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6 Step Guide For Amazon Sellers To Handle Poor Reviews

Daniel Posted On - April 17, 2017

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Selling in Amazon is not always a bed of roses. There are times when the bomb drops in the form of ugly reviews that can bring even the best of sellers with the strongest of nerves to tears. Besides the foul interplay of words, poor receiving reviews in Amazon can spell a number of disasters starting all the way from warnings and loss of ranking to outright ousting from the platform. The only silver lining lies with the fact that it is possible to handle poor reviews in Amazon with tact and positive outcome.

Here are 6 steps in which Amazon sellers can do the needful without much difficulty…

Don’t lose your sleep or go into depression –

Being calm is the first thing to do after receiving stinging criticism from the concerned buyer. You should be aware about the fact that poor reviews can be handled and plan your next step instantly.

Don’t slap a rude or intimidating reply in your defense –

While it is basic human nature to defend, you don’t have to do it in the lines of intense drama. Bad mouthing or intimidating the customers while replying to their comments is usually not entertained by Amazon.

Don’t bribe the customer to take the review back –

Even if you are tempted to bribe customers in terms of dramatic rebates discounts or free products in lieu of taking their review back, be assured that the action will be counter productive.

Communicate with the customer immediately in a polite and professional tone –

This is perhaps the most responsible action that all sellers must take after receiving poor reviews. Asking the customer about what exactly went wrong preceded by an apology for whatever has caused them inconvenience has always worked in favor of the sellers.

If you can correct the damages, do it instantly with an apology –

If there has been an unintended slip in your part, apologize and make amends instantly. This can be with respect to offering complete reimbursement for the product or replacing the same along with partial reimbursements etc.

If however, the issue is no fault of your own, you can request Amazon to remove it –

There is a complete process for review removal which sellers can initiate and succeed in as well.

At present, there are many ecommerce solution developers that offer high quality integration solutions like Volusion Google Shopping / eBay / Amazon etc. that offer quality review management systems as well. Approaching these professionals can ease the matter of poor reviews by miles.

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3 Things Amazon Sellers In Walmart Need Not Fear Any More

Daniel Posted On - March 21, 2017

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Walmart ecommerce marketplace has been named as one of the fastest growing platform of opportunities especially after opening up to third party sellers, with special focus on performers from Amazon and eBay. With the stringent set of requirements specified by this marketplace a raging sense of fear had been prevailing particularly among Amazon sellers in terms of creating and maintaining presence of both marketplaces without inviting the wrath of either.

Issues pertaining to maintaining very high levels of performance in Walmart.com in comparison with Amazon has been one of the deadliest reasons that has caused many sellers to lose their sleep week after week. However, with improved selling aid and integration advantages, the past couple of months have been complete bliss for integrated Walmart Amazon performance. In fact, here are 3 things that no Amazon performers need not worry about any more while operating in Walmart.com…

Acceptance, Set up and integration –

It is true that Walmart.com has opened up to third party sellers, but it certainly does not mean that it is open to anyone and everyone that wishes to walk in. In fact, there have been infinite occasions when sellers have to wait for months to gain approval for commencing set up and operations in this marketplace.

This phase of uncertainty however, has been fading rapidly, all thanks to the fact that sellers these days have a very clear perspective about the preferences of the marketplace and best ways to approach the same for quicker and effective approval and set up.

Price parity –

Nothing has scared Amazon sellers in Walmart.com more than the evil of price parity. Walmart.com expects all sellers to sell at the lowest prices irrespective of anything. Amazon on the other hand, cannot accept their sellers to sell the same products in a different marketplace at lower prices. Suspensions are awarded in each case. However, with the introduction of innovative software solutions for maintaining price harmony, this fear is now pushed to the recesses.

Excellence in order completion / maintenance of low order defect rates –

Walmart.com expects sellers to offer excellence in order completion at par with Amazon. Order defect rates should also be maintained at lower than 1%. Product value, return and refund policies should also be equal to or greater than Amazon. While the burden of such requirements often pulled the confidence of sellers down in Walmart.com, at this very moment, high quality order management softwares can be used to handle these necessities successfully.

