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eBay Listing Tools That Can Make Business Easy For Startups

Stephen Posted On - June 10, 2016

eBay Selling Manager
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Starting business in eBay or any other top performing marketplace for that matter entails a good lot of hard work. From initial research to managing basics like inventory, order completion, returns, transactions and most importantly listing, things can get very tough for a single soul to handle and that too without flaws. Maximizing efficiency is impossible when sellers insist upon making a manual approach to address all these business basics especially when the marketplace in question is known for its speed. In very simple words, using proper tools is the only and the easiest way to march your way towards profits and growth and there could be nothing more relieving than commencing with eBay listing tools.

Listing solutions is the first that all sellers much consider. There are a number of free and paid listing solutions available in the market each of which have their own set of features to offer besides the basics of creating eBay friendly listing. Turbo Lister is the present favorite among all start ups considering the fact that it is free, user friendly and compatible with small to midsized businesses. Turbo Lister can also be accessed offline which can be bliss for many. Features like duplicating existing listings, changing formats etc is easy with this solution that has also established itself somewhere in the top of the best free eBay listing software 2014.

At present, there are infinite different solutions for listing each of which offers different features that are compatible with different sellers of different volumes and of course, different nature of business altogether. Say for example, just like Turbo Lister is compatible with small businesses, File Exchange is more suited to high volume sellers. So when you as an eBay seller are looking for the best compatible listing solution, here are a few aspects that you much consider at all times …

Cloud Based or Otherwise:

Firstly, based on your priorities, you need to know if the concerned eBay listing manager software is cloud based or hardware based. In case of the former, you may not be required to create a backup listing to aid your effort is your hardware crashes.

Bulk listing feature:

The advantage of bulk listing cannot be ignored by serious sellers. The ability to create bulk listing offline and uploading the same in nothing more than a click of a button is always expected. The features of copying and editing listing in bulk should also be taken notice of.

System Requirements:

This usually goes ignored till the time the sellers come face to face with issues and place complains about their eBay listing managers are not working at all. for example, as far as Turbo Lister is concerned, sellers are required to have at least, Microsoft 2000, XP, Vista 7 along with Pentium II or above; 500 MB or above disk space; Internet Explorer v5.5 installed in their system. Every listing solution has its own requirements that need to be fulfilled before installation.

Lastly, check the cost of the eBay listing management solution. Free is always the golden word for beginners and Turbo Lister is always the nursery!

It is necessary to remember though that no tools or solution whether eBay listing tools or complete eBay selling software is complete by itself. So choosing according to priorities is very important.

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Smart Inventory Control For Perishable Goods

Daniel Posted On - May 16, 2016

eBay inventory control
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All things under the sun come with specific expiry dates and this includes the planets and the sun itself! However, the fact that certain items of crucial importance like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, grains and an array of packed and processed foods have no more than a few odd days of survival. These hand counted days are usually known for keeping grocers in the ecommerce platforms up on their toes almost all the time.

Considering the fact that such inventory on an average has less than a week to move the risk of running into serious losses is always very high. Without implementation of smart inventory control means, winning in e commerce grocery business can be nothing short of a black hole.

The usual tips that can be applied for Amazon or eBay inventory control usually fall short while addressing the matter of e commerce grocery set ups. Right from the process of procuring the saleable items from their wholesaling source to stocking them in proper storage systems and managing orders can be extremely trying and expensive. For those who are planning to kick start their e commerce grocery business, here are a few things that require serious consideration…

Firstly, it must be remembered at all times that as far as fresh fruits and vegetables are concerned, it is impossible to resist damages. Even if you manage to acquire 95% of your products in perfect shape, there will that other 5% that will call for urgent moving from the shelves. If you guarantee 100% satisfaction to your buyers, you will not be able to mix these items with the regular orders and wish that customers will forgive that one bad apple in the entire basket. This usually never happens.

Secondly, stocking and warehouse management should be your primary focus. You cannot stock perishable eatables at any odd warehouses. Temperature controlled storage systems are a must with appropriate means of tracking product expiry. This may cost some money in the form of upfront investments. If you hire warehouses, the rent is also assured to be reasonably high considering the volume and nature of stock.

