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Quick Questionnaire On How Sellers Can Plan The Upcoming Holiday Sale

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Quick Questionnaire On How Sellers Can Plan The Upcoming Holiday Sale

For every e-commerce store, the holiday season is the busiest time for them. They need to make all the preparations so that they don’t face any issues or run out of stock. So, to make sure that the sellers don’t experience any issues, we have collated several answers from the experts here. Let’s get started:

Question 1: Before the holiday season begins, what all the sellers needs to do?

To make preparations quickly before the holiday season, all sellers must concentrate on utilizing their strategies in three different sections, such as fulfilling, selling, and marketing.  Under marketing, you must finalize the holiday budget and create an advertisement campaign. That way, it will become easier to implement before the beginning of the holiday season.

When there is plenty of time to optimize the campaigns, both the campaigns and the sellers will build relevance and history in the marketplace. For the selling part, you must check that all the products are available for purchase at the marketplace.

You should also check that the entire listing content is completely optimized. Don’t forget to review the titles, images, definitions, appropriate products, and bullet points. All these things will make sure that you gain success during the holiday season.

Question 2: In the area of product listing, what does “optimizing the product content” means?

You must have proper knowledge of your merchandise so that the procurer can comprehend whether or not the merchandise you’re marketing will match their needs. For instance, when you visit a physical shop, you will check out the products and touch and sell all the areas.

This is something that you must put under your consideration when making a product listing. You need to provide strong titles so that they can catch a customer’s attention effectively. You should also add several images to show all the purchasers the product you’re offering.

Question 3: What all the sellers should do to make sure that the inventory does not go out of stock?

To make sure that you don’t get to run out of stock during the holiday season, you should review and be proactive with the inventory forecasting work. Check the Q4 of the previous year, go through the yearly trends of the current year, and then decide on the growth objectives for Q4 2023. You should consider the products that sold the most in the previous year.

You must also consider all the new product lines and the features style of this year that should get prioritized. Be sure that you have a great amount of stock for all the prioritized and popular items that will surely satisfy all the early shoppers effectively.

Question 4: What can we do to avoid marketplace suspension as sellers? 

It takes some time for all the sellers to take care of the stock levels. But at times, many of the sellers don’t get the time to effectively verify compliance, monitor the expiration date, and evaluate the condition.  Due to the lack of attention, this can lead to many kinds of problems and will ultimately cause account suspension. So, the best way you can avoid these issues is by:

  • Verify the product compliance
  • Evaluate the product condition
  • Track the expiration date of the inventory
  • Review the present Amazon Prohibited Guidelines
  • Take a look at the present Amazon Safety Guidelines

Question 5: Can you share some tips on the delivery capabilities and make sure all the products reach the consumers on time?

It’s important to understand the shipment dates and then plan everything accordingly. To properly deal with shipment delays, here are some effective tips:

  • Effectively communicate with all the customers
  • Provide the free shipping option
  • Offer shipment tracking services
  • Partner up with all the domestic suppliers
  • Provide discounts and offers
  • To see an improvement in the delivery capabilities, the following tips can certainly help:
  • Align the product delivery with business strategy and product development
  • Concentrate on small groups of people
  • Make all the tech-related choices based on people and products
  • Stay agile and don’t opt for templates

Ending Phrase

The Q&A provided in this post can certainly help you gain more information on how sellers can make preparations for the upcoming holidays and take care of all the things. For Utilising Channelsale Team Expertise To Assist, Schedule Live Demo Meet.

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Amazon Brand Gating: How to Safeguard Your Brand on Amazon?

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Amazon Brand Gating

E-commerce platforms have the power to help brands connect with their targeted audience and increase their revenues. But they also doors to all the bad actors who create unauthorized representations of a brand’s products.

Since these types of situations have taken place quite a lot, e-commerce giants like Amazon have made the decision to protect their sellers from issues through “brand gating.” Speaking of brand gating, what exactly is that? Let’s find out!

