in one month or less. Of course, there’s a lot more you must be considerate of. If you’re thoughtful enough when making crucial decisions, you would be able to boost your sales rather easily.

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Last Minute Checklist For Amazon Store Owners Before Christmas 2016

Stephen Posted On - November 2, 2016

Amazon feed
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Online shoppers are already at the festive best and are more ready than ever to spend on the best of deals. For sellers who are yet to experience a phenomenal boost in their performance in terms of visibility, sale and profits, it may be time run a close eye on the last minute checklist before Christmas 2016…

Introduce exclusive products

People are in a mood to buy more and this purchase motivated mood will last till early next year. This is thus the best time to introduce exclusive products that you may have in stock. These products can be introduced in your Amazon store with the existing popular products to maintain a harmonious balance.

Relax shipping

If you wish to gain the best of visibility this season, you must consider relaxing your shipping costs and policies at least for a specified period of time. You can either consider opting for free shipping for a specified number of weeks or a specific date, or you can offer zero shipping charges over a certain amount of sale. In either ways, you can win the best of attention from Amazon with high search rankings.

A few dollars less can win you a few hundred more

This is also the best time to introduce much necessary changes in Amazon listing in terms of price. For a few dollars less per product, you may end up winning hundreds or even thousands of dollars more through the sheer bulk of sale that pours in. you will however, have to maintain your listing assistance tools including pricing and fee calculation tools at optimum performance levels.

Deals, deals and more deals

Buy this and get that free, buy 2 and get 2 free, buy combos and save 50% so on and so forth will receive maximum attention from purchase motivated buyers. If it is feasible for you, you can also offer free gift wrapping for buyers who wish to send festive gifts to their loved ones. You can also add a festive note from you as a seller to the buyer, which is assured to win the confidence of the latter.

There is no harm in creating a little urgency

If a best seller product is listed at the best price and there are only 2 units left in stock, buyers will be more than just motivated to speed up their purchase. Tools and softwares that can help display variable stock levels at the product page can be used for the purpose.

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Things To Consider Before Choosing eBay FBA

Robin Smith Posted On - September 15, 2016

eBay FBA
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You could be an eBay seller, but you can still rely on Amazon to fulfill your orders successfully. While it is true that eBay as one of the top marketplaces has its own means of order completion with its own set of benefits, choosing eBay FBA has its unique advantages that can often supersede the former. Quick, effective and effortless order completion has always been possible with FBA. This is followed by the advantage of being completely relieved of the hassles associated with storage, picking, packing, shipping etc. In short, scoring high reviews and ratings with FBA is a massive possibility.

On the flip side though, there are certain factors that may compel you to question the applicability of this format of fulfillment to your business. Here are some factors that you need to consider before choosing eBay FBA…

  • To begin with, FBA for eBay products can cause some significant drainage to your investments if especially of you are clueless about FBA fee calculations. Considering the fact that fees for different products are different based on factors like size, weight, delivery area etc. you need to enlighten yourself with the profitability of FBA in favor of your business before you go for the same.
  • Secondly, as far as your clients are concerned, there may be some confusion about them ordering from eBay but receiving an Amazon parcel instead. This is mainly because buyers are usually unaware of the intricacies of order completion in different marketplaces and are also rightfully justified in their lack of knowledge. This again can intrigue the buyers to check similar products in Amazon listing rather than approaching eBay for the same.
  • Thirdly, succeeding completely and all-inclusively in FBA for eBay calls for proper integration of the two platforms. Poor integration may lead eBay sellers to lose track of their products in Amazon warehouses which again can cause significant increase in storage bills especially for slow moving products. It is true that the layout of FBA is such that most sellers experience loss of control on their inventory on subscribing for the same. However, with proper integration, you can retain maximum control of your inventory eve over cross platform performance.
  • Besides this, while subscribing to FBA, eBay sellers must be very careful about coding every individual product flawlessly as well as fulfilling all other requirements that FBA may call for without errors. The rest is assured to fall in place by itself giving way to a hassle-free and productive route to order completion.

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    Make Your Amazon Feed More Discoverable With These Tips

    Thomas Posted On - June 29, 2016

    comparison shopping
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    Product discoverability in Amazon has always been a challenge. Competition in this top marketplace is always at the highest and just about every seller is engaged in putting their best foot forward using the same set of tools, softwares and strategies. So, with everyone doing their level best, the chance of being discovered by Amazon search engines still remains a ‘chance’ and no more. However, on the brighter side of things, there are a few good ways to get over this situation and make a real difference to gain a functional edge over competition, and mostly, this has got everything to do with improving listing practices.

