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Setting up a Magento eBay Extension: Steps to Know

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Integrating Magento with eBay allows users to seamlessly synchronize details of products and orders. It offers high efficiency through simplified management chores. The integration allows you to manage online orders, taxation, currencies, and more. Dig deeper into this guide to set up a Magento eBay extension easily.

Magento eBay Extension

Step 1: Installing the Extension in Magento

  • Log into your account on the Magento marketplace.
  • Purchase the M2E Pro Extension and install it. You will once again see the Access Keys during the installation.
  • You must create a new access key to ensure that the extension syncs well. The synchronization should take place with the Magento component manager.
  • Proceed to the Magento Dashboard to navigate the system, wizard, and web setup. In the end, you will have to navigate your component manager.
  • Sign in and synchronize with the Magento Component Manager.
  • Under the new purchases, you have to click on the install button.
  • Choose the M2E Pro Extension and install it.

Step 2: Configuring the Extension

After installing the Magento eBay extension, you will have to configure it using the following steps:

  • Begin with registering the extension. Enter the required details to begin the registration process. Wait for a few minutes so that the license key gets generated.
  • After obtaining the license key, you must link it to the live eBay account. Now, you will be redirected to your eBay account. Remember to enter the correct credentials to log in to your eBay seller account. In the end, you will gain access to the extension.

Parting Thoughts

Like any Amazon seller software, the integration enables Magento store owners to leverage the full potential of eBay. Set up the extension today and elevate your business to the next level. You will be able to improve the user experience and boost sales simultaneously.


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What You Need to Know About Magento Amazon Integration

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Amazon’s unwavering commitment to innovation and technology will likely make this behemoth a steady performer in the future. Amazon is one-of-a-kind and an excellent alternative for building your online business, and you can use the Magento Amazon connection functionality to tap into its reach. Check out this tutorial for additional information on the benefits of selling on Amazon and how to get started with Magento Amazon integration.

Magento Amazon Integration

Why Should You Use Magento for Your Online Store?

Magento is for you if you want to create a user-friendly and highly functional online shop. This platform allows merchants to create their own fully customized storefronts while reaping the benefits of utilizing a well-established eCommerce platform like Magento.

Using In-App Marketplace Apps, Magento can integrate with Amazon

Magento Amazon Marketplace App Integrations make managing Magento Amazon connection simple and smooth. Your Magento Store’s offers may be expanded to Amazon E-commerce using such features, which can be accomplished by linking your Magento Admin to your Amazon Seller Central account. Amazon Sales Channel connection is available through various native and third-party integrations on the Magento Marketplace.

How Do You Go About Doing It?

The Amazon Sales Channel is a Magento native app connection available as a free capability add-on. Amazon Sales Channels uses the Magento platform’s simplicity of use and familiarity, allowing you to manage your Amazon sales directly from your Magento admin and keep your product listings constant through Shopify eBay catalogue management.

Amazon Integration Magento Extension

To use the above-mentioned functionalities, we propose installing CedCommerce, a popular and dependable Magento 2 Extention for Amazon Integration that can be found on Magento Marketplace. The functionality will meet every store’s needs: product upload with characteristics mapping, category mapping, full inventory synchronization, etc.


Since most businesses have gone digital, having a larger reach from a well-known platform like Shopify eBay is beneficial to developing enterprises. With the Magento Amazon connection, retailers can expand their company operations and establish a loyal client base.

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Importance of eBay Amazon Inventory Management for eCommerce Business

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If you are willing to own your online store in an eCommerce platform, gaining adequate knowledge about eBay Amazon inventory management is crucial. It will enable you to keep track of your inventory seamlessly. Keep reading this blog and learn about some of the importance of eCommerce inventory management.

eBay Amazon Inventory Management

●      Inventory Management: It Improves Accuracy:

With the help of an inventory management system, you, as a business owner, will be able to track your real-time inventory. As a result, there will be absolutely no room for human error.