Amazon Brand Gating: A brief definition

The brand gating program on Amazon was created to help all Amazon sellers by enabling them to stop all the unauthorized sales of knockoff items. Through the “Amazon Brand Registry,” all sellers can protect their presence in the marketplace. This will restrict the sellers for all their items, and they will need to be written permission and approval before the resellers can conduct the operations.

What makes Brand Gating on Amazon Crucial?

Despite being a reputed e-commerce giant, Amazon is the hotbed for all phony activities. Many top-notch businesses have hesitated to sell their products directly to customers due to such reasons.  Even though countless measures were taken to prevent these situations, customers still fall prey to all the forged scams. They find themselves tangled up in these problems because they cannot tell the difference between the actual products and the forged ones.

They keep their focus a lot more on comparing the prices instead of vetting the merchants to make convenient and quick purchases. When they come across products available at a lower price, consumers believe that Amazon is providing them with great purchase options. This is exactly where all the issues begin.

Branding gating will enable all the sellers to take immediate action on all the scammers and will prevent all the customers from buying fake and low-quality products.

How exactly does Brand Gating on Amazon work?

Branding gating at Amazon needs all the resellers to provide evidence that they have permission to sell your items on Amazon. You can choose the listings and products that will need proof from the reseller by connecting an ASIN [Amazon Standard Identification Number].

The resellers will get a notification and will only get the chance to resell your products if they:

  • Sends 3 buying invoices from the distributor or the manufacturer
  • Pays a non-refundable fee of $1500 to your business
  • Submits written permission from a business to sell all the gated items

The documentation and the fee will prevent all these sellers from getting a payout by scamming all your products or items.

How to apply for the brand gating program Amazon?

When you’re determined to get the brand gating program for your business. You must apply for it. To do so, you must follow these easy steps:

  • You must register your business with “Amazon Brand Services.”
  • Provide the Amazon Standard Identification Number for the brand gating
  • After that, you must submit the application, and Amazon will manage the rest

Ending Phrase 

Amazon branding gating helps you prevent all unauthorized resellers from selling knockoff products to all customers. It will keep all your products safe and away from unwanted resellers, increase revenue, and will allow you to have full control over your products.

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5 Not-So-True Facts About Amazon Selling

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The drive to sell more profitably in Amazon has lead many layman thinkers to express their opinions on the matter, which may not usually be applicable at all. Following are 5 not so true facts about selling in Amazon that has been grasping the imagination of newer enthusiasts that are supercharged with the idea of making amazing profits in very little time…

It is easy to start

This is the first not so true fact about Amazon selling. Irrespective of the infinite articles ad blogs floating around in the internet about how easy things have become, it still takes a whole lot of effort right from the process of establishing presence in the platform to standing tall in competition, being seen in the top of search lists, gaining maximum clicks and converting the same for making a sale.

Optimization guarantees profits

No, it does not, and it never did. Optimization of listing ensures higher visibility in Amazon which can win more clicks in favor of your products. Conversion of click to sale depends on the mood of the buyers and the how convincing your product is in the first place. Profits on the other hand are a result of sale and product pricing after subtracting associated fees.

Lowest price assures place in Buy Box

Amazon selling often seems bleak without the rush for the Buy Box. Almost every seller is competing for a place in this window of opportunities. However, it has been observed that the parameters for gaining a place in the Buy Box are often unquantifiable. So, for those who believe that selling their products in the lowest prices will fetch them the window, it may be time to think again. To sell at the lowest price may often invite losses while not gaining a place in the Buy Box at all.

FBA is the ultimate order completion solution for all

FBA is one of the best ways to improve your order completion process flawlessly while taking off the load of packing, shipping, and returns etc from your back. But, it is also necessary to know that all products do not qualify for FBA and that the service comes with rather complex fee format that can claim a considerable chunk of profits if not understood properly.

Integration is easy, affordable and solution to all selling hassles

Say for example, if you are a Magento powered seller, it will be imperative for you to conduct Magento Amazon integration flawlessly. The process is intended to maximize operational efficiency while minimizing manual work load in the part of the sellers. At no time should any seller end up thinking that integration is a profit making component primarily because it is not.

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