    As of now, improvement in Amazon listing begins and ends with feed optimization. This does not refer to the regular approach but a sort of, customized approach to make the feed uniquely compatible with the search engines as well as the buyers who launch their search for the same. Using the right set of keywords in the title of the products is more than just mandatory. However, to stuff the titles with 50 odd keywords that make no sense when read by buyers can compromise the interest of Amazon and can have the seller removed from the platform. Short titles with bang-on keywords is necessary. If this can be achieved by using softwares, sellers should not hesitate to approach the same. Seeking professionals for customized assistance can also help tremendously.

    Secondly, it is necessary to power pack the descriptions with information that buyers will best benefit from. It is alright to get descriptive and even narrative if you have something valuable to add to the resource. Using nonsensical expressions and exclamations compromises the professional outlook of the listing. This may reflect poorly on the genuineness of the listing thereby compromising on the intent of buyers to complete their transaction.

    Basically, you can think of the type of feed inputs in comparison shopping management of top sites and frame your listing in Amazon in its lines. This will keep you in track with what buyers want, which will eventually give you the push required to boost your visibility in this mega marketplace. But at any point of time, it is necessary to remember that you will have to stick to the listing rules as stated by Amazon.

    Last but never the least; you need to manage your reviews well. Inviting reviews for successful buyer engagements while responding comprehensively to negative reviews can improve believability of listings which can be a blessing for improving discoverability.

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    Times When Amazon Sellers Vie eBay

    Daniel Posted On - May 30, 2016

    Amazon Sellers Vie eBay on Magento
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    The Amazon v/s eBay war is likely to continue for ages to come for many reasons than one. The platforms currently occupying the No. 1 and No. 2 places in the world of e commerce vastly differ from each other in their nature, assurance for best buyer experience being the only factor where they match. However, there are times when Amazon sellers are seen to vie eBay performers for a number of advantages that they seem to have over the former. If you take a close look, these reasons actually appear to make eBay more profitable for sellers than Amazon.

    To begin with, eBay listing is more luscious in comparison with Amazon listing. Considering the variety of products that can be sold in this platform in a variety of conditions, it only made sense for eBay to make the listing more defined as compared with Amazon. Right from the images to the title to description of the condition in which the product is sold, contributes to offering best purchase experience in the part of the buyers.

    Secondly, no one can deny the fact that seller exposure in eBay is irresistible. On clicking on a certain product in eBay following search for the same, buyers get to see vivid seller information at the side of the screen. While it is true that power sellers in eBay usually take the cake in this respect, even the smaller sellers are better exposed in eBay than they would ever be in Amazon. Basically growth as a seller has greater possibility in eBay than the latter.

    The spread of allowed product categories in eBay is anytime more tempting than Amazon. From refurbished products to unique items and antiques, you can get anything and everything in eBay and that too with ample value for every penny spent on it. Amazon has a very wide product category but not as spread-out as eBay. This is one of the reasons why a greater number of sellers can find place in eBay than Amazon.

    Fourthly, Amazon has never been a place for hobby selling. If you are selling in Amazon, you will have to go knee deep in using automation solutions and carrying out proper store integrations to get some chance at profits. For example, if you are a Magento powered store owner, you will have to carry out Magento Amazon integration without fail irrespective of how small or established you may be. Hobby sellers in eBay don’t have to take such loads on their shoulders.

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    Spanking New Netsuite Will May Need Integration Aid

    Stephen Posted On - May 18, 2016

    Netsuite Amazon integration
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    2016 has brought with a bouquet of improvements in the present version of Netsuite. Being one of the leading store building shopping cart solutions available to the masses, frequent face lifts is but expected. As far as version 2016 is concerned, applicability is stretched over a wide range of users including retailers, wholesale distributors, manufacturers and even service companies for that matter. One of the most cherished improvements revolves around the feature of streamlining and optimizing order entries followed by harmonious order fulfillment.

    Enhanced flexibility for vendor management and multibook accounting with Netsuite OneWorld is also counted among the dazzling features to look out for and experience. Extremely flexible and powerful revenue recognition has also been applauded by Netsuite users worldwide.

    Basically, with all these features and more, users of Netsuite are expected to have greater control on their stores than ever before. At the same time, they will also not need to depend on too many additional software solutions, tools or even plug-ins from third party providers making the process of overall operations lighter and easier to manage. However, when it comes to performing in top platforms like eBay and Amazon, the users of this enhanced shopping cart store building solution is still required to push enhanced integration. As many Amazon performers have already expressed, it is imperative to have Netsuite Amazon integration carried out to perfection if sellers wish to experience optimum operational improvements.

    It is true that overall improvement of the web stores of the concerned e commerce merchants following the latest improvements in Netsuite is an almost guaranteed. But addressing the matter of multichannel operation especially the critical everyday basics like listing management, inventory control, tracking and maintaining customer details etc. still requires added attention. Say for example, for sellers who may be expecting to see an urgent improvement in their eBay or Amazon listing management may have to rely on high quality third party software solutions and attempt proper integration of the same with their stores. Netsuite in itself will not be a foolproof, complete or magical aid to it.

