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3 Factors That Matter Equally In eBay Amazon Selling

Stephen Posted On - December 26, 2017

Shopify Amazon
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Even though the nature and ambience of eBay Amazon selling is widely different from each other, there are a number of factors that are equally relevant in both platforms. Sellers that perform in either or both of these top marketplaces must therefore ensure maintaining these factors to the utmost so that they can achieve productive and profitable selling experience. Here is a small roundup of 3 such factors that are critically important at all times…

End to end integration –

Be it Shopify Amazon or Bigcommerce eBay or any others for that matter, end to end seamless integration is a must for achieving optimum performance levels in these marketplaces. Without proper integration, it will be impossible for sellers to stay in tune with the pace of eBay and Amazon, leave alone gaining an upper hand in competition. End to end syncing of Amazon and eBay with respective shopping carts can enhance the levels of automation of core processes by as much as 90% which can be a blessing in terms of saving time and protecting from errors.

Optimization –

Smart optimization of feed is a must in both marketplaces. From titles and descriptions to images and pricing, just about everything needs to be optimized for enhanced visibility and high search rankings. More often than not, evolved integration processes that are offered by top ecommerce solution developers like Magento eBay etc. come with some basic optimization features that do contribute to enhanced performance. However, in order to remain in top visibility, integrating with advanced optimization solutions would be wise.

Software quality –

The quality of seller softwares chosen for eBay Amazon selling can make all the difference when it comes to increasing effectiveness and productivity in the endeavor. As has been expressed by top sellers in these marketplaces, it is always wise to opt for paid softwares that come with customizable features that are flexible enough to grow with your business. Paid options also come with robust customer service backing that free softwares often lack.

The matter of professional intervention…

Allowing professionals to handle the process of integration, optimization and suggesting the right software solutions for the business can offer a massive payoff that can give you an instant edge in competition. Employing professionals for endeavors in both eBay and Amazon can be practically lifesaving for newer and less experienced entities that do not have any time to go through the trial and error process.

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4 Outcomes You Will Experience After Integrating Shopify With Amazon

Stephen Posted On - December 21, 2017

Shopify Amazon integration
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While it is true that Shopify and Amazon are compatible ecommerce platforms there are still a number of gaps between the two that can create obstacles in the way of harmonious performance. All thanks to Amazon Shopify syncing solutions though, that can be availed very easily through reliable e commerce solution developers, these otherwise harrowing gaps can be bridged and sellers can experience and instantly elevated performance. Here is a gist of 4 happy outcomes that sellers can experience if they invest a little in end to end Shopify Amazon integration

Improved automation in all core processes – When you are performing in Amazon or even eBay for that matter, you will have to push your automation levels of core operation handling to the maximum. This will help you save hours of time while ensuring faultlessness in the process. Improved automation is best accessed through end to end automation.

A fresh inflow of support features –

Complete and seamless integration solution providers often offer a very evolved set of added support features that can increase productivity of your venture manifold. This is applicable not only to Amazon and Shopify but to Magento eBay, Bigcommerce Walmart and any other top platform that runs at lightning pace. Currency management, advanced tracking benefits etc can be mentioned as a few.

Freedom from errors and faults –

End to end integration offers freedom from errors and faults that usually haunt sellers that opt for manual practices. This is one of the key factors that help sellers maintain a significant edge in competition.

Instantly updated performance –

Lastly, integration solutions that are offered by top developers are known for updating their solutions frequently so that sellers can stay in tune with the progress and change in selling atmosphere of the respective marketplaces. There is no better way to maintain an upward graph of performance than this.

Few factors to consider…

    • End to end integration especially for Amazon and eBay like Shopify Amazon, Bigcommerce eBay etc can get a little expensive when reputed third party ecommerce solution providers are approached.
    • Even the best of integration requires you to put in efforts in the process of strategizing and decision making. Softwares cannot do that for you.
    • Integration takes a little while to show effects. You need to be patient for at least a couple of weeks or more.
    • Updating is a must. More often than not, top providers keep you updated with the changes for a small fee or for free.

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3 Ways Walmart eBay Integration Can Multiply Your Productivity

Stephen Posted On - November 16, 2017

Sell on Walmart online
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Sellers that are present both in eBay and Walmart can face a number of hassles associated mainly with operations and productivity. Keeping track of voluminous orders pouring in every single day, aspects like inventory management, order fulfillment, listing management etc can get really taxing. Manual involvement in such demanding setups can lead sellers to face often irrecoverable damages.