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6 (Hushed) steps for a successful Amazon store launch

Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

amazon seller central
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For business minds, looking to venture the online retail market, Amazon possibly stands as a go-to destination today. World’s largest marketplace that strives to deliver finest of customer service, selling on Amazon is as easy as it gets. Totally different, however, given the current high market competition there, cutting a decent profit margin is a bit difficult. Thousands of vendors already struggle to make desired sales.

Are you planning to soon launch an Amazon store?

To help you put forth the right step in the right direction, here are 6 important yet overlooked steps you should take before the official launch of your to-be money making Amazon store-

  • Do a thorough keyword research

  • About 55 percent of online shoppers start their product search on Amazon; meaning, you can make a great deal of sales if only you rank higher in the search results. This makes doing a thorough keyword research very important. There exist a range of online tools and guides to help you find relevant keywords in your niche. Look around for such tools and find high traffic-low competition keywords for your products.

  • Learn how to optimize your Amazon store

  • There’s a lot more than just the keywords to rank higher on the search result of Amazon. There’s a range of factors that comes into play, including (rich and) descriptive product titles and descriptions, product reviews, right product categorization, competitive pricing, and additional discounts. So learn beforehand how to optimize your Amazon store for better visibility.

  • Understand terms and conditions of FBA

  • Since beginner, it is best to leave the hassle of order fulfillment on Amazon. Of course you need to qualify to become Amazon FBA seller. To that, there is also a range of terms and conditions that you must be careful of to avoid any future confusions and complications. So read all the official policies and agreement terms of this marketplace to understand things better.

  • Start blogging

  • In recent times, blogging has emerged to be an important marketing asset that top and successful brands and sellers leverage on. So even before the official launch of your Amazon store, start blogging about your products and about your niche in general with a goal to pool more and more interested consumers and win their loyalty.

  • Analyze your successful competitors

  • You haven’t start selling yet; meaning there’s less or no personalized database to analyze. In such scenarios, relying on the data of successful competitors (whatever’s available) is a good idea. So learn from them; see the kind of marketing channels they are using, their pricing strategy, when they are offering additional discounts, their post-sales approach and so forth. Know these and map your own strategies accordingly.

  • Sign up to e-commerce solution

  • At the backend of your Amazon store, there’s a lot more to handle than what meet your eyes. Plus, few things on your Amazon seller central are difficult to understand and handle. And this is where top e-commerce software solution comes in. With their user-friendly centralized interface, you get to handle everything quickly and conveniently- right from feed optimization to Amazon inventory management.

    These 6 important steps you must take before the launch of your Amazon store for a smoother path ahead with high sales and high profit. Good Luck!

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    How to Perfect eBay Listing in 5 Simple Steps

    Thomas Posted On - December 24, 2016

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    Just about everything in eBay starting from visibility to regular inflow of revenues, depends upon how you are listing your products in this marketplace. Topping it with the fact that the ranking parameters in this platform evolves at very frequent intervals, sellers can take it for granted that any attempt that seems valid and profitable today can become completely non-functional in the next few years, months or even weeks for that matter.

    The aim of all sellers should therefore revolve around perfecting their eBay listing to suit the existing selling environment in eBay while leaving ample avenues open for accommodating surprise changes that may have to be included later on at the same time. For those who are still looking for the best measures to improve their listing approach, here are 5 very simple steps that are assured to help…

    Optimize titles, descriptions and images –

    The process of optimizing titles, descriptions and images is non-negotiable while listing in eBay. As far as title optimization is concerned, you will have to add the most suitable keywords and ensure not making an essay out of your headlines. Descriptions should contain all important details about the product with a warm personal pitch. Images should match the requirements as mentioned in eBay and should be free of all things black hat like water marking etc.