Thirdly, you will have to ensure that delivery of the ordered items happens within 24 hours or around. Any longer, and there will be infinite chances for the products (especially fruits and vegetables) to start rotting. This is never acceptable to buyers and may also call for refunds.

To sum up, the eBay seller software to inventory control systems for perishable goods should include a good plan to move the stock faster, have it delivered faster and most importantly access means that will help sellers keep track of the shelf life of the goods so that orders and delivery can be managed accordingly.

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Aiming To Become A Power Seller in eBay? Here’s Why Your Inventory Management Will Count

Thomas Posted On - April 11, 2016

Multichannel Marketing
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Sellers in eBay may or may not admit it, but each and every one of them is always motivated to wear the crown of the power seller as soon as possible. There is something so special about this tag that not aiming for it can in fact, push sellers to the recesses as far as competition in terms of traffic, conversions and revenue is concerned. Becoming a power seller in eBay means an instant boost to visibility through best match search results. This goes a very long way to ensure that the power seller is always in most-trusted list of purchase motivated target buyers. Traffic and conversions flood in as an inevitable outcome.

Besides this, the sellers also gain massively from the top rated seller badge in the listing page while being free to access a wide range of other profit boosting benefits that eBay has in store to offer. Irresistible as this may sound, becoming a Power seller is seldom easy. There are way too many qualifying criteria that sellers have to meet before being granted this stamp of exclusivity. Say for example, it is imperative that the sellers conduct high volume business that should cover thousands of dollars every month. The rest depends upon the quality of services that are extended in favor of the buyers.

Positive reviews from customers count to the last word. In fact, sellers should have around 90% to 98% positive reviews in order to get and maintain their power seller badge. Conducting a high volume business while at the same time, offering best possible purchase experience to buyers is not easy. This requires strict assistance of eBay sellers software that can fortify each and every area of operational importance that collectively make the eBay venture outstanding. At all times, in the race to gain the power seller badge, how you manage your inventory will matter in every way possible.

Considering the bulk of the business one can understand that the inventory will also be very large to handle if not spread over multiple warehouses. Keeping track of what flows in and what flows out is critical to prevent disasters like over selling and under selling each of which can amount to order cancellations that is never acceptable to eBay. In fact, this is one of those reasons that account for a massive percentage of poor reviews which is never an option for power seller enthusiasts to receive. Systemized eBay inventory control thus an urgent necessity in this race.

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Seller Secrets That eBay Store Competitors Will Never Tell You

Steve Burns Posted On - March 17, 2016

eBay store selling software
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If you are a new seller in eBay and are looking for success tips from established performers, be assured that no one will spoon feed you with the ultimate secrets of their achievements. For all you know, if you are close to selling similar products or may be featuring under the same product category, there is no way your competitor would boost your performance with their tried and tested tips and tricks. This is justified to an extent for obvious reasons. Putting it in simple words, not many would want to nurture their own competitors simply because it is as good as axing one’s own feet.

To begin with, as a new eBay seller, you are very likely to wish to understand how to utilize listing in profitable ways. Be assured, you will never get the complete tapestry of how to go about the process from performing competitors in this platform. Basically, this will be more like a trial and error process for you wherein you will undergo crests and troughs in your performance till you hit upon the strategy that works best for you. Similarly, if you are looking for tips and guidance for adding luster to your listing, store designing or even winning conversions for that matter, you may discover that you are on your own.

More often than not, established sellers have also been seen to be very secretive about the type of eBay selling support that they may be using. While some may be generous enough to give out the names of the developers, there are others who usually blur things out so that the information is no good to no one. While this seems to be a desolate chain of affairs, this does not mean than you will have to go without any success assistance while launching your efforts in this top performing and rather maddening marketplace.

Existing as professional e commerce solution developers, these super entities can offer you not just valuable advice but also the right tools and selling solutions that will help you make leaps of progress from the very onset of your venture. With these professionals by your side, you will not have to face harassment while looking around for productive advice. Considering the fact that many of these developers offer budget friendly eBay selling solutions smaller startups with limited resources can start their endeavors in eBay with their best foot forward.

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