●      Inventory Management: It Improves Productivity and Efficiency:

Better store management can be quickly achieved through effective inventory control. Your products can be seamlessly collected, located, packed, and supplied to the buyers within a short period.

●      Inventory Management: It Increases Overall Visibility:

With the help of efficient inventory management, you will get the brilliant scope of making quicker and better decisions. It will allow you to learn about the following things:

  • How many orders were received?
  • Which product was shipped?
  • Which product was returned?
  • Where are possible stock-outs?

●      Inventory Management: It Ensures Top-Notch Customer Satisfaction

eBay Amazon inventory management allows you to gain customer satisfaction in no time. Since you will be able to fulfill all your orders quite quickly, the customers will automatically gain faith in you. As a result, your new prospects might convert into loyal customers rapidly. Accuracy in your inventory management will fulfill the expectations of your clientele base, thus increasing their satisfaction to a whole new level.

What Are the Purposes of an Inventory Management Software?

Some of the essential purposes are listed below:

  • Predicting your losses and profits
  • Eliminating human error risk
  • Ensuring supplier, customer and distributor management

The Bottom Line:

With the help of inventory management or eBay Amazon Integration Listing Software, you can evolve as a successful business owner in the competitive market. You can establish your reputation as an absolute slayer by taking the proper steps.

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Magento Extensions for Google Shopping Actions to Operate Your Business

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Magento extensions allow you to add new features to your Magento Google Shopping Actions. You don’t have to worry about managing sales, processing mass orders, making the checkout process quicker, or implementing marketing strategies because an extension is dependably accessible.

magento shopping action

Why Use Magento?

Magento’s extensibility has been a significant priority in its development. Modifying or altering core code rather than changing it is at the heart of Magento’s development approach. This method helps maintain Magento’s code’s integrity while also allowing merchants and programmers to tailor Magento to their own needs.

What Is The Purpose Of A Magento Extension?

The solution is straightforward. To avoid having to spend more money and effort developing a new module. Magento extensions are available to help you improve the functionality of your eCommerce shop through Magento Google Shopping Actions. Magento extensions will speed up your work and improve the back-end efficiency of your website.


When it comes to Magento SaaS, OneSaas connects business tools in bookkeeping, eCommerce, invoicing and accounting, CRM, fulfillment, inventory management, and digital marketing to automate your business. It’s one of the greatest Magento 2 extensions for linking numerous sales channels to a specific account and keeping stock levels current.


Omnisend is a one-stop-shop for multichannel marketing automation. In minutes, you can generate emails, grow your subscriber list, and set up complicated automated workflows all from the same simple platform.

Omnisend is unlike any other email marketing platform. It allows you to combine many channels in the same automation workflow, including email, SMS, online push notifications, etc.

Keep in Mind:

Because of Magento’s large worldwide development community, plenty of ready-to-use third-party extensions is available today. As a result, many business owners sometimes go above and beyond with third-party extensions since they’re inexpensive and convenient. However, excessive usage of such extensions, mainly poorly implemented extensions, might degrade a store’s performance. Stick to simple extensions that serve your purposes, like the Magento eBay extension for e-commerce.

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Cool eBay Listing Software to Opt for in 2022

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When you’re starting with the selling work on eBay, you can easily create all the listings on your own. But when the business begins to grow, you will add a lot more listings into the inventory. Your work will also increase until you reach the point where you don’t have enough time to maintain and creatin listings. This is where the eBay Listing Software tools come in. These tools can help you be competitive and stay ahead of your competitors.

eBay Listing Software to Opt for in 2022

Best eBay Listing Software Available

You will come across many eBay Listing Software available these days. But some are pretty popular and used by many business owners. These tools are:

  1. Inkfrog:

Inkfrog is an excellent eBay listing tool that comes with numerous template listings. It’s the most used listing tool for eBay as it contains tens and thousands of listings and thousands of sellers. Inkfrog has neat features, including auto-deactivating listings when you do not have much inventory, which can keep formatting in place when moving listings to eBay from Amazon or Shopify. Apart from that, it comes with cloud storage as well.