    Price is still the king –

    Unlike Amazon, eBay is one of those places where buyers look for the lowest prices. So, it is imperative for the sellers to ensure that their list prices are significantly lower than the MRP. Using tools and software solutions to monitor price changes among competitors can help by miles as far as maintaining visibility is concerned.

    Improve value of your listing –

    Value of listing refers to added advantage extended to buyers in terms of extended return and refund period, free shipping, post purchase services etc. Greater the extent of advantages offered to buyers, higher will be the listing visibility in eBay. This applies to Amazon sellers performing in eBay as well.

    Add product identifiers –

    Your listing cannot go far in eBay without the usage of proper product identifiers. Product identifiers like UPC, GTINs and MPNs help search engines locate products faster and more effectively when search for the same is conducted. With the right product identifiers, your listing is assured to maintain top position.

    Use high quality tools to update listing at frequent intervals –

    Listing should never remain stagnant. You should keep introducing changes time and again to improve optimization and value of the feed. Using high quality tools and softwares are recommended for the purpose.

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    Walmart’s List Of Expectation From Amazon Sellers

    Stephen Posted On - December 8, 2016

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    There is everything good about Walmart.com till the time you realize you are a seller in Amazon as well, and Walmart has taken note of this fact very comprehensively. In an offline scale, Amazon poses no threat to Walmart at all. However, in the world of e commerce, the latter considers Amazon its biggest competitor and has been very vocal about doing everything in its capacity to topple this online giant within the forthcoming years.

    This is the main reasons why Walmart has presented a very carefully charted and rather stringent list of expectations dedicated to all Amazon sellers who wish to sell in this platform as well. Here are some of these expectations that have to a large extent, de-motivated many sellers in Amazon from approaching Walmart in the first place…

    You have to be a crowd puller –

    Walmart looks forward to inviting nothing short of power performers in Amazon. You will thus, have to be a medium to large seller attracting traffic by the thousands and fetching high levels of revenues every single month. If not, it is very likely that Walmart will keep your request pending for an indefinite period of time.

    High reviews and ratings is mandatory –

    If you have a very long product history with 99% 4 to 5 star ratings along with a host of very positive reviews, featuring in Walmart.com at the earliest will not be an issue at all. Sellers in Amazon that are yet to generate such levels of ratings and reviews may not find a place in marketplace Walmart.

    Order completion system should be nothing less than perfection –

    Considering the fact that Amazon is the biggest competitor of Walmart.com, the latter intends to match its service quality to the likeness of the former or make it even better. Perfection in order completion forms the backbone of purchase experience in the part of buyers, thus making it critically important for sellers in Amazon to maintain the same quality in Walmart.

    Order defect rates should be less than 1% –

    Interested Amazon sellers need to show and maintain their order defect rates at less than 1%. Any increase in this figure and sellers can be assured to lose all hopes for growth, visibility or even their presence in Walmart.com.

    Pricing should always favor Walmart over Amazon –

    This is perhaps the most trying aspect of Amazon Walmart integrated selling. While Walmart.com insists on the lowest prices Amazon cannot tolerate their sellers selling the same products in some other platform at prices that can be counterproductive to its interests. Neither of the two platforms would budge at their price policies making things tough and demanding for the sellers in general.

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    A Short Guide To Amazon Sellers Performing In Walmart

    Thomas Posted On - November 16, 2016

    walmart marketplace
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    Over the past few months, e commerce sellers have developed a sudden liking towards Walmart online marketplace that has been showing a lot of promise in terms of seller growth and profits in the long and short run. Sellers in top performing marketplaces, especially Amazon have taken note of the fact that presence in Walmart marketplace can actually be the best possible decision they could take in favor of their multichannel ventures.

    Walmart online marketplace on the other hand, has laid out a very stringent set of rules for Amazon entities when it comes to qualifying for Walmart presence. From excellent reviews and ratings to order defect rates as low as 1% or less; the requirements often seem unbearably demanding. However, accepted applications can be considered as half the task successfully achieved.

