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Canada’s largest and most successful consumer electronics retailer is online. Out of 280 million visits a year over 80% of them are online. With over $4 billion annual revenue it opens a huge opportunity for online retailers selling consumer electronics, fitness equipment, luggage and baby products as well.

ChannelSale & BestBuy

BestBuy Canada works like any other marketplace where sellers can provide product catalog, pricing, shipping, returns and fulfillment options and make best out of the missions of visitors on a daily basis.. All transactions will be processed by BestBuy Canada.

ChannelSale has developed API integration with BestBuy Canada that allows sellers to synchronize their existing product inventory with BestBuy Canada along with all other marketplaces seamlessly from one centralized source. The integration will allow sellers to control their product title, description, price, inventory and other attributes on BestBuy Canada from one preferred source. Orders will be imported into ChannelSale at a set frequency and can be sent to any preferred location and shipping tracking data will be set back to BestBuy Canada automatically.

Key Features 

Catalog Synchronization: Sellers will be able to to control all listing attributes like product title, description, price, etc from one single source.

Inventory Synchronization: Stock quantity can remain in sync from one source to BestBuy Canada and other marketplaces.

Order Synchronization: Orders from BestBuy Canada will be imported to ChannelSale and can be sent to any shopping cart like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion, or any order management platform like ShipStation, ShipWorks, Order Motion at a set frequency.

Shipping Tracking Synchronization: Shipping tracking will be imported from the order management system and posted on BestBuy Canada and other marketplaces.

Business Rules: Sellers are able to apply all types of business rules on inventory, price, titles, description, etc. Business rules engine will allow sellers to match their primary data to BestBuys requirements.

Dedicated Support: ChannelSale will provide dedicated support for all sellers with dedicated team responsible for the setup along with members from support and development team. Demo sessions will be conducted to ensure all sellers are comfortable with operating the platform for multiple marketplaces.

BestBuy is the largest and most successful retailer in Canada. They offer the most unique experience to the shoppers for a wide range of categories. BestBuy Canada offers a huge opportunity to online sellers with 99% of the brand awareness and strong traffic. If you do not have an account with BestBuy CA yet, Contact us to apply and get started.

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BestBuy Canada & ChannelSale, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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