  1. Sellbrite:

This is another attractive listing tool, and it’s ideal for all those who sell on numerous marketplaces. Through this tool, you can list in one catalog and then shift it to many marketplaces so that it gets to meet the guidelines and specs of each of them. This is an excellent Shopify eBay App to fulfill and manage orders from the Sellbrite account. This can help you save plenty of energy and time, and you don’t have to jump from one page to another.

  1. GoDataFeed: 

This is another listing tool that falls under eBay’s 3rd-party listing software. It offers outstanding values when it comes to features and pricing. Even the subscription packages provide many options, such as bulk changes, usage of API, unlimited data modification, dynamic optimization, automated updates, and feed schedule.


Whether you are a single seller on eBay or have Shopify and Amazon included within your business, using the eBay listing tools/software can help you in many ways. The tools can automate the repricing work, provides many templates, and enables you to fulfill and manage all orders effectively and quickly.

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A Quick Guide About Shopify Amazon Integration

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Technology has been witnessing an increasing advancement with rapid time, shaping the business world in a better way. Integrations such as Shopify Amazon integration are obtaining broad recognition these days. Take a look at this quick guide to learn more.

Shopify Amazon

Requirements for Shopify Amazon Integration

Before connecting Shopify with Amazon, you need to consider some of the requirements that are mentioned below, such as:

  • As a seller, you need to have a Shopify account. To start the integration process, you need to provide your email address.
  • Amazon will offer you two different types of accounts- personal seller account and professional seller account. Go for the professional version, as it will charge you comparatively less.
  • Remember to subscribe to the Amazon FBA to ship and deliver your products. Besides that, you need to make sure that both Shopify and Amazon support identical currency.
  • You need to purchase Universal Product Codes or UPCs to ensure a smooth Shopify Amazon Integration.

What Are the Benefits of Shopify Amazon Integration?

  • As you already know, Amazon is a well-reputed online business platform used by millions of people. By integrating Shopify with Amazon, you can increase the exposure of your products among your potential customers.
  • Integration helps to sell your products on various sales channels, thus enabling you to expand your overall market reach.
  • Shopify Amazon integration will help you develop an understanding of the latest market trends and future customer behavior. Once you start selling on more than one platform, you will understand the demand for each product.
  • By integrating Amazon with Shopify, you will get the opportunity to sync the images and descriptions of your products in the Amazon seller account.
  • You will significantly benefit from the Amazon promotional strategies and affiliate marketing programs.
  • With Amazon, you can ensure your peace of mind. They believe in a transparent business model, due to which all your revenue will get reflected in your bank account within 1 or 2 weeks.

The Bottom Line

Shopify eBay is a platform that enables you to offer your products and services to reliable clients. With the addition of Shopify Amazon Integration, half of your business journey will seem like a cakewalk.


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BestBuy Canada & ChannelSale

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Canada’s largest and most successful consumer electronics retailer is online. Out of 280 million visits a year over 80% of them are online. With over $4 billion annual revenue it opens a huge opportunity for online retailers selling consumer electronics, fitness equipment, luggage and baby products as well.

ChannelSale & BestBuy

BestBuy Canada works like any other marketplace where sellers can provide product catalog, pricing, shipping, returns and fulfillment options and make best out of the missions of visitors on a daily basis.. All transactions will be processed by BestBuy Canada.

ChannelSale has developed API integration with BestBuy Canada that allows sellers to synchronize their existing product inventory with BestBuy Canada along with all other marketplaces seamlessly from one centralized source. The integration will allow sellers to control their product title, description, price, inventory and other attributes on BestBuy Canada from one preferred source. Orders will be imported into ChannelSale at a set frequency and can be sent to any preferred location and shipping tracking data will be set back to BestBuy Canada automatically.