    For the rest of the integrated journey, here is a list of guidelines that can assist Amazon sellers in Walmart.com to perform smoothly and flawlessly…

    Integrate well

    Walmart.com has partnered with handpicked ecommerce solution developers who are known for offering high quality set up and integration services that can help sellers commence operations at the earliest and that too at a healthy pace. The cost for integration is maintained at comfortable affordability which has motivated almost all Walmart sellers to approach the same.

    Maintain your pricing strategies

    Walmart offers the lowest price guarantee in all its products to its buyers and Amazon has never been tolerant of sellers that offer lower prices in other platforms while maintaining higher tags in Amazon. There could be some friction here that can be easily tackled by using proper pricing strategies along with tools and software solutions that are designed to address this issue.

    Use tools and support solutions at the very onset

    The applicability of tools and seller support solutions in Walmart marketplace often exceeds the scope of pricing. Tools and support solutions are called for in terms of multichannel order management, inventory control, systematic listing management, payment harmonization and many more. Proper and all inclusive integration services approached at the very onset can take care of all of these matters and more.

    It is ok to spend a little now to reap good profits later

    Integration, setup and performance optimization may call for some initial investment which is often worth the capital parted with. Being selective about the approach to performance optimization with the assistance of tools and support solutions can often lead sellers to lose their profitability in both marketplaces.

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    Amazon Sellers’ Selling Experience In Walmart.com In A Nutshell

    Stephen Posted On - November 9, 2016

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    After gaining decades of experience in e commerce selling practices, sellers in general have realized that there are certain entities that are born to get things right while the rest have to slog, struggle, fall flat on the face and literally cry through the process to win even a penny of profits. This is amply applicable for all new Amazon sellers who wish to make it big in Walmart.com as well.

    The recent past has put light upon the fact that there are a number of sellers who have already created an apparently profitable presence in Walmart.com and are working their way to greater success. This is very inspiring till the time, enthusiasts learn about what actually happened behind the scene, perhaps, on a daily basis…

  • Rejoicing an enhanced inflow of traffic – This is the first rather thrilling experience that all new sellers go through counting all the fringe benefits that come with it as well.
  • Enhancement of productivity and profits – While selling in Amazon and Walmart.com, productivity and profits is assured to witness a steep and rather quick rise.
  • Easy set up and integration makes life easier – Walmart.com has partnered with some of the best e commerce solution developers that can make the process of set up and integration really easy and that too at affordable prices. Not many willful sellers can resist this facility.
  • Maintenance of listing parity claims a pound of flesh – This is where the blues begin to seep in. while many experience sellers with infallible integration manage to get by the listing and pricing parity with ease, there are others that have cried through the process.
  • A couple of warnings later… things look bleak – This especially applies to those who have scored very poorly in abiding by the pricing policies of Walmart and Amazon. However, this is not the end of the world.
  • Integration and advanced software systems save the day again – This is the time when sellers make a more enlightened approach towards advanced software systems that they may have though unnecessary before. With the systems well integrated, selling gets back on track.
  • All things bright and beautiful till inventory mismanagement bring performance to a temporary stand still – No seller can claim that they have experienced blissfully smooth inventory management every single day they have been in business. Changing rules of marketplaces, ups and downs experienced by the source wholesalers and other variable factors affect inventory performance negatively. However, this can be handled too with the necessary inventory management tools available with e commerce providers
  • A few months down the line, optimum performance levels are reached and sellers actually start reaping the revenues they may have aimed for.
  • The experience may be slightly different for those trying to sell Walmart on eBay or resorting to other practices as such.

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    3 Things You Can Do Without And Still Make Profits In eBay

    Steve Burns Posted On - September 17, 2016

    eBay store
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    Selling in top ecommerce marketplaces comes with its own set of challenges. Irrespective of what new age strategists may say, things are not usually as easy as they appear. This is one of the many reasons why most eBay and Amazon sellers are seen to make extended efforts in the direction of making quicker profits and accessing faster growth. In the process, most of them feel the urgency to aid their efforts with certain power opportunities that are specific to the platform of presence. This applies massively to eBay where sellers have greater opportunity to build their brand name and reputation.