End to end all inclusive multi channel integration involving shopping carts as well, like Magento eBay Walmart integrations however, can change the course of events for the better. Here are 3 ways in which end to end syncing can help in multiplying productivity in Walmart eBay performance many times over and that too in the shortest period of time…

Enhanced automation will cover all core multi channel operations –

With end to end integration, the level of automation increases dramatically to speed up core processes like inventory management, listing management, order fulfillment / completion and more while ensuring complete faultlessness in all. Sellers have claimed to have been spending very less time in these essentials and focusing more on decision making with end to end integration in place.

Assistance with respect to pricing will keep both marketplaces happy –

Pricing is a dreaded aspect in Walmart especially when the third party sellers are also present in other top marketplaces. At all times, the entities are expected to keep their prices in Walmart the lowest, a practice that can come into a direct clash with eBay and Amazon. End to end integration often comes with pricing assistance that helps sellers price their products smartly and competitively while not inviting the wrath of the involved marketplaces.

List of added features to make elevated competitive performance possible –

High quality integrations like eBay Magento Walmart integration offered by top ecommerce solution developers offer a list of added features, tools and softwares that are equipped to enhance productivity of the endeavor without the sellers having to try too hard. These features can be dedicated towards performance tracking, tax / currency management, revenue management, review generation / management, profit calculation and more.

End to end Walmart eBay integration can be availed from top 3P ecommerce solution developers some of whom are also the official integration partners of Walmart online marketplace. Sellers though, must be aware of the fact that complete and all inclusive syncing processes usually come at sizeable costs that can go up to thousands of dollars depending upon the level of automation and support features required. But, at the end of the day, are worth the expenses.

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3P Seller Guide To Walmart Marketplace

Thomas Posted On - April 13, 2017

walmart marketplace
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Walmart e commerce marketplace is a platform of opportunities for infinite reasons. The induction of 3P sellers has been one of the most crucial phases in the steady and speedy development of this marketplace allowing it to attain the second position in USA after Amazon.

Opening up of opportunities however, does not necessarily translate into immediate profits in the part of Walmart third party sellers considering the fact that the latter need to abide by a long list of rule only to maintain visibility and remain in the good books of this marketplace.

This basically requires the sellers to be thorough with the rules before approaching this platform in the first place. Here are 5 such rules that need to be taken into account urgently by all third party sellers from the first day on…

  • Move on if your application is not accepted or is delayed for an indefinite period. Sometimes it is better to let go than hang onto an opportunity that can never be yours. is known for possessing a soft corner for category leaders and brand owners. If you are neither, it is remotely possible that your application will ever get green signal from the marketplace.
  • Once accepted, set up and integrate flawlessly to have a healthy debut. has partnered with some of the most ingenious e commerce solution developers that are equipped to offer flawless head to toe integration services with the aid and assistance of top performing tools and software solutions. Unlike common belief, these solutions are very affordable, compact and comprehensive as well. Therefore, sellers need not think twice before approaching the same for the sake of achieving a healthy head start.
  • Respect the rules established by Walmart especially with respect to product pricing. assures lowest price in all products across all product categories to its loyal buyers. Maintaining this rule thus critical for the sake of sustained visibility and high ranking.
  • Using necessary tools and software solutions is important for gaining better visibility. This can be with respect to end to end multi channel integration like Magento eBay Walmart or for basic operational processes like listing, inventory / order management, review management, optimization or anything else for that matter.
  • Amazon sellers need to be extra cautious all the time mainly because Walmart has laid out a special set of pre and post set up requisites particular to this lot. This is not only with respect to prices that need to be lesser in Walmart than in Amazon, but also with respect to driving more traffic to the former than the latter.
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Why Blogging is important for online sellers? 5 Reasons

Thomas Posted On - February 2, 2017

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In recent times, with content marketing becoming an epicenter for marketers and big brands, blogging has got all the attention that it so truly deserves. Particularly for the smart online sellers, it has emerged as an asset to beat stiff market competition and make higher sale rather easily.