Key Features 

Catalog Synchronization: Sellers will be able to to control all listing attributes like product title, description, price, etc from one single source.

Inventory Synchronization: Stock quantity can remain in sync from one source to BestBuy Canada and other marketplaces.

Order Synchronization: Orders from BestBuy Canada will be imported to ChannelSale and can be sent to any shopping cart like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion, or any order management platform like ShipStation, ShipWorks, Order Motion at a set frequency.

Shipping Tracking Synchronization: Shipping tracking will be imported from the order management system and posted on BestBuy Canada and other marketplaces.

Business Rules: Sellers are able to apply all types of business rules on inventory, price, titles, description, etc. Business rules engine will allow sellers to match their primary data to BestBuys requirements.

Dedicated Support: ChannelSale will provide dedicated support for all sellers with dedicated team responsible for the setup along with members from support and development team. Demo sessions will be conducted to ensure all sellers are comfortable with operating the platform for multiple marketplaces.

BestBuy is the largest and most successful retailer in Canada. They offer the most unique experience to the shoppers for a wide range of categories. BestBuy Canada offers a huge opportunity to online sellers with 99% of the brand awareness and strong traffic. If you do not have an account with BestBuy CA yet, Contact us to apply and get started.

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Manage FBA & FBM Orders together

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A multi-channel seller has to constantly toggle between multiple ecommerce platforms. It is very common for sellers to list FBA and FBM together on multiple marketplaces. Sellers lose on orders if they are out of stock on FBA until the stock quantity is replenished.


ChannelSale simplifies with tried tested feature where if a SKU is out of stock on FBA, then the listing will switch to FBM. This way the seller continues to receive orders for that SKU. The switch occurs automatically, when the FBA SKU goes out of stock. No additional setup will be required to enable this feature.

To know more about this feature or about the platform call US +1 866 709 9495 or UK +44 800 029 3271 or write to us on

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Amazon Listing Optimization & A9 Algorithm

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The process of improving the products ranking for specific search queries so that the products can rank higher on the organic search result is seen as listing optimization. This can be done by optimizing the description, keywords, adding quality images and enhancing sellers reputation. The process of listing optimization is aimed at increasing traffic and conversion on the marketplace.


Working on Amazon’s ranking system can be complex and even mysterious to some sellers at times. However, it is possible to extrapolate the patterns as to how some products perform better than others. Product listings on Amazon may be influenced by several factors with listing optimization being the most important one.

A9 Algorithm

Amazon has developed an A9 search engine algorithm for product ranking and search.  Amazon has been using the machine learning algorithm for two years and it is growing with time. A9 uses search methodology for reading and analyzing all the data on Amazon and provides the best possible choices. The framework for ranking products is based on Artificial Intelligence and uses the principle of relevance to show relevant matches for shoppers queries.  Hence it is very important for sellers to optimize their listings to ensure that their attributes have strong relevance to shoppers queries.

The details of how A9 works is a closely guarded secret with Amazon. However, we have identified key factors on how the A9 algorithm works and explained how sellers can use them to increase their ranking and optimize their listings.

A9 for Listing Optimization

Below are a few recommendations on optimizing your listing considering Amazons A9 algorithm. Ensure that you follow them on all your top performing product categories and monitor progress on a regular basis.

Text Match Relevance 

Amazon’s A9 algorithm uses an intrinsic ranking system for text match relevance which factors in all text content uploaded as attributes for your listing as per the search terms entered by the shoppers. It is very important that sellers upload optimized and engaging titles, descriptions rich in keywords for having a high-ranking listing.

Out of Stock Listings

Sellers must have noticed that their listings lose top ranking when their products go out of stock. This is because the A9 algorithm factors in stock availability for product ranking. With Amazon, out of stock listings not just impacts the ranking but also has a negative impact on seller performance rating and Amazon account health. The results are a drop in overall sales. So to tip is, do not wait to restock.