    In a nutshell, while there is whole lot to look out for in the 2016 version of Netsuite, sellers will have to be wise while dismissing all third party aid and assistance for adding or powering up existing features in their e commerce setups. As far as investments in additional solutions are concerned, users of Netsuite may still have to keep their options open.

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    Is Your Listing Killing Your Sale In Amazon?

    Daniel Posted On - April 15, 2016

    Amazon listing
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    Listing products the wrong way may not be as damaging as listing products the hackneyed way in Amazon. Say for example, if you have been deliberately including promotional in your product titles and Amazon catches you in the wrong foot, your listing can be called off with immediate effect. This can create a slight dent in your reputation with Amazon, but you can still get back on foot and track your way back with legitimate listing ways. However, if you create a legitimate yet thoroughly boring, unattractive and grossly forgettable listing, you can be rest be assured that your products will be wrapped in an invisibility coat and practically disappear from the search results.

    So, this way, your products will be out there somewhere in the whirlpool of Amazon, yet you will not be able to make a single sale, leave alone the desire of achieving your sale target. Many sellers who are already facing such sale issues don’t even understand that the fault may lie in their approach to listing in this mega marketplace. Facing facts, it is necessary for all sellers to know that the first step to proper listing in Amazon lies in following the rules to the last word. To stay in the right track, almost all sellers are seen to use Amazon listing softwares from dependable e commerce solution providers.

    The second step to sale boosting listing in Amazon is to use your own creativity and common sense. Say for example, when it comes to creating a title, short and apt with Impact happens to be the basic rules. Basically, the rule is to ensure that your product titles don’t exceed 100 characters. However, if you come to think of it, 100 characters could actually make a sentence. When a certain buyer is searching for products, they don’t type in even a fourth of this quantity.

    So, your aim should be to minimize the words, maximize keywords and make the titles look believable to the buyers within a matter of 5 to 7 seconds. Creativity will be needed because even if your products get featured in the first page of search results, it will be accompanied by competitors’ products as well. This is always followed with the price that your listing displays. If you have mistaken discoverability as an inevitable outcome of lowest prices, think again because it is competitive pricing that matters. If your product is selling 80% lesser than competitors prices, you may win and audience out of curiosity but lose them immediately after because of rising doubts about your product quality.

    Seeking professional assistance with creative listing in Amazon is always advisable.

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    Keeping Pace With Amazon Product Feed Can Be This Easy

    Thomas Posted On - June 11, 2015

    Amazon product feed
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    The hullabaloo about product feed is all for the right reasons especially when it is for giant eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Whether you like it or not, these two names have extremely stringent guidelines especially as far as product listing is concerned. If you are a new online store owner trying to commence your efforts in any of the two or both, be amply warned that the initial process of listing and management of the same will tend to claim not just a massive chunk of your time but your peace and sleep as well.

    The golden words are, please don’t try and attempt the process manually. If you do, be assured that you will not just be taken over by a list of errors and eventual restrictions from Amazon and eBay, but will also be far behind when it comes to keep pace with the speed of these sites. These are not just word… sadly enough, many store owners have learnt the hard way. If all this is pulling your spirit down, this may be time to say hello to a range of softwares and tools that are designed to assist with Amazon and eBay product feed and that too, specifically.

    Here is a small list of benefits that you can avail from these simple yet super effective solutions…

    Instant automation – The main function of these solutions is to flawlessly automate the process of product listing in the concerned sites. As a store owner, you are sure to have a home product list. All that the software does is take the list, convert it to suit of Amazon or eBay listing specifications, and have the details transferred to the latter without you having to do anything more than tap at a button.

    Relisting, updating features – If this sounds easy enough, be prepared to enjoy the nest slice of cake. Most high quality eBay and Amazon data feed softwares come complete with impeccable side features that allow relisting of the present product list while also allowing easy updates on special activities like announcements of offers and discounts etc.

    Receive reports – This is an integral part of feed management softwares today. Sellers need to know how their products are doing especially to find out which to push in the platform and which to pull out. Regular reports allowed by these softwares offer comprehensive information to the sellers to act wisely in this respect.

    More often than not, sellers tend to use product feed and management softwares offered by these platforms. However, there are a few handpicked third party products that have can offer a wealth of all inclusive benefits that the others cannot. Choosing them can help you stay in tune with the feed management requirements Amazon and eBay with surprising results.

    To know more, call a Client Services Executive with ChannelSale now on +1 866 709 9495 or email info@channelsale.com to get prompt and accurate replies, helping you grow your online business. ChannelSale, your platform for growth!

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