    However, it has also been witnessed that it is possible to make profits in eBay more than expected even without the aid of these express openings. Here are 3 things that almost all sellers compete for in eBay, but may still manage to gain sizeable revenues without the getting a break into the same…

    Power seller badge –

    Not everyone can qualify for power seller badge and not everyone needs it either. There is a whole lot that you need to take care of while aiming for the power seller badge ranging from maintaining high volume sale to fetching outstanding reviews in every order so completed.

    The truth is, sellers have performed for significant profits even without the power seller badge. The idea is to keep your listing in perfect shape; ascertain perfect order completions; price products competitively and the rest will fall in place.

    eBay store

    Stores in eBay are basically meant for midsized to large ventures especially those who earn their living through eBay. If you are a hobby seller or a small seller with your basic operational processes in good health, you will not feel the need to own an eBay store at all. stores come with a whole lot of associated expenses that may pull down on your revenues especially if you cannot keep your sale records high.

    FBA –

    There are many eBay sellers who have signed up for FBA services for obvious benefits. However, FBA is not necessary because you can choose your own order completion methods for lesser costs. Systemized order completion systems are available aplenty, some of which are effective enough to offer extended benefits that come very close to FBA and that too with far lower investments.

    Arbitrage selling can also be mentioned among the gateways for quick growth and profits which sellers need not actually resort to. Playing by the rules in eBay and offering excellent buyer experience is mostly all that sellers need to please the platform for a better future.

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    5 Amazon Take-For-Granted Facts That Failing Amazon Sellers Challenge

    Stephen Posted On - May 30, 2016

    ebay amazon listing software
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    Besides products, deals and opportunities, Amazon as the top e commerce marketplace of this century, is loaded with temptations. Thronging with millions of unique visitors and billions of searches that happen every single day from all around the world, there is very little reason why sellers would not want to establish their presence here and make the most of it at the same time. However, it is very necessary for any Amazon seller to note that there are certain things that should never be taken for granted in this platform.

    Say for example, there are certain geniuses who think that setting up presence in Amazon means immediate profits. This is not true. Till date there have been scores of sellers who have not been able to make a single penny of profit from this platform and still remain hidden from the search results made by prospective buyers. Sellers need to understand that competition is the highest in Amazon making it imperative to strategize selling plans for any chance at profits at all.

    Then again, there is another ongoing myth that FBA is a foolproof solution to the Buy Box. This again is not true. FBA is one of the many factors that contribute to make a product more likely to make it to the Buy Box. It seldom guarantees it though. FBA is a great way to complete orders with perfection, and the rest are just its side effects.

    Most sellers join Amazon with the belief that the Amazon Seller Central is the magical solution to all operational hassles. This is nothing more than a myth. The seller central is a good seller support solution and is perhaps better than infinite other support solutions offered by different marketplaces. However, it will amount to a gross mistake if the shortcomings of seller central are overlooked. Performance of seller support solutions in top performing marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are often overrated till the times sellers themselves experience the loopholes firsthand. Using eBay Amazon tool to bridge such gaps is more than just essential.

    Lastly, most sellers take a buyer’s faith in Amazon for granted. These sellers often believe that causing poor purchase experience in the part of buyers once or twice will not affect the faith of the latter in Amazon. This is woefully wrong. Buyers have faith in the platforms alright, but they have more faith in their direct purchase experience. If you as a seller turn down the trust of a buyer more than once, be assured that the buyer will choose not to return, leave a bad review and Amazon will have you kicked out in no time.

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    Pros and Cons Of Using Amazon Listing Software

    Stephen Posted On - May 16, 2016

    Amazon seller software
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    Listing in Amazon has way too many if-then- else factors that are best when addressed with complete understanding of the process and stringent requirements of the platform. While it is true that any seller with any volume of inventory can list their products in Amazon, how well the products fare often depends upon how they are listed. It is a fact that Amazon listing per se in the spread sheet format requires way too much manual effort which can get in the way of sellers who have too many products to sell.

    Say for example, a certain retail brand selling 75 different face moisturizers with 500 piece of each as inventory is likely to have less hassles with manual listing than a retailer who is selling 500 types of face moisturizer with 75 pieces each as inventory! This is only an example.

    Using Amazon listing software can be one of the best possible solutions to typical listing hassles that are experienced by sellers today. Basically, once these softwares are installed into the operating systems, they immediately automate the process of listing cutting down the burden of the task by 50 to 90% depending upon the brand of software so used. For sellers with too many products to list, this can actually be a lifesaving investment.

    Introducing changes in the listing especially when discounts and offers are announced can be an absolute bliss with the aid of these solutions. Importing and exporting data from the web store to Amazon can also be nothing more than a one click affair. Besides this, Amazon seller can also make the most of the fact that listing softwares always assure flawlessness in the process which is impossible to attain when the task is attempted manually.

    The list of pros that usually accompanies these listing softwares often outweighs is cons. But, under no circumstances can sellers ignore the fact that there are certain cons to these performance boosting solutions as well. To begin with, different listing softwares come with different list of advantages which makes it imperative to choose them carefully. Choosing unsuitable solutions can be more retarding than otherwise.

    At the same time, very high quality power packed listing softwares for Amazon always come at a cost. Enthusiasts should be ready to cough up some good amount of money to kick start their glorious listing journey. Thus, as far as availing them are concerned things can get a little difficult for smaller and cash strapped sellers.

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    Amazon Sellers Are Pampered Lot – Truth v/s Myth

    Thomas Posted On - May 16, 2016

    Amazon eBay Sellers
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    Amazon is a class apart in many ways making it the unchallenged leader in the world of e commerce. While many new e commerce marketplaces are claiming that they will soar over Amazon in a few hand counted years, in all honesty, this is one of the toughest and rather unachievable dreams that may not be possible till the next few decades. Besides that fact that Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world for perhaps, the largest categories of products, this is also the platform that offers the ultimate possibility of growth and profits to sellers irrespective of their size, experience or volume of business.

    In fact, it is often believed by the world of e commerce enthusiasts that Amazon seller happen to be the pampered lot who are spoiled rotten with over-the-top advantages showered on them. For those who have glanced through the benefits of Amazon vendor, seller central and most importantly FBA, cannot often be convinced otherwise. In most cases, there is no need to. However, to take the fact for granted that Amazon pampers its sellers rotten is nowhere close to the truth. Whether you like it or not, Amazon & eBay has always been and will continue to be more in favor of buyers than Amazon or eBay seller.

    Say for example, if there is a tussle between the sellers and buyers about a certain order in terms of returns and refunds, one can take it for granted that the verdict will be settled in favor of the buyers. It does not really matter how flimsy or absurd the reason for returns may be. The crux of the matter is, if the request is made, it will be entertained. So, hypothetically, if a certain clever buyer orders a designer dress, gets it delivered, wears it with the tag on to wherever intended and places return request the next day with the dress intact with the tag and in perfectly saleable condition… the request has to be entertained.

    At this very moment, discussion forums are getting hotter with how unfair Amazon gets with sellers when it comes to perfecting purchase experience in the part of buyers. Besides this, an average Amazon seller also gets to experience the inadequacies of the otherwise advantageous options of sellers / vendor central as well as FBA. In all honesty, none of these are fool proof solutions to seller success. Winning in Amazon can actually get very tough for the latter and requires constant hard work and support from intelligent tools and software solutions. at times, business improvement in Amazon can get really expensive.

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    Otherwise Content Amazon Sellers Usually Complain About These Shortcomings

    Daniel Posted On - May 4, 2016

    Amazon Sellers for Prime
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    Many e commerce sellers and researchers are into believing that seller central users in Amazon are usually the pampered lot. The latter however agree to disagree. It will not be entirely wrong to say that no seller solution per se is complete in itself even if it offers a flood of benefits that other solutions don’t. This mini lapse has been experienced by many Amazon sellers till date, many of have openly expressed their ‘only if’ list in infinite review channels hoping that this king of all e commerce marketplaces will take note of the same sooner or later.

    Amazon Sellers for Prime

    Say for example, there is a significant number of startup lot that usually find the other side of business obligations like doing their taxes extremely taxing. Taking clue from jet.com, many of them only wish Amazon would handle the tax part for them. However, Amazon has made it amply clear that it will serve as no more than an extremely profitable and growth based e commerce marketplace with sole assistance extended towards making the process of selling easier while the rest should be handled by the sellers on their own.

    Very often the matter of super generous return policies often ends up bugging sellers to a limit where they may get pushed up against the wall. Whether you like it or not, Amazon is usually right in their stand when it comes to making the process of returns as easy as click and no more. If buyers are not happy with what the sellers delivered, they have the right to request return / exchange and sellers have to abide by it. Sometimes, when the issues arise from the buyers’ side, the sellers need to take all the trouble and digest it as occupational hazards.

    Altering returns policies to make it tad seller-friendly (like it is in Jet.com) is always expected, but Amazon is not likely to introduce such changes because it will directly compromise its attractiveness towards the purchase motivated lot.

    Sellers also often wish that Amazon inventory management systems would also make a leap in evolution and move ahead and beyond the available spread-sheet format. It is true that many e commerce solution developers have already introduced integrated Amazon inventory control systems, the fact that they usually favor midsized to large sellers will higher inventory levels cannot be denied. Smaller sellers usually get stuck in the cost trap if they choose to use these solutions or face hassles of manual management which is fraught with errors.

    Amazon has rarely been the cause for disappointment to buyers or sellers through all these years of its existence. So sellers can be hopeful that Amazon will introduce changes that may lift away existing shortcomings in the near future.

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    Is Your Listing Killing Your Sale In Amazon?

    Daniel Posted On - April 15, 2016

    Amazon listing
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    Listing products the wrong way may not be as damaging as listing products the hackneyed way in Amazon. Say for example, if you have been deliberately including promotional in your product titles and Amazon catches you in the wrong foot, your listing can be called off with immediate effect. This can create a slight dent in your reputation with Amazon, but you can still get back on foot and track your way back with legitimate listing ways. However, if you create a legitimate yet thoroughly boring, unattractive and grossly forgettable listing, you can be rest be assured that your products will be wrapped in an invisibility coat and practically disappear from the search results.

    So, this way, your products will be out there somewhere in the whirlpool of Amazon, yet you will not be able to make a single sale, leave alone the desire of achieving your sale target. Many sellers who are already facing such sale issues don’t even understand that the fault may lie in their approach to listing in this mega marketplace. Facing facts, it is necessary for all sellers to know that the first step to proper listing in Amazon lies in following the rules to the last word. To stay in the right track, almost all sellers are seen to use Amazon listing softwares from dependable e commerce solution providers.

    The second step to sale boosting listing in Amazon is to use your own creativity and common sense. Say for example, when it comes to creating a title, short and apt with Impact happens to be the basic rules. Basically, the rule is to ensure that your product titles don’t exceed 100 characters. However, if you come to think of it, 100 characters could actually make a sentence. When a certain buyer is searching for products, they don’t type in even a fourth of this quantity.

    So, your aim should be to minimize the words, maximize keywords and make the titles look believable to the buyers within a matter of 5 to 7 seconds. Creativity will be needed because even if your products get featured in the first page of search results, it will be accompanied by competitors’ products as well. This is always followed with the price that your listing displays. If you have mistaken discoverability as an inevitable outcome of lowest prices, think again because it is competitive pricing that matters. If your product is selling 80% lesser than competitors prices, you may win and audience out of curiosity but lose them immediately after because of rising doubts about your product quality.

    Seeking professional assistance with creative listing in Amazon is always advisable.