Product Price

A9 algorithm will display high ranking and top selling products as per relevant search terms. Product pricing is also considered to check if it is suitable and competitive. Using a repricing solution helps but it is necessary to maintain a balance.

HD Images

Product images are everything for an online shopper. It is essential for a seller to have clear, bright and good quality images from different angles to increase ranking for A9 and eventually increase the sales conversion.

Amazon recommends a minimum resolution of 1280 pixels. However, it is recommended to have an ultra HD image with a minimum resolution of 2560 pixels. It is better to have images with 3D rendering for better customer experience. Top listings on Amazon generally have on average 6 to 8 images.


While creating a product URL, Amazon picks up the first 5 words of the listing title. Since these 5 words comprise 80% of the title on search engine result page, it is recommended to have the most relevant keywords at the start of the title. For better results, ensure to have around 100 to 120 characters in the title. Keywords can be separated by pipes (|) or dashes (-) so the title does not look cluttered. It is good to mention, color, brand, sizes, quantity etc on the title. Capitalizing first letter of every word helps make the title presentable.

Reviews & Ratings 

Positive reviews and ratings have a significant influence on the A9 algorithm for determining the listing quality. A good seller will create an incredible experience for customers with positive reviews from previous customers.

Amazon does not permit offering incentives to the buyers for reviews but sellers can request for a review a few months after the purchase. It is a good habit to engage customers by providing answers to their questions on the Q & A section.


Shoppers use Amazon marketplace almost as often as they use Google search engine. With millions of potential customers searching for products on a daily basis, it is important that your products stand out. For a seller to be successful, it is very important that they optimize their listings to match Amazon’s A9 algorithm. It is important that the products stand out not just by the way of listing content but also with user experience and after sales service.

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2021 Online Marketplaces Statistics

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With e-commerce booming on a global scale, it is important for sellers to track the latest ecommerce trend and statistics as online shopping is overtaking traditional retail. Global ecommerce industry has been transformed by major events like Brexit or Covid19. We will see how ecommerce industry has grown in the recent years.


American Buyers are changing

The total number of online shoppers has increased to 230.5 million as per Statista.

85% of the population visit online marketplaces and 79% make purchases online on a daily basis.

15% of the population make online purchases on a weekly basis and 62% of those prefer to only shop online.

Americans are spending

As per Forbes Global ecommerce sales reached $4.2 trillion in 2021 of which 25% were American consumers.

The average ecommerce spending per online visit was $3 US on average and the purchase value for a desktop user was 42% higher than a mobile user.

The US Census Bureau stated that 14% of all US spending was done online in 2021 increasing ecommerce sales by 39% to $199 billion.

Amazon US Statistics

eMarketer stated Amazon US sales grew 44.1% since  2020.

Amazon Prime members spend an average of $1,400 per year on the marketplace.

In 2021 65% of Amazon US buyers are subscribed to Amazon Prime.

In 2021 83.2% of Amazon’s US sales were for Books, music and videos.

When planning to make a purchase 53% of Americans begin their search on Amazon.

Rise of eCommerce with COVID19

The COVID19 pandemic is something no one prayed for. As the economy slowed down, the pandemic accelerated ecommerce. It became important for sellers to recognize new challenges and opportunities and embrace new ways to work.

As social distancing became a norm 67% of the buyers stated they prefer to shop online due to COVID19.

With the restrictions in the movement, ecommerce share in global trade increased from 14% in 2019 to 19% in 2020.

There has been an average increase of 60% of items per order due to pandemic.

Online marketplaces have been growing due to situations and recent trends. The opportunity is irresistible for those who wish to start selling online or expand into new marketplaces. As consumers evolve and migrate their spending online it is a good time for sellers to understand the statistics and learn how to make the best of booming sales marketplaces online.

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