If you’re an online vendor who doesn’t leverage on blogging, you’re missing out on a great deal of sales with the cheapest Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

In fact, here are 5 important reasons why online sellers should start blogging in 2017, if they don’t already-

  1. It boosts visibility on SERP– Perhaps the biggest benefit of blogging is its positive impact on SEO; it boosts search visibility of pages, making your stores and products more relevant on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Of course, for better outcome, one needs to do a thorough keyword research and be more sensible when writing blog posts that trigger all the right factors, which not only increase products visibility but also ensure conversion.
  2. It informs the target audience– The foremost goal of blog posts is to engage the readers and inform them about your existence and your products. Letting the potential customers know about your products and addressing their concerns and queries more personally almost always ensure improved sales.
  3. It builds credibility– Better ranking on SERPs subsequently improves other KPIs, including stores’ credibility. Seeing more of your products on their search results, potential customers are more likely to be drawn towards your website even when they aren’t planning to buy anything. So while conversion remains down in the short-run, your niche authority perks up significantly.
  4. It fosters community of loyal audience– Niche authority fosters a community of loyal audience, which directly translates into higher sales. In a way, blogging builds a group of fans that swear-by your products; this often triggers Word-of-Mouth marketing—the cheapest form of promotion that guarantees improved revenue.
  5. Conversion becomes easier and quicker– Blogging (sensibly) is a personalized form of communication between the sellers and the potential customers. Mentioned already, this improves the credibility of the store. All these combines to convert better and increase sale in a quite short span.

These are 5 important reasons why online sellers – whether they sell on Amazon store, personal website or multiple channels – must start blogging in 2017.

Too much to handle already?

Online vendors already have their plate full with ample of backend tasks. Adding to that the stress of blogging might seem to be a tad too much. However, given its importance today, it shouldn’t be sidestepped. And this is where multi-channel e-commerce software solution comes to play a messiah. With a centralized platform that offers seamless integration of various marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines – right from Magento eBay to Amazon-Shopify – handling all the backend tasks, including product listing, inventory management and order fulfillment, gets much easier and quicker. This leaves with ample of time to blog.

So have you been looking to boost your sales, blogging might just be the perfect answer for you.

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How to Deal with Terrible Reviews and Ratings While Selling On Amazon eBay

Thomas Posted On - December 26, 2016

magento ebay integration
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Selling in top marketplaces like eBay and Amazon is not without its share of uncertainties. There have been numerous occasions when sellers in these marketplaces have experienced rude shocks in the form of horrible reviews left by buyers for often unreasonable reasons. While our wise ancestors have rightly said that certain things in life need to be taken with a pinch of salt, poor reviews and ratings certainly don’t come into this category.

This is mainly because Amazon and eBay are recognized for taking purchase experience in the part of buyers very seriously and any mishap in the process is dealt with iron fists. Consequences can range anywhere from losing search ranking to receiving warnings or even scrapping of listing that has earned the poor review. On many occasions, buyers leave horrible reviews for reasons that the sellers cannot be blamed for.

On these circumstances the seller Amazon / eBay must keep their calm and approach organic solutions to deal with these reviews. Here are a few measures that can be adopted for safe review handling…

  • Never bad mouth, threaten or challenge the buyers who have posted the reviews even if you know that they are wrong. Amazon and eBay are recognized for ‘buyers are always right’ approach and any attempt that could compromise their interests any further can be dealt with very seriously.
  • Contact the buyers in an extremely professional and polite manner to explain what exactly went wrong. If the buyers get back with their issues, you can be certain that the problem was genuine. If not, you can be assured that the review was posted by a scam buyer who can be a competitor trying to defame you.
  • If the case surrounds scam buyers, then both Amazon and eBay sellers can approach support services for the marketplace and request removal of the review. The process is usually very comprehensive and many sellers have already been benefited with the same. at all times, the measures must be taken at the earliest so that your listing is not scrapped or pushed to invisibility.
  • If the buyer concern is genuine, act immediately and address the issue by offering extended apologies followed with replacement of the product and if possible, a gift voucher or something worthwhile for free.
  • Ecommerce solution developers who offer quality integration services like Magento eBay / Amazon etc also possess tools and support services for review management which should be approached and integrated with at the very onset of your venture.

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    5 Powerful Tips To Run Your Amazon Store More Profitably

    Daniel Posted On - September 9, 2016

    Amazon seller central
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    Creating an impactful and profitable presence in Amazon takes a whole lot of hard work and perseverance in the part of each and every seller. In very simple words, making profits in Amazon is never easy mostly owing to the fact that every other competitor in this marketplace is engaged in putting their best foot forward with the assistance of good selling practices.

    Strategizing is therefore the lifeline for any successful Amazon store and not many sellers can think of maintaining their presence without resorting to the same. Here are some of the best tried and tested tips that successful sellers usually swear by…

    Power listing

    Perfectly optimized listing that is complete with enhanced purchase value in favor of the buyers is the first step to gaining maximum attention in favor of your store in Amazon. Power listing basically includes optimizing the titles, descriptions, prices and images of products in tune with the search engine of Amazon and introducing frequent updates to stay in tune with competition.