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    If Someone Taught You ‘These’ Amazon Selling Tips, It’s Time To Forget Them!

    Thomas Posted On - April 11, 2016

    selling on amazon
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    Sellers are always in a hurry to get the best of Amazon in the least possible time, but then, there are only a few among the many who actually make it work the legitimate way. The rest are only seen to lean back on tips and hacks that usually assure to win amazing never-before results that seldom materialize. These tips and hacks are flowing free in the internet and just about anybody can access them. However, not knowing the if-then-else that surround the use of these under the table solutions can land unsuspecting Amazon sellers into situations that are best when avoided.

    Let’s take the buy box for example. Almost every seller is up and about to grab this window of opportunities however; no one is very clear about the tangible eligibility criteria. Amazon says, that it is all based on the performance of the sellers over a considerable period time with good reviews flowing in favor of the same. The tips and hacks geniuses on the other hand have come up with strategies that preach bending prices to levels that are simply lower-by-a-cent as compared to competitors’ products. To begin with, this is no hack or glorious tip. It is one methods of intelligent pricing which is important in the race to the buy box. But it can never guarantee a place in the latter.

    At the same time, certain tips floating around in the internet and often tried by many unfortunate sellers are all about not adding shipping costs and handling charges to the final price that will be charged to the buyers as they make their purchase. Basically the strategy involves listing the products with lower-by-a-cent prices to get buy-box attention as well as buyer attention, while actually the product gets to become more expensive than competitors prices.

    This may sound like a win-win situation in the beginning but the thrill does not last for long. When wiser buyers don’t make their purchase after finding their products in the buy box, Amazon takes the clue and scraps it off without a second thought.

    Besides this, there are a number of other tips and hacks involving ASIN piggybacking, using custom URL queries etc. which when not carried out the right way can prove counterproductive. The best way to crack the codes of Amazon selling is to stick to legitimate practices. Using automation softwares like Amazon listing software, inventory management tools etc can ease the burden and improve overall quality of selling which is assured to contribute to steady growth and profits.

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    Lowest Price ≠ Buy Box – Few Eye Openers For Ambitious Amazon Sellers

    Robin Smith Posted On - April 11, 2016

    Amazon seller central software
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    Introducing Buy Box has been a game changer for infinite sellers in Amazon. The matter of featuring at the top rung of similar listings placed by fellow competitors is the most cherished gift of the buy box and this happens to be profitable in many ways than one. An immediate increase in traffic and conversions is only a part of the entire scene. It can be said in very simple words that Amazon Buy Box can make any Amazon seller many times more prominent than their competitors selling the same or similar products. The question that surrounds the enthusiasts though is how to qualify for the buy box and maintain the position there forever.

    Till date, there was a popular belief that it is the lowest price of the products that brings sellers to this coveted window of opportunities. This though, is nothing more than a myth. Seller experience over a prolonged period of time in Amazon has made it amply obvious that striking off price tags to scratch profit levels is foolish and never a strategy to win the Buy Box eligibility. Ambitious sellers who may have been saying to themselves that it is alright to sacrifice gains for the sake of visibility are in fact making a very damaging mistake. Basically, taking a closer look, it can be seen that Buy Box eligibility is determined more through performance than price.

    Amazon has explained it in clear and comprehensive terms that sellers who offer the best purchase experience to buyers will always be favored. If you as a seller have been existent in this marketplace for a considerable period of time and have been conducting business by the rules with very high quality reviews posted regularly in your favor, you can be rest assured that Buy Box will come your way in the near or far future.

    The race for this window starts from the day you establish your presence in Amazon. From listing your products attractively while being accurate at the same time to paying special attention to Amazon inventory management which happens to be the backbone of your operational stability, everything matters in creating a smooth and trustworthy cocoon that is assured to invite customers and bring them back over and over again. Taking care of order defect rates and keeping track of performance metrics matters to the very last word. Lastly, it is competitive believable pricing and not lowest pricing that adds icing to the cake.

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