    Introduction of fresh products will gain better visibility

    Introducing fresh stocks time and again plays a direct role in boosting visibility of sellers. Amazon welcomes fresh products and ensures showing them at the top of the search lists as buyers look for similar products.

    Moving inventory with attractive deals introduced when prospective buyers are in their best purchase mood

    Understanding buyer mood at specific seasons and introducing products and deals accordingly is one of the best strategies to win maximum attention towards respective Amazon stores while making significant levels of profits as well.

    Reviews and more reviews

    These are the times when reviews make massive difference to the visibility and ranking of products in Amazon. Sellers who wish to see their stores succeeding by the passing months, it is imperative to focus on generating as much positive reviews as possible. Using tools for the purpose is also suggested.

    Focusing on value of listing is more important than lowest prices

    This is one of those strategies that will never go out of style. Buy Box should be your second aim. Your first aim should always rest with improving the value of your listing so that buyers can experience the relevance of every penny spent on the purchase.

    Carrying out proper integration processes is also very important to support each of these strategies whether in Amazon or in eBay. Say for example, if you are a Magento powered seller, you will need to conduct proper Magento eBay / Magento Amazon integration to gain a head start in competition.

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    Services You Must Sign Up For While Opening eBay Stores

    Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 31, 2016

    Opening eBay Stores
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    eBay has done its bit to ensure that opening a store with this top e commerce marketplace will never be a process engulfed in hassles. Basically, a few simple steps are more than enough to have a store up and running in this platform. The process of set up is usually quite simple and even those with minimum experience in e commerce store building can handle the basics with ease. While all this sounds very inspiring, it is what comes later that often scares the life out of eBay store owners. Setting up the store is the easy part. Preparing it for success in terms of enhanced visibility, smoothness in basic operational processes, healthy growth to attain the badge of a power seller followed by eventual profits requires real hard work.

    As many power sellers in newegg or magento eBay have expressed, signing up for certain critical services while kick staring store functioning can help all sellers make the most out of the existent opportunities in eBay. Among them, eBay Listing services have been mentioned right at the top of the list. Proper listing is the first step to product visibility and is thus, also the first step to beating competition. Using listing software systems can help automate the otherwise mundane process that is fraught with errors when attempted manually offering relief from mental exhaustion to store owners.

    The next must access solutions are those associated with inventory management. It can be taken for granted that any eBay store owner will face the worst of future in the platform if they don’t subscribe to proper inventory management systems. Considering the fact that almost all store owners in eBay are high volume sellers, keeping track of inventory movement through multiple warehouses can get very tedious and erroneous at the same time. Without starting efforts with proper inventory management systems, any eBay store can be deemed as doomed.

    Besides these two support pillars, eBay store owners are also advised to use softwares, tools and plug-in solutions for metrics tracking, pricing and repricing, order management, maintaining customer relations and data etc. Integrating the support solutions with the store is also very necessary in order to receive optimum benefits from the platform. For sellers who don’t have any experience in the matter, using professional assistance is recommended. Professional assistance these days is available at affordable price packages through a number of trusted e commerce solution providers. Choosing right and choosing wise can offer remarkable consequences.

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    Times When Amazon Sellers Vie eBay

    Daniel Posted On - May 30, 2016

    Amazon Sellers Vie eBay on Magento
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    The Amazon v/s eBay war is likely to continue for ages to come for many reasons than one. The platforms currently occupying the No. 1 and No. 2 places in the world of e commerce vastly differ from each other in their nature, assurance for best buyer experience being the only factor where they match. However, there are times when Amazon sellers are seen to vie eBay performers for a number of advantages that they seem to have over the former. If you take a close look, these reasons actually appear to make eBay more profitable for sellers than Amazon.

    To begin with, eBay listing is more luscious in comparison with Amazon listing. Considering the variety of products that can be sold in this platform in a variety of conditions, it only made sense for eBay to make the listing more defined as compared with Amazon. Right from the images to the title to description of the condition in which the product is sold, contributes to offering best purchase experience in the part of the buyers.

    Secondly, no one can deny the fact that seller exposure in eBay is irresistible. On clicking on a certain product in eBay following search for the same, buyers get to see vivid seller information at the side of the screen. While it is true that power sellers in eBay usually take the cake in this respect, even the smaller sellers are better exposed in eBay than they would ever be in Amazon. Basically growth as a seller has greater possibility in eBay than the latter.

    The spread of allowed product categories in eBay is anytime more tempting than Amazon. From refurbished products to unique items and antiques, you can get anything and everything in eBay and that too with ample value for every penny spent on it. Amazon has a very wide product category but not as spread-out as eBay. This is one of the reasons why a greater number of sellers can find place in eBay than Amazon.

    Fourthly, Amazon has never been a place for hobby selling. If you are selling in Amazon, you will have to go knee deep in using automation solutions and carrying out proper store integrations to get some chance at profits. For example, if you are a Magento powered store owner, you will have to carry out Magento Amazon integration without fail irrespective of how small or established you may be. Hobby sellers in eBay don’t have to take such loads on their shoulders.

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    Refreshingly Updated Magento Still Need Best Integration With Amazon

    Shrikar Khare Posted On - May 19, 2016

    magento eBay & Amazon
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    Users of Magento have always loved the innovations that are introduced by this store building e commerce support solution almost every passing year. And this time, the impact of the annual facelift has been quite significant. Magento Marketplace as this new model layout has been named has made it extremely convenient for merchants to manage their Magento powered store very effectively and conveniently while adding uniquely functional features to their everyday functioning. Now, to ask whether the new updates will directly impact the functioning of Magento powered stores in top performing platforms for the better or not… the answer may not be very uplifting.

    Basically, with the host of new features and improvements, merchants will still require to carry out proper syncing of this shopping cart solution especially with top marketplaces and comparison shopping platforms. Magento powered merchants who are present in Google Shopping, Amazon and eBay need to ensure the best possible Magento eBay / Amazon Google / Shopping integration to experience optimum benefits from these platforms. While it is true that integration advantages of Magento has always been more wholesome than many other store building shopping cart solutions, even the newest of improvements have not been complete enough to overrule the necessity of third party assistance.

    It has been observed that it is merchants with midlevel to high business volumes usually approach Magento to power their stores. While there are economy level options for smaller sellers, the costs are usually seen to add up to an uncomfortable level for the same. The majority of midlevel to high volume merchants using this solution often doesn’t flinch from using third party integration services to strengthen their performance in the top platforms of sale. Basically, they can afford the costs and also have the setup to maximize their sale to balance the expenditure in the shortest possible time.

    Basically, it can be said that even with the most innovative facelifts introduced by Magento, it is still at a considerable distance from making this platform complete and independent of third party involvements. At present, there are a few very dependable third party e commerce solution developers who have mastered Magento Amazon / eBay integration solutions which not many platforms on their own can match. So, it can be said with confidence that Magento may be an exemplary platform with all its improvements and developments; it still has to walk miles to catch up with the core matters of multichannel selling.

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    How Power Sellers Manage Their Inventory In eBay

    Shrikar Khare Posted On - April 22, 2016

    eBay inventory management
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    eBay is often considered a hobby sellers’ paradise, but then, this is also the platform for some very serious entities that earn by the millions per year through this marketplace. Usually, it is this lot that commences their efforts with the aim to gain the Power Seller badge for the sake of reaping maximum visibility before target buyers in eBay and gain their trust in the process. To become a power seller, entities are expected be high volume sellers with very high quality customer services and further topped with over 98% positive reviews posted in favor them. To think that any of this will be possible without proper inventory management may be a little too much to expect.

    Power sellers have a very clear cut approach to managing their inventories in volusion on Magento eBay Store. Basically, they need to have perfect information about real time inventory movement in every individual warehouse, recall stock that may have been shelved for a very long time (although, power sellers are geniuses when it comes to choosing products that will sell out fast), introduce fresh units as per demand, track the inflow and outflow of the same with every order placed and keep a close check on returns and its impact on the inventory levels (if any). Thus, for power sellers, using eBay inventory management softwares from trustworthy e commerce solution developers is more than just a must.

    Being very high volume sellers with hundreds of orders received and processed every single day, manual approach to inventory control can often lead the sellers to face insurmountable issues. Similarly trying to integrate inventory management systems with their respective eBay stores without any clue about the technicalities is something that is avoided strictly by power seller status enthusiasts. More often than not, these super sellers engage professionals to have the system synced which saves them days of valuable time. Professional involvement usually does not come without its share of expenses, but this is something like a worthwhile and yielding investment in the part of the sellers that cannot be done without.

    Hobby sellers usually don’t require the aid and assistance of top quality software systems for automation especially if they have nothing more than a handful of products to sell. However, if these sellers wish to invite more products to their inventory for the sake of growing their efforts and make more money, following the footsteps of the power sellers’ approach can be advantageous in